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<DuClare> Hmh u-boot can't seem to talk to sdcard when booting from spi flash with CONFIG_SPL_SPI_SUNXI..
<KotCzarny> mmc init ?
<KotCzarny> mmc detect ?
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<DuClare> Are those supposed to be commands? In that case, I don't have them built in.. mmc info, mmc rescan, mmc dev 0 all just report back "Card did not respond to voltage select"
<DuClare> mmc list of course does list mmc@01c0f000: 0
<DuClare> Oh wait
<DuClare> PEBKAC
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<DuClare> Of course, I removed my sdcard in order to boot from spi =__=
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<KotCzarny> happy to help
<DuClare> Thank you :)
<Mangy_Dog> morning, with regards to dif pairs on the hdmi reciver.... i still find it hard to believe that with unmatching dif pairs on my very short run (1 inch from the plug) will really cause that much of a desink issue.... but in case it does in my rev 2 ill reroute the pairs... However I wanted to know... Do only each dif channel need length matching or does all the channels need to match
<Mangy_Dog> length?
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<Mangy_Dog> is how its routed at the moment
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<mru> Mangy_Dog: are you using the diff pair router in kicad?
<Mangy_Dog> yes but some pares wernt tracing well... i had to do some manual traces as well
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<Mangy_Dog> mostly at the connecting to the tpf401
<Mangy_Dog> tfp401
<mru> as long as the tracks have +/- names, kicad can tell you the skew
<mru> the spec says the skew within a pair must be at most 0.15 bit times
<Mangy_Dog> where is a scew analiser or viewer?
<mru> assume propagation speed is 200e6 m/s
<mru> what's your pixel clock?
<mru> 27 MHz?
<Mangy_Dog> i dont know
<mru> how do you not know?
<mru> what did you put in the edid?
<Mangy_Dog> just used adas already built sketch i didnt pay too much attention to the setting put in tbh
<Mangy_Dog> one min
<Mangy_Dog> as the edid they had was already set for 800 480 displays
<Mangy_Dog> i was rushing
<Mangy_Dog> :p
<mru> let's say it's 27 MHz
<Mangy_Dog> damn out of time
<Mangy_Dog> i got to run
<Mangy_Dog> ok
<mru> it'll be something close
<Mangy_Dog> k
<mru> the bit rate is 10x the pixel clock
<mru> so at 27 MHz, the max skew is 0.55 ns
<Mangy_Dog> i really do have to leave.... sorry :( but quickly how do i messure trace skew?
<mru> there's tool in kicad somewhere
<Mangy_Dog> i was having a look through the menu couldnt find anything
<Mangy_Dog> i have foudn the dif length matching tools but i need to set a length to match them to first
<Mangy_Dog> it doesnt read the diference between lengths
<Mangy_Dog> on the pair
<Mangy_Dog> anyway back in a few hours sorry
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<superprower> Do I understand correctly that one of the parts parts that lacks support for suspend is watchdog timer driver?
<fALSO> i dont understand the concept of suspend on a SoC board
<fALSO> it is jut "save the contents" of ram to a file
<fALSO> and then when you boot again, start where it stopped ?
<fALSO> like "pausing" a vm ?
<superprower> That's a hibernation, or
<fALSO> ok sorry superprower
<superprower> * you are talking about. It's slower than regular suspend-to-ram, but also used.
<fALSO> what is the concept of suspend
<fALSO> keep it "powered" on, but using less power ?
<superprower> yep
<fALSO> like a sleep mode or something
<superprower> I think terms 'sleep' an 'suspend' are used interchangeably
<fALSO> ok superprower
<fALSO> sorry if i sound lame
<DuClare> Hmm so spl already knows how to read u-boot proper from spi, but do I still need to enable drivers / prod dtb in u-boot proper in order to read more stuff [environment] from that same spi device?
<fALSO> yo, it seems that the u-boot git server
<fALSO> is dead
<fALSO> omg
<fALSO> ahh came back
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* fALSO was already crying :-P
<mru> did it go down again just now?
<mru> it was down a few minutes yesterday
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<fALSO> yes
<fALSO> its was giving connection reset by peer
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<megi> fALSO: suspend to ram is switching dram to a mode where it self-refreshes and turning off pretty much everything on the soc, that's not required for resume, like CPUs, memory controller, PLLs, various functional blocks, etc.
