<zzak> drbrain: +1
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27360] marcandRe: r39412 (ruby_2_0_0): * Backport r39399 from trunk: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27360
<zzak> marcandre: racking up the commits i see :D
<marcandre> zzak: I thought of squashing them. But I'm still competing with you for the most trivial commits ;-)
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27361] nobu:r39413 (trunk): dir.c: encoding check - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27361
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* zzak starts commiting after every word he writes
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27362] zzak:r39414 (trunk): * object.c (rb_obj_comp): Documenting Object#<=> return values - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27362
<zzak> _ko1: awake yet?
<_ko1> yes
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<zzak> i am working on rubyspec #7803
<zzak> also, おはよう!
<_ko1> cool
<zzak> for Array operations, i want to say "the order is preserved from the original array"
<zzak> is that ok?
<zzak> i am editting Array#&, #-, #|
<zzak> the spec says "creates an array with elements in order they are first encountered"
<kosaki2> I think anyone promised order preserving guarantee. so, I would like to suggest to discuss ruby-core.
<kosaki2> why did you use ruby-dev?
<zzak> it wasnt me
<zzak> :(
<kosaki2> Oops, sorry.
<kosaki2> anyway, 15 days are enough long time. I think you can commit it.
<zzak> kosaki2: thank you
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27363] zzak:r39415 (trunk): * array.c (rb_ary_diff, rb_ary_and, rb_ary_or): Document return order - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27363
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27364] mrkn:r39416 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) 39321: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27364
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27365] nobu:r39417 (trunk): test_process.rb: fix test - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27365
<zzak> :(
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27366] zzak:r39418 (trunk): * array.c: Document #<=> return values and formatting - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27366
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27367] knu:r39419 (trunk): misc/ruby-electric.el: Avoid electric insertion in some cases. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27367
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27368] knu:r39420 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) r39290: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27368
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27369] knu:r39421 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) r39255: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27369
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27370] knu:r39422 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) r39281: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27370
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27371] knu:r39423 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) 39298:39300: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27371
<zzak> _ko1: busy?
<_ko1> yes
<_ko1> i'm writing meeting log
<_ko1> just now!!
<zzak> haha ok :)
<_ko1> any question?
<zzak> yes, i am working over Thread#handle_interrupt and Thread#pending_interrupt? now
<zzak> i have questions on your TODO's
<_ko1> ah.
<_ko1> kosaki-san knows details
<_ko1> !!
<zzak> but its ok, i dont want to.. interrupt.. the developer meeting
<_ko1> haha
<kosaki2> zzak: btw, where are you living? I wonder why did you attended RI recently.
<_ko1> RI?
<kosaki2> Rhode Island
<zzak> kosaki2: i'm from vermont
<kosaki2> now googling....
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<kosaki2> Wow, it's very close to me. I live in MA.
<zzak> :D
<zzak> kosaki2: have you been to bostonrb?
<kosaki2> no
<kosaki2> but i want
<zzak> hmm, does #handle_interrupt only take one pair?
<zzak> kosaki2: definitely need to visit bostonrb, they have a very active community
<kosaki2> no
<kosaki2> #handle_interrupt can take multiple pair
<kosaki2> ok, now i register next meeting. thx
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27372] nobu:r39424 (trunk): merger.rb: suppress warnings - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27372
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27373] nobu:r39425 (trunk): merger.rb: runnable - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27373
<zzak> what does "handle_interrupt is stacked" mean?
<zzak> i'm not really sure what "check ancestors means" either
<zzak> kosaki2: now i have an excuse to go to the next meeting
<kosaki2> I think all three TODO were already implemented.
<kosaki2> and we can remove these todo.
<kosaki2> "stack" mean nested handle_interrupt, i guess.
<_ko1> ya
<_ko1> now, i'm at 20th anniversary party
<kosaki2> suspect person come in. :D
<_ko1> the network is super slow
<zzak> kosaki2: but they are DOC todo's
<kosaki2> Oops, i missed. sorry
<zzak> i see "example: stack control settings", so that covers #1
<zzak> im not sure i understand #2 tho
<kosaki2> 1. stack case is already described. see "example: Stack control settings"
<zzak> kosaki2: we also have meetup in Vermont, and marcandre is not far (in montreal)
<zzak> maybe we need New England Ruby Developers Meeting, to discuss secret new feature proposals
<zzak> it will be all 3 of us
<marcandre> lol
<kosaki2> lol
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<zzak> i wonder if "ancestors" means ancestors of ExceptionClass
<kosaki2> #2 mean, when passing "RuntimeError => :never", it prevent all exception, but not only RuntimeError.
