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<sn0wmonster> Joerg-Neo900: i've sent dos1 a message to ask the process but am waiting for a response still :)
<Joerg-Neo900> He isn't always online
<Joerg-Neo900> ask Hellekin aka how900
<enyc> sn0wmonster: patence-peatience, organize//collect all responses you get, there could be quite a lot to put together =)
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<Venemo> hey guys
<Venemo> I'm trying to use eeshow with my own project
<Venemo> I run `eeshow`
<Venemo> And I get this:
<Venemo> The `.git` file at '/home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc/obc-hw/' is malformed
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<Venemo> am i doing something wrong?
<Venemo> obviously, the .git directory is not located at the path that it outputs
<Joerg-Neo900> hmmm, I guess wpwrak can help
<Joerg-Neo900> wpwrak: ^^^^
<Venemo> the git repository is /home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc and the KiCAD project is in a subdirectory
<Venemo_> thanks Joerg-Neo900
<Venemo_> btw, how goes the Neo900?
<Venemo_> it has been some time since we last spoke
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<Joerg-Neo900> indeed long time. I hope to contract the layouter today
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<Venemo_> oh
<Venemo_> the layout is done by someone else?
<Joerg-Neo900> yes
<Joerg-Neo900> layout is a very special skill
<Venemo_> but is it automated or done by hand?
<Venemo_> I've designed PCBs before, but not of this complexity
<Joerg-Neo900> for layout there are autorouter programs but they fail epically on anything mildly more complex
<Venemo_> yeah, I thought so
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<wpwrak> Venemo_: hmm, looks as if some error checking changed in gitlib. which version do you use ?
<Venemo_> wpwrak: latest release from the fedora 25 repo
<wpwrak> do you know version number that is ?
<wpwrak> insert "what" :)
<Venemo_> wpwrak: it's 0.24.6
<Venemo_> is that too old or too new? :)
<wpwrak> hmm, i have 24.1. let's see if there's a documented change
<wpwrak> err, i mean libgit2, not gitlib. gitlib would be something else.
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<Venemo_> yes
<Venemo_> wpwrak: I misunderstood it for libgit2
<Venemo_> so that's it :)
<wpwrak> yes :) with gitlib, the version number would be quite different
<Venemo_> is it possible that eeshow simply searches for the .git location in the wrong place?
<Venemo_> at least, the output suggests that it tries to parse the .pro file as if it were a .git
<wpwrak> hmm, they tightened some checks in may. might be that.
<wpwrak> what i do is that i throw the path of a file to git_repository_open_ext and rely on it to find the repo for me. seems that it no longer does that.
<Joerg-Neo900> >>The `.git` file at '/home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc/obc-hw/' is malformed<< actually sounds slightly odd
<Joerg-Neo900> there's no such thing
<Joerg-Neo900> wpwrak: use dirname?
<Joerg-Neo900> aah, I think I understand
<wpwrak> yeah, i'll have to use the dirname
<Joerg-Neo900> is the error message from libgit2?
<Joerg-Neo900> :nod:, needs dirname(): >>Path to open as git repository. If the flags permit "searching", then this can be a path to a subdirectory inside the working directory of the repository.<<
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<wpwrak> Venemo_: does this solve the problem ?
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<Joerg-Neo900> Venemo_j: ??
<Joerg-Neo900> Venemo_j: you seen wpwrak's post?
<Venemo_j> sorry, I lost the connection
<Venemo_j> which post?
<Venemo_j> ah, that
<Venemo_j> yep, got it
<Venemo_j> wpwrak: I'll try it when I get home
<wpwrak> Venemo_j: great, thanks !
<Joerg-Neo900> wpwrak: when venemo confirms, could you please change window title from "eeshow (rev XXXXX)" to "eeshow (stable-rev XXXXX)" and to a commit tagged "stable"?