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<KotCzarny> yeah, that's something legacy has that's still missing in mainline
<KotCzarny> which means for any portable device wanting to have deep sleep is stuck with 3.4.x
<mru> thankfully, our devices are always on
<hellsenberg> suspend to ram is tricky... you have to make sure data doesn't get lost while suspended, but you must also not overwrite it while resuming :D
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<superprower> So what kernel drivers exactly need suspend support so it would be reasonable to add wakeup support to rtc driver?
<superprower> Watchdog? Graphics?
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<DuClare> Any idea how to follow the history of a renamed file on github?
<mru> clone and use sane tools
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<karlp> there's a --follow iirc.
<karlp> oh, on github? no idea.
<karlp> what mru said :)
<DuClare> I'm curious, how does that code compile..
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<DuClare> Dang I don't even know if the probe function is executing. I can't seem to get any output from it :< But my spi doesn't appear probed, as per dm tree
<mru> does it compile?
<mru> 'dev' should obviously be 'bus' (or the other way around)
<mru> fALSO: u-boot git should be fixed
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<DuClare> mru: Yes it does compile
<DuClare> (I wonder if there's some macro that disables dev_err?)
<mru> it shouldn't
<mru> unless dev_err ignores the argument
<mru> ah, the dev argument is dropped by the macros
<fALSO> yes it is
<fALSO> thanks mru
<Mangy_Dog> 0/me returns from his boring meeting
<mru> meetings are the best
<mru> great time for a nap
<Mangy_Dog> sadly this is a meeting i had to talk
<mru> learn to sleeptalk
<fALSO> damn
<mru> Mangy_Dog: anyway, at your data rates, trace skew shouldn't be a problem
<Mangy_Dog> yeah i wouldnt have thought so
<Mangy_Dog> esp at the short length
<Mangy_Dog> i mean i didntknow for certain maybe thing were that tight
<Mangy_Dog> but i felt it strange with things moving at the speed of lifht that such a short area would cause a problem
<Mangy_Dog> where it would likely cause a problem on the end of a long hdmi cable that jsut about meets spec
<fALSO> sirs , i saw on the news that in this new 5.2 kernel there are MALI "news"
<fALSO> is there any new option i should enable?
<libv> ratholing again.
<mru> Mangy_Dog: the total length doesn't matter for this
<Mangy_Dog> ok
<fALSO> this
<fALSO> anyone has any more info on this, this is very "basic"
<Mangy_Dog> does each diff pair need to match length as well though? x0+-=, x1-=,x2-=?
<Mangy_Dog> xc-+ :D
<mru> that's what I was saying earlier
<mru> the +/- traces of a pair need to match within 0.15 bit times
<Mangy_Dog> nods
<mru> which at 27 MHz pixclk is 0.55 ns
<Mangy_Dog> but all teh channels together dont need to match up so much?
<mru> max inter-pair skew is 0.20 pixel intervals
<Mangy_Dog> i mean i probably will do length matching on rev2 now that i found the tools
<Mangy_Dog> but im not entirely sure theres enough pcb space for it though
<mru> getting within a few mm should be close enough
<Mangy_Dog> well one set is near enough 10mm off from another trace
<Mangy_Dog> one trace is 10mm longer i mean
<Mangy_Dog> gah one diff channel is 10mm longer than the others
<mru> that should be fine
<Mangy_Dog> hmm
<Mangy_Dog> ok then im out of ideas why im getting a pink screen :D
<mru> I'd try to get it closer just because, but 10 mm is within the specified tolerance
<Mangy_Dog> nods will do in rev2
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<mru> for this kind of thing you really should be using a 4-layer board with a ground plane beneath the high-speed traces
<Mangy_Dog> yeah i read about that too
<Mangy_Dog> but thats extra cost i could do without if i can
<Mangy_Dog> though adafrutes board isnt 4 layer
<mru> high-speed, gnd, power, low-speed
<mru> 4-layer isn't too expensive
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<Mangy_Dog> usually double the cost
<Mangy_Dog> i mean i always knew there would be a rev2, there always is....
