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<MoeIcenowy> jernej: why 8 chips but *4?
<MoeIcenowy> is one chip 8-bit width?
<MoeIcenowy> it's possible that it's a dual rank configuration
<MoeIcenowy> so that 4 chips are a rank and 2 ranks
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<wens> mripard: there's a conflict in drm-misc-next between your commit 50b0946de4c6b and commit e5704b3fe9d5 from Arnd. both do the same thing
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<jernej> MoeIcenowy: That's RAM configuration of some H6 STBs
<jernej> and they are 4-bit in width
<jernej> gnarface: I'm not following your calculation. 512Mx4 can only be 2Gb (note small "b")
<jernej> so you'll have 2Gb x 8 = 16Gb = 2 GiB
<jernej> not sure where you get "8/4 == 2"
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<jernej> MoeIcenowy: If it helps, board has 8x K4B2G0446Q
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<MoeIcenowy> jernej: oh I misread it
<MoeIcenowy> 512Mx4 is a single memory chip
<MoeIcenowy> oh yes it should be 2GiB
<MoeIcenowy> what do you mean "box package? ?
<MoeIcenowy> BSP?
<MoeIcenowy> does U-Boot boot when 4GiB is recognized?
<MoeIcenowy> (I think U-Boot will tries to relocate it to the top of the RAM
<wens> MoeIcenowy: probably the packaging? # box package
<MoeIcenowy> oh maybe
<wens> I suspect he got another tv set-top box
<MoeIcenowy> I wonder what does BSP boot0 say
<wens> 5.3-rc1 is out, and I immediately run into a NULL pointer exception in dsa / b53 :(
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: could you print the auto-calc result of dram_sun50i_h6?
<MoeIcenowy> The datasheet of K4B2G0446Q indicates 15 rows, 11 columns
<MoeIcenowy> 8*4 is 32-bit, so full width
<MoeIcenowy> and single rank
<MoeIcenowy> (or maybe half width + double rank
<MoeIcenowy> my calculation based on this parameter indicates 2GiB too
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<fALSO> good morning
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<fALSO> new kernel
<fALSO> 5.3-rc1
<ElBarto> montjoie: did you managed to revive your H5 board ?
<fALSO> has changes on lima and cedrus
<wens> you would have already had those changes if you were using sunxi-next
<fALSO> hum, should i use it instead?
<fALSO> of linus master?
<wens> up to you
<wens> sunxi-next loosely tracks sunxi-related subset of linux-next
<fALSO> gonna try it ou ;-)
<wens> loosely = whenever I have time and do spot something of interest
<fALSO> wens, by any chance do you know if sunxi-mali driver stopped being developed because of lima getting mailined ?
<fALSO> wens, it doesnt build since 5.2 was released
<fALSO> wens, going to try sunxi-next ;-)
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<montjoie> ElBarto: no, I got nothing in the serial
<ElBarto> bummer
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<ElBarto> montjoie: can you talk to the board when booted in fel mode ?
<mru> "fel" is swedish for "wrong" or "error"
<montjoie> ElBarto: didnt tried , but will do
<ElBarto> :)
<ElBarto> montjoie: ok
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<montjoie> does someone work on sun8i_emac for H6 ? I will love him/her!
<montjoie> for uboot
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<fALSO> montjoie, hehe
<fALSO> >>> Emerging (15 of 20) sys-devel/llvm-8.0.1::gentoo
<hellsenberg> for your own good, i hope you have a good air conditioner
<buZz> gentoo on a allwinner? :P
<mru> gentoo can be cross compiled on a fast pc
<fALSO> buzz, ;-D
<buZz> :)
<buZz> mru: thats no fun
<fALSO> nah, gentoo is used to cross compile kernel and u-boot
<fALSO> i use arch on my allwinnners
<buZz> i once built gentoo on a 486 sx25
<fALSO> =)
<buZz> incl kernel
<buZz> was amazing couple of weeks ;)
<mru> why would you do that?
<buZz> mru: why wouldnt you?
<buZz> fun is just fun
<fALSO> gentoo is the best distribuition ;-)
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<aalm> fALSO, have you tried void ?
