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<edrex> i would have to experiment and think some more to come up with constructive complaints, but those are the two that come to mind after a few days back in sway
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<edrex> but maybe that's just because I've gotten used to i3's way. I can't remember how awesome and xmonad were in that regard.
<edrex> it seems weird to me that tags and outputs are completely orthogonal - i'm used to being able to send a tag to an output.
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<edrex> just read recent backlog, seems related conversation was happening Wednesday
<edrex> maybe I should have a play with awesomewm to remember how it works. i probably have my XMonad.hs around somewhere too...
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<ifreund> edrex: feedback on how to make the multiple output experience in river smoother would be most welcome, if you have specific suggestions feel free to open an issue to discuss them :)
<ifreund> looks like the matrix bridge crapped out and dropped some of your messages by the way, some of them I only received on IRC and some only on matrix :/
<ifreund> and emersion's recent wlroots work is mostly making the wlroots architecture/abstractions better so that we can have vulkan (and pixman) renderers
<ifreund> it also makes me very glad I decided to use wlroots so I don't have to do this work myself and get all the benefits :)
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<florianjr> Hey guys, just a simple question I can't answer after some searching. How can I specify the order of my multiple monitors? They're working fine and I can move the windows etc. but I want the Order from left to right. Is there any possibility to achieve that?
<ifreund> florianjr: you may use a wlr-output-management client such as kanshi, wdisplays, wlr-randr, etc to configure the layout among other things
<ifreund> setting custom modes is blocked on the next wlroots release though
<florianjr> Thanks for your quick response! I'll try it :)
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<leon-p> Hmm, I think it should be possible to set the xdg toplevel title of a nested river session using riverctl. I just used that wayland-over-the-network thing to "stream" my laptops river onto another computer running kwin. With that feature I could get rid of the status bar and place all that info into the titlebar.
<ifreund> leon-p: that would require wlroots support. Not sure if the feature would really be that useful either tbh
<ifreund> though it certainly sounds like a cool setup :D
<leon-p> there actually is wlroots support for that. I remember using that when I had my own compositor experiments about half a year ago. It was wl_{wl,x11}_output_set_title(output, "title"), AFAIK
<ifreund> oh you're right
<ifreund> I suppose we could expose an option to set this, but I don't see the feature getting much use unless remote wayland sessions become much more common
<ifreund> (also lots of other higher priority things to work on for me, but we already have opacity animations somehow so...)
<leon-p> yeah, we do indeed have animations :P
<leon-p> I might have a look at it later, although I am not sure how to best expose the option to the user.
<ifreund> just a river-options string per-output no?
<leon-p> yeah probably
<edrex> wow, i didn't know there was work on a pixman backend. That would be a SW only renderer right?
<ifreund> yes, but way faster than mesa's fallback software renderer
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