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<alyssa> TheCycoONE: "It leaks memory so eventually your computer will crash if you use it" Oof :P
<alyssa> I mean, true, but oof ;P
<TheCycoONE> stalking me!
<hanetzer> heh
<TheCycoONE> I just think some of the phoronix comments might be a little - ahead of themselves
<TheCycoONE> love the project - no harm or slight intended
<HdkR> cwabbott: My work is far enough along to get some basic things working, but not far enough along that I'd be sad for it to be thrown away
<TheCycoONE> @alyssa: want me to soften or delete the comment?
<alyssa> TheCycoONE: Wha? No, I'm just poking fun :p
<alyssa> Your comment is very soft as far as Phoronix comments go ;)
<HdkR> People read comments? :P
<alyssa> HdkR: :P
<Lyude> people write comments, they don't read them
<Lyude> HdkR: how much have you ended up getting working?
<TheCycoONE> alyssa reads comments apparently
<TheCycoONE> night
<HdkR> Lyude: I'm in the process of wiring up uniform, varying, and attributes
<HdkR> Varying is being annoying since Dvalin seems to do varying preloading which I don't quite understand yet :P
<Lyude> oh, so it sounds like most of the basic ra is done?
<HdkR> Super basic RA, not using the temps at all
<HdkR> Because i'm not bundling anything past a single op per bundle atm
<Lyude> Ah
<alyssa> HdkR: When will you be able to run the first shader?
<HdkR> Once varyings and attributes are working I guess
<alyssa> Woo
<HdkR> Probably need to do a bunch of random things to make the job submission work correctly though
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<chewitt> alyssa: I spotted nondrm changes and bits being pushed to master
<chewitt> which gave build failure
<chewitt> that's using current HEAD of mesa and nondrm
<chewitt> mesa/master
<alyssa> chewitt: Ruh roh
<alyssa> chewitt: afdhlkj okay, will look
* alyssa thought she dealt with that but maybe not
<chewitt> thanks
<alyssa> chewitt: Try just deleting that line (the #include)
<chewitt> nope, that generates a cascade of other missing things
<alyssa> chewitt: *blinks aggressively*
* alyssa grabs dev machine
<alyssa> chewitt: Grab the latest nondrm patch :)
<chewitt> looks good :)
<chewitt> thanks
<chewitt> btw, which repo/branches should be be using to start playing with the proper kernel driver?
<chewitt> (someone on staff volunteered)
<alyssa> chewitt: Not sure, I haven't tested it myself so I don't want to recommend anything
<chewitt> no problem
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<alyssa> The word "clear" is starting to look funny..
<alyssa> Did some more work for fbo rewrite... not sure I'm going in the right direction and all I have to show for my work is a pile of regressions
<alyssa> Might scrap this branch and try again with more incremental changes... third times the change
<alyssa> (Biting off too much than I can chew at once)
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<cwabbott> HdkR: yeah, most of what I wrote was focused on doing bundling so maybe it's better to use it
<HdkR> Probably is :P
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<robertfoss> alyssa: do you have any performance numbers for panfrost?
<robertfoss> alyssa: I'm looking for something to mention at embedded world
<robertfoss> alyssa: and/or any numbers for the proprietary driver
<robertfoss> alyssa: maybe you have some numbers before/after this commit, or the proprietary bench numbers
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<robertfoss> tomeu: do you happen to have any numbers laying around_
* tomeu doesn't have any
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<raster> hmmm
<raster> what happened to the rockchip gallium driver?
<raster> i hadn't switched to the mesa tree yet until today
<tomeu> raster: kmsro replaced all those
<raster> aaaaah
<raster> cool
<raster> will add that back in then
<raster> :)
<alyssa> robertfoss: Any benchmark in particular you're looking for?
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<raster> panfrost in mainline mesa still needs ?
<tomeu> raster: well, what do you want to run? arm's or mainline driver?
<raster> panfrost... :)
<tomeu> raster: so, robher and me have been working on a DRM driver for inclusion in mainline
<raster> the rk3399 branch seems to have gone from kbase :)
<tomeu> it renders stuff, but isn't at feature parity with the non-DRM driver yet
<raster> so basically... whatever would work with the userspace panfrost...
<tomeu> raster: so, for ARM's driver, use this kernel module:
<tomeu> along with mainline mesa and
<raster> ok
<raster> so its moved around :)
<tomeu> yeah, we aren't finished yet :p
<raster> keeping up is work just on its own :)
<raster> wait
<raster> the latter mesa ... that's "ahead of mainline mesa"
<raster> with more fixes etc?
<tomeu> we don't have that
<tomeu> mainline mesa has the latest fixes
<tomeu> but you need my branch for testing the DRM driver
<raster> oh
<raster> ok
<raster> those go together
<raster> got it
<shenghaoyang> hmm, so on a C101PA chromebook mali_kbase + mainline mesa + nondrm works...?
<raster> dont need rk3399 branch for kbase anymore?
<shenghaoyang> I built from master and it loaded successfully - hoping mainline mesa works after I slog through a long compile :p
<raster> grrr
<raster> now i'm back to panfrost not working... poop.
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<raster> hmmm
<raster> why doesnt want to load ....
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<robertfoss> alyssa: glmark2, or anything really
<robertfoss> alyssa: just some number to show where we are at the moment, and that we indeed can run benchmarks
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<robher> raster: you now need 'kmsro' gallium driver enabled in mesa. Probably docs haven't gotten updated.
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<robher> kmsro minimizes what you have to add to mesa for each platform (flavor of kms driver really).
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<chewitt> tomeu: any chance of a rebase against 5.0-rc8 (or 5.0.0 when shipped)?
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<hanetzer> alright. I've wired in all the tracepoints for iorw for panfrost_{gpu,job,mmu} :P
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<hanetzer> robher: gave ya a merge request :P
<hanetzer> if you add trace_event=panfrost_read,panfrost_write to the kernel cmdline you can get trace events for all the panfrost reads and writes in /sys/kernel/{,debug/}tracing/trace
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<hanetzer> robher: ah nice. yeah, I appreciate the removal of my earlier blunder/bad idea, I'll be fixing the tracepoint stuff right now :)