<fALSO> i've looked into it
<fALSO> very old packages
<fALSO> not my cup of tea
<fALSO> gentoo/arch
<mru> if gentoo existed, so did the pentium 3
<fALSO> :-)
<fALSO> gentoo on the pi's its not ussable
<fALSO> even with ccache and distcc
<fALSO> i've tried it ;-)
<fALSO> some tools arent able to update
<mru> I've cross-compiled gentoo for all sorts of bizarre machines
<fALSO> the ram ends in the linking part
<mru> including avr32 and blackfin
<fALSO> i would have to have like 4gb of SWAP on the card
<fALSO> very slow :-P
<fALSO> getting sunxi-next ;-)
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<aalm> fALSO, with void you could cross-compile pkgs via xbps:p
<fALSO> in gentoo i can do it via emerge ;-)
<fALSO> i just normally cross compile u-boot and kernel
<mru> I don't understand why people think cross compiling is something special and dangerous to be avoided
<fALSO> lol
<fALSO> works perfectly ;-)
<fALSO> latest glibc, gcc and binutils
<lennard> because the internet says its hard!
<fALSO> lol
<fALSO> if we try it a bunch of times
<fALSO> it becomes easy ;-)
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<montjoie> sometime no choice, python I see you
<montjoie> last time (3 or 2 years) I try to crosscompile python it was impossible
<fALSO> i hate that people still start projects with python 2.x
<mru> openembedded does it somehow
<mru> the historically nasty one is perl
<fALSO> python 2.x has so much problems with unicode
<fALSO> that just dont exist on python 3
<fALSO> i dont understand why people still use it
<fALSO> they love their problems ;-D
<mru> because converting all your code takes time
<fALSO> theres even a script to help with that
<fALSO> 2to3
<fALSO> olo
<mru> it still has to be validated
<fALSO> mru, building sunxi-next for my orange pi pc
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<megi> montjoie: I don't work directly on sun8i_emac but I work on AXP805 for u-boot, that is needed to enable the phy
<megi> I work on it on and off, it might take some time, still ;)
<montjoie> megi: thanks for doing it, I need it for adding all H6 boards to kernelci
<montjoie> I hate using usb net dongles
<megi> btw, there's some regression in 5.3-rc1 that makes stmmac use 10mbit max on H6
<megi> probably caused by the move of stmmac to phylink
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<montjoie> so that's a good time to send my net tests to kernelci
<megi> no indication what can be wrong
<megi> aside from the 23s dealy in initialization
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<MoeIcenowy> montjoie: what will happen on kernelci if network driver totally fails?
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<montjoie> MoeIcenowy: EDONTCARE
<montjoie> kernelci build and expect a shell after boot
<fALSO> that kernelci seems awesome
<montjoie> but I have a test suite ready for it
<montjoie> I just need to do a PR
<montjoie> MoeIcenowy: in fact any network problem could be found only if it kernel panic, or delay the boot enough to a timeout
<montjoie> fun fact: that was the original reason of my interest in kernelci
<montjoie> because it didnt detect breakage of stmmac
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<megi> I've reported the H6 eth problem to the authorities, so hopefully someone will notice something ;)
<Nemo_bis> :o
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<megi> And it's fixed
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<megi> btw, just blowing air (even slowly, I run 12V fan at 7V or so) on the Orange Pi 3 board solves all thermal problems, no need for even a small heatsink
<megi> I compiled mesa to try panfrost, and temp howered around 65°C all the time through
<megi> pretty cool :)
<wens> a 15x15x15mm heatsink passively cooling seems ok as well
<megi> anyone tried some overclocking?
<megi> yeah, passively it will sometimes downclock to 1.4GHz or so and stay at ~75°C
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<megi> hmm, h6 manual is missing electrical characteristics section
<megi> ah, their 80 page datasheet has it
<megi> hmm, I'm already running it slightly overclocked/volted, as maximum recommended voltage for CPU is 1.08V, but I run it at 1.16V@1.8GHz. Abs. max. is 1.3V.
<fALSO> megi, that h6 problem that you reported is already fixed?
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<fALSO> man.... so quick :-D
<megi> which one? ethernet?
<fALSO> 13:45 < megi> I've reported the H6 eth problem to the authorities, so hopefully someone will notice something ;)
<fALSO> 14:50 < megi> And it's fixed
<megi> yes
<fALSO> 1hour
<fALSO> hehe
<megi> fixed :) - [PATCH net] net: stmmac: Do not cut down 1G modes
<fALSO> in sunxi-next?
