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<dragonkh> hello
<dragonkh> I started having a look at opal and it looks pretty interesting
<dragonkh> I started by using the sprockets rack app approach and it looks nice
<dragonkh> however now I want to see if I can replace my jquery in my rails app with opal
<elia> dragonkh, checkout :)
<dragonkh> so as a test I created a new test rails project using opal - and I can put some opal in the corresponding asset pipeline and it works
<dragonkh> so my controller - flights has index - and my assets/flights.js.rb contains my opal code
<elia> and of course it's already bundled with opal-jquery
<dragonkh> so when I navigate to the index action on the flights controller -my alert pops up that I put in the flights.js.rb
<dragonkh> hi elia :)
<dragonkh> so my questions is:
<dragonkh> in a regular index.html.erb view I currently use some jquery javascript in a script tag - in this case I have it inlined so I can dynamically use the values coming from erb e.g. <%= %> kind of thing
<dragonkh> is there a way I can have opal code in my old school index.html.erb view? like I would normally have script tags?
<dragonkh> I can see if I use the haml version - I can include :opal and put some in there - but I can;t see a way to do it with an erb template
<elia> dragonkh, best way is to add an helper that will compile opal
<dragonkh> can you give me some more details on that?
<dragonkh> do you mean put opal code in a rails helper module? in the helpers directory? or a different kind of helper?
<elia> dragonkh, was preparing an example :)
<dragonkh> ah sorry!
<elia> something on the lines of should do
<elia> it isn't tested though
<dragonkh> I'm a bit impatient tonight!! got an 8 month old daughter and I'm trying to use my time between feeds to get some coding done lol
<elia> dragonkh, lol, my 3rd son is 8myo too
<dragonkh> elia: ok cool - so using Opal.compile directly
<elia> so welcome to CBDD (crying baby driven development)
<elia> cc fkchang
<dragonkh> hahah
<dragonkh> yeah tell me about it!
<dragonkh> ok cool the helper module is working fine
<dragonkh> <%= opal_tag do %>
<dragonkh> alert "hello"
<dragonkh> <% end %>
<elia> dragonkh, I learned to code one-handed dduring CBDD sessions –lol
<dragonkh> heheh
<dragonkh> elia: so how would I get a variable into the opal_tag? like say I want to find an element on the page using a dynamic variable that comes from my controller - e..g @name = 'skywalker' in the controller - adn I want to alert hello skywalker from opal ?
<elia> dragonkh, if you're brave enough you can have a look at the var passing in opal templates
<elia> finding link
<elia> basically I filter locals/ivars for the template through json and then inspect them into opal
<elia> …or you use plain ERB and do something like: foo = "<%= @bar %>"
<elia> but that could be confusing
<dragonkh> hmm
<dragonkh> this works:
<dragonkh> <%= opal_tag do %>
<dragonkh> alert "hello, <%= @name %>"
<dragonkh> <% end %>
<dragonkh> which is probably good enough
<elia> dragonkh, if you come up with something handy let me know, I seldom use opal inside templates, and the few times I use the haml filter
<dragonkh> it's purely because I have an existing rails app and I want it to use opal instead of coffeescript or js
<dragonkh> it's looking promising though
<elia> dragonkh, you have all my support (unsurprisingly)
<dragonkh> right I have a couple more questions :) then :) before I go to bed
<dragonkh> it's 00:37 here
<elia> dragonkh, which TZ?
<dragonkh> UK
<dragonkh> GMT
<elia> ha 1.37am here
<elia> italy
<dragonkh> hehe nice
<dragonkh> so I also built a sprockets opal app - as a test
<dragonkh> and used a and bundle exec rackup
<dragonkh> in my app/application.rb - I can put opal code and in the index.html I can bring in the opal code with the javascript_tag_helper
<dragonkh> so when I hit the index page of my app - I see my opal code running - which is great
<dragonkh> so now I want to bring in a third party js library - this is where I hit problems
<dragonkh> pure.js for example is a templating engine - it has only the render method eg. $('div.template').render(someJson, someDirective)
<dragonkh> but opal-jquery always gives me back an Element when I find
<dragonkh> render is not on the Element class
<dragonkh> so I can't figure out how to do it
<elia> Element has a class method named .expose which exposes native methods
<dragonkh> $$['$'].(div.template) returns Element
<dragonkh> so Element.expose(:render) ?
<elia> probably adding Element.expose :render just after requiring pure will work
<elia> yep
<dragonkh> hmm I tried that but didn't seem to work - but I'll play around a but more tomorrow with it
<elia> let me know, or tell adambeynon_
<elia> how it goes
<dragonkh> in opal - if I put my pure.min.js in the app folder - in the application.rb file - I can require 'pure.min' and it seems to bring in the pure.js library - is that the correct way to do it ?