<Mangy_Dog> but i really hoped there wqouldnt be
<diego71> fALSO: check their blog
<mru> for a small board, double still isn't that much
<fALSO> they no longer bloged about mali
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<fALSO> i just wanted to know if any of you guys/girls knew what was the change in the 5.2 kernel
<fALSO> but im going to take a look at the commits
<mru> btw, lots of nice display related spec documents here:
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<mru> original page got dmca'd recently
<Mangy_Dog> lol
<Mangy_Dog> shitty
<Mangy_Dog> but thank the heavens for wayback
<mru> I figured it would happen
<mru> so I grabbed the docs
<fALSO> from the changelog
<fALSO> it seems that files in drivers/gpu/drm/arm/malidp_* were changed
<Mangy_Dog> ignore the backlight flashing
<Mangy_Dog> its like an orange pink screen with some noise in there
<fALSO> creating a console mangy_dog ?
<Mangy_Dog> nods
<Mangy_Dog> handheld
<fALSO> =)
<Mangy_Dog> portable thing
<fALSO> awesome
<Mangy_Dog> would be if i got this display working :D
<Mangy_Dog> everything else works
<Mangy_Dog> :p
<fALSO> never tried it
<fALSO> is that display expensive?
<Mangy_Dog> btw screen is black from bootup didnt show uboot at all... but when it gets to splash screen stuff, just throws up [ionk... but on the adafruit board is shows uboot perfectly, but once in linux the image is distorted
<Mangy_Dog> 30 quid
<Mangy_Dog> with capacative tough
<fALSO> from china ?
<Mangy_Dog> yeah
<fALSO> :(
<fALSO> i hate when stuff from china is more than 24€
<Mangy_Dog> are you in the states?
<fALSO> because the customs in portugal
<DuClare> Yargh, soft-spi does not get probed either
<fALSO> will rape me
<DuClare> *sigh*
<fALSO> :/
<Mangy_Dog> and having all chinese stuff blocked?
<fALSO> not blocked
<Mangy_Dog> ohh
<fALSO> they will probably make me pay
<fALSO> another 30€
<Mangy_Dog> im in the uk
<fALSO> on top of the 30€ that i already paid
<Mangy_Dog> the import fee should only be vat + handling charges
<Mangy_Dog> if it gets caught
<mru> beware of "handling charges"
<fALSO> in portugal they "invent" a lot of extra taxes
<Mangy_Dog> 99% of the time chinese stuff slips through the post
<fALSO> imagine
<mru> they can easily be more than the value+vat of the product
<fALSO> if the package is 1 week at the customs office
<Mangy_Dog> yeah mru
<Mangy_Dog> ive had that
<fALSO> they make you pay
<fALSO> for EACH day
<mru> fedex are annoyingly "helpful" like that
<fALSO> even if it wasnt your fault that they took 1 week
<fALSO> "wharehouse tax"
<Mangy_Dog> in the uk the threshold limit by law is £15 I had DLH try to charge me handling and vat on something that actually came to £14
<Mangy_Dog> spent a week going through with them why they shouldnt have done it
<fALSO> normally LIE
<Mangy_Dog> yeah
<mru> parcelfarce sends you an email and lets you pay online
<fALSO> and say that the package went to the customs
<Mangy_Dog> but most stuff from china comes via normal post
<fALSO> when it reaaly didnt go
<Mangy_Dog> and slips through
<mru> do it quick and there's no delay in delivery even
<Mangy_Dog> nods
<fALSO> i think you guys in the UK
<fALSO> have a "government" calculator
<Mangy_Dog> well i just figured out mru is :p
<fALSO> to calculate more or less
<fALSO> what you will pay in customs
<Mangy_Dog> yeah its simple
<fALSO> here in portugal its like winning the lottery :-P
<mru> fedex can be actually helpful though
<Mangy_Dog> for everything under say 100-300 quid i think... anything bellow its just vat you pay
<mru> I once got a call from them asking what was in a parcel for me
<mru> the declared contents didn't make sense to them
<Mangy_Dog> above that certain threshold what ever it is you have a import duty fee as well