<Joerg-Neo900> s/and to/and do/
<Joerg-Neo900> distro maintainers need *some* sort of idication which app version they may add to their next release
<Joerg-Neo900> actually the window title editing isn't even needed, only the commit with tag
<wpwrak> you know i don't do "stable" ;-) if i make changes that i think have a high risk of upsetting things, i do them in a branch. so "master" is always as good as it gets
<Joerg-Neo900> nobody knows that
<Joerg-Neo900> and tight now that statement is not necessarily correct
<Joerg-Neo900> right now*
<wpwrak> well, unless the fix is confirmed, master is still as good as it gets :)
<wpwrak> just has one known bug i didn't know about until a few minutes ago
<Joerg-Neo900> please understand that distro maintainers need a minimal amount of hints regarding which app versions they may add to their repos/releases
<Joerg-Neo900> even if your approach was absolutely fine for them, they simply don't know about it
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<Joerg-Neo900> to get a app version into any arbitrary distro release, there either needs to be a ('anonymous') pull request to distro maintainers pointing to a app version tagged "stable", or the pull request has to come from developer himself then the version he asks to pull is implicitly the stable one
<Joerg-Neo900> you could do a pull request "to MASTER, which is always considered stable" and hope for the mainteiner adding a note about that unusual policy so they use master next time without needing a pull request
<Joerg-Neo900> but you can't expect distro maintainers to guess about that policy, it's nowhere announced for that project
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<Joerg-Neo900> you may add the policy verbatim to the readme
<Joerg-Neo900> "MASTER always stable"
<Joerg-Neo900> so anybody can point to that when doing a pull request on our behalf
<Joerg-Neo900> so maybe let me change my request above: please edit README to add a few words about your policy that considers MASTER always stable, and make a commit with the comment "MASTER always stable"
<Joerg-Neo900> that should be fine for everybody, I think
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<Joerg-Neo900> I could do that commit, editing readme by adding a quote of your line above ([2017-06-14 Wed 18:21:14] <wpwrak> you know i don't do "stable" ...) but that seems a tad silly. Better you do that
<wpwrak> Joerg-Neo900: you may like this :)
<Joerg-Neo900> I fail to grok the joke
<wpwrak> who wears ties like this :)
<Joerg-Neo900> OOOH! Thanks! :-D
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<Venemo> hey
<Venemo> wpwrak: I'm home now, can test your change
<Venemo> git pull says already up to date
<Venemo> oh wait
<Venemo> it's another branch
<Venemo> wpwrak: I still get the same error message
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<wpwrak> Venemo: :-( if you add -v -v -v when invoking eeshow, what does it say before the error ?
<Venemo> wpwrak: this is all:
<wpwrak> ah, it goes past it. good. let's see where that happens then ...
<Venemo> same as before
<Venemo> it basically just opens the latest revision, but I don't see any more versions
<wpwrak> does this show the history ? (one commit per line) eetest -H /home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc/obc-hw/
<wpwrak> eetest is built as part of eeshow, but not installed by "make install". so you have to pick it from the build dir
<Venemo> no
<Venemo> it just says the same thing
<Venemo> this: /home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc/obc-hw/ The `.git` file at '/home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc/obc-hw/' is malformed
<wpwrak> okay, that narrows down the problem
<wpwrak> ah .. does the file /home/Timur/Projects/smog1/smog1-obc/obc-hw/ exist ?
<Venemo> yes, of course
<Venemo> it's the KiCAD project file of my stuff
<wpwrak> ah, found something :)
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<wpwrak> (and reverting the previous one)
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<wpwrak> (file exists) eeshow can also sometimes work on file that don't exist (e.g., if they existed only at a different point in history). that's why i asked.
<Venemo> oh, now it's doing something
<Venemo> I see a progress bar
<wpwrak> good ! :)
<Venemo> awesome, I think it's working now
<wpwrak> great. thanks for the bug report !
<Venemo> wpwrak: you're welcome. what was the issue after all?
<Venemo> that one liner?
<wpwrak> yup. i did already try to trim the path ... but due to that typo, didn't
<Venemo> ahh
<Venemo> okay, now
<Venemo> I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at
<wpwrak> your schematics ? :)
<Venemo> I guess the red lines mean deletion and green addition
<wpwrak> yup, when viewing differences it's like that
<Joerg-Neo900> try "?"
<Joerg-Neo900> sorry "h"
<Joerg-Neo900> and D N O
<Joerg-Neo900> and Tab
<Venemo> cool
<Venemo> what does yellow mean?
<Joerg-Neo900> modified
<Joerg-Neo900> in index sheets
<Joerg-Neo900> so you find differences there
<Venemo> ah indeed, the reference changed
<Venemo> didn't notice that at first glance
<Venemo> hm
<Venemo> brilliant tool you guys made
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<Venemo> wpwrak: thanks for your help
<Joerg-Neo900> in yes, wpwrak is a genius
<wpwrak> you're welcome :)
<Joerg-Neo900> one thing I'm missing is to have git hash in file parameter, to have -N versions back from that particular (instead MASTER) version of the project
<Joerg-Neo900> like in eeshow -N 10
<Venemo> what does the pink color mean? does it just simply highlight the modified area, or does it mean something more?
<Joerg-Neo900> assume 61ba4e4bfee2f54db1c7636137394e98e735629b is a hundred commits ago
<Joerg-Neo900> right, just highlight
<Joerg-Neo900> though it may highlight other things too
<Venemo> I also see that it tries to detect which commits contain actual schematic changes and which not
<Venemo> but it does show some commits which certainly didn't
<Joerg-Neo900> it shows all commits afaik
<Venemo> no, it doesn't
<Venemo> we have the hw and sw in the same repo
<Joerg-Neo900> well "3 commits without changes"
<Venemo> eeshow filters out commits which didn't have changes to the hw, and just shows "N commits without changes"
<Venemo> but it has some false positives
<Joerg-Neo900> I doubt that :-)
<Joerg-Neo900> maybe the 'changes' had no visible effect
<Joerg-Neo900> kicad is terrible with that
<Venemo> there has literally been no changes to the hw for quite a while now
<Joerg-Neo900> I guess for detecting commits with changes it only checks which have a new version of relevant files, even when those files only differ in a whitepsace or whatever
<Joerg-Neo900> or for example one of the (invisible) timestamps kicad uses in everything
<Venemo> according to git itself there had been no changes to that directory since last september
<Joerg-Neo900> open in kicad, do "no changes", save, commit. -> new version in git
<Joerg-Neo900> hmmm
<Venemo> yes I know, but as I said the files have been unchanged in git for a long time
<Joerg-Neo900> werner might be interested in a test case for that
<Venemo> unfortunately I can't disclose this project (at least not yet)
<Joerg-Neo900> np, you might provide the -vvv logs or whatever
<Venemo> sure, that's cool
<Venemo> btw, can it also visualize changes between pcb revisions?
