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<miffi> hello, i wanted to ask about https://github.com/ifreund/river/issues/24 . Is there any chance the patch to the gtk repo will ever get merged. This would be a nice enhancement to have.
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<cmoi11> Hi there. Just tested this project and it looks pretty cool. Is there a statusbar that can be used with river?
<ifreund> cmoi11: Indeed, there's a couple with river support: https://github.com/ifreund/river/wiki/Recommended-Software
<cmoi11> Ah thanks. I hadn't the wiki yet!
<ifreund> there's not a whole lot there yet, it's world-editable so feel free to expand it if you feel inspired :P
<cmoi11> Sure. I really like that there is an alternative to sway finally! So thank you for your work :)
<ifreund> you're most welcome, though river's not the only sway alternative
<ifreund> wayfire and hikari exist too, as well as a few others that aren't as mature yet :)
<ifreund> also river itself still has a good ways to go before it reaches non-window-management feature parity with sway
<cmoi11> Yeah but it looks quite good already.
<cmoi11> I checked out other Tiling Compositor Project but so far none of them I really liked.
<cmoi11> Sway is good and stable but I never liked i3.
<cmoi11> How do you develop river, if I may ask?
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<cmoi11> I mean in what environment and how to test it when you make changes.
<leon-p> cmoi11: write code, compile, then try it out. Just like every other project.
<leon-p> you can run river inside a parent compositor, so testing is simple
<leon-p> you don't even have to manually interact with it. When I worked on the resize move and snap functionality, I scripted the riverctl commands
<cmoi11> Ok. Is this also possible from X or do I need to be on wayland?
<ifreund> cmoi11: I test most things in a nested river session
<ifreund> you can run it nested in X if your wlroots is built with support
<ifreund> as for an editor, I use kakoune, kak-lsp, and zls
<leon-p> Vim and emacs also provide pretty good editing environment for zig. I used both extensively in the past.
<ifreund> "sway is good and stable but I never liked i3" <--- this is pretty much why I started river :D
<ifreund> got hooked on the wayland part of sway but hated the i3 part
<leon-p> same here
<anthony25> same :}
<anthony25> I don't like i3, don't really like its philosophy, and as sway is following it, well…
<anthony25> so I stay on bspwm for now
<ifreund> anthony25: if I may ask, what feature of bspwm would you miss the most if river didn't support it?
<anthony25> I can tell you what I don't like on sway
<leon-p> a little more "bling" than sway would also be nice. A bit too early in rivers development to think about it, but we technically already have one animation, so maybe in the future we can add more fancy things :)
<anthony25> otherwise it's a bit difficult to answer
<anthony25> on sway I find the tiling way too rigid
<anthony25> worded weirdly: I find the tiling too much rigid
<anthony25> meaning that on bspwm, I can do a preselect and say exactly how I want the next window to be
<ifreund> yup, that's the classic manual vs dynamic tiling conflict
<anthony25> half top, half bottom, half left, half right
<anthony25> or any percentage from the current select window
<anthony25> I can also do a preselection, move to another desktop, and say "I want to send this window where I preselected"
<anthony25> and it just sends the window there
<anthony25> also, things on sway that I don't like but am not too much bothered by it is the fact that they like to decide of the behavior of the wm for me
<anthony25> meaning that "oh you don't use this desktop anymore? we're gonna remove it automatically, you don't have any choice"
<anthony25> "why would you want to keep an empty desktop?"
<anthony25> because I want to have a static list of desktops
<anthony25> also, one thing I never found anywhere outside of qtile
<anthony25> is a pool of desktops shared by all screens
<anthony25> I did it by hacking for bspwm
<anthony25> meaning that in sxhkd and in my bar, I move desktops from one screen to another if the one I want is not on my selected screen
<anthony25> and I also have a thing where it will swap desktops between 2 monitors if the desktop I want is currently active on another monitor
<leon-p> moving all visible views from one output to another is a valid use case we may need to consider in river
<anthony25> this way I don't have to think at which desktops are currently attached to which screens, I can just have every desktops everywhere
<anthony25> yeah not having that would really be a blocker for my desktop computer
<anthony25> on my laptop, with one screen, I don't care
<leon-p> well, in river it will not be possible to move a "workspace" from one output to another, because we just don't have workspaces. However we can cartainly move n views to another output while keeping their relative order
<leon-p> depending on how river-control-v2 will work, this may be doable from an external client even
<leon-p> but I should probably finish work on river-layout before thinking about the next protocol :D
<anthony25> hehe
<ifreund> Better multiple output support is definitely something I plan to look into, but I need a second monitor and more free time before that will happen
<ifreund> for now it's pretty much just what dwm does which is OK but not great
<anthony25> well, I could move my lazy ass and help also for that
<leon-p> Even just trying multi-monitor out and providing some ideas on how to improve the experience will already be helpful I think
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<ifreund> awesomewm and xmonad might be good sources of inspiration as well
<ifreund> they both are still pretty close to the dwm model river currently uses afaik
<ifreund> velox decided to disallow views from having multiple tags, which means that multiple outputs can share the same tags which is another interesting solution
<ifreund> the real problem is that I don't know what I want yet though, since I haven't played around with multiple monitors and dynamic tiling enough yet
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