<mru> I explained truthfully what it was, and the nice woman picked a category without any import duty
<DuClare> What was that
<Mangy_Dog> biscuits
<mru> some electronic stuff
<mru> but they'd put the product name as contents on the form
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<fALSO> mangy_dog, when you have time, please link me the display
<fALSO> if it was in a public store :)
<Mangy_Dog> cant as this display wasnt on the public store but you can inquire
<fALSO> ajhh ook
<fALSO> no problem
<fALSO> my trouble with ali express, is that the reviews of the products
<fALSO> normally arent very TECHY
<fALSO> :-)
<Mangy_Dog> is the main display
<Mangy_Dog> but i got an ips version
<fALSO> and you dont know what youre buying
<fALSO> thanks mangy_dog
<Mangy_Dog> ive ordered a fair few displays off them
<Mangy_Dog> theyre pretty decent for the more budget end
<Mangy_Dog> only thing i struggle to find is "daylight" readable ones from there
<Mangy_Dog> they tend to max out about 450 nits
<Mangy_Dog> daylight is like 600-800 nits
<fALSO> again, mangy_dog thanks for all the info =)
<Mangy_Dog> no worries
<fALSO> love this channel its awesome to learn ELITE stuff
<fALSO> =)
<Mangy_Dog> i struggle :p
<fALSO> me too
<Mangy_Dog> but im old
<Mangy_Dog> so thats why
<fALSO> but everyone is pretty helpfull
<fALSO> im starting to get *old*
<fALSO> 37 this year
<Mangy_Dog> 37 next month :p
<fALSO> got some whites on the beard LOL =)
<mru> kids
<Mangy_Dog> ive had greys in my bears for a few years now theyre spreading
<Mangy_Dog> beard
<Mangy_Dog> oh and im bald :p
<fALSO> lol
<Mangy_Dog> that i really hate
<fALSO> im a copy of the classic bearded guy
<mru> nobody else cares
<fALSO> alan cox
<fALSO> stallman
<ynezz> oops, wrong window
<fALSO> i have hair, but i dont like it
<fALSO> always shave it
<Mangy_Dog> im sure no one cares but i really hate being bald D: looks so wrong on me
<fALSO> i dont like COMBS :-P
<DuClare> I'm not that old but already losing my sharp *sigh*
<fALSO> i would share mine with you mangy_dog i dont "use" it
<fALSO> hehehehee
<Mangy_Dog> oh and yeah i like my beard, shaving it off, which i do maybe twice a year looks so strange now
<DuClare> Forgetting everything and wasting time on stupid pebkac like yesterday. Wait, was it today?]
<Mangy_Dog> oh im certainly slower than i used to be
<fALSO> i just notice that i get ENRAGED easier now
<fALSO> lol
<Mangy_Dog> ive always had a temper that ive kept in check... i cry a lot more now though
<Mangy_Dog> things up set me more...
<Mangy_Dog> films
<Mangy_Dog> you know the usual
<fALSO> yap
<fALSO> being an adult sucks
<Mangy_Dog> but ive had a tough past 10 years
<ynezz> mru: thanks for sharing! :p
<DuClare> NNNNGH
<mru> fALSO: being a kid sucks more
<fALSO> i wish i was a kid
<fALSO> no responsibilities
<mru> but imposed bedtime
<mru> and no beer
<Mangy_Dog> im not a huge fan of beer
<fALSO> lol
<fALSO> i preffer wine
<Mangy_Dog> some light largers are ok
<mru> well, no something else then
<DuClare> I really think the probe function for my spi isn't getting called at all
<DuClare> (Or it's impossible to print anything from there)
<fALSO> hehe
<fALSO> typical open source user :)
<Mangy_Dog> i must admit, ive tripple checked the orientation of my btb conntor im using for the hdmi, yet im still only 90% sure its right :p
<Mangy_Dog> im still wondering if i have the right tx lines going to the right tx imports
<Mangy_Dog> ok your beard beats mine
<fALSO> hehehe
<fALSO> i only cut it once a year
<Mangy_Dog> i trim it usually but all off maybe twice a year for giggles
<fALSO> well, lets go back to SUNXI stuff
<fALSO> before someone gets enraged =)
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<DuClare> Nice beard
<DuClare> Mine just doesn't grow that big
<DuClare> I spent 10 months in a monastery without cutting my beard..