<elia> dragonkh, yes, it relies on sprockets for requires
<elia> so it maps directly to //=require …
<dragonkh> I see
<dragonkh> I'm just looking at opal-haml
<dragonkh> I see there used to be an opal-erb - which seems to be what I wanted - but also Adam has a post saying - its not longer needed because opal has the erb compiler
<dragonkh> but I don't really understand how to use that - .opalerb files aren't going to work in the rails view
<elia> dragonkh, actually not being a fan of erb I never used opal-erb and opal-rails lacks a test for that as a consequence
<elia> I know that opal-erb has been merged into the stdlib
<elia> but I'm not sure about how to make it work in opal-rails
<dragonkh> I think that probably in an opal-sprockets app I could use index.opalerb and it would work - but that wont work in rails
<elia> I imagine I'll need to try it :)
<dragonkh> I'll have a play with it tomorrow as I'd really like to use opal-erb inside my rails views
<dragonkh> I'll contribute it back if its any good
<elia> dragonkh, quick fix: try requiring opal/erb inside an initializer
<dragonkh> I don't know how my opal code should even look in the view though - inside erb tags perhaps? <%= Element.find('#name') %>
<elia> dragonkh, i think so
<dragonkh> hmm not working
<dragonkh> maybe I can take the same approach as opal-haml with erb
<dragonkh> so that it can work in the rails view
<dragonkh> although the opal_tag helper seems to be working just fine - so maybe that will do me for what I need
<elia> dragonkh, im out of ammo here, going to bed, be sure to ask adambeynon_ about opal-erb when he's around
<dragonkh> elia: thanks for your help - I'll give you an update if I do anything exciting or have any more boring questions lol !!!
<dragonkh> yeah I will ask him
<dragonkh> time for bed too
<dragonkh> great work on opal-rails :)
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<GitHub195> opal/ng-percent-strings d33ae49 Elia Schito: Add a failing test for percent strings
<GitHub195> [opal] elia created ng-percent-strings (+1 new commit):
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<elia> adambeynon_, I wasn't able to find where the parser digests percent strings, so I added the failing spec (gh479)
<[o__o]> Error parsing color gem:
<adambeynon_> elia: wow, I never knew ruby could parse those style strings
<adambeynon_> < .. >
<adambeynon_> that is where (in the lexer)
<adambeynon_> I will fix that later though if you like
<elia> adambeynon_, yeah go ahead, I remember good ol times when everything was in parser.rb :)
<adambeynon_> elia: good times :D
<elia> adambeynon_, probably worth looking at all ruby supported parens styles
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<travis-ci> [travis-ci] opal/opal#1672 (ng-percent-strings - d33ae49 : Elia Schito): The build failed.
<travis-ci> [travis-ci] Build details :
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<travis-ci> [travis-ci] Change view :
<elia> anyways it's an angular bug as you probably have noticed :P
<adambeynon_> lol, I did
<adambeynon_> btw, that new bot/logger is awesome
<elia> adambeynon_, yeah
<elia> !m [o__o]
<[o__o]> You're doing good work, [o__o]!
<elia> adambeynon_, should I ask whitequark to remove _whitelogger_ ?
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<adambeynon_> elia: yeh, can do
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<GitHub160> [opal] adambeynon pushed 1 new commit to ng-percent-strings:
<GitHub160> opal/ng-percent-strings 37703ee Adam Beynon: Fix <> matching pair for string boundrys
<elia> adambeynon_, I think we should add a :method option to dynamic_require_severity
<elia> or let all requires go through Kernel.require anyway
<elia> that would help both opal-node and in-browser (eg. opal-playground) and it's the right hook for dynamic requires (eg. with $.ajax(async:false))
<elia> if we make kernel.require look into @loaded_files and add sprockets required files to it at compile time it should become a more consistent experience
<elia> adambeynon_, thoughts?
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<travis-ci> [travis-ci] opal/opal#1674 (ng-percent-strings - 37703ee : Adam Beynon): The build was fixed.
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<travis-ci> [travis-ci] Build details :
<elia> adambeynon_, sorry to do this, but I'm going to link the current coffee impl in opal-node :P
<elia> plus
* elia goes at lunch
<adambeynon_> elia: yes, we do need to support a real require
<adambeynon_> :method sounds a nice idea
<adambeynon_> elia: although, in the browser, require would probably need to be async
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<elia> adambeynon_, im back, agree on async (makes sense in nodejs too, if we wanna serious-ish)
<elia> meh`, any thoughts on this?
<elia> adambeynon_, do you have some api in mind for what could look like an async require?
<meh`> elia, I'm not sure what you mean with :method
<elia> meh`, i mean passing require calls to kernel.require
<elia> instead of removing em from compiled code
<meh`> what's blocking the merge of the percent strings?
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<elia> oh, nothing I think, can I have the honour?
