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<_whitenotifier-3> [m-labs/nmigen] whitequark pushed 3 commits to master [+2/-0/±4]
<_whitenotifier-3> [m-labs/nmigen] whitequark 48145ce - build.dsl: improve repr of Pins() and DiffPairs().
<_whitenotifier-3> [m-labs/nmigen] whitequark 3a9fe31 - build.dsl: make Pins and DiffPairs iterable.
<_whitenotifier-3> [m-labs/nmigen] jfng c7d13b7 - build.res: add ConstraintManager.
<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] Failure. The Travis CI build failed -
<_whitenotifier-3> [m-labs/nmigen] whitequark pushed 1 commit to master [+2/-0/±0]
<_whitenotifier-3> [m-labs/nmigen] jfng d393c5e - build.res: add ConstraintManager.
<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] Success. The Travis CI build passed -
<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] Success. 86.57% (+0.7%) compared to 6a77122 -
<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] Success. 100% of diff hit (target 85.87%) -
<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] whitequark commented on pull request #64: build: add ConstraintManager. -
<_whitenotifier-3> [nmigen] whitequark closed pull request #64: build: add ConstraintManager. -
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