<fALSO> monastery? nice
<DuClare> Oh I think I might have figured out my spi problem.
<DuClare> dt compatible string mismatch..
<DuClare> Don't tell me I just wasted hours on something that simple
<DuClare> Hmh
<DuClare> No, that wasn't it
<DuClare> Now my spi flash also shows up in dm tree, but it is also non-probed, like the (soft) spi controller above it
<DuClare> pr_debug?!
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<DuClare> Jeez, now I'm finding the kind of debug messages that I would've hoped to see when I enabled CONFIG_DM_DEBUG :)
<Mangy_Dog> ok really strange, maybe its internal circuitry but im getting contenuity errorson nearly all of my tx pins
<Mangy_Dog> int he tfp401
<Mangy_Dog> like some of them are shorted to ground and some to +
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<fALSO> mripard, sunxi-mali isnt building with 5.2
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<fALSO> probably some of the patches arent being applied
<fALSO> ill try to look into it later, and if a manage to fix it, ill send a PR
<Mangy_Dog> ok completely random
<Mangy_Dog> i suddenly got a video signel off my board
<Mangy_Dog> not pink noise any more
<Mangy_Dog> its a bit more distoprted than the image on the adafruit
<Mangy_Dog> but its better than what i had ealier
<Mangy_Dog> at this stage im so confused im not rulling that out falso
<fALSO> im kidding
<fALSO> ;-)
<fALSO> i just like that guy from ancient aliens
<Mangy_Dog> im not :p
<fALSO> with the crazy hair
<mru> there are always two possible explanations: aliens or magnets
<fALSO> ..... everything is ALIENS
<Mangy_Dog> oh that memed guy?
<Mangy_Dog> fuzzy hair?
<fALSO> ya
<fALSO> hehe
<Mangy_Dog> ah hyes
<KotCzarny> Mangy_Dog: pink screen on hdmi means hdmi pixel format failed
<KotCzarny> *negotiation
<Mangy_Dog> hmm
<DuClare> Wow.. I finally get as far as trying to talk to spi flash :(
<KotCzarny> which could of multiple reasons
<Mangy_Dog> nods
<Mangy_Dog> well its suddernly started to work
<Mangy_Dog> i resat the chip
<Mangy_Dog> hotair
<KotCzarny> might be bad edid, trouble with sending edid, power issues sometime also happen
<Mangy_Dog> but it still didnt work for 2 tries i went away... came back tried again to show some one what was going on... and suddernly worked
<Mangy_Dog> nods i also put in the edid on the new chip but tried once before
<KotCzarny> in my case it also failed with mainline uboot, legacy kernel and tvs with hdmi2vga internal convertors
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<Mangy_Dog> hmm
<KotCzarny> also happens when hdmi cable connection isnt 100% firm and sometimes pins not connect (oh, chinese cheap cables)
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<Mangy_Dog> in this case its a molex btb connector
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<KotCzarny> still, boils down to failed edid/format negotiation
<Mangy_Dog> maybe
<Mangy_Dog> thou only uboot uses edid data
<Mangy_Dog> the linux build seems to ignore it completely
<Mangy_Dog> uboot is sharp as a stabby thing
<Mangy_Dog> the linux images are still distored
<DuClare> FINALLY. Took me all day to get u-boot proper to talk to spi flash
<libv> Mangy_Dog: because you still have not tried to do what i told you to do
<libv> yesterday
<KotCzarny> hmm
<mru> are you using the sun4i-drm driver?
<libv> but you're clearly beyond helping as your are unwilling to RTFM
<KotCzarny> Mangy_Dog: could it be you are hitting scaler funkiness ?
<KotCzarny> there was a guy having similar troubles
<KotCzarny> drat, forgot the nick
<karlp> that was catphish wass't it?
<KotCzarny> might be
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<karlp> jmcneil I think :)
<KotCzarny> if it looks similar, it's your issue
<KotCzarny> but it might be also hdmi format negotiation fail and linux doesnt use your panel's native resolution
<Mangy_Dog> libv what now?
<Mangy_Dog> what havent i done now?