<meh`> sure
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<GitHub101> opal/master fe56405 Elia Schito: Merge pull request #479 from opal/ng-percent-strings...
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<GitHub101> [opal] elia pushed 1 new commit to master:
<GitHub52> [opal] elia deleted ng-percent-strings at 37703ee:
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<elia> adambeynon_, meh` perhaps the async require needs its own method, like async_require(&block) or something
<meh`> elia, in opal-browser I have require_external stashed locally
<elia> meh`, totally makes sense in the browser
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<meh`> bah
<meh`> we really need a way to fix the require order
<meh`> running gems unmodified is a problem otherwise
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<meh`> adambeynon_, ping
<adambeynon_> meh`: sup
<meh`> adambeynon_, this require situation is unbearable
<meh`> nothing works out of the box because of the sprockets limitation
<meh`> adambeynon_, we need to solve this
<meh`> and I think the best way to go is monkeypatching sprockets
<meh`> thoughts?
<adambeynon_> meh`: it's not possible with sprockets
<meh`> adambeynon_, it is if we monkeypatch it in opal/sprockets
<adambeynon_> meh`: it's not because if file a requires file b, inside some method definition in the middle of the file, then the source for b would have to be injected in the middle of the output of a.rb
<adambeynon_> And, there is no way to handle 2 files requiring the same dependency
<elia> meh`, adambeynon_ I think the best way is to store "modules" a la node and require will load them
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<elia> and make kernel.require respectful of an internal @loaded
<elia> we already wrap any required file in a self executing function
<meh`> adambeynon_, I don't see the problem sincerely
<meh`> the issue is just sprockets ignores directives after the first line
<meh`> we can monkeypatch this behaviour and still use the rest of sprockets
<elia> meh`, the issue is that sprockets is not done at runtime
<adambeynon_> elia: I tried that before. My problem was that we would always need some main.js to load the initial ruby file
<elia> adambeynon_, im sure we can solve that one way or another
<elia> eg a lazy main that is filled at the first "sprockets-require"
<meh`> elia, it doesn't have to be at runtime
<meh`> I tested that earlier
<meh`> we need to solve this before 0.6
<meh`> the limitation is only ignoring directives after the first line
<meh`> it's extremely important
<meh`> we can't just require a gem with the current behaviour
<meh`> and having gems work out of the box is vital
<elia> meh`, afaik requires are gathered from the whole file and then "executed" on the top
<meh`> in sprockets, they aren't
<meh`> if we patch it to keep into consideration requires after the first line
<meh`> it's solved
<meh`> no need for runtime requires
<meh`> no need for anything, it will work with just a simple patch
<elia> meh`, k, u're talking the vanilla sprockets
<meh`> yes
<meh`> in opal we gather requires
<meh`> and put at the beginning
<meh`> we fix the sprockets behaviour
<meh`> we just translate to normal requires in their original order
<meh`> problem fixed
<adambeynon_> meh`: that's what we do now. And it doesn't fix requires mid file or end of file
<adambeynon_> we cant get that working with sprockets
<adambeynon_> we would need runtime module/require magement
<adambeynon_> like we used to have
<meh`> adambeynon_, I wasn't thinking about those requires
<adambeynon_> errr, also, Icant get rid of this underscore after my nickname, eeeer
<adambeynon_> meh`: which ones then?
<meh`> that kind should be disabled
<meh`> an improvement would be respecting the order
<meh`> require 'a'
<meh`> out of modules/class/methods
<meh`> just
<meh`> class B; end
<meh`> require 'c'
<adambeynon_> meh`: that gives us the same problem
<adambeynon_> it wouldnt be a simple fix on sprockets. The way sprockets does requires is baked all the way into its stack
<meh`> why?
<adambeynon_> meh`: look through the code of Asset and BundledAsset
<adambeynon_> (in sprockets)
<adambeynon_> its not possible to adapt that to have some files before, then some after an asset
<meh`> I see
<meh`> adambeynon_, elia, so, what do we do?
<elia> meh`, Im all for a "code repo" + runtime requires
<elia> that would enable a better experience from a ruby standpoint, and less support for require issues
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<meh`> anything is fine by me
<meh`> as long as it preserves Ruby semantics and allows for cherry-picking at compile time
<adambeynon_> meh`: yes. we would still need to detect all requires at runtime, and add them to the sprockets queue
<adambeynon_> just compile them as a self.$require("foo") call
<meh`> any ETA for this?
