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<Turl> arokux2: what hramrach said
<arokux2> focus_it: you might want to take a look at printenv in u-boot prompt
<Turl> focus_it: it's either using the built in, default uboot environment, or a different one saved on the raw card
<Turl> if you can boot the card, printenv is easiest
<arokux2> good night!
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<focus_it> arokux2: thanks
<focus_it> Turl: what i want to do is change it - if i pause it, change it and save it, will it remember next time i boot it?
<focus_it> (i located what looks like the environment in the raw data - changed it by editing the bytes stored in uSD card - but that failed to do anything)
<focus_it> hmmm... I remember changing the environment on a sheeva plug a long time ago and saving it - so I guess I must be able to modify and save - just have to do some googling i guess
<focus_it> to find the commands to save the uboot environment once it has been changed
<focus_it> Turl: thanks
<focus_it> good night
<Turl> focus_it: you can edit it and run 'saveenv'
<focus_it> ok
<Turl> sleep well
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<benn> ping arokux
<benn> I've got a package from allwinner, linux-with-multi-decoder.rar, which containing a libve and a test program
<benn> when I run the VE test program, I got the following error
<benn> open /dev/sunxi_mem failed. Anyone can provide some suggestion? to port sunxi_mem driver of there some other choice?
<benn> I will go to allwinner next Monday to work with allwinner engineer.
<benn> I think I need to do some preparation about the cedar
<benn> is there an replacement option for sunxi_mem?
<libv> benn: permissions? or does the device just not exist?
<benn> If I knew the issue of current libve, I can ask them to fix for us
<benn> not exist. the current kernel seem no sunxi_mem
<libv> and sunxi_mem...
<libv> sounds a bit samsungish
<libv> where they shipped loads of phones with their whole mem directly mappable
<libv> by a user
<benn> sunxi_mem driver is developed by allwinner. I am quite sure about it.
<benn> so my question is, should we make the sunxi_mem driver work, or just create a new wrapper for it
<benn> the sunxi_mem will not make use of the ve reserved memory at all
<benn> it's totally new starting from sun6i/sun7i
<Turl> hi benn
<benn> hi Turl
<Turl> benn: I've made a patch for 400mhz mbus and have been testing a bit this afternoon, my cb2 seemed to behave correctly
<benn> great! I will arrange a guy to test it this weekend. and make an SD card image for that today
<benn> Turl: lubuntu desktop?
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<Turl> benn: I prepared a card image for cb2 (~350M)
<Turl> linaro alip + linux-sunxi 3.4
<benn> Turl: ok. GPU enabled ?
<benn> Turl: I want to test memtester + glmark_es2
<Turl> benn: yes, I installed sunxi-mali and fbturbo
<Turl> benn: yes, both included and working
<Turl> also added tinymembench
<benn> Turl: ok, thanks. Where I can download ?I can ask a guy to test it right now
<benn> Turl: I can provide a ftp server for upload? do you need it ?
<Turl> benn: I uploaded it to linux-sunxi, http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/turl/mbus-sun7i/
<Turl> benn: I can upload somewhere else if you need
<benn> Turl: see mail. I will put this to dl.cubieboard.org later
<benn> Turl: first round, 100 pieces cb2, then on CT
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<benn____> too many people with the name of benn, I think I should use another nickname :D
<Turl> benn____: :P
<Turl> benn____: I replied to the email
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<cubie-benn> any working guide for using cedar on sun7i now ?
<Turl> cubie-benn: is it different from sun4i?
<cubie-benn> Turl: I think yes, I am going to move sunxi_mem to my repo for testing first
<cubie-benn> Turl: if there no better option
<Turl> cubie-benn: I thought they were using same blob as sun4i with cedar
<Turl> I may be mistaken though
<Turl> you should ask wingrime
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<Turl> good night
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> morning )
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<steev> hmm, does u-boot-sunxi support fit images?
<kz1> so, how does the pheonixsuite app manage to flash the OS without me having to do anything on my side other than press the go button?
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<oliv3r> steev: 'fit' images?