<megi> no, just on the mailing list
<fALSO> ahhh
<fALSO> ok
<MoeIcenowy> megi: is panfrost working now on T720 on arm64?
<megi> it's blacklisted in mesa
<MoeIcenowy> interesting
<megi> if I whitelist it does something, but screen is black and dmesg is full of TODOs
<megi> when I try to run sway
<MoeIcenowy> I remember alyssa mentioned that there's now some weird assumption on gallium panfrost
<MoeIcenowy> it sasumes T6xx/7xx is running on 32-bit platform
<MoeIcenowy> T8xx is running on 64-bit platform
<megi> that was removed, it's all 64bit
<MoeIcenowy> it's solved?
<megi> I dunno, I've just tried for the first time to compile mesa and this info is something I gathered by watching mesa commit logs for last few months
<wens> IIRC it was one of the recent commits
<megi> yes
<MoeIcenowy> to be honest I never really tried panfrost
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<MoeIcenowy> although I tried lima
<megi> lima also has some recent interesting changes
<megi> but I haven't tried it yet
<MoeIcenowy> it's still not glamor-capable
<megi> maybe sway is too much
<fALSO> o tried lima on 5.2
<megi> I might try to run something simpler
<wens> panfrost isn't glamor-capable either
<fALSO> tried on es2something mark
<fALSO> saw a 3d horse spinning :-P
<MoeIcenowy> I must admit that I'm a conservative X11 user
<megi> :)
<fALSO> at 800x600
<fALSO> a bigger resolution doesnt seem to work
<MoeIcenowy> and I don't believe Wayland now
<fALSO> and it only works on the console
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: when did you test this?
<fALSO> inside xorg it craps out
<fALSO> a week ago moeicenowy
<MoeIcenowy> and what SoC are you using?
<fALSO> on my orange pi pc
<fALSO> H3
<fALSO> i saw that LIMA was integrated in the kernel
<MoeIcenowy> oh why a bigger resolution doesn't work?
<fALSO> and wanted to try it out ;-)
<MoeIcenowy> I think this should be solved for a long time
<fALSO> moeicenowy, im not sure but probably because of my hueg monitor
<MoeIcenowy> what git tree are you using for mesa?
<fALSO> :-X
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: at least I have 1920x1080 PineBook
<fALSO> im not using any special mesa
<fALSO> 2560x1080
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: ?
<fALSO> i think the one that arch linux arm packages is that one
<MoeIcenowy> oh that should be 19.1, which is quite old now from the perspective view of lima
<fALSO> <- just tried this one
<fALSO> it worked
<fALSO> but only on FB
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: do you know where the PKGBUILD is?
<fALSO> moeicenowy, one sec
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: it shouldn't work on FB -- it should work on KMS
<fALSO> it has lima enabled
<MoeIcenowy> to try out lima
<megi> I just tried to run kmscube on panfrost/H6
<MoeIcenowy> I suggest to use mesa master
<fALSO> armv7h) GALLIUM=",etnaviv,kmsro,lima,panfrost,tegra,v3d,vc4" ;;
<megi> Unhandled Page fault / Reason: TODO
<fALSO> its enabling the lima thingy
<megi> and black screen
<fALSO> moeicenowy, ok
<fALSO> moeicenowy, going to see if tehres any PKGBUILD for master
<fALSO> ;-D
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: AUR?
<fALSO> gonna check AUR
<MoeIcenowy> wens: in fact I tried to hack Lima to perform a glamor de-acceleration
<megi> fALSO: mesa-git in aur
<fALSO> mesa git in aur is based for PCS
<fALSO> it doesnt enable lima and all those stuff
<fALSO> i would have to hack it
<megi> I tried using it, but settled on just building directly and installing without pacman
<MoeIcenowy> (I say de-acceleration because my hack makes glamor work in quite slow speed
<megi> just to be able to quickly git pull and rebuild without rebuilding everything
<fALSO> i can try to do a mesa-arm-git AUR pkgbuild
<megi> fALSO: sure, that's assumed :D
<fALSO> im gonna get the configuration part of the arch linux arm mesa PKGBUILD
<fALSO> and try to hack the git one :-P
<megi> I can upload my simple script somewhere if you like
<fALSO> o also think that building MESA will take a LONG WHILE ;-D
<fALSO> megi, yes, share it
<fALSO> from what i remember mesa is c++
<fALSO> ;-D
<megi> fALSO: it was not that horrible, 5mins or so on H6
<fALSO> really ?