<_ko1> New England?
<kosaki2> New England mean north east states of US.
<_ko1> ah
<kosaki2> nick name likes kanto.
<_ko1> I want to attend there :)
<zzak> the map it is "red" because most dense population of ruby committers in the entire world
<_ko1> I got it
<zzak> kosaki2: so what if you had: MyErrorClass < Exception; end; Thread.handle_interrupt(MyErrorClass, :immediate) { ... }
<zzak> or a child of MyErrorClass?
<zzak> #2 means, if you pass child, exceptions in MyErrorClass are handled?
<zzak> or #2 means, if you pass MyErrorClass, exceptions in decendants are handled in the block
<zzak> _ko1: there are quite a few conferences in the area this summer
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27374] nobu:r39426 (ruby_2_0_0): merge revision(s) 39335: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27374
<_ko1> zzak: wicked!
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<kosaki2> zzak: i think latter.
<zzak> why would you guard from TimeoutError?
<zzak> maybe database client connection?
<kosaki2> to prevent resource leak. think when timeout is happen when running ensure clause.
<zzak> it's like writing: begin; ...; rescue TimeoutError => e; # ...; ensure; # deallocate resource; end
<zzak> ?
<_ko1> ko1.inject(alcoholic drink)
<_ko1> #=> red_faced_ko1
<kosaki2> it doesn't work if TimeoutError was raised when _within_ ensure clause.
<kosaki2> your code assume TimeoutError is only raised between "begin" and "rescue".
<zzak> aha
<zzak> begin; #...; ensure; rescue Exception => e; #...; end is valid?
<zzak> can you rescue in an ensure block?
<zzak> haha
<kosaki2> this is ruby language mistake, I think. but I lost a debate and we decided to keep current semantics.
<kosaki2> i think you need write ensure; begin; #... ; rescue #...; end
<kosaki2> i.e. nested begin..rescue.
<zzak> eww
<kosaki2> however, ensure; begin don't have a guarantee to run atomically. then current example call handle_interrupt twice.
<kosaki2> TimeoutError => :never at first and TimeoutError => on_block at second.
<kosaki2> this is over thinking when assuming current MRI implementation. but we hoped to write generic example.
<kosaki2> XXX: I wrote Japanish-English.
<kosaki2> The example worry about too much. because current MRI run atomically "ensure; begin" pair in this situation. but we are not sure all other implementaion does so. and we want to avoid too strong assumption.
<zzak> kosaki2: it seems verbose, but maybe thats a good thing
<zzak> the example's assumptions are to provide same functionality across implementations
<kosaki2> yes.
<zzak> so: #handle_interupt(TimeoutError => :on_blocking) {} will be executed during blocking i/o for example?
<zzak> or #: block is executed when timeouterror occurs during blocking i/o operation
<zzak> "or #2"*
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27375] nobu:r39427 (trunk): * Makefile.in (archlibdir): needed for multiarch. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27375
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<zzak> Thread.handle_interrupt(Foo => :bar) { Thread.handle_interrupt(Baz => :qux) {} } the same as Thread.handle_interrupt(Foo => :bar, Baz => :qux) {} ?
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27376] zzak:r39428 (trunk): * thread.c: Improved rdoc for ::handle_interrupt, ::pending_interrupt? - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27376
<zzak> i did my best
<kosaki8> great
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27377] zzak:r39429 (trunk): * vm.c: Typo in ObjectSpace::WeakMap overview - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27377
<zzak> marcandre: im not sure about those Exception #respond_to* methods
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<kosaki2> #handle_interupt(TimeoutError => :on_blocking) mean TimeoutError is only handled when blocking point while running passed block.
<kosaki2> blocking point is similar blocking i/o. but not equal.
<kosaki2> currently on_blocking is bound to releasing gvl. then bignum and zlib can be blocking point too.
<kosaki2> i know this is bad naming. but nobody think up better name.
<zzak> ok
<zzak> "any operation that will block the calling thread"?
<zzak> Then in the TimeoutError => :on_blocking block, any operation that will block the calling thread is susceptible to a TimeoutError exception being raised.