<mnemoc> kz1: using fel it uploads into the device's memory a program, and then run it. after that both apps talk their way into automatic flashing
<kz1> how does it initiate a "fel" connection if the device is not already in "fel" mode?
<mnemoc> you can upload and run u-boot/linux the same way
<mnemoc> kz1: iirc their u-boot uses an special partition to know what to boot
<mnemoc> and after writting the write text there u-boot will jump into fel
<mnemoc> right text*
<kz1> ok, so if I want to use their version of uboot I need to use their method to update but if I install the open version of uboot there is another method that works on linux?
<mnemoc> fel + upload u-boot, linux and an installer initramfs
<oliv3r> mnemoc: didn't wingrime always have an alias on the old server?
<mnemoc> the mail forwarding was done by the dns hosting. and no wingrime there
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<mnemoc> i had to move out of pointhq as they dropped the free plans
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<oliv3r> hmm, strange, i have seen him use that alias for quite some time :)
<oliv3r> guess that's an 'oops' :)
<oliv3r> wingrime: bad boy!
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<gzamboni> mnemoc, if you need extra emails i can add it, just /msg me
<gzamboni> oliver ___^
<oliv3r> gzamboni: wingrime has one, or uses one, but i think it never was setup
<oliv3r> wingrime@gmail.com i think it is
<gzamboni> well, if you or he wants one and everyone is ok with that i can create it
<mnemoc> +1
<gzamboni> wingrime@sunxi-linux.org to wingrime@gmail.com ?
<gzamboni> linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> yes
<gzamboni> ok, creating it
<mnemoc> and that's why I also bought the backward domain :p
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<gzamboni> you did right
<gzamboni> done, redirect should be working
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<gzamboni> oliv3r, any news from fosdem ?
<oliv3r> nothing yet
<oliv3r> ok i'm debating wether I want a 'dban' image on my pxe server
<oliv3r> accidentally booting and running it is kinda really bad
<oliv3r> but having the option available is very interesting
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> test http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/nightly/u-boot-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi-20131104T224412-8a4621c/ with my sd card. hangs on load kernel. i use hwpack
<JohnDoe_71Rus> for me work U-Boot 2013.04-07297-gc8f265c-dirty (Jun 23 2013 - 14:31:49)
<speakman> No really sunxi related, but anyone here knows how to utilize secure erase on SD cards through MMC interface? Or just any other way to erase an whole SD card without using 'dd if=/dev/zero ...'?
<speakman> There seems to be support for erase and secure erase in the kernel, but I have no idea how to use it: http://lwn.net/Articles/395147/
<mnemoc> be sure to use a good bs=
<JohnDoe_71Rus> destroy card, burn it )
<mnemoc> kitchen scissor might work well
<JohnDoe_71Rus> yep
<speakman> JohnDoe_71Rus: My need is to make sure every single byte on the SD is cleared (0), not getting rid of the SD card itself. :D
<oliv3r> speakman: sd cards don't speak ATA, secure erase is an ATA command
<oliv3r> oh, they added secure erase to mmc
<oliv3r> interesting
<oliv3r> i guess you use hdparm for that, just follow the security erase for ata
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<speakman> oliv3r: I've used hdparm and ATA secure erase on SSDs before, didn't think of it's use on MMC/SD. Thanks for mention. :)
<oliv3r> :)
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<mnemoc> worked?
<speakman> Need to figure out how to run it on the very same SD card the whole system is running upon. ;)
<oliv3r> easy, kernel + initramfs
<oliv3r> once booted, the media isn't used anymore
<speakman> Hm. I'm on OLinuXino A20 - there is another SD (non-micro) slot underneath.
<oliv3r> you can boot/wipe that
<speakman> Hm. Plugged an SD card and this is what happened: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6381452/
<speakman> Can I store an initramfs along with u-boot, uImage and script.bin on the first SD partition?
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<speakman> Oh, it can (of couse) be built into the kernel...
