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<Irenes[m]> Hi! So I asked this over in the Pine64 #offtopic channel and was told somebody here had done previous work on it.
<Irenes[m]> I'm interested in figuring out how the community can use secure boot on the Allwinner A64.
<Irenes[m]> I had initially thought that the boot0 that the chips are distributed with doesn't actually implement secure boot, but apparently that's just because the open-source version purporting to be that code is incomplete?
<Irenes[m]> I was pointed at the sunxi wiki pages on SID registers and TOC0
<Irenes[m]> which I have now read
<Irenes[m]> and apparently the biggest unanswered questions are about how to actually burn the e-fuses?
<Irenes[m]> anyway, I'd love to sync up with people who have worked on this before, if there are any here
<Irenes[m]> although I don't know how much time I'll actually have to work on this before mid-Q1
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<smaeul> Irenes[m]: I don't think actually burning the efuse is hard, just nobody wants to do it
<smaeul> because unless you use a several-year-old ruby script to generate properly-formatted files, you've turned your device into a brick
<buZz> nobody wants secure boot beside microsoft and intel
<smaeul> buZz: very not true. secure boot is useful when you control the keys, which you do in this case
<buZz> ok :)
<buZz> then have at it
<buZz> wait, allwinner gave their root keys away?
<ezdiy> >when you control the keys
<ezdiy> why is it this is almost never the case when secure boot is actually deployed on ARM?
<smaeul> buZz: there are no keys programmed by default. the hash of the public key is also an eFuse
<buZz> ahahahah
<buZz> right, that brings me back to my initial statement
<smaeul> especially with devices like the pinephone, you want secure boot, or evil-maid style attacks are trivial
<ezdiy> evil maid is my favorite security tin foil fetish
<smaeul> it's even more of a problem because you can trivially boot to an external sd card
<ezdiy> clearly she never heard of persistence in far more convenient places
<buZz> like SIM cards that run untrusted software that can be remote flashed without user noticing
<buZz> or same @ baseband radios
<buZz> mainly the SIM card is a easy entry on all phones
<smaeul> point is, chain of trust has to start with the (hardware) bootloader, or you're owned, even with FDE
<buZz> no, bootloader does not affect anything to the code running on SIM or baseband
<ezdiy> i dont really care. i just wish vendors were forced to give me the key when asked for, make it some sort of law
<smaeul> buZz: except, say, the pinephone, where it's isolated over USB, and can be trivially switched off
<buZz> smaeul: you cannot switch off behaviour patterns of humans
<ezdiy> buying locked hw feels very wrong, as it feels like buying only a license to use it in pre-approved ways
<ezdiy> im fine with losing warranty, its not all that hard
<buZz> i want to see warranty become a option by law
<buZz> that we're able to buy any and all project with 'warranty void' from day0 , for a 20-50% discount
<buZz> hell, on some products that could be 90%
<buZz> like those macintapples
<Irenes[m]> yeah, so I personally very much do want to have secure boot, but obviously with keys I personally control, for my personal devices
<ezdiy> on the other hand, the sport is fun
<Irenes[m]> I 100% agree that corporate-controlled secure boot is evil
<ezdiy> clearly one of the days when hacking can be ethical
<ezdiy> jailbreaking that is
<buZz> Irenes[m]: well, get a 5 usd A64 devboard, and go try to get it working?
<Irenes[m]> yes absolutely, I'm doing that
<buZz> cool :) which devboard are you getting?
<Irenes[m]> not sure yet! I had heard that somebody in here had tried this previously, so I was hoping to sync with them before I spend (more) money
<buZz> ah , could be
<buZz> have a name? :)
<Irenes[m]> no, sorry, it was somebody's fuzzy memory of a conversation from apparently about two years ago
<buZz> Wizzup: does maemo leste use secure boot yet? :D
<smaeul> I know MoeIcenowy has done secure boot on H3, and I think apritzel (rarely here) has done it on A64
<ezdiy> Irenes[m]: re burning efuses: an interesting approach used with pc hw sometimes is wire the fuse to intrusion detection. switch that short-circuits something when you open the device wrong.
