<nokada> does rubygems pass any options to extconf.rb?
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27315] nobu:r39367 (trunk): configure.in: quite conftest - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27315
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27316] nobu:r39368 (trunk): un.rb: suppress warning - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27316
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<_ko1> who's ticket?
<_ko1> i can't catch up discussion
<nokada> extconf.rb created in test_build_extensions_with_build_args doesn't call create_makefile, so the directory can't be made
<nokada> drbrain: what do you expect in this test?
<drbrain> nokada: in 1.9.3, it seems `make install` creates lib/msgpack.bundle
<drbrain> even though lib/ does not exist
<drbrain> but in 2.0.0, `make install` creates lib when lib/ does not exist
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<drbrain> nokada: it is compounded by rubygems editing Makefile
<drbrain> nokada: perhaps RubyGems is wrong and mkrn's patch is correct, but I want to be sure
<nokada> at least, the test seems testing nothing
<nokada> dumped Makefile just after @installer.build_extensions, but it contains just 4 lines
<nokada> it does nothing
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<nokada> install-so line has no timestamp_file in the dependency list
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<nokada> mf = mf.gsub(/\s*\S+\.time$/, "")
<nokada> this is the reason
<nokada> to fix parallel make issue, mkmf now uses dependency to mkdir destdir
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27317] zzak:r39369 (trunk): * numeric.c: Examples and formatting for Numeric and Float - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27317
<drbrain> nokada: sorry, I had to fix my ceiling leak, I think due to mf = mf.gsub(/\s*\S+\.time$/, "") it is a rubygems bug, then
<drbrain> nokada: the test for mkrn's patch is only for rubygems using a dummy makefile, I don't want to depend on mkmf.rb behavior
<zzak> can you use gsub on your ceiling?
<drbrain> it's more a matter of gsub! on the tub overflow connection
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27318] zzak:r39370 (trunk): * enum.c (Enumerable#chunk: Improved examples, grammar, and formatting - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27318
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27319] nobu:r39371 (trunk): mkmf.rb: adjust default library path - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27319
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27320] nobu:r39372 (trunk): test_rbconfig.rb: honor configuration options - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27320
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27321] nobu:r39373 (trunk): * tool/mkrunnable.rb: refactor and multiarch support. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27321
<nokada> トムソーヤは今日もトムソーヤだな
<nokada> PPC64とかどうやってチェックするんだよ
<drbrain> nokada: ?
<nurse> Could you speak English?
<drbrain> google translate is not very useful
<nurse> I guess he missed a channel
<nokada> oops
<nokada> sorry
<nokada> I said "how I can check PPC64"
<drbrain> I don't know anyone who has PPC64 :(
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27322] nobu:r39374 (trunk): * test/ruby/test_process.rb: remove useless sleep. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27322
<nokada> Don't mind, it's probably a mistake in the test
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27323] nobu:r39375 (trunk): test_process.rb: fix parameters - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27323
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27324] nobu:r39376 (trunk): random.c: fix error message - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27324
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27325] usa:r39377 (ruby_1_9_3): merge revision(s) 36130: [Backport #5023] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27325
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27326] usa:r39378 (ruby_1_9_3): merge revision(s) 34982: [Backport #5218] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27326
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27327] usa:r39379 (ruby_1_9_3): merge revision(s) 32688,33309,33408,33864,35874,38012: [Backport #7832] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27327
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27328] usa:r39380 (ruby_1_9_3): [Backport #7851] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27328
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27329] usa:r39381 (ruby_1_9_3): * vm.c (vm_exec): get rid of a SEGV when calling rb_iter_break() from - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27329
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27330] ngoto:r39382 (trunk): * signal.c (ruby_abort): fix typo in r39354 [Bug #5014] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27330
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<_ko1> mmm,
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27331] naruse:r39383 (trunk): * test/test_rbconfig.rb (TestRbConfig): fix r39372. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27331
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27332] usa:r39384 (trunk): * lib/rexml/document.rb (REXML::Document.entity_expansion_text_limit): - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27332
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27333] usa:r39385 (ruby_1_9_3): merge revision(s) 39384: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27333
<vondruch> nokada, this is one of possibilities how to test PPC: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/PowerPC#PPC_Shell_access_for_debugging
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27334] usa:r39386: add tag v1_9_3_392 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27334
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27335] usa:r39387 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) 39384: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27335
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27336] nagachika:r39388 (trunk): * lib/rexml/document.rb (REXML::Document.entity_expansion_text_limit): - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27336
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<zzak> おはよう!