<Mangy_Dog> and i lvoe how people shout rtfm when there is no manual or dont point out what to read
<Mangy_Dog> and dont tell me to just read the wiki
<Mangy_Dog> which one
<Mangy_Dog> the ENTIRE THING?
<Mangy_Dog> have you?
<Mangy_Dog> has anyone?
<Mangy_Dog> does anyone even have the time to read the WHOLE thing
<Mangy_Dog> ?
<jaganteki> anyone tried LVDS on A64?
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<Mangy_Dog> kot sorry for late reply just had a sudden very low loud jet fly over
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<Mangy_Dog> found the pic
<Mangy_Dog> not like that a least not checkered
<Mangy_Dog> and not purple more orange pink
<Mangy_Dog> and full screen
<Mangy_Dog> every pixel apart from a few lines or noise
<KotCzarny> no, it's zoomed in test case lines
<KotCzarny> as for the noise, it might be what libv's suggested
<KotCzarny> ie. hdmi tracing
<Mangy_Dog> when did he suggest that?
<Mangy_Dog> all i got was "your beyonwed help and rtfm"
<Mangy_Dog> anyway in this thread which i found yesterday
<Mangy_Dog> "Yes, changing the mode 31 pll_video=594 and then apply the command h3disp -m 31 -d solved the problem for 800x480 res TFP401 based displays."
<Mangy_Dog> the h3disp worked for the most part but still have the distortion
<Mangy_Dog> whats the mode 31 pll_video=594
<Mangy_Dog> bit though
<Mangy_Dog> where and what do i apply that to
<mru> not all 800x480 panels with a tfp401 work with the same settings
<Mangy_Dog> i get that... and i assume i actually need to m ake my own 800x480 file... fex?
<KotCzarny> Mangy_Dog: there's uboot by jernej that when booted will print display settings
<KotCzarny> fex is only for legacy 3.4.x kernels
<Mangy_Dog> ok
<Mangy_Dog> i guess then that option isnt in standard uboot?
<KotCzarny> nope
<Mangy_Dog> ok but in any case its worth trying if its just a config somewhere... where is pll_video?
<mru> fwiw, I have a panel + tfp401 board here that works perfectly with edid retrieved over hdmi
<KotCzarny> in kernel's hdmi driver modelines
<Mangy_Dog> where do i apply the 594? :_ i assuming thats the frequincy
<Mangy_Dog> ie not quite 60hz
<mru> no need to tell the kernel anything else
<Mangy_Dog> mru uboot seems to read the edid and display correctly...
<Mangy_Dog> its only when it goes into linux problems come up
<mru> what kernel are you using?
<Mangy_Dog> no idea but armbian thats included with retroorangepi
<Mangy_Dog> 4.2
<mru> 4.19 here
<mru> 4.2 is pretty ancient
<mru> maybe you should try something that isn't called retro
<Mangy_Dog> thats orangeretropi 4.2...
<Mangy_Dog> it has all the emulator and front end enviroments i need
<Mangy_Dog> the kernal i have no idea what its on
<mru> uname -r
<Mangy_Dog> give me a few mins my desks a mess right now and need to wire up the boards again :p
<Mangy_Dog> you said 4.2 was old? :D
<Mangy_Dog> 3.4.113-sun8i
<KotCzarny> you are on legacy then
<mru> that's antediluvian
<KotCzarny> you might as well use h3droid
<KotCzarny> pop retropi apk and be done
<Mangy_Dog> h3droid is a android build?
<Mangy_Dog> so retropi can be added to any linux build then?
<Mangy_Dog> it isnt more tied?
<mru> worry about getting a working kernel first
<Mangy_Dog> while im sshed in cant i just update the kernal?
<Mangy_Dog> through an apt get or something
<Mangy_Dog> or will that brake everything
<KotCzarny> as a bonus you will get working deepsleep
<Mangy_Dog> 4.19y is available for armbian on my baord
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<Mangy_Dog> whats the difference between buster and bionic?
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<KotCzarny> one is debian, other is ubuntu
<Mangy_Dog> which one is lighter?
<mru> bionic is also the android libc
<mru> just to add confusion
<KotCzarny> h3droid is lighter
<Mangy_Dog> fun
<KotCzarny> ;)
<Mangy_Dog> but its android
<KotCzarny> but it gets the job done
<Mangy_Dog> does it run all the retropi apps and front ends?