<Joerg-Neo900> and a git ls or whatever the name
<Joerg-Neo900> nope, alas not (yet)
<Joerg-Neo900> viewing PCBs is a PITA even without trying to visualize diffs
<Joerg-Neo900> ... for multilayer PCB
<Venemo> very true
<Venemo> well, I could imagine a side-by-side layer-by-layer comparison, with the unmodified parts simply faded out
<Joerg-Neo900> I could think of flickering diffs
<Joerg-Neo900> but, as said, for multilayer you learn little by simplified display like e.g. one layer only
<Joerg-Neo900> what you need is a massively anamorphotic display with layer thickness boosted to maybe factor 50, then highlight connected copper traces across all layers and vias
<Joerg-Neo900> with 3D view
<Joerg-Neo900> basically a 3D redering of the PCB with thickness changed from 0.8 to 80mm, with FR transparent
<Joerg-Neo900> and semi-transparent traces and vias
<Joerg-Neo900> in different colors for each layer
<Joerg-Neo900> and highlight for any arbitrary particular network
<Joerg-Neo900> then rotate and shift and uoom in/out with mouse and some more keys
<Venemo> whoah
<Joerg-Neo900> I *guess* most recent kicad is almost there
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<Venemo> well, I didn't think of such complications for the diff view
<Joerg-Neo900> the diggs would be flicker in that
<Joerg-Neo900> diffs
<Venemo> aha
<Venemo> well, it sounds overkill
<Joerg-Neo900> like fast tab clicks in eeshow
<Joerg-Neo900> s/over// and you're genuinely at gerbviewers at large ;-)
<Joerg-Neo900> I *think* eeshow already has the tools to visualize diffs between any two bmp/whatever pictures, be it schematics or one layer of a pcb
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<Joerg-Neo900> the default mode does graphical diff
<Joerg-Neo900> you just need to skip the eeschema rendering and start with images right away as input data
<Joerg-Neo900> after all aiui that is what the predecessor of eeshow did
<Joerg-Neo900> so yes, that should be easily implemented or even already possible to show diffs of a single layer, with multople layers on consecutive pages which you browse by pgup/dwn
<Joerg-Neo900> ask wpwrak ;-)
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<wpwrak> image diff is in gfx/diff.c. good luck ! :)
<Joerg-Neo900> can't you load giffs or bmp or whatever?
<Joerg-Neo900> just bypassing the eeschema rendering
<wpwrak> you could develop the code to use other sources. of course, if you just want an image diff, you could just use imagemagick
<Joerg-Neo900> or that :-)
<Joerg-Neo900> not as convenient as eeshow
<wpwrak> compare -metric AE a.png b.png out.png
<Joerg-Neo900> well, that's a static file aiui
<wpwrak> oh, i used this to debug eeshow. so .. :)
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<Joerg-Neo900> ~sucker
<infobot> hmm... sucker is something you shouldn't tell in public
<Joerg-Neo900> ~useless
* infobot starts crying and hides from joerg-neo900 in the darkest corner of the room. :(
<Joerg-Neo900> fun to insult the bot
<Venemo> :D
<Joerg-Neo900> tmepted to tell her ~die but from me she takes it literally
<Joerg-Neo900> [2017-06-14 Wed 18:35:43] <sicelo> ~lazyflashing
<Joerg-Neo900> [2017-06-14 Wed 18:35:57] <sicelo> perfect .. bot gone when i need it
<Joerg-Neo900> Venemo: indeed you could prepare your own gerber diff with a lengthy script employing imagemagick tools, and a picture viewer that allows fast diashows
<Venemo> nah
<Venemo> sounds like something worthwhile, but don't have time unfortunately
<Venemo> anyway thanks for everything
<Venemo> I gotta rush off, ttyl :)
<Joerg-Neo900> yw, don't miss to spread the word! :-)
<Joerg-Neo900> Venemo: >>Eeshow has evolved from the much older schhist project at Qi-Hardware that provided a collection of scripts that used Eeschema (with the help of Wolfgang Spraul's command-line patches) to render schematics to bitmap images and then to compare these, producing a large HTML table. << (from - does that give you ideas? you wouldn't need to make the scripts from scratch
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<Joerg-Neo900> just s/eeschema/pcbnew|gerbview/
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<Joerg-Neo900> ooh wait, nit from this account :-)
<Joerg-Neo900> ~die
* infobot takes two shots to the head and crumples to the ground, lifeless.
<Joerg-Neo900> two!!
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<Venemo> Joerg-Neo900: sure I'll spread the word, I'll show eeshow around the lab, there are guys who will find it very useful
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