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<Lyude> hanetzer: hehe, right there with you :p
* hanetzer thinks about writing a quickbooks replacement
<hanetzer> django
<alyssa> yoi
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<HdkR> Lyude: So there are four major components now. NIR optimization(using default optimizations atm); NIR to machine IR emission; Instruction scheduling; Instruction emission. Scheduling and emission are living in their own files. NIR optimization and NIR->MIR are in the "main" compiler file.
<HdkR> Will clean up more and push tonight or tomorrow if I'm not happy with it by tonight :P
<Lyude> yesss
<HdkR> I'm not happy with the MIR that was generated via copy and pasting. Going to fix it first
<robertfoss_> Lyude: good to know!
<robertfoss_> robher: thanks :)
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<cwabbott> HdkR: I can take a look at it this weekend maybe
<cwabbott> I did have some thoughts about how I would do things
<cwabbott> I'd have the pre-clause IR, which consists of a list of instructions that can be either ADD, FMA, or both (decomposed into FMA and ADD after clause bundling)
<cwabbott> the both category is for stuff like swapping two registers (needed for SSA-based register allocation)
<cwabbott> and also, a few things where FMA and ADD have to be scheduled together, like the 64-bit addition stuff
<cwabbott> altogether it would do 1) pre-RA scheduling 2) SSA-based allocation 3) post-RA scheduling/clause bundling
<cwabbott> and then the analysis for clause dependencies and data write barriers
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<cwabbott> Lyude: btw, I already figured out the 64-bit register field format... turns out that their SPIR-V compiler, even though it doesn't claim float64/int64 support, will happily accept them and produce... something
<cwabbott> not clear how much of that something would run on a real device
<cwabbott> I pushed to mali-isa-docs and the spd
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<Lyude> cwabbott: cool!
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<Lyude> time to setup all of my systems today! :)
<HdkR> woo
<Lyude> lvrp16: poke; is there a guide somewhere on how to setup this rk3399 with it's case?
<lvrp16> Lyude: yeah i wil send you video
<Lyude> (also this board rocks)
<Lyude> I think I'll call this one Bismuth
<lvrp16> Lyude: i am glad you like it, i spent a lot of time on its design
<marcodiego> I was just looking for a renegade elite review
<marcodiego> I plan to replace my rpi with these if they are a good as tey seem to be
<marcodiego> once panfrost gets good enough, will these become ryf-certifiable?
<davidlt> pinebook pro was nice!
<HdkR> 10/10 laptop
<davidlt> the keyboard has no flex, the keys also felt nice
<hanetzer> marcodiego: don't think either the kevin or the speedy can be ryf, they both use wifi/bt with firmware required
<davidlt> they don't have thermal tests done (a few weeks after FOSDEM) also no tests on connector stress
<hanetzer> davidlt: know anything about the wifi chipset?
<davidlt> hanetzer, no, but antenna right now is in a crappy place (it's a prototype)
<davidlt> I will going tomorrow morning again (the only time to see it properly)
<hanetzer> see if you can find out if you don't mind :)
<davidlt> I have pictures of PCB
<davidlt> also M.2 is 4 lanes
<hanetzer> may not help much but sure, I'd love to see that :)
<davidlt> eMMC is replaceable
<hanetzer> wat, really? o.o
<hanetzer> on a board or sommat?
<davidlt> on a board
<marcodiego> hanetzer, renegade elite has no wifi:
<hanetzer> davidlt: that blue thing near the cpu?
<hanetzer> marcodiego: oh I thought you were talking about getting a review from a renegade, not about one :)
<Lyude> marcodiego but it comes with two m.2 slots
<davidlt> hanetzer, that's thermal pad for SOC
<hanetzer> davidlt: no above left of that :)
<hanetzer> which is why I called it the cpu.
<davidlt> hanetzer, yes, that eMMC module
<davidlt> we didn't pull it, but from what I understand it's replaceable
<hanetzer> noice
<davidlt> I didn't have much in a morning as was rushing to the devroom
<marcodiego> Lyude, right now, I see not having wifi as a feature. Unless it does not depend on proprietary firmware
<Lyude> aaah, makes sense :P
<HdkR> Which wifi chips are good for no proprietary firmware these days?
<hanetzer> atheros, I think?
<hanetzer> davidlt: nice, sexy board shots :)
<hanetzer> debug/jtag/swd broke out or don' know?
<davidlt> I can do better closeups tomorrow (assuming I manage to wake up early enough)
<davidlt> the stand seems to be popular as usual
<hanetzer> I'm rather interested in what looks like the wireless module near the emmc
<davidlt> we also discussed about the branding
<davidlt> currently there are no Pinebook or something printed anywhere, and people loved the clean look
<davidlt> sadly it was running Android for the demo
<HdkR> BCM is a nop, Intel is a nop. Marvell? Never looked at Mediatek wifi. Realtek seems like a mess depending on chipset :P
<marcodiego> davidlt, are there plans for a "pinebook pro"
<hanetzer> davidlt: that is the pinebook pro :D
<hanetzer> emr, marcodiego
<marcodiego> nice!
<davidlt> yeah, it's "pinebook pro"
<marcodiego> where can I get more info about it?
<davidlt> rk3399 based one
<marcodiego> cool!
<hanetzer> HdkR: marvel requires firmware, at least some of them.
<davidlt> marcodiego, on twitter and their forum
<marcodiego> davidlt, will it need proprietary firmware?
<davidlt> and I really liked they keyboard: nice travel, 0 flex, presses keys on the corner and it activated nicely
<davidlt> marcodiego, I only looked at the build quality not software bits
<HdkR> Consistent keyboard is nice. This razer keyboard is pretty bad D:
<davidlt> I only had a few minutes with it before I had to run
<marcodiego> davidlt, metal case?
<hanetzer> marcodiego: magnesium :)
<davidlt> marcodiego, magnesium alloy
<marcodiego> :O
<marcodiego> cool
<davidlt> expect of course inside, inside it's plastic
<davidlt> just the outside shell is magnesium alloy
<davidlt> bu that's typical
<hanetzer> but yeah. ath9k_htc can have open firmware built for it
* davidlt off
<HdkR> Neat
<hanetzer> yep
<HdkR> ath9 is a couple generations old right?
<hanetzer> more or less. but then again, folks stick with whatever old intel cpu is in those thinkpads over freedom so old wifi equip isn' much diff :)
<HdkR> Oh, wikipedia actually has an article on wifi open source
<hanetzer> half a mind to steal one of the pcie wifi adapters inside one of my meraki mr24s and using them elsewhere :)
<HdkR> Oh, apparently there is an open firmware for QCA USB wifi chips written by QC. Neat
<HdkR> QC is doing suprisingly well in this space
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