<zzak> is this correct?
<kosaki2> yes.
<kosaki2> the background of on_blocking is simple. When using YARV, each ruby statement divide to multiple yarv instruction. but when using on_block, we can prevent only half of statement ran and got interrupted.
<kosaki2> > Thread.handle_interrupt(Foo => :bar) { Thread.handle_interrupt(Baz => :qux) {} } the same as Thread.handle_interrupt(Foo => :bar, Baz => :qux) {} ?
<kosaki2> yes. but one exception
<kosaki2> formar have a chance to get Baz exception between two handle_interrupt().
<kosaki2> The intention is to introduce atomic change to multiple exception handling.
<zzak> the former is like nested begin;rescue;end's
<kosaki2> yup
<zzak> i think there should be th#handle_interrupt
<zzak> it makes sense, since there is th#pending_interrupt?
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<zzak> kosaki2: do you know about Thread#backtrace_locations ?
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<kosaki2> sorry, no > backtrace_locations
<zzak> does it take same [start,length] or range params as #caller_locations?
<zzak> :(
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<zzak> _ko1: please see r39430
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27378] zzak:r39430 (trunk): * thread.c: Documentation for Thread#backtrace_locations - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27378
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<zzak> _ko1: r39431 too :)
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27379] zzak:r39431 (trunk): test_backtrace.rb: test Thread#backtrace_locations with range - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27379
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<zzak> i want to know about Thread::Default
<zzak> but tim efor sleep
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<marcandre> zzak: For Exception, it is in vm_method.c, REPLICATE_METHOD(rb_eException, idMethodMissing, NOEX_PRIVATE);
<marcandre> See http://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/5473. So it makes sense. It's not cutting it for NEWS though :-)
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27380] marcandRe: r39432 (trunk): * NEWS: Fix RubyGems version [Bug #7920] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27380
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27381] marcandRe: r39433 (ruby_2_0_0): * Backport r39432 from trunk: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27381
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27382] marcandRe: r39434 (trunk): * NEWS: Reorder and fix indent levels - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27382
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27383] marcandRe: r39435 (ruby_2_0_0): * Backport r39434 from trunk: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27383
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27384] svn:r39437 (ruby_1_8): * 2013-02-24 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27384
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27385] akr:r39436 (ruby_1_8): * configure.in: Minix 3.2.1 supports shared libraries as NetBSD. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27385
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27386] marcandRe: r39438 (trunk): * enumerator.c: rdoc fix - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27386
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27387] svn:r39439 (trunk): * 2013-02-24 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27387
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27388] marcandRe: r39440 (ruby_2_0_0): * Backport r39438 from trunk: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27388
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27389] svn:r39441 (ruby_2_0_0): * 2013-02-24 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27389
<zzak> marcandre: should they be nodoc'd then?
<marcandre> I don't think they are doc'd. They don't show up in http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.0/index.html
<zzak> ahh
<zzak> rdoc probably doesn't know about REPLICATE_METHOD
<zzak> still need to work on backtrace location labels sometime today
<marcandre> zzak: glad to see you manage to improve the doc
<marcandre> "This method behaves similarly to Kernel#caller_locations except for a specific thread.", wouldn't "except it applies to a specific thread." be clearer?
<zzak> yes
<zzak> i am going to update the params too
<zzak> since r39431, it does take same arguments as caller_locations
<zzak> i know it does*
<zzak> i wasn't totally sure last night
<marcandre> Then in the ensure block is where you can safely deallocate your resources
<marcandre> =>
<marcandre> Then, the ensure block is where we can safely deallocate your resources
<zzak> thanks!
<marcandre> Thank you for improving the doc. I still haven't got around understanding the pending interrupt stuff.
<zzak> marcandre: please check my doc for on_blocking call
<zzak> i dont fully understand it either
<zzak> marcandre: thanks to you, i would have missed it if you didn't say anything
<zzak> we need a good way for documenters to easily get a list of new features from implementers
<zzak> NEWS file isn't always up to date
<zzak> pending_interrupt slipped past me because it didn't show up in 'rdoc -C'
<zzak> thats how i usually find undocumented features
<zzak> but for new features, that may include docs, is why we need a list
<zzak> it would be nice to have associated ticket/s too
<marcandre> For new methods, my script will detect them.
<zzak> can you turn it into a gem or something?