<mnemoc> it's better to keep the initramfs as a separated file so you can include some chosen .ko files and play without having to rebuild anything
<speakman> Sounds fair
<speakman> How do I pass the initramfs image to the kernel at boot? When stored in the vfat boot partition?
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<speakman> bfree: thanks! :)
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<rz2k> why are we blaming Oliver this time?
<rz2k> :D
<oliv3r> always blame me!
<mnemoc> isn't that an exclusive right of your gf?
<oliv3r> LOL yes
<hramrach> hello
<ccube> doesnt the sunxi-next branch include the modules I need for my a10s? Like gpio_sunxi, etc?
<ccube> try to build a 3.12 image, but it does not boot :(
<hramrach> oliv3r: I used your ahci patch 1,2,3 instead of the irc patch v1 I had but no luck
<hramrach> with v1 I got ahci but no power/link
<juanfont_> ey guys, did you know this http://www.allwinnertech.com/en/product/A23.html (look the Video section)?
<hramrach> with v 1,2,3 I get no ahci
<juanfont_> "Supports OpenMax protocol"
<hramrach> heh
<hramrach> on ancient version of Android I bet
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<mripard> ccube: it should
<mripard> what board are you using?
<ccube> custom one
<ccube> based on olimex a10s
<oliv3r> hramrach: i pushed my latest wip to github yesterday
<ccube> make menuconfig -> search for sunxi
<ccube> in 3.4 branch is many stuff
<oliv3r> hramrach: but i immediatly admit i haven't looked at it for a little while
<ccube> in sunxi-devel and sunxi-next it is missing
<mripard> ccube: define "many stuff" and what "it" is that is missing
<mripard> how doesn't it boot ?
<n01> mripard: aside from RTC, is there anything else I can work on for mainlining?
<ccube> for example
<ccube> sunxi_nand
<ccube> at least there are two problems
<oliv3r> n01: mtd!
<ccube> i checked out sunxi-devel and made a a10s_olinuxino_defconfig, then menuconfig
<ccube> searched for e.g. sunxi_nand
<ccube> it is not there. if i check out sunxi-3.4, all is fine
<n01> lol, I was thinking something easier, but ok, I'll take a look in the we
<oliv3r> mtd is far from easy yeah :)
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<mripard> ccube: yes, there's no nand support.
<mripard> but it should boot anyway.
<ccube> ok, because it is not merged, yet?
<mripard> why don't you use either sunxi_defconfig or multi_v7_defconfig
<ccube> and there isnt any GPIO support, yet?
<mripard> because no one submitted a driver yet
<ccube> dont know, which one is best?
<mripard> GPIO is there
<mripard> if you only care about having a kernel that boot on an allwinner cpu, use sunxi_defconfig
<ccube> ok, what is the diff to multi_v7?
<mripard> multi_v7 boots on multiple SoCs
<ccube> k
<ccube> searching for sunxi in menuconfig doesnt show up any gpio
<ccube> LOADADDR=0x40008000 is correct?
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<mripard> It's not in menuconfig because it's selected by the architecture automatically
<mripard> you don't have to enable anything
<mripard> and yes, it's the right LOADADDR
<ccube> ah ok, "The present kernel configuration has modules disabled"
<ccube> so i dont need modules, becaule everything is built in?
<patap> hi guys
<hramrach> oliv3r: ok, I was missing 9ea14e01 I guess
<patap> i am reading sunxi soc sound driver right, theres no support for 24bit in spdif part
<patap> ?
<oliv3r> quite possible
<ccube> mripard, on serial connection, it tells me "Starting kernel ...", then no more output
<oliv3r> patap: check the usermanual first to see if the chip even supports that
<hramrach> somebody complained about sound lo-bitness already
<oliv3r> ccube: make sure to enable early printk and debug_ll
<ccube> k
<patap> i checked. not sure reading it right. 24 & 32bit is only for i2s
<oliv3r> could be that they castrated the spdif bits
<ccube> Error: unrecognized/unsupported machine ID (r1 = 0x0000102a)
<hramrach> ccube: set machine id in u-boot
<ccube> do i have to set it in .config?
