alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - Transientification is terminating. Memory reductions in progress.
<Lyude> gah, so close
<Lyude> now at the stage of getting bismuth/rk3399 to not hang on kernel boot
<alyssa> hanetzer: See robher's kernel tree
<hanetzer> alyssa: hmm? where it at?
<alyssa> gitlab.fd.o/robher/linux-panfrost panfrost-5.0 branch or something
<hanetzer> page not found
<hanetzer> specifically, g.fd.o/robher
<hanetzer> ah robh
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<alyssa> I just hacked up a version of the overlay to talk to old kbase
<alyssa> Why? Not to support old kbase, of course... to use old panwrap1
<alyssa> It's a bit of gamble, but I'm hoping from the wrap it'll be obvious where we regressed and then poof, t6xx will come back
<alyssa> More importantly, I have a new set of music I'm obsessed with, so I have plenty of tunes to keep me motivated ;)
<memeka> thanks alyssa
<HdkR> alyssa: I have a wrapped output on t6xx if you want it :P
<memeka> I’ll stick to cheering :)
<alyssa> I just pushed a branch to my personal fork which draws some triangles on a modern panfrost on 32-bit/t6xxish
<alyssa> Bunch of regressions to fix still, and then a ton of cleanup (I'm just trying to make forward progress, I'll deal with writing a proper patch once I have something more or less working)
<tomeu> o/
<tomeu> alyssa: congrats on movement having moved to upstream, that's a pretty big milestone
<tomeu> I'm fine with both MRs and ML
* tomeu is building mesa now to test with the mainline DRM
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<tomeu> robher: btw, got this backtraces whenever I called the GEM_NEW ioctl:
<tomeu> tomorrow I may be able to debug it further
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<robher> tomeu: Did you pick up my updated branch?
<tomeu> robher: I'm at:
<tomeu> 6e572ac0cc80 (HEAD -> panfrost, robher/panfrost-5.0-rc4) drm/panfrost: add initial MMU implementation
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<alyssa> tomeu: ^_^
<alyssa> MLs are more convenient for me right now, since I do a fair bit of development from a TTY (since desktops + browsers require marginally working gfx drivers ;) ) . I can send off patches from the cmdline and do review from mutt; I can't do that with gitlab.
<daniels> alyssa: git push to a branch, then use to create a new MR
<alyssa> daniels: ...and in one message my objections disappear :) Thank you!
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<daniels> there are quite a few CLI clients available, or hey, you can even roll your own with the python/ruby/... gitlab modules, or curl if you're super bored :P
<daniels> np!
<alyssa> daniels: I feel like my time might be betting spent on APIs like OpenGL than GitLab ;)
<daniels> alyssa: heh, if you look at the '100 MRs' thread on mesa-dev@ as well, most of my posts in there are providing small shell/python snippets to do GitLab Things
<alyssa> Gotcha
<alyssa> daniels: Any clients that aren't, um, written in Go? :P
<alyssa> <--- prejudiced
<alyssa> Oh, or nodejs, that's worse ;P
<daniels> yeah there are a ton
<alyssa> Native C or Python would be preferences ;P
<alyssa> <--- Prejudiced
<daniels> is in python, but I don't know whether or not it supports creating MRs (it certainly should, since the API you get through the Python module does)
<alyssa> :+1:
<daniels> has more options than you might want btw
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<robher> tomeu: My first guess is something related to the size of the buffer being larger than 2MB. I'll have to debug it tomorrow with my test program (which I need to push out too).
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