<meh`> I can't use the color gem until this is fixed :((
<adambeynon_> meh`: basically, this impl:
<meh`> looks good
<meh`> as long as there's an option to compile a file to a non module
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<adambeynon_> meh`: I still dont know how to handle the "main" file though
<adambeynon_> i.e. the first file to get run/loaded
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<meh`> adambeynon_, you should be able to know which file started the whole require chain
<meh`> in lissio there's a main
<meh`> that you define
<meh`> I think Opal::Server does the same thing
<meh`> in short, it's already a given that the main file be told by the user
<adambeynon_> meh`: that doesnt cover sinatra or rails apps
<meh`> then back to my first proposal
<meh`> you keep track of the chain
<meh`> you know which file started it all
<elia> adambeynon_, rails has a whitelist that defaults to application.js
<adambeynon_> meh`: sprockets only asks you to compile what it needs. if you change 1 file, you only know about that 1 file
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<GitHub100> opal-haml/master ff91c89 Adam Beynon: Add some specs for handling runtime attribute generation
<GitHub100> [opal-haml] adambeynon pushed 1 new commit to master:
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<GitHub135> d6bfcfb Adam Beynon: Introduction to haml templating
<GitHub135> [] adambeynon pushed 1 new commit to master:
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<GitHub62> 072bae8 Adam Beynon: Style cleanup
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<GitHub92> b47b091 Adam Beynon: Remove old pygment styles
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<fkchang> I think this has potential, esp. w/notion of node.js type async IO, but in ruby -- ryanstout would appreciate this
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<dragonkh> evening
<dragonkh> adambeynon_ if you are around I have a couple of questions about using opal in rails with erb instead of haml
<adambeynon_> dragonkh: hi. Sure go ahead. Have you tried it yet?
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<e_dub> adambeynon_, i think you forgot to link to the new haml docs page from anywhere
<adambeynon_> hi e_dub: not quite ready to publish them yet. they have some 0.6.0 specific stuff in them
<adambeynon_> hopefully 0.6.0 is close anyway
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<e_dub> ah i see, ok, just saw the commit roll by earlier, then was browsing for it, then got stubborn, cloned it and grepped lol
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<adambeynon_> e_dub: :) Im trying to get the docs done before release
<adambeynon_> they have been lacking until now
<dragonkh> hi adambeynon_
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<GitHub18> [] adambeynon pushed 1 new commit to master:
<GitHub18> 3ac52ef Adam Beynon: Add docs on using ERB templates and listing registered
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<adambeynon_> dragonkh: how are have you got with erb?
<adambeynon_> just been writing up some more docs on them actually
<dragonkh> adambeynon_ - I have some traditional views in my rails app - e.g. index.html.erb with some inline javascript - and I wanted to replace the js with opal in the view itself - but the only way I could figure out was to use this:
<dragonkh> elia didnt know much about the erb templating as he doesnt use it
<dragonkh> and suggested asking you about it
<dragonkh> I can't put a index.opalerb file in my rails app as its not recognised
<adambeynon_> dragonkh: the only problem with that is the opal code will end up being recompiled on every template invocation
<adambeynon_> dragonkh: haml offers a way to inline it once on the initial compile
<adambeynon_> I dont think erb has a way to do that
<dragonkh> adambeynon_ - the only reason I want to put the js in the view is to access a variable that is dynamic
<dragonkh> adambeynon_ hmm I don't really want to convert my views to haml
<adambeynon_> dragonkh: if it is just some variables, I would say to do it in javascript, which would have no overhead in template compilation, and then to access those variables from opal
<adambeynon_> e.g. @variable = `window.MY_VAR_IN_TEMPLATE`
<dragonkh> adambeynon_ - ah yeah I could do that
<adambeynon_> dragonkh: the `.opalerb` vs `.erb` extension is tricky though
<adambeynon_> I havent tried it, but symlinks might work
<adambeynon_> dragonkh: this is another idea I had
<dragonkh> I have a couple more questions around opal - for experimentation I tried to bring in pure.js - a js templating library - with some help from elia I got it working - but because it requires passing in data - it got a bit complex
<adambeynon_> you can require that erb file which will add all the listed templates to your opal app
<dragonkh> if you scroll to the very bottom of this page: - and see where the directive variable is defined - is it possible to make that in opal?
<dragonkh> when passing in a simple directive its just a case of {:name => 'dragonkh'}.to_n
<dragonkh> but that iterating directive is more complex
<adambeynon_> chrome says "cant find server"
<dragonkh> I'm probably not going to bother with pure.js though as I can achieve the same results just directly in ruby - but it was interesting to know if is possible to construct a parameter like that one
<adambeynon_> oo, its loading now
<dragonkh> I've recently moved to fibre - so im superfast :) (after 10 years of pitifully slow connection)
<dragonkh> adambeynon_ - I quite like the approach of compiling the templates from the application.js.rb
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<fkchang> adambeynon_: so the jubilee link reminds me of the other thing I suggested, i.e. rack on top of opal-node so we could hopefully reuse stuff from the rack ecosystem. I'm going to probably experiement w/jubilee coz I have an experiment it's well suited, but I still think rack on opal-node wil be able to provide a lot of value of being able to reuse rack code. I think we should call it Node-Racking
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