<hramrach> try to search for machine id on the wiki
<ccube> k
<ccube> is it new? i didnt need in older images
<ccube> ?
<hramrach> there is no .config option other than selecting the right platform support
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<hramrach> ccube: there are two IDs
<hramrach> if u-boot and kernel don't agree it does not boot
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<ccube> phew
<ccube> ill check
<mripard> hramrach: no, he's using mainline, we don't care about mach IDs
<hramrach> oliv3r: I had typo in dt
<mripard> ccube: which device tree do you pass?
<ccube> what do you mean?
<sspiff> if I mess up my NAND partition, my system would still be able to boot from SD right?
<ccube> device tree?
<hramrach> sspiff: yes
<mripard> ccube: you have to load a device tree along with the kernel for it to boot
<hramrach> but if you are booting from sd card to start with there is no point messing up nand ;-)
<ccube> actually I just replaced my working uImage-3.4 with the new one
<hramrach> if not then you might be hard pressed to find a sd card later :p
<ccube> no, didnt read anything. just tried by myself :D
<ccube> but ill do now and bother you later
<patap> oliv3r: thx
<hramrach> those SO-DIMM SoMs look nice
<ccube> I think I can use a script or sth like that, not making the "Kernel Loading" prt manually?
<ccube> boot.scr should be the right onE?
<mripard> yes, you can use a u-boot script for that
<mripard> or uEnv.txt, or directly in your environment
<hramrach> oliv3r: for me the driver fails does to /sys entry duplication
<hramrach> maybe duplicate dts entries?
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<mripard> hramrach: it would yell at compilation
<mnemoc> or mixing an uImage with the thing built-in and a .ko from a different build
<hramrach> mripard: so the driver probes multiple times for some reason
<mripard> even if it probes multiple times, it shouldn't be doing that.
<mripard> drivers should be meant to be probed multiple times
<mripard> what's the driver you're talking about?
<hramrach> sunxi ahci
<hramrach> I push the version I use in a moment
<mripard> n01: maybe you can pickup the LRADC patches vinifr used to work on ?
<mripard> and carry on with the comments I had, and send them
<mripard> for some reason, he abandoned the effort in favour of wigyori, that never did anything out of it
<n01> mripard: ok, I'll take a look
<mnemoc> hramrach: do you want nightlies of that one?
<hramrach> mnemoc: no. it's broken
<mnemoc> :p
<hramrach> also those are patches picked up from elsewhere where they hopefully do have nightlies when they work
<n01> mripard: bookmarked
<mripard> hramrach: you're probing yourself with that change
<hramrach> without that change it did not probe at all complaining about sysfs duplication
<hramrach> yes
<mripard> this change is broken anyway, it won't work, so it's not a proper fix
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<hramrach> I just tried to change something ;-)
<ccube> almost booting! :)
<Turl> mripard: ping
<ccube> Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2
<mripard> Turl: pong
<hramrach> actually it works now somewhat http://pastebin.com/Gtj6rrrd
<Turl> mripard: hi
<mripard> ccube: did I tell you that we don't have any SD card driver either ? :)
<hramrach> no, it's pata
<mripard> hramrach: sunxi-ahci: probe of ahci failed with error -16
<mripard> doesn't seem to be working :)
<Turl> mripard: about the clk pull requests, I can learn and do it :)
<hramrach> yes, it's broken
<ccube> mripard, :(
<mripard> Turl: cool
<Turl> mripard: but given the short notice I'd appreciate if you could do the one for this cycle, if necessary
<ccube> how to boot then?
<hramrach> PHY power up failed
<mripard> Turl: it's not that difficult, just use git request-pull
<mripard> ccube: either initramfs or NFS for now
<ccube> kk
<ccube> is it much effort to port the sd driver from older kernels?
<ccube> any totorial how to pack my whole rootfs into initramfs?
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<hramrach> mripard: what fails due to the sysfs conflict is platform_device_add
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<mnemoc> initramfs = cpio + gzip
<mnemoc> and cpio is like tar
<ccube> ok, just pack everything with it and pass a kernel parameter?