<Irenes[m]> oh that's fun
<ezdiy> if you know how to open it, great, your efuse is fine. but most won't know how, so it becomes bomb disposal.
<buZz> maybe zeptobars also has a delidded A64?
<smaeul> ezdiy: these aren't really that kind of fuse
<ezdiy> smaeul: :>
<smaeul> it's just a boring old one-time-programmable (EE)PROM
<ezdiy> so it is in tpm intrusion detection
<buZz> hmm, not that i see
<ezdiy> except in there its a ram that forgets
<buZz> smaeul: is it really eeprom? i see 'fuses' implemented in flash so superoften
<Irenes[m]> burning these indiscriminately would certainly make it unbootable
<smaeul> buZz: well, only AW knows exactly how it works in hardware. we just know the software interface
<buZz> until zepto lets loose the acid :D
<Irenes[m]> I'm not sure what threat models that's actually useful for; it does defeat evil maid, in that it tells you the device was tampered with
<Irenes[m]> and that may be an appropriate trade-off for some people
<buZz> Irenes[m]: it doesnt tell you that really
<buZz> 'it wont boot' can have 98374987398749873843 reasons
<Irenes[m]> true lol
<buZz> you wanna know one of my fav methods of detecting bad actors?
<Irenes[m]> sure
<buZz> leave a 5 usd bitcoin wallet on your device
<buZz> no passwd
<Irenes[m]> lol
<Irenes[m]> fun
<buZz> cheap, easy, reliable
<buZz> and decentrally visible
<ezdiy> also screams honeypot, nah
<ezdiy> leave $5k, have a bot online racing to double spend it with higher fee and broadcast faster the moment you see attacker's tx out
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<ezdiy> most dont have that kind of sophisticated setup to try the same, they'd most likely send the tx via tor so would be crippled in the race
<Wizzup> buZz: restricted boot?
<buZz> Wizzup: eh, secure boot where you only allow your bootloader to start binaries that are signed with $arbitrarykey
<ezdiy> in theory 'security', in practice vendor lock-ins and DRM
<Irenes[m]> to reiterate, what I specifically want to do is signed boot where I control the key
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<Irenes[m]> which should be possible in principle with SoCs that ship with the e-fuses blank
<buZz> ezdiy: hehe that bot+doublespend trick probably totally would work
<buZz> if you can time it right
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<ezdiy> buZz: its still nontrivial (~5% if your setup is good and his not) chance you'll lose the money tho. the thing about petty cash lying on the sidewalk is almost nobody bothers to pick it up
<buZz> ezdiy: well, stuff like checklocktimeverify now exists
<buZz> so you could keep the money locked regardless of who owns access to the keys
<ezdiy> what of it? either the inputs are spendable or not
<buZz> i like programmable money, its tons of fun
<buZz> ezdiy: right, but you could force them to wait 1-2 years
<buZz> although that would remove the benefit of early detection i guess
<ezdiy> well, it would postpone the detection to certain point of time. not sure if its advisable, as the attacker would have more time to prepare, especially if its interesting kind of money
<megi> smaeul: evel maid is actually less of a problem on Allwinner, because you can bring your chain of trust with you on your SD card
<megi> evil
<ezdiy> you can evil maid any allwinner just with a teaspoon
<ezdiy> secureboot or not
<megi> heh? :)
<ezdiy> make brom fail read emmc, jumps to fel
<megi> and that will help what?