<megi> with a fan :D
<fALSO> i was thinking more like : hours
<MoeIcenowy> I cross-compiles mesa ;-)
<megi> maybe 10mins, I don't remember exactly, but not hours
<fALSO> sirs, a few time ago, I found that someone made a PKGBUILD
<fALSO> for a package that i maintain
<fALSO> so awesome :-)
<fALSO> open source is love
<fALSO> :)
<fALSO> thanks megi
<megi> you just need to clone mesa first into mesa dir
<fALSO> thank you
<megi> np
<fALSO> just one second to connect at home
<fALSO> via RDESKTOP, VIA ssh tunnel
<fALSO> lol
<MoeIcenowy> (and now I'm trying to set up a cross-toolchain targeting PowerBook G4
<fALSO> moeicenowy, with gentoo its easy
<megi> it's easier to track development this way, as meson is quite smart to rebuild the minimum of code after git pull
<fALSO> moeicenowy, i also have a G4
<fALSO> desktop
<fALSO> and a ibook
<fALSO> both running OpenBSD/macppc ;-)
<MoeIcenowy> how does OpenBSD perform on it? ;-)
<gnarface> jernej: oh, i did not note the small b sorry
<MoeIcenowy> what I got is a 12" 867MHz
<fALSO> its pretty cool seeing the SSH keys being generated at boot
<fALSO> takes a FEWWWWWWWWWW seconds
<fALSO> ;-)
<fALSO> moeicenowy, its pretty useless
<fALSO> :-)
<fALSO> its cool to fiddle with it
<MoeIcenowy> megi: but to be honest meson is not rolling-distro-friendly
<MoeIcenowy> when my system meson is updated
<fALSO> the open firmware "bios" sucks
<fALSO> prepare to have to press a million keys at startup
<fALSO> command + option + o + f
<fALSO> you need one extra hand
<MoeIcenowy> the existing build directory refuses to build as I have a different meson version
<megi> MoeIcenowy: right, it doesn't like re-building when meson itself updates
<MoeIcenowy> fALSO: I set the default boot command to GRUB ;-)
<fALSO> nice
<fALSO> grub works on powerpc?
<MoeIcenowy> yes, works on OF
<fALSO> thats pretty cool
<fALSO> openbsd doesnt use grub, so it was a bit difficult
<fALSO> ;-)
<MoeIcenowy> (and to be honest OF is the origin of the device tree we use now
<buZz> i think grub now also works on ARM, doesnt it?
<fALSO> i dont know
<MoeIcenowy> buZz: yes, on EFI systems
<buZz> ah
* fALSO is from the LILO days
<fALSO> lol
<buZz> so practically no ARMs
<MoeIcenowy> but U-Boot has some EFI implementation
<buZz> did you see microsoft trying to push some dumb ARM board with SecureBoot :P
<buZz> cortex a7 with -4- MB ram
<buZz> rofl
<fALSO> lloolo
<fALSO> i bought a ESP32 with DISPLAY
<fALSO> for less than 1€
<MoeIcenowy> what? A7 w/ 4MiB RAM?
<MoeIcenowy> just ridiculous
<buZz> its -so- uninteresting to people, they are even gifting 20000 of them away
<MoeIcenowy> the Cortex-A board I had seen with the least RAM
<MoeIcenowy> is Allwinner V3s-based boards
<MoeIcenowy> which features single A7 and 64MiB DDR2
<buZz> less than 4MB?
<fALSO> - got a discount on this
<fALSO> for 0.97€
<fALSO> with shipping
<MoeIcenowy> (at least 64MiB is enough for a Linux w/o Systemd ;-)
<buZz> fALSO: i like those ttgo boards
<fALSO> gonna bring it to work
<fALSO> and try to put the eletronics "thingy" on my collegues
<fALSO> they never palyed with arduinos or anything else
<buZz> using a 'ttgo mini32'
<fALSO> i think they will like it
<wens> MoeIcenowy: deceleration lol
<fALSO> even if its just a blinky led
<MoeIcenowy> does this 4MiB A7 runs Windows NT kernel?
<MoeIcenowy> ;-)
<wens> I haven't tried to get lima to run X11 yet
<fALSO> what is it buzz ?
