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<R0b0t1``> hi, anyone have experience with dwc3?
<R0b0t1``> I can get USB2 working by setting peripheral mode explicitly in dts
<R0b0t1``> however usb3 seems to confuse the hardware
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<macc24> are there any docs on compiling uboot for rk3326?
<macc24> i'm missing something,
<macc24> i'm trying to compile mainline uboot for odroid go advanc
<stikonas> well, there is some documentation in uboot source tree
<macc24> but not for rk3326
<macc24> yes i have tried
<stikonas> yeah, it's mostly for rk3399...
<stikonas> macc24: does uboot even support 3326?
<macc24> stikonas: yeah
<stikonas> I can see 3328...
<stikonas> maybe they are similar
<macc24> hardkernel firmware IS uboot
<macc24> and there is defconfig for odroid go2
<stikonas> oh, but it might be patched
<stikonas> but ok...
<macc24> so it looks like the board is supported
<stikonas> yeah, there is odroid-go2_defconfig...
<macc24> unrelated question: can i set uboot to use uart1 instead of uart0?
<stikonas> macc24: you seem to be missing trust.img
<stikonas> according to your error
<macc24> how to compile it?
<stikonas> macc24: I don't see support for rk3326 in upstream arm-trusted-firmware...
<stikonas> you probably have to use blob
<macc24> px30
<macc24> i heard that name too
<stikonas> oh
<stikonas> px30 is there
<stikonas> well, it's just make PLAT=px30
<macc24> okay thanks
<stikonas> well, assuming you have right compiler/crosscompiler
<stikonas> although, I don't know where you need to put compiled binary...
<macc24> aarch64-linux-gnu cross compiler is good?
<macc24> that's what hardkernel uses
<stikonas> on rk3399 you put it inside u-boot root folder and u-boot combines ATF and u-boot into a single binary
<stikonas> isn't this board 32-bit arm?
<macc24> no it's 64bit
<stikonas> +
<stikonas> I guess it should work...
<macc24> it has arm a35 cpus
<macc24> (not a typo)
<stikonas> although, sometimes ATF also needs 32 bit compiler...
<stikonas> e.g. rk3399 has 32 bit power controller inside the board (even though 6 main CPUs are 64 bit)
<stikonas> so to compile ATF I needed arm-none-eabi and aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu...
<macc24> i have arm-none-eabi too
<mps> when you are talking about rk3399 u-boot, did anyone made it for gru-kevin chromebook
<macc24> ill just use downstream uboot for now
<macc24> mps: i heard from hanetzer that it is broken
<mps> macc24: u-boot is broken?
<macc24> uboot for kevin
<mps> could be, I tried but without success (5 months ago)
* macc24 waits until uboot for veyron minnie is a thing
<stikonas> no, I don't think gru-kevin has u-boot support...
<mps> there is configs/chromebook_bob_defconfig in u-boot
<mps> I think I read somewhere that it is similar to gru
<mps> configs/chromebook_bob_defconfig:CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEVICE_TREE="rk3399-gru-bob"
<mps> oh, there is arch/arm/dts/rk3399-gru-kevin.dts in u-boot. didn't looked for some time
<macc24> mps: yeah chromebooks are quite similar
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<hanetzer> macc24: not broken per se. just not implemented.
<macc24> mps: ^
<mps> macc24: I see, :|
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<topi`> finally got this box, with my custom .dts, to boot linux. But cannot mount nfs root because eth0 doesn't exist. It seems it cannot find the PHY. any ideas?
<topi`> libphy: stmmac: probed
<topi`> mdio_bus: stmmac-0:00: attached PHY driver [unbound] (mii_bus:phy_addr=stmmac-0:00, irq=POLL)
<topi`> rk_gmac-dwmac ff290000.ethernet eth0: validation of rgmii with support 0000000,00000000,00006280 and advertisement 0000000,00000000,00006280 failed: -22
<topi`> thus, stmmac_open() complains Cannot attach to PHY
<topi`> my initial guess is that the MDIO autoprobe somehow failed. So I added this node into &gmac { } ... : phy-id = <0x2000a231>;
<topi`> (it is a TI DM83867 phy)
<topi`> it seems that the android kernel, that works on this board, has an additional fixup in mach-rockchip/rk3288.c
<topi`> dp83867_phy_fixup()
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<topi`> what's the best place to run phy_register_fixup_for_uid()? maybe in mach-rockchip/rockchip.c?
<topi`> there used to be heaps of stuff in mach-rockchip/ in 3.x kernels... nowadays there is just only rockchip.c
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