<_ko1> おはよう
<zzak> got this bug report the other day: https://gist.github.com/crazymykl/5001237
<zzak> but i think they were using rdoc 3.x on trunk, which doesn't work
<zzak> 3.x probably doesn't know about %i
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<marcandre> zzak: Hi! Do you have the time to review the doc for Thread.pending_interrupt (before 2.0.0 release)?
<marcandre> I think it could use some help. There's a least a typo (defferred).
<zzak> marcandre: i'd love to
<marcandre> I'll add them to the NEWS file...
<zzak> thanks!
<zzak> marcandre: do you know which tickets i should look for?
<marcandre> #4285
<zzak> looks like r38046?
<marcandre> Yup.
<marcandre> There's also a new Thread.handle_interrupt
<marcandre> also lacking from the NEWS.
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<_ko1> marcandre: no pending interrupt?
<_ko1> ah...
<zzak> where was handle_interrupt introduced?
<marcandre> I'm adding these two methods to the NEWS, and zzak will improve the language
<marcandre> r38046
<_ko1> ah...
<zzak> i dont see it i must be blind :(
<_ko1> i'm so sorry...
<marcandre> thread.c:1741
<marcandre> zzak: handle_interrupt is also in r38046. Are you looking for the code itself?
<marcandre> _ko1: No problem, I'm just glad I noticed it was missing.
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<zzak> marcandre: yeah, i was looking at the diff
<zzak> i found it in thread.c though
<zzak> ive got to work on Thread#backtrace_locations too, so i can kill 2 birds
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<marcandre> with pending_interrupt?, that's more like 3 :-)
<zzak> true
<zzak> 3 birds, probably 2 commits
<zzak> marcandre: thanks for the push btw
<marcandre> zzak: which push?
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27337] marcandRe: r39389 (ruby_2_0_0): * NEWS: Add Thread#pending_interrupt? and Thread.handle_interrupt - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27337
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27338] svn:r39390 (ruby_2_0_0): * 2013-02-23 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27338
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<zzak> marcandre: a push in the right direction, and giving me something to do tonight :)
<marcandre> lol
<zzak> it was this or Rake's man page haha
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<marcandre> zzak: There's actually both the instance method and the singleton method pending_interrupt? that was added
<marcandre> Made a small script to get the full list of differences, just to be sure. https://gist.github.com/marcandre/5015789
<zzak> isn't there #to_h now?
<drbrain> yes
<marcandre> There is no Array#to_h...
<marcandre> Mmm, WeakMap is not in the NEWS either...
<marcandre> Nor are the new goodies for InstructionSequence
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<zzak> what about ObjectSpace::reachable_objects_from ?
<marcandre> Mmm, need to modify my script to check Modules, not just Classes.
<marcandre> I get a strange unnamed exception class in 2.0.0... Anyone knows where it comes from?
<_ko1> * new method:
<_ko1> * ObjectSpace.reachable_objects_from(obj)
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27339] marcandRe: r39391 (ruby_2_0_0): * NEWS: pending_interrupt? is both instance and singleton method - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27339
<_ko1> ah, InstructionSequence...
<_ko1> InstructionSequence.of is secret,but powerful feature
<marcandre> _ko1: secret? It won't be after I put it in the NEWS :-)
<_ko1> maybe this is not a Ruby's feature
<_ko1> VM dependent feature :)
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<marcandre> RubyVM are implementation dependant by definition. Still they should be in NEWS
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<_ko1> it's joking -> secret
<marcandre> Can anyone explain how come `rubydev -e "p Exception.public_instance_methods(false).include? :respond_to?"` prints true?
<_ko1> ruby 2.0.0dev (2012-12-21 trunk 38515) [i386-mswin32_100]
<_ko1> true
<_ko1> a bit old
<marcandre> Same with :method_missing, and :respond_to_missing?
<_ko1> ruby 2.0.0dev (2013-02-22 trunk 39382) [i686-linux]
<_ko1> true
<_ko1> $ ./miniruby -ve 'p Exception.public_instance_methods(false).include? :method_missing'
<_ko1> ruby 2.0.0dev (2013-02-22 trunk 39382) [i686-linux]
<_ko1> false
<_ko1> d$ ./miniruby -ve 'p Exception.public_instance_methods(false).include? :respond_to_missing?'
