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<robertfoss> heya
<HdkR> Welcome back robertfoss!
<robertfoss> i just got a rockpi4, rk3399 sbc, up and running using panfrost
<HdkR> woop woop
<robertfoss> kmscube runs
<robertfoss> but glmark2-es2 segfaults
<HdkR> alyssa: ^ ring any bells? :)
<robertfoss> I'm also seeing some screenwide artifacts, while doing 3d rendering or not:
<robertfoss> sharp lines are jagged and rough
<HdkR> Whoa neat
* Lyude segfaults
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<alyssa> robertfoss: :eyes:
<alyssa> robertfoss: So, glmark2-es2-drm has some weird something or other. I have a reeeeally ugly patch I can send, although it -might- be more pleasant just to run weston so you can get glmark2-es2-wayland which should work OOB
<alyssa> As for the artefacts, I've never seen anything like that and I'd rather like to blame the display driver (etc); that's not the "type" of artefact a 3D driver bug would cause in my experience (and I'd've seen it by now if it were, I think..)
* alyssa paranoidly looks at her kmscube just to make sure
<alyssa> Edges are ugly but that's not what you're reported, lemme try forcing MSAA
<alyssa> Yeah, good on our end
<alyssa> (If you do want to force MSAA on, set "enabled = true" at the beginning of set_framebuffer_msaa in mesa/src/gallium/drivers/pan_context.c)
<alyssa> Aside: phong shading is twice as fast as cel shading in glmark. wonder why
<alyssa> Oh, I guess cel shading is a lot more complex of a shader. Good opportunity for optimization when I get the compiler bug :)
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<alyssa> Alright, well, finished the homework I told myself I would get done tonight, so onto much more interesting matters... investigating the tiler magic
<alyssa> So if I just make misc_0 massive, all the problems disappear..
<alyssa> ...Honestly, let's do that for now. It goes from a CPU usage issue to a memory usage issue, but that's a lot easier to deal with :)
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* cyrozap reads scrollback
<cyrozap> You know you've been watching too much anime when you read "MALI_NO_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE" as "ALPHA and COVERAGE of MALI" ("MALIのALPHAとCOVERAGE")...
<raster> へんあ がいじん
<raster> :)
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<robertfoss> alyssa: thanks for all of the help
<robertfoss> alyssa: I think the issue is in the display driver
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<HdkR> Oof
<alyssa> robertfoss: Mm, I love tossing blame at other parts of the stack ;P
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<robertfoss> alyssa: it is one of the most treasured FOSS feelings I believe
<robertfoss> alyssa: like a more wholesome schadenfreude
<alyssa> robertfoss: ^_^
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<robher> thanks to tomeu.
<anarsoul> robher: congrats :)
<robher> hopefully, that's what it is supposed to look like... :)
<HdkR> woo hoo
<daniels> robher, tomeu: :-o
<Lyude> :D
<Lyude> hell yeah
<alyssa> robher: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<alyssa> Best news I heard all day!
<alyssa> Aaaaaa!!!!!!! :D :D :D
<robher> I'm surprised it works given there's no locking or BO tracking.
<alyssa> robher: ^_^
<HdkR> ack. People are pestering me about my Tensilica Xtesna LX6 backend for LLVM that I stopped working on late last year. People /really/ want to not use the downstream GCC fork for that thing
<HdkR> (Can't blame them, it generates some terrible code and doesn't give you the flexibility of LLVM)
<alyssa> Xtensa...?
<HdkR> Silly embedded CPU core that has a sliding register file view. It's cute in its own way
<HdkR> Backend was working well enough that it would generate .o files that you could use to link using the rest of their toolchain :P
<Lyude> iirc wasn't xtensa used in the 360 as well
<HdkR> Oh, it used a quad core design for its DSP. Neat
<HdkR> Which is also apparetly what AMD Trueaudio used
<narmstrong> I must try the driver now :-D
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<narmstrong> Great job tomeu & robher, hope t820 support won’t be too painful
<alyssa> narmstrong: Ought to be a one-line change, just adding a "compatible"... we hope :)
<mmind00> congrats ... that is really great to see
<robher> narmstrong: shouldn't be too hard. We need to add in the 'issues' flags and and there's some config based on that which I hard code ATM. Shouldn't be too different for the 820. Patches welcome! :)
<robher> drm driver changes pushed into panfrost/linux panfrost-5.0-rc4 branch. And you need tomeu's mesa tree to go with it.
<alyssa> robher: Aaaa reading the code, this is super cool to see <3
<alyssa> robher: "This is for debugging because we should never page fault." Eh-heh-heh should I tell him? :P