<ccube> of course enable kernel initramfs support before...
<mnemoc> it will get extracted into a tmpfs and /init called
<mnemoc> yes
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<Turl> mripard: yeah, but I'll be pretty busy with uni exams until wednesday
<mripard> Turl: hmmm, ok
<mripard> make me a list of the patches to apply, and I'll do the pull request
<mripard> (by mail please)
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<Turl> mripard: you've got mail
<Turl> bbl
<ccube> uh
<ccube> need help once again
<ccube> wait
<ccube> trying to pass the initramfs to kernel, but sont exactly know how.
<ccube> root=/dev/ram rw initramfs.cpio.gz does not work
<ccube> i somewhere saw it loaded with fatload mmc ....
<n01> ccube: use bootm parameter to specify initramfs
<ccube> bootm 0x46000000 - 0x49000000
<ccube> is my current one
<n01> is the initramfs embedded in the kernel?
<ccube> no
<n01> then you need a third parameter
<ccube> seperated gz
<ccube> yeah
<ccube> but which address to load it?
<n01> wherever you want in RAM
<n01> pay attention to not overlap
<bfree> are you using a dtb kernel (3.8+) or a fex one (3.0 or 3.4)?
<ccube> dtb
<ccube> 3.12
<ccube> fatload mmc 0 0x43000000 script.bin
<ccube> fatload mmc 0 0x46000000 uImage
<n01> script.bin??
<ccube> fatload mmc 0 0x49000000 xxxx.dtb
<n01> why do you need script.bin?
<ccube> script.bin is my "compiled" fex
<ccube> i dont know
<n01> but you are using mainline
<ccube> i needed it before
<ccube> with 3.4
<n01> you do need it anymore
<ccube> k
<ccube> so the dtb is the alternative to the script.bin?
<n01> yeah
<ccube> kk
<ccube> so can I pass uBoot a cpio.gz?
<ccube> and root=/dev/ram rw is ok?
<n01> you do not need root=
<ccube> ok
<ccube> I think it is a bad idea, to load an 500MB initramfs?
<ccube> :D
<hramrach> why?
<hramrach> if the medium you load from is not dreadfully slow
<hramrach> wait, you are doing that on AW SoC so it *will* be dreadfully slow
<wolfy> 500 MB initramfs ? on a SOC ??
<kz1> is there an easy method to set the devices serial number programatically?
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<pirea> cubieboard is stable at 1.2 ghz?
<pirea> hy
<ccube> actually I have a debian rootfs, which I want to load
<ccube> and since I have not sd card drivers in 3.12, I converted it to an initramfs
<ccube> boots horribly slow
<panda84kde> ccube: why not nfs? Do you have network working?
<ccube> nfs is not an option
<ccube> is there any WIP wiki, or sth like that on NAND and SD drivers for mainline kernel?
<n01> 500 for rootfs is huge
<ccube> yes
<ccube> also not an option for productive use :D
<mripard> ccube: you mean this ? http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainlining_Effort
<n01> jeez, I'm working on a chipset with 10MB ram. I'm able to fit kernel and rootfs inside
<wolfy> n01: he's doing something "special"
<n01> he is "special" :D
<wolfy> he mention it's not production use
<mnemoc> s/production//
<speakman> Since running on MMC (as opposed to MTD directly) are there any good efficient read-only file system available for a non-changing rootfs?
<n01> squashfs?
<mnemoc> aufs + squashfs + tmpfs is awesome :p
<n01> overlays FTW
<wolfy> on a system whose nanda looks like http://www.fpaste.org/52669/38392410/ ( cb-a20-lubuntu-server-13.06-v1.00.img ) what do I have to change to get 1920x1080 ? I've already modified script.bin ( using 6, 9 and 10 for screen0_output_mode but it seems to be ignored or superseded somwhow )
<speakman> Hm aufs was new. I do not actually need overlay, but a read-only rootfs is always to prefer when it should never be altered.
<wolfy> whatever I tried, fbset after reboot reports mode "1280x720-50"
<mnemoc> aufs makes your read-only rootfs writable ;-)
<speakman> But squashfs is still The One when it comes to read-only file systems?