<ezdiy> that is assuming the chain lives on mmc
<megi> chain lives on SD that you trust
<ezdiy> well, once in fel you remove the spoon and can now boon
<ezdiy> *boot
<ezdiy> megi: of course if whatever is to be attacked isnt there to begin with, thats entire different story. once again, no secure boot necessary
<Irenes[m]> so, like, to me
<ezdiy> carrying the sd with you is definitely for the best
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<Irenes[m]> carrying the SD with you does help, but if an attacker can run arbitrary code on the device, I don't want to assume that they can't booby-trap it in some way that will help them the next time I boot it myself and unlock the FDE
<megi> also people probably carry their phones on themselves more than their notebooks, so less of a chance for tampering anyway
<Irenes[m]> maybe with a rollback attack or something
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<ezdiy> i really liked old huawei mediatek
<buZz> Irenes[m]: megi's argument was 'SD always goes first, so just take it with you''
<megi> right
<ezdiy> they had fun backdoor where the spl just read arbitrary .bin from sdcard, giving it priority over mmc. one doesn't see that often nowadays.
<ezdiy> with that you can truly do "secure by carrying your sd in pocket". well, except for maybe baseband.
<buZz> and simcard ;)
<buZz> they are two seperate platforms, both 100% untrustable
<ezdiy> that one usually goes extra leg to gain arbitrary wries to host os
<Irenes[m]> buZz: yeah, I get that
<ezdiy> if baseband is stupid to let it, i guess sim can be made pretty evil
<ezdiy> not that anyone bothered
<Irenes[m]> it goes first, but an attacker could put their own SD in
<ezdiy> buZz: sim card is just that thing giving answers to let me use cell tower. why trust it for anything else?
<ezdiy> who really cares whatever runs on it, as long it stays on it
<buZz> ezdiy: its literally executing java programs on your behalf
<ezdiy> so?
<buZz> which are remote flashable
<buZz> and have access to SMS etc
<ezdiy> who cares about sms? those aren't yours to begin with
<ezdiy> but your cell operators
<buZz> in android afaik it has access to your /sdcard aswell
<ezdiy> they can read those in plain anyway
<buZz> and mic, display, speaker
<megi> tell that to the banks overusing them for 2FA
<Irenes[m]> yeah I basically agree that any realistic security model needs to assume the SIM can do whatever it wants, including malicious stuff
<buZz> only safe cellphone is one without radios, imho
<Irenes[m]> yes, it can cause real harm, but that's kind of by design and the reason that phones have SIMs
<Irenes[m]> yeah
<ezdiy> buZz: mic, display, speaker? now that would be a sim midlet i'd like to see.
<buZz> lets see if i can find that talk
<ezdiy> not saying its impossible, its just about tricking the baseband to do something stupid
<ezdiy> boy and are basebands stupid
<buZz> plus -also- remote flashable
<buZz> with again, zero notification to the user
<ezdiy> but why?
<ezdiy> sim card is not users
<ezdiy> its cells operators
<ezdiy> its not your business what it itself does
<ezdiy> its definitely your business what it does to host os
<ezdiy> if you tell baseband to turn off stk, and it does something behind your back
<ezdiy> yea, that would be cause for concerns
<buZz> it shows one accessing the GPS module
<ezdiy> buZz: yea, it runs only on sim, does nothing to phone
<ezdiy> turn off stk, problem solved
<megi> buZz: phone operator already knows your position as long as you have yoour radio on
<buZz> which actually shows ppl in the wild using this
<buZz> megi: the attacker isnt the ISP
<megi> ok
<ezdiy> buZz: still, i dont see anything happening to phone. all it does is operator related
<ezdiy> not phone related
<ezdiy> it doesnt get access to host os, as it should
<ezdiy> proper sim exploits are 0click rootkit, this aint one of those
<buZz> almost 1B phones were vulnerable, lol
<ezdiy> ye, they updated the cards
<buZz> incl access to all calls :D
<ezdiy> filtered it beffore that
<buZz> ezdiy: right, so this is a common thing
<buZz> we just know about this specific variant
<buZz> cause they made it public
<ezdiy> buZz: bottom line is that those bugs are fairly common
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<buZz> indeed
<ezdiy> though usually used for dumping sK
<ezdiy> for sim cloning, private exploits per carrier
<buZz> so common , that it leaves gsm 100% untrustable
<ezdiy> you mean was it ever trusted?