<_ko1> ruby 2.0.0dev (2013-02-22 trunk 39382) [i686-linux]
<_ko1> false
<vondruch> can somebody check, that rubygems stub's shebangs are wrongly expanded? it seems to be related to exec_prefix and rev39320
<marcandre> That's when I wish `source_location` worked on C files too...
<zzak> marcandre: i think rdoc does something where it reports undocumented methods and their source line and location
<marcandre> I must confess never using rdoc/ri. Let me see
<zzak> in the coverage report, ie: rdoc -C vm_thread.c
<zzak> vm_trace*
<marcandre> can you figure out where these methods come from?
<zzak> which ones?
<marcandre> Exception#respond_to?, respond_to_missing? and method_missing
<marcandre> Looks like the doc for ObjectSpace::WeakMap also needs to be reviewed. Good thing you didn't have too many plans for today! ;-)
<zzak> i worked on WeakMap
<marcandre> "but those objects can get be garbage collected"... mmm ;-)
<_ko1> the reason why I misses to add to NEWS is,
<_ko1> i had planed to add to NEWS after the feature fixed.
<_ko1> but forgotten
<_ko1> orz
<zzak> haha
<zzak> grammar
<zzak> i will have to dig around for the Exception methods
<marcandre> _ko1: You want to commit, or I do?
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<_ko1> marcandre: please do, with additonal English comments
<marcandre> ok
<_ko1> i'm sleepy to think correct English..
<zzak> idk where they are defined on Exception class, but defind on Object in vm_method.c
<zzak> around line 1560
<marcandre> Ok, but that's Kernel#respond_to?
<marcandre> But it looks like it is specialized by Exception. It's listed in public_instance_method(false) (note the false flag), and also Exception.instance_method(:respond_to?).inspect doesn't say #<UnboundMethod: Exception(Kernel)#respond_to?>
<zzak> i'd hate to say it, but maybe pry would help in this situation
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<marcandre> How?
<zzak> try the pry-doc gem
<zzak> for show-doc Some#method
<zzak> or show-method Some::method
<zzak> it says eval.c
<zzak> hmm, but thats obj
<marcandre> _ko1: Do you know the difference between IS#label and IS#base_label?
<marcandre> The examples don't help in understanding the difference...
<_ko1> same as Backtrace::Location#label and base_label
<_ko1> make sense?
<marcandre> (...checking Backtrace...)
<_ko1> ah, i see. this example doesn't help ^^;
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<zzak> i couldnt come up with any good examples for those
<_ko1> label #=> "block (2 levels) in foo"
<_ko1> base_label #=> "foo"
<marcandre> Great. zzak: more work for you, but I can help if you don't have the time!
<zzak> i suck at coming up with arbitrary examples
<zzak> marcandre: its ok, i can work on them tonight
<marcandre> It's hard to understand a new feature without using it, also... The backtrace's doc needs work too.
<marcandre> BTW, loc.label #=> a is incorrect... it should be loc.label #=> "a"
<zzak> nice
<zzak> i really appreciate all the feedback
<zzak> giving me plenty to work on :D
<marcandre> I'll have some time tomorrow, so I can review the new doc then.
<_ko1> at NEWS
<_ko1> from NEWS
<_ko1> * Kernel#inspect does not call #to_s anymore
<_ko1> (it used to call redefined #to_s).
<_ko1> is significant incompatibility?
<drbrain> I don't think so
<_ko1> should be written "=== Compatibility issues (excluding feature bug fixes)"
<_ko1> ?
<drbrain> yes, that sounds appropriate
<_ko1> I copied.
<_ko1> no need to think English sentence!
<_ko1> marcandre: do you update ruby_2_0_0/NEWS directly?
<marcandre> yes
<_ko1> maybe trunk/NEWS also updated
<marcandre> Actually, trunk/NEWS should be cleared
<_ko1> will be copied
<marcandre> Isn't trunk for next minor?
<_ko1> copied to doc/NEWS-2.0.0
<_ko1> marcandre: ah, i'm not sure.
<_ko1> i'm afraid that we may conflict changes
<_ko1> someone update trunk/NEWS
<_ko1> (just now, me!)