<fALSO> a GUN ?
<fALSO> :-P
<buZz> fALSO: remote control for a electric longboard
<buZz> throttle
<fALSO> nice
<MoeIcenowy> wens: you will meet graphical glitches when you try it now
<wens> panfrost on RK3288 SIGABORTS out
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<MoeIcenowy> at least on gtk3-demo
<wens> MoeIcenowy: at least it gets into X11?
<MoeIcenowy> yes
<buZz> MoeIcenowy: no, it runs linux
<buZz> MoeIcenowy: of course
<MoeIcenowy> 4MiB w/ Linux?
<MoeIcenowy> I just think it crazy
<fALSO> lol
<buZz> cause what else could microsoft release thats considered 'innovative'
<fALSO> that doesnt even fit the kernel
<buZz> clearly -not- windows kernel
<MoeIcenowy> (but I remembered some strange chip by Kendryte
<fALSO> probably some rtos
<buZz> its just literally linux
<buZz> barely any patches to it
<fALSO> with 4MB ?
<buZz> they 'tuned the kernel to make sure they could unload features'
<MoeIcenowy> (dual core RV64GC chip w/ only 8MiB SRAM and no DRAM intf
<wens> I was working on S905 last week, and it refused to start X
* buZz slowclaps
<MoeIcenowy> Minix? ;-)
<MoeIcenowy> I heard that Intel ME uses Minix ;-)
<buZz> it took them about 3 years btw
<buZz> to build the linux os for that board
<MoeIcenowy> for flexibility
<willmore> MoeIcenowy, laughing at linux on 4MiB? Are you just trying to make me feed old?
<buZz> it had me cracked up
<buZz> 'microsoft hires developers to work on linux device' >
<buZz> > Fitting an entire Linux stack into 4MB was a tall order considering that “most of us hadn’t touched Linux in 10 years,” said Fairfax.
<buZz> .....
<buZz> no wonder it took them 3 years
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* willmore ran Linux comfortable in 4 MiB on a 386DX40 for years.
<buZz> hmhm
<buZz> my main portable linux device is a pxa270 with 32mb ram
<buZz> works fine
<buZz> but making a -new- board and soc today with just 4MB ram is just adding pointless complexity
<willmore> Yes.
<buZz> that pxa270 device is over 12 years old
<willmore> Where do you even buy chips that small? Maybe SRAM?
<buZz> willmore: the soc has the ram builtin
<buZz> cause you know, soldering ram chips costs too much!
<buZz> -_-
<wens> lol
<willmore> It's likely a multi-chip package.
<buZz> could be , i havent seen that shield removed yet
<buZz> they do say its 'integrated'
<buZz> hahahaha > Only hardware features supported by Azure Sphere are directly accessible to MT3620 end-users.
<willmore> buZz, no, inside the same epoxy package--as part of the SoM.
<buZz> ah
<buZz> well, dno
<buZz> willmore: we'll have to wait for zeptobars? :)
<willmore> Maybe via PoP or a sub-carrier.
<willmore> LoL, yes. Love me some zeptobars.
<buZz> they're just doing opamps lately :(
<MoeIcenowy> willmore: at least ARM Linux
<buZz> > much nicer then a opamp
<MoeIcenowy> but maybe you're really old -- when my family bought the first PC (when I'm <2 yrs old) it has Pentium III and 64MiB RAM
<fALSO> so pretty
* willmore is not really old, just sorta old...
<wens> lol
<wens> I first played with a 486, took it apart, and broke the disk interface board lol
<buZz> :)
<fALSO> lol
<fALSO> 36 here
<willmore> Fortunately thise are cheap, wens.
<fALSO> starting to get old
<willmore> Pretty much just a latch.
<buZz> my first 'pc' used cassette tapes and hogged the TV
<willmore> buZz, same
<fALSO> buzz, zx spectrum 48k?
<buZz> Sharp MZ721
<willmore> C64
<buZz> all similar platforms
<fALSO> ahh you guys are not european
<wens> willmore: are they?