<ccube> I think I have to stay with 3.4 series to have everything working?
<ccube> Does anyone know if the LED1 on olimex a10s board i dimmable by a hardware PWM?
<n01> ccube: mainline is not complete but anyway the kernel has all you need
<n01> I usually boot mainline with a rootfs generated with buildroot as ramfs
<ccube> can you boot a buildroot created image from NAND
<n01> never tried
<ccube> ok
<ccube> so If I boot a mainline image, I dont have any RW device I can use?
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<ccube> do you use git@gitorious.org:buildroot-olinuxino/buildroot-olinuxino.git
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<mripard> ccube: you have NFS
<mripard> but if you mean local storage, then yes
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<n01> you can use RAM :)
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<slapin> mripard: hi!
<slapin> mripard: what is status with mainline sunxi stuff? what works and what doesn't?
<Turl> slapin: check the wiki, http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainlining_Effort
<mnemoc> *g*
<slapin> Turl: I think that is outdated
<Turl> slapin: tl;dr version would be i2c, emac, gpio, serial
<Turl> slapin: it's not
<Turl> slapin: maybe a bit for the 3.13 stuff, but that's not even merged in torvalds/master yet :)
<slapin> Turl: ok
<slapin> I am a bit frustrated about emac stuff
<slapin> it doesn't respect ethaddr setting even
<slapin> is it the same in mainline as in sunxi-3.4?
<Turl> slapin: no
<Turl> the driver is different
<Turl> although they kind of share a far away ancestry
<Turl> slapin: what's ethaddr?
<slapin> Turl: u-boot setting of mac address
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<Turl> slapin: but that setting is just for uboot's own use afaik
<Turl> (eg for tftp, dhcp in uboot)
<slapin> Turl: no
<slapin> Turl: most boards use this setting
<slapin> Turl: just set in u-boot and don't touch anywhere, that is
<Turl> slapin: you can set it on uboot, you need to make uboot set it on the dt and that should be it
<slapin> there is no reason to have this different in u-boot and Linux
<slapin> Turl: no need to DT it, just don't corrupt it
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<slapin> Turl: as everybody else do
<slapin> Turl: it is easy
<slapin> Turl: if you need to reset emac, just read address, then reset, then write it back
<slapin> Turl: see all other embedded ethernet drivers, they do just that
<slapin> the ethaddr setting in u-boot was created to be one-time protected setting for the whole machine
<slapin> there's no reason to divert from that
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<slapin> you always can do nasty things later if you want to, it is just sane default
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<maz> silly question: has anyone got a CT with ethernet working in u-boot?
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<Turl> slapin: uboot already copies it to dt for you, it should just work
<Turl> slapin: what board are you using?
<Turl> maz: no, CT uses gmac which is not supported on uboot nor mainline linux so far
<maz> Turl: thanks. anybody got patches already, or should I start trying to understand this mess?
<maz> Turl: assuming the gmac block is the same as the one on other SoCs, of course...
<Turl> maz: no patches that I know of
<Turl> maz: no, gmac is only present on A31 & A20
<Turl> A20 also has emac
<Turl> but the phy on CT is only usable with gmac
<maz> Turl: Ah! but i can spot a gmac driver in the A31 u-boot...
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<Turl> maz: dunno what's the status of A31
<Turl> maz: talk with oliv3r, he was trying to get gmac working not so long ago
<Turl> slapin: I think you just need an alias on your dt
<maz> Turl: thanks, will get in touch.
<slapin> Turl: cubie
<slapin> Turl: cubieboard
<ccube> mripard, the device has to be run standalone, it will be selled to customers. so NFS is not an option
<Turl> slapin: can you try this small patch? http://sprunge.us/iLPR
<Turl> just apply and rebuild the dtbs
<arokux> ccube: you could use USB HDD
<slapin> btw any way to get cubietrack free? I'd try to resolve these issues, as gmac is very interesting
<slapin> also, do enybody knows if sata supports multipliers on any later Allwinner processors?