<Mangy_Dog> and not in some android based virtual machine
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<KotCzarny> who knows, i just know there is quite a few retropi and generic retro gaming apks
<Mangy_Dog> :/
<KotCzarny> not enough time to pursue and test everything
<Mangy_Dog> from what i know of android apps is, theyre not running like a normal application within the normal kernal and on hardware level but an abstraction... A virtual machine, like java...
<Mangy_Dog> which brings in its own overheads and isnt very efficiant
<KotCzarny> there is something called ndk
<KotCzarny> which runs native code
<KotCzarny> and apks can use it too
<Mangy_Dog> hmm
<KotCzarny> so if you have spare sdcard, just check it out
<KotCzarny> might be easier than building whole thing from the ground
<Mangy_Dog> have a spare card trying armbian first and seeing how well i can bring retro into that
<Mangy_Dog> though doing the install an os and install retro onto that method means im going to be missing out on all the orange pi configuration stuff from retroorangepi
<Mangy_Dog> how do i run the desktop from command line?
<Mangy_Dog> ran the install for armbian but it just goes into command lind
<Mangy_Dog> line
<Mangy_Dog> i will say this the display is working perfectly in command line and config otol
<Mangy_Dog> tool
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<Mangy_Dog> well well well
<Mangy_Dog> installed a desktop and still display is running perfectly on the adafruit board
<Mangy_Dog> interesting
<Mangy_Dog> the display comes up as a addi data gmbh display 7"
<Mangy_Dog> 65.7hz
<Mangy_Dog> in the display settings ui
<Mangy_Dog> my guess some of that is whats baked in the edid
<Mangy_Dog> and if i can edit the edid i can make it give better info like 5" playdog display
<Mangy_Dog> :p
<Mangy_Dog> hmmm bluetooth wont load though
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<mru> worry about one thing at a time
<mru> and yes, vendor/model is part of edid
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<Mangy_Dog> well just to check ive put the new armbian built pi into my project
<Mangy_Dog> of course back lights still flashing but the image
<Mangy_Dog> perfect
<mru> moral of the story: don't use antiquated kernels
<Mangy_Dog> didnt realise it was that old
<Mangy_Dog> was tha latest build of retroorange pi
<Mangy_Dog> still though some problems...
<Mangy_Dog> some new ones too
<Mangy_Dog> 1 i tried to run a emulationstation build process based on the how to on the site
<Mangy_Dog> failed
<Mangy_Dog> 2 errors and wouldnt go anywhere
<Mangy_Dog> also bluetooth is now not working
<mru> that can be fixed
<Mangy_Dog> and USb seems to die after a minute or so
<mru> H3 chip, right?
<Mangy_Dog> yeah
<mru> no issues here running 4.19
<Mangy_Dog> this is 4.19y of armbian
<Mangy_Dog> tried both bionic and umm
<Mangy_Dog> the other
<mru> I'm talking about kernel only
<mru> we build our own system
<Mangy_Dog> oh
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<Mangy_Dog> so do you think i should take this armbian build. and some how go through fixing the usb and bluetooth and then manually install emulation station and retroarch or whatever after?
<mru> what kernel version is that?
<Mangy_Dog> armbian?
<mru> whatever got the display working
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<Mangy_Dog> said 4.19y
<mru> that's not a kernel version number
<mru> they don't have letters
<Mangy_Dog> oj
<Mangy_Dog> j
<Mangy_Dog> oh
<Mangy_Dog> ill have another look
<Mangy_Dog> :D
<mru> uname -r
<Mangy_Dog> nodnods
<Mangy_Dog> booting up board now
<Mangy_Dog> Welcome to Debian Buster with Armbian Linux 4.19.57-sunxi
<Mangy_Dog> that?
<Mangy_Dog> uname -r
<Mangy_Dog> gah
<Mangy_Dog> yeah 4.19.57
<Mangy_Dog> :D
<mru> 4.19.58 was released today :)
<Mangy_Dog> how do i update kernal without having to wait for armbian to do a rebuild?
<mru> 4.19.57 is fine
<Mangy_Dog> and would there be no reason i couldnt just update the kernal on the old retroorangepi?
