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<ifreund> leon-p: and you're using wlroots 0.12.0?
<leon-p> definitely
<leon-p> err... unless packages can override manual installations somehow. I have some older wlroots version installed via pacman, and 0.12.0 build and installed manually
<leon-p> let me try to remove the package
<ifreund> I just build wlroots myself and install it to ~/.local
<ifreund> and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and whatnot
<leon-p> dammit, that's it.
<leon-p> my library path must be bad,
<leon-p> because I'd expect manually installed stuff to be included first
<leon-p> thanks for the help anyway
<ifreund> no problem!
<ifreund> I thought I saw stuff about the new rendererv6 swapchain in your logs earlier :P
<ifreund> I think you did uncover a wlroots bug here with the xdg-output teardown
<leon-p> Interesting, I might try finding it again.
<ifreund> I'm about to send a patch
<ifreund> I've fixed the same bug before for other wlroots interfaces :D
<leon-p> deja vu
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<ifreund> hrm, I've thought of a way we could potentially rework river-options to make it not inherently a memory leak
<ifreund> we namespace all options to the client that declares them and clean them up when the client exits
<ifreund> the compositor is also free to create its own namespace
<ifreund> not sure if this is acutally a good idea yet, will need more though
<ifreund> would likely influence how we handle layout namespaces as well if we decide that kind of arcitecture would be worth it
<leon-p> Well, I view river-options also partly as some sort os simple inter-client-communication thingy
<leon-p> IMO options being always global, never bound to a client is the way to go
<leon-p> And since rivr sessions are effectively finite, I believe we can live with the "leak"
<leon-p> (unless of course some malicious client abuses it, but that is a problem for a lot of other protos as well)
<ifreund> Oh yeah I have no intention to defend against malicious clients
<ifreund> The "leak" just makes me feel a little icky that's all
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<leon-p> Yeah I get it
<leon-p> But I don't think binding an options lifetime to a clients connection ia a good idea. river-option is useful mostly because it can be used /between/ clients
<leon-p> otherwise our init depends on the order of launched things. People probablly will natually call `riverctl set-option whatever` /before/ launching the layout / thing affected by it, which would not work.
<leon-p> maybe we can have an initial timer: If something has not been accessed by a client other than the declarer, it gets garbage-collected
<leon-p> with a timeout of a few minutes
<ifreund> those are some good points yeah
<ifreund> I'm fine with the current protocol for now
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<leon-p> Option must support some sort of (server internal) callback, otherwise we can not do stuff in response to changes, like re-arranging an output if the user changed the layout namepsace
<leon-p> it may also solve the issue of linking Options and Layouts, although then we may need a list of callbacks, which is not ideal...
<ifreund> leon-p: yeah, that's just adding a wl.Signal() to our Option struct
<leon-p> oh... neat
<ifreund> yeah, libwayland's signals are literally made for things like this :D
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