<_ko1> you update 200/NEWS
<marcandre> I think it should be cleared and contain only "This is NEWS for changes since 2.0.0. For changes introduced in 2.0.0, see https://github.com/ruby/ruby/blob/ruby_2_0_0/NEWS "
<marcandre> Yes, I update 2_0_0/NEWS
<drbrain> marcandre: should be see doc/NEWS-2.0.0
<drbrain> marcandre: that's where NEWS-1.9.3, etc live
<marcandre> Argh, didn't realize we copied those over.
<_ko1> at least, we need to make agreement
<_ko1> current protocol is trunk -> 200.
<_ko1> i think your update 200 directly is reasonable. (after release 200, copy it to trunk/doc/NEWS-200)
<_ko1> but before it, we need to make consensus
<marcandre> I'd say let's edit 2_0_0/NEWS for now, when we release it can be copied in doc/NEWS-2.0.0
<marcandre> right, so I think we agree :-)
<_ko1> only i and you :(
<_ko1> please ask mame-san.
<_ko1> on ruby-core.
<marcandre> mame0: are you around?
<_ko1> 5:41am JST :(
<zzak> i think _ko1 has cloned himself, or he never sleeps
<_ko1> hehe
<_ko1> zzz
<zzak> did you wake up early?
<zzak> or not sleep yet
<_ko1> not yet
<zzak> haha
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<zzak> when they do roll call, you will have your head on the desk
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<_ko1> :(
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27340] drbrain:r39392 (ruby_2_0_0): Merge trunk revision: 39366 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27340
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27341] nobu:r39393 (trunk): ruby.pc.in: reorder - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27341
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27342] svn:r39394 (trunk): * 2013-02-23 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27342
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<marcandre> Uh uh. Looks like the new Module.used is... unused.
<marcandre> I imagine it was meant to be called for both prepended and included cases...
<marcandre> Nope, it was meant to be used with `using`.
<marcandre> zzak: I added the doc for Module.prepended (hope you won't mind ;-) ), but just checking: "something prepended to something else". The "to" is correct, right?
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27343] marcandRe: r39395 (trunk): * NEWS: Add that Fixnums and Bignums are frozen - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27343
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27344] marcandRe: r39396 (trunk): * NEWS: Floats are frozen too - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27344
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27345] marcandRe: r39397 (trunk): * NEWS: Add Thread#pending_interrupt? and Thread.handle_interrupt - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27345
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27346] marcandRe: r39398 (trunk): * NEWS: pending_interrupt? is both instance and singleton method - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27346
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27347] marcandRe: r39400 (trunk): * NEWS: + ObjectSpace::WeakMap - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27347
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27348] marcandRe: r39399 (trunk): * NEWS: Specify that Proc#eql? was also removed - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27348
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27349] marcandRe: r39401 (trunk): * NEWS: + RubyVM::InstructionSequence new methods - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27349
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27350] marcandRe: r39402 (trunk): * NEWS: Add Enumerable::Lazy to list - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27350
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27351] marcandRe: r39403 (trunk): * NEWS: Add that unused variables starting with _ won't generate a warning - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27351
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27352] marcandRe: r39404 (trunk): * NEWS: Fix ARGF#codepoints - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27352
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27353] marcandRe: r39405 (trunk): * NEWS: Add privacy of respond_to_missing? & al as a potential incompatibility - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27353
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27354] marcandRe: r39406 (trunk): * NEWS: + Thread::Backtrace::Location - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27354
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27355] marcandRe: r39407 (trunk): * object.c: Add doc for Module.prepended - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27355
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27356] marcandRe: r39408 (trunk): * NEWS: + Module.prepended and Module.prepend_features - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27356
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<drbrain> marcandre: it sounds right, can you link to it?
<marcandre> drbrain: Sure, it's in this commit: http://mla.n-z.jp/~w3ml/w3ml.cgi/ruby-changes/msg/27355
<drbrain> I would probably use "onto"
<drbrain> but "to" is fine
<marcandre> So, not worth changing?
<drbrain> not worth changing
<marcandre> tks
<drbrain> I would use "onto" because it gives me the picture of placing something on the top of something else
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27357] marcandRe: r39409 (ruby_2_0_0): * backport r39400-r39407 from trunk. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27357
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27358] marcandRe: r39410 (trunk): * doc/NEWS-*: Update NEWS from their respective branches - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27358
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27359] marcandRe: r39411 (ruby_2_0_0): * backport r39410 from trunk - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27359