<buZz> ezdiy: i think ppl did think of it as trustable as landlines once yeah
<ezdiy> first, gsm is dead. second, you use 3G/4G only because its only viable means for portable internet.
<ezdiy> just turn off rest of the junk
<ezdiy> nobody sane uses it.
<buZz> right,
<buZz> i just dont use it -at all-
<buZz> it never gave me any joy to be 24/7 harassable
<buZz> so -paying- for the priviledge of harrassment quickly became a no-no to me
<ezdiy> well, thats a bit overbearing. usually people just turn off stk.
<ezdiy> AT^STSF=0
<buZz> you pay for harassment voluntary?
<ezdiy> so sim card cant tell baseband to do silly stuff, like placing calls on its own
<buZz> well, baseband is still 100% remote flashable
<ezdiy> its been problem in the past with toll numbers malware
<ezdiy> buZz: just an ota
<ezdiy> thats up to you whether you want it
<ezdiy> but its rare for ota updates to get compromised, at least for now
<buZz> ota does -not- notify user
<ezdiy> it does, on stock phone even
<ezdiy> depends on vendor tho
<buZz> sure, not enough ppl have osmocombb hardware ;)
<ezdiy> some are nice enough, some dont
<buZz> TI calypso platform is pretty much 100% known
<ezdiy> typically people pay attention to ota for entirely different reason, because you need to keep base os/ota in sync. ie if you run frankenrom, you typically keep ota updates off
<buZz> also, you can flash baseband straight from malicious android apk's aswell
<ezdiy> which paradoxically introduces potential bugs, as now you made potentially fatal problems unfixable
<buZz> mmm afk, bbl
<ezdiy> buZz: you mean get root on vulnerable kernel, then send at commands because you dont have perms to do so otherwise?
<ezdiy> im not insisting those bugs dont exist, just thats its the usual "old bugs".
<ezdiy> and needlessly complicated if you're going to break into an old phone, as far more streamlined routes exist for htose
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<buZz> ezdiy: oh totally agree, there's nothing new
<buZz> we just keep showing old stuff into more devices quicker and quicker :)
<ezdiy> i dont know, at least on android things are vastly improving
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<buZz> dont they still sell android 4 devices?
<buZz> hmm 5.1 on first random 50 usd aliexpress tablet
<buZz> most seem 6 or higher
<ezdiy> 8 is generally considered "can lock it down reasonably well"
<ezdiy> ie write selinux policies, override app perms, while keeping it hacked up with xposed patches to get rid of advertising/microtransaction crap
<ezdiy> in a lot of ways, android system really resembles pcs in their heyday
<ezdiy> insanely customisable, secure only if you track all the moving parts
<wens> megi: Yeah. looks like the fix is in Linus's tree now: 7de7de7ca0ae
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<tllim> @Irenes, check with apritzel, he has tried out burn efuse on PINE A64 board
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<Irenes[m]> ah! thanks very much
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<KotCzarny> one could circumvent burnt efuse by using fel, if my memory isnt playing tricks
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<rellla> hi, can anybody give me a hint, why 5.5-rc2 isn't working with on a cubieboard2 with sunxi_defconfig (nearly):
<montjoie> I retry 5.5-rc2 on kernelci
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<maz> rellla: (wild guess)
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<montjoie> rellla: no problem on my side (kernelci) on 5.5-rc2 gcc-8 sunxi_defconfig
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<rellla> maz, montjoie: thanks, i'll give master chance then.
<megi> maz: the stacktrace looks different for that one
<megi> I reproted it originally ;)
<rellla> ...and i probably do a clean bi
<rellla> build now.
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<juri_> just bought an a13 system for my wife for christmas. thanks, all.
<KotCzarny> um
<KotCzarny> isnt it OLD ?
<juri_> e-book reader. :)
<KotCzarny> default reader app is awful
<KotCzarny> on a13. unless someone finally redid it
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<rellla> maz, montjoie: it was the commit from linus on top of 5.5-rc2 btw
<rellla> b
<rellla> it booted now.
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