<ccube> no
<ccube> we removed usb host support :/
<arokux> slapin: there was a guy offering them on linux-arm mailing list
<ccube> i want to boot the firmware from NAND
<arokux> ccube: removed it from what?
<slapin> or I will have to still use sheevaplugs for all NAS-demanding customers
<ccube> we built a custom board based on olimex a10s
<Turl> slapin: you could talk with benn
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<arokux> ccube: from what I understand NAND has a long way into mainline....
<ccube> yea, i saw it
<ccube> but I also can use 3.4 kernel
<ccube> I am just playing around, to learn how to use this piece of hardware
<ccube> actually I also need java support, so I dont know if buildroot is suitable for me. Maybe I am stuck with an debian image
<slapin> where is rz2k? I need his patches for mtd driver, as I'm going to fix stuff around regarding kernel.
<arokux> ccube: there seems to be java support in br
<ccube> ok
<ccube> havent seen it in menuconfig
<ccube> :(
<ccube> seems like nobody cares, since the removal is 3 years old
<ccube> Ramdisk image is corrupt or invalid
rz2k has joined #linux-sunxi
<ccube> I have to use mkimage I think?
<arokux> ccube: steev once told us it is not necessary, but maybe you should launch it differently
<ccube> yeah
<ccube> I think I didnt "guess" the right options in buildroot
<ccube> is there any a10s-defconfig?
<arokux> ccube: it shouldn't board specific, should it?
<ccube> target options
<ccube> ARM (big endian)?
<arokux> aren't they are common for all sunxi?
<ccube> think so
<arokux> anyway, I can share with you my working config, it worked for A10.
<arokux> if you want
<ccube> but then I have to ask for a sunxi-defconfig :
<ccube> yeah, would be grweat!
<arokux> ccube: in an hour or so, I hope this is fine
<ccube> no problem
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<wens> starting to look at gmac
<wens> thinking about copying emac driver's structure, and pasting in gmac bits
<steev> hmm?
<steev> i told you what isn't necessary?
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<oliv3r> maz: i only booted gmac on 3.3 from the lichee kernel; that's it. I tried using emac with the gbit PHY but that didn't work due to rgmii not working with rmii or something
<oliv3r> wens: i thought that too, but gmac is HUGELY different
<oliv3r> wens: it's enormously different, so not so sure if that approach will worki
<maz> oliv3r: I'll try to have a look at the A31 driver for u-boot (probably need some additional pinmux/clock hacking). If there is a kernel patch already, I can have a look too.
arokux2 has joined #linux-sunxi
<maz> oliv3r: can you point me to this 3.3 branch?
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<kz1> am I doing something wrong or is fastboot not supported by the allwinner uboot ?
<kz1> everytime I run adb reboot bootloader it just reboots the device back into the OS
<arokux2> ccube: have u received cfg?
<ccube> yeah
<ccube> thanx
<ccube> it complained about my crossdev toolchain
<ccube> now i am trying with internal one
<ccube> i also have a look at openembedded
<ccube> this one has java support :)
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<ccube> arokux, so you also build kernel with buildroot?
<ccube> is this neccesary if I built the uImage by myself?
eebrah_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<arokux2> ccube: no, I've only built roofts
<arokux2> ccube: there is an article on the wiki for OE
<ccube> ok... I usedyour config, and it is downloading linux-formware etc
<ccube> lets see what the result is, hehe
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<ccube> I got a rootfs.cpio and a rootfs.tar
<ccube> which one do you use?
<ccube> just copy it to sd and load with uBoot?
<ccube> arokux,
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<arokux2> rootfs.cpio
<arokux2> no
<arokux2> ccube: 1 sec
<ccube> k
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<arokux2> ccube: the firmware is for WLAN adapter
<arokux2> ccube: you can use either cpio or tar. you need to extract one of those as root to the root partition
<ccube> well, it shouldnt download the whole linux-firmware package~~
<arokux2> ccube: you can also make use of sunxi-bsp
<ccube> no root partition
<ccube> just want to boot initramfs
<arokux2> ccube: mm.. i'm not sure what i've selected there
<ccube> RO
<arokux2> ccube: you want to built it into the kernel itself?