<buZz> i am european
<fALSO> the zx spectrum was THE THING in europe
<MoeIcenowy> oh I'm too young to have used a 8-bit PC
<buZz> zx spectrum isnt european
<buZz> just british
<buZz> most friends here had a c64
<fALSO> i know, but it was the most used, at least in portugal
<fALSO> and spain
<buZz> or c128 , or a amiga
<megi> I played with i486 too, but didn't break it, ma I less of a hacker? ;)
<fALSO> never playd with a C64
<fALSO> i still have 486
<fALSO> i still have 486 dx2 100mhz
<buZz> fALSO: ok, they never really became popular in netherlands
<buZz> dx4 100mhz
<fALSO> or that
<fALSO> ;-P
<wens> megi: I was a kid when I did that. probably stray static dischard fried the thing
<fALSO> it has netbsd
<buZz> there was no dx2 100mhz ;)
<willmore> wens, ISA to IDE was just a couple of latches and a simple address decoder to run the CS of the latches, IIRC.
<megi> fALSO: I had 50MHz overclocked to 66MHz with some jumper
<MoeIcenowy> although I learned how to wire up 8-bit ISA in university :-(
<buZz> fALSO: i -think- dx4 100mhz is -just- fast enough to decode stereo 128kbps mp3 in realtime
<MoeIcenowy> so old lesson
<willmore> Oh, let's not play "who's got the oldest PC". :)
<megi> :D
<wens> willmore: it was a huge vesa board with a lot of components. I doubt it was just some latches. :)
<buZz> i still have mp3s i encoded on a 486 dx4 120mhz
<fALSO> buzz, lol
<buZz> took over 5 hrs per song
<fALSO> i dont have a sound card on it
<willmore> wens, ahh, a VLB board.
<MoeIcenowy> so does any one have old enough ARM processors here? ;-)
<buZz> fALSO: tssk
<fALSO> just a 3com network card
<fALSO> that has 3 KINDS of connectors
<buZz> MoeIcenowy: i had a acorn but gifted it away
<fALSO> and one that looks like the joystick ports
<buZz> ARMv1
<fALSO> of the old sound cards
<willmore> MoeIcenowy, how old?
<buZz> fALSO: AUX
<wens> buZz: the old encoders weren't very good
<willmore> fALSO, AUI?
<fALSO> its an ISA card, and you need to boot up a FLOPPY with dos to configure the connector to use ;-)
<buZz> wens: thank god i just listen to punkrock then
<MoeIcenowy> willmore: I think the buZz one is old enough ;-)
<buZz> ;)
<fALSO> and the IRQ and DMA ports
<fALSO> hehehe
<buZz> oh yes, AUI
<fALSO> after that it works ok in linux
<wens> buZz: :) IIRC VBR came on the scene awhile later
<fALSO> it probably no longer boots linux
<MoeIcenowy> BTW seems that RISC OS now have some support for sunxi?
<willmore> MoeIcenowy, agreed. I have a VIA (?) one, but I think that's v2
<fALSO> i saw something aboyut they removing old hardware support
<fALSO> maybe ISA has been removed
<wens> fALSO: NE2k clones?
<buZz> wens: yeah fraunhofer didnt implement it in the leaked encoder :)
<buZz> boo
<fALSO> wens, its a 3COM
<wens> fALSO: so, better then :)
<MoeIcenowy> GCC9 remove ARMv2 support...
<buZz> wens: but at least that fraunhofer encoder was better then Xing's
<MoeIcenowy> which is used by Amber open-source processor
<buZz> my god, how horrible that sounded
<fALSO> gcc also removed the support for a old machine that i have
<fALSO> :(
<fALSO> i HAVE an SGI O2
<fALSO> with IRIX
<buZz> nice
<fALSO> gcc stoped supporting IRIX a few releases ago
<wens> buZz: I don't remember ripping CDs that old
<fALSO> theres a guy backporting it now ;-D
* mru has an octane
<fALSO> megi, NICE!
<montjoie> indigo2 R10k!
<buZz> wens: i do ;)
<mru> dual cpu!
* willmore has a stack of Indys
<megi> fALSO: I liked the turbo button :)
<megi> kind of magical
<megi> push a button and your PC is slower
<wens> that's x86 backward compatibility for you lol
<wens> fALSO: SGI sounds expensive
* willmore used an 8088 with a board stuck in the back that had a pot as part of a VFO that let you tune the clock speed live.
<montjoie> willmore: my secret goal is to add some SGI to kernelci...
<wens> willmore: what happens when you turn it to 11?
<fALSO> wens, it was going to the trash
<fALSO> i saved it
<willmore> wens, machine locks up or you silently get corruption of your data.