<mru> you could try
<Mangy_Dog> know any guides of hwo to do it? or is it as simple as sudo update-kernel
<Mangy_Dog> :p
<mru> I've always built my own kernels
<Mangy_Dog> aparantly arbian config has it
<mru> you can probably just copy the kernel and dtb files over
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<sunshavi> mru: what's the reason for building your own kernel?. (it takes almost 8 hours on my opi)
<sunshavi> I have just compiled mine once
<libv> sunshavi: cross-compile?
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<sunshavi> libv: what would be the pros of compiling your own kernel?
<lapapat> different kernel options, hardening, etc
<anarsoul> sunshavi: if you're not developing linux kernel stick to what your distro provides
<anarsoul> anyway it's kind of weird to ask this question in this channel
<sunshavi> yeah probably. also my distro is rolling release kernel get's out on sunday and on tuesday kernel is ready 4 installation
<sunshavi> anarsoul: btw I have been banned from lima :p
<anarsoul> sunshavi: I'm not channel owner.
<libv> sunshavi: cross-compile.
<lapapat> a serious question: what's the best way of getting thermal sensing working on H5? there are armbian patches based on older version of Philipp Rossak's patchset, there's a newer patch set from August 2018 ( but that doesn't include H5 (but could probably be extended into it)
<anarsoul> lapapat: see
<anarsoul> it doesn't have H5 support so you'll have to add it there
<sunshavi> esh
<sunshavi> sorry wrong buffer
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<lapapat> @anarsoul i'm a bit confused :) does this patchset supersede/replace the SUN4I_GPADC based driver that Philipp Rossak did?
<anarsoul> lapapat: yes
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<lapapat> anarsoul: I'm going to apply those patches and have a look at the resulting files. I'm a noob at this so would appreciate some pointers 1) Would creating parallel functions/variables for sun50i_h5 wherever I see sun50i_h6 be a fair place to start?
<lapapat> 2) I'm guessing that many of the values for constants etc that define the H5's ths are available in other patchsets
<anarsoul> lapapat: I haven't look into how h5 differs from h6, so you'll have to figure that out
<lapapat> Sure
<megi> not the greatest, but works for H5
<megi> easiest way, before the last thermal sensor driver attempt will gets mainlined
<megi> H5 THS is pretty much the same as on H3, except for the number of sensors
<megi> H5 has two
<lapapat> megi: thanks! a quick and dirty demo will work for me for now. from memory, does this require any other patchsets? backports from 5.2? was hoping to make this work on 4.19
<megi> no
<megi> it works by itself
<lapapat> magic :) i'll try applying and compiling right now
<megi> what board do you have?
<lapapat> nanopi neo2
<lapapat> v1.1
<megi> you may have to check/patch the dts, to enable cpu regulator
<lapapat> 4.19 works well for me, i've applied chen yu's patches to make dvfs work and only need ths :)
<megi> ok, so it should be fine ;)
<megi> that bigger patch is split here:
<megi> so you can cherry pick what you need exactly
<megi> if you get conflicts with the chen yu's patches
<megi> the whole patch is self contained with dvfs+ths support for H5 and the boards I use
<lapapat> megi: could i ask a question about something weird in Armbian? would help my understanding no end. there's a patch in the sunxi-next folder of armbian
<lapapat> it would appear that this is enabled and not disabled
<lapapat> but the version of the sun50i-h5.dtsi this patches just doesn't exist anywhere
<megi> seems like it doesn nothing by itself
<megi> it defines some regulator that is not used, and removes some properties that are there to avoid boot warnings
<lapapat> yup the effect is clear enough to me, but this diff is against a file taht doesn't exist :) as far as i can tell
<lapapat> doesn't exist in that form, sun50i-h5.dtsi is different in torvalds/linux and isn't patched into this state by Armbian's build system
<megi> yeah no idea, armbian patches are somewhat messy
<lapapat> my feeling is that this is just broken, but is there something i just don't understand here (to add to the list!)
<lapapat> haha, okay thank you megi - i really appreciate it
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<megi> it would be nice if the patches would contain explanation at the top, but some armbian patches are not of that kind... you may try something like git log -p -- patch-path