<ccube> doesnt matter, just wanna boot
<ccube> dont care of firmware etc
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<ccube> no
<ccube> i have kernel
<ccube> and initramfs
<ccube> 2 files
<arokux2> ccube: and?
<ccube> trying.
<ccube> w8
<ccube> Wrong Ramdisk Image Format - Ramdisk image is corrupt or invalid
<ccube> i think i am missing something
<arokux2> ccube: where have you got ramdisk?
<ccube> sd
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<arokux2> sorry, where from*
<ccube> i want to use the buildroot cpio as initramfs
<arokux2> ah, so have added the path to the rootfs.cpio to your kernel config?
<arokux2> ccube: ping arokux2 please
<jemk> wens: you want to work on gmac?
<ccube> arokux, i paste my boot.cmd
<arokux2> ccube: ping aroku2 please
<arokux2> ccube: so have added the path to the rootfs.cpio to your kernel config?
<arokux2> ccube: so have you* ...
<ccube> arokux2, sorry, didnt see the "2"
<ccube> arokux2, wait
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<arokux2> ccube: I see. I never used it like this. I've built it into the kernel. are you sure expected initramfs format is cpio?
<arokux2> ccube: I use it like so: http://sprunge.us/eVXg
<arokux2> ccube: mmc or tftp doesn't matter...
<ccube> arokux2, Welcome to Buildroot
<ccube> buildroot login:
<ccube> LDLDLD
<ccube> :D:D:D
<arokux2> ccube: what helped?
<ccube> passing ARM to mkimage instead of defaulting to PowerPC :/
<ccube> shame on me
<ccube> arokux2, sorry have to learn to ping...
<arokux2> ccube: so cpio is the correct format for the initramfs, good to know.
<arokux2> ccube: now you can strip my config and make it yours
<ccube> arokux2, actually i changed the config to gzip it and run mkimage onto it. afterwards it was working
<arokux2> ah, ok
<arokux2> ccube: maybe the crucial part is mkimage, and both gzip and cpio will do
<ccube> arokux2, someone told me that both should work. i dont know. mkimage is okay for me
<ccube> arokux2, so I will configure this now for me :) Thanks for helping so far
<arokux2> ccube: u r welcome
<n01> mripard: in which branch do you queue the patches for 3.14?
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<ccube> arokux2, any experience with dhcpcd package and ipv6 toolchain?
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<steev> ipv6 *toolchain* ?
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<arokux2> ccube: udhcpcd
<ccube> arokux2, didnt see it, will try after next build
<ccube> arokux2, was it enabled in your config?
<arokux2> ccube: should have been
<arokux2> ccube: udhcpc
<ccube> arokux2, k
<ccube> arokux2, made clean and rebuild, habve to wait. i7-3840QM isnt that fast :/
<ccube> whooops, ready :D
<arokux2> ccube: buildroot config has config for # of cores
<ccube> arokux2, set to zero will detect automatically
<arokux2> ccube: thanks, good to know :)
<ccube> arokux2, i just see dhcpcd, no udhcpdc
<ccube> arokux2, i hat to clean, i think because i changed toolchain settings. now it compiles fine
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<arokux2> ccube: tbh, I do not remember exactly, but I do remember there was some dhcp client
<ccube> k
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<arokux2> ccube: and?
<ccube> arokux2, looks nice. dhcp works fine, also ssh. jamvm java vm is compiled in, but porting my java application to that old VM will take much effort i think. but this was a big step into the right direction today :)
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<arokux2> ccube: where did you get jamvm?
<arokux2> ccube: is it included in the latest br?
<ccube> arokux2, yea
<ccube> arokux2, Target Packages -> Interpreter Languages... -> jamvm
<ccube> need ipv6
<ccube> dont forget to clean and rebuild after enabling ipv6 ;)
<arokux2> ok :)
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<Turl> slapin: ping
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