<fALSO> as i did for the powerpcs
<willmore> montjoie, if you need a tester...
<fALSO> i also saved a SPARC, that i gave to a friend
* willmore has no SPARC, but does have HPPA and Alpha
<fALSO> and an ALPHA but make weird noises in the PSU when i tried to powerit up :-P
<willmore> No Itanium
<montjoie> my second secret goal is to add my sparcs...
<fALSO> the sparc that i gave away
<fALSO> had a very cool thing
<fALSO> that i never saw before
<fALSO> it had a card, like a PCI card
<fALSO> that was a FULL x86 computer
<montjoie> fALSO: I own it also:)
<fALSO> motherboard, cpu, ram, gfx card
<willmore> fALSO, meh, the Alpha's software emulated it. :)
<montjoie> I dreamed to do the driver for it...
<fALSO> it allowed to run DOS DEMOS on the SPARC
<montjoie> but no datasheet
<fALSO> my fried managed to get it working
<montjoie> fALSO: on linux ?
<fALSO> i wasnt able to pwer it on
<fALSO> because it needed a special SUN keyboard
<fALSO> :-P
<fALSO> montjoie, nah
<montjoie> argh
<fALSO> i doubt that will ever work in linux
<fALSO> its a very......... SPECIAL THING
<fALSO> and exhotic
<fALSO> hehehe
<montjoie> I have two cards like that...
<fALSO> nice
<montjoie> lets try to contact sun to release the datasheet a ha hah
<fALSO> triple lolz
<megi> so much excitement, If you guys ever get to teaching computer classes, I bet the next generation will again know all about EGA/VGA/CGA, and what a parallel port is
<wens> montjoie: you'll run into a bunch of lawyers
<megi> ;)
<willmore> I gave my son the history of display ports lecture a few days ago.
<wens> megi: I only know VGA (facepalm
<fALSO> i'm verry crapy at trying to explain stuff
<fALSO> i get enraged if people dont understand me
<fALSO> i should work on that
<wens> I don't miss the old x86 hardware though
<willmore> fALSO, yes.
<montjoie> my son(6y) asked for a computer, what can I give him ? the sparc, the sgi, or a 286 ?
<megi> :D
<fALSO> the kids just want mobiles/tablets
<willmore> montjoie, scratch
<fALSO> with angry birds
<montjoie> first lesson, be more precise in what you want!
<willmore> scratch is pretty good to teach structure and logic.
<fALSO> im also thinking about that
<willmore> montjoie, that's engineering. :0
<fALSO> having a kid
<fALSO> forking falso.git
<willmore> fALSO, don't? ;)
<fALSO> well.... we all need someone to take care of us
<fALSO> when we get old ;-)
<willmore> fALSO, robots.
<willmore> build a robot.
<willmore> way fewer diapers.
<megi> oil?
<wens> batteries
<willmore> much easier to change.
<fALSO> megi,
<fALSO> montjoie,
<fALSO> i also have a few expensive CARDS for THE SGI O2
<fALSO> from a TV channel
<fALSO> that were going to the trash
<fALSO> i dont even have drivers for them for IRIX
<fALSO> like ANALOG image input
<fALSO> and output
<fALSO> and svideos and stuff
<willmore> fALSO, by grand-something?
* willmore can't remember the name
<fALSO> hum
<willmore> grandstream, maybe?
<willmore> fALSO, nope, that's not what I was thinking of. I can run those by my BIL and see what he remembers. He's ex-SGI.
<willmore> Better pics would help a lot. I can't make out any of the text.
<fALSO> willmore, theres a IRIX/SGI discord
<fALSO> i posted those images there
<fALSO> i had like 20 private chats
<fALSO> of people wanted to give me money
<fALSO> for that stuff
<willmore> fALSO, okay, I'll point that out to him.
<willmore> lol
<fALSO> they were salivating with the ram modules
<willmore> I think he divested himself of all SGI hardware, so you're safe with him. :)
<willmore> Understood, old memory is hard to come by.
<willmore> Shall we return linux-sunxi back to sunxi related business? ;)
<maz> looks like the back of an O2.
<fALSO> yes
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: Sorry for the noise, my box has 8x 4Gb chips, which is correctly detected as 4 GiB. Issue with 8x 2Gb detected as 4GiB is indeed driver fault, but it's not my STB. Maybe my half DQ patch will help in this case.
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<fALSO> managed to connect home
<fALSO> gonna build mesa with those instructions
<wens> I have mesa builds for armhf and arm64 if anyone wants a tarball
<megi> fALSO: you may also need panfrost patches for the kernel
<megi> see the last few ones here:
<mru> panfrost, is that the opposite of global warming?
<wens> megi: you may want to send this? net: brcmfmac: Fix missing policy on brcmf_vendor_cmds
<megi> ok
<megi> I think it's already known though
<wens> maybe. I'm not subscribed to the wireless ML
<megi> me neither, but I found the define fix somewhere else in some google tree
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: oh what box has 4GiB?
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: Tanix TX6
<jernej> but not mini
<megi> wens: I just checked, it's already posted by someone else
<fALSO> panfrost is for GFX ?
<megi> easy one to catch as it breaks the wifi :D
<fALSO> i dont even have hdmi output i think
<fALSO> on the ONE PLUS
<fALSO> :-P
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<megi> fALSO: that should be easy to solve ;)
<fALSO> and HDMI output on my Orange Pi PC on u-boot stopped working a few weeks ago
<fALSO> just outputs image when the kernel boots
<fALSO> but i dont really care
<fALSO> ;-)
<megi> ah, you mean u-boot
<fALSO> yes
<fALSO> on the ONE PLUS is on both
<fALSO> megi, building mesa :)
<fALSO> megi,
<fALSO> how do you uyse your script?
<fALSO> just on the root of mesa it doesnt work
<megi> create dir for it
<megi> put it there
<megi> clone mesa as a subdir into 'mesa'
<megi> and run it
<fALSO> ok
<megi> you may want to install build deps for mesa too (from the list from PKGBUILD for mesa)
<fALSO> yes
<fALSO> love the warnings ;-)
<fALSO> ok megi that way it works
<fALSO> thanks
<megi> nice
<fALSO> installing llvm :-P
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<wens> megi: ok. I see it
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<fALSO> megi, i think i crashed it :-P
<megi> crashed what? :)
<fALSO> stopped giving any output via SSH since 17:22
<fALSO> building MESA
<megi> overheat?
<fALSO> the orange pi pc
<fALSO> lets hope not
<fALSO> im not at home right now :-P
<megi> wait what? :)
<fALSO> it hanged
<megi> you're building for lima testing?
<fALSO> [563/1131] Compiling C object 'src/mesa/bbe4a73@@mesa_gallium@sta/vbo_vbo_noop.c.o'.
<fALSO> last line :-Ppppp
<fALSO> well its not totally dead
<fALSO> still responds to pings
<megi> hmm :)
<fALSO> ahh no
<fALSO> humm let me ssh with -v
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<fALSO> probably all the ram ended
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<megi> yeah, makes sense
<megi> probably during the final link
<fALSO> today is my nephew birthday
<fALSO> but im gonna pass at hoem first
<fALSO> to reboot the orange pi pc
<fALSO> :-P
<fALSO> then off to the party
<fALSO> megi, @home
<fALSO> created 2gb SWAP on the card
<fALSO> trying again :-P
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<fALSO> megi, meson is smart, continued where it stopped
<megi> yup
<fALSO> [10512.867396] oom_reaper: reaped process 7331 (cc1), now anon-rss:0kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB
<fALSO> hehehe
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<mru> don't fear the reaper
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<jernej> blue oyster cult ^^^ :)
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<jernej> MoeIcenowy: It seems that STB with DRAM issues has 4x 512Mx4-bit (K4B2G0446C) and 4x 1024Mx4-bit (K4B4G0446Q) chips
<jernej> 3 GiB in total, but reportedly only 2 GiB work
<jernej> which make sense to me and I'm not sure how that upper 1 GiB is supposed to work
<jernej> unless you can have for lower 2 GiB full DQ configuration and for upper 1 GiB half DQ
<jernej> but I don't know how to check and configure that, if it possible at all
<mru> which soc?
<jernej> H6, but in general it doesn't matter much (for those with 32-bit data bus)
<mru> it matters whether you have one or more dram interfaces
<mru> no idea if any allwinner chips have more than one
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<jernej> maybe A80
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<fALSO> yo
<fALSO> jernej, mru
<fALSO> needs more cowbell
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