<zzak> i will lose a gist
<zzak> marcandre: also, do you know about Thread::Default?
<marcandre> No...
<marcandre> > Thread::Default # => NameError: uninitialized constant Thread::Default
<marcandre> For my script, it's much easier to execute as a .rb file than as a gem. Maybe it could be added to tool/? That directory is not part of the final distribution, right?
<zzak> looks like my local rvm has ./tool under src
<marcandre> Oh. Anyways, I plan to use it as is, but of course feel free to modify it if you like :-)
<zzak> so my problem is i have rvm
<zzak> but trunk is my system ruby
<zzak> would i have to do: ruby(1.9) digest.rb | /usr/local/bin/ruby digest.rb
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<zzak> does that look right?
<marcandre> Yup.
<marcandre> I went through that list to single out the new methods.
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<marcandre> Actually, I didn't really look into Process::GID & Process::UID#from_name, I assume it's super minor.
<marcandre> There were some really trivial changes that I thought were better overlooked (e.g. new Complex#to_c, remove_instance_variable public, ...)
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<zzak> :)
<zzak> not everything belongs in NEWS, but it's nice to have something to reference
<zzak> meaning, the digest.rb output
<zzak> oh, it was ThreadGroup::Default
<marcandre> zzak: I believe ThreadGroup::Default is simply a ThreadGroup created when Ruby starts; all Threads belong to it by default.
<marcandre> ruby -e "p Thread.current.group == ThreadGroup::Default" # => true
<marcandre> zzak: Good catches for the <=>. What do you think of https://github.com/marcandre/ruby/compare/doc ?
<zzak> marcandre: thanks, a member of #ruby-lang channel reported the <=> doc bugs
<zzak> marcandre: i like your update, unfortunately theres a lot of *_cmp methods in core
<zzak> so you might have to check them as well
<zzak> marcandre: this brings up another issue, a lot of call-seq's and examples we use short version of literal name
<zzak> like ary, str, flt, etc etc
<zzak> when i come across these i try to make them full version, like: array, string, float, other_array, other_string, etc etc
<marcandre> I think the other additions you made a good. I mean, there's no real need to discuss when a Numeric#<=> returns a nil. It's just that it should be clear that two File::Stat are always comparable.
<marcandre> For Array#<=>, it wasn't clear at all what values we're talking about.
<marcandre> As for abbreviations, I think the idea is to avoid confusion with some global methods, e.g. "proc.curry"... is proc a variable or a method?
<zzak> in that case yes
<marcandre> The distinction between "io.write" and "IO.write" might not be clear either. Both the instance method and the singleton method exists
<marcandre> Or `Array[1]` vs `array[1]` vs `Array(1)`
<zzak> haha yeah
<zzak> but ary is so unclear
<marcandre> I would recommend to either keep them abbreviated or else go for 'an_array'
<zzak> i like array, it's not a method
<marcandre> I'm noticing that the receivers don't even show on http://ruby-doc.org/
<marcandre> I also disagree with "ary.flatten! -> Array or nil"
<zzak> yeh ruby-doc.org uses it's own generator
<zzak> i agree it should use our receivers, but at least they're in ri
<zzak> formatting core docs is a never-ending struggle
<marcandre> Do you agree that "ary.flatten! -> Array or nil" is not acceptable?
<marcandre> I wonder if drbrain didn't notice or if he agreed with all those "an_enumerator -> Enumerator" changes
<zzak> i think i made that change
<marcandre> Yeah, it's your patch and drbrain's commit
<zzak> for some of the returns in array.c, i think i went through and made the return value the class
<marcandre> In your defense, it was already erroneous "ary.flatten!(level) -> array or nil"
<zzak> it was an early patch
<marcandre> drbrain: ping?
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<marcandre> Wow, there are so many of those now. I don't like it at all, but that may be just me.
<marcandre> Was that ever discussed on ruby-core?
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27390] marcandRe: r39442 (trunk): * array.c: Fix rdoc for flatten! - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27390
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27391] marcandRe: r39443 (ruby_2_0_0): * backport r39442 from trunk: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27391
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<zzak> marcandre: i havent been backporting my doc patches
<marcandre> but you notified mame, right?
<zzak> no
<zzak> only the one patch i backported
<zzak> i thought it was too close to release
<marcandre> It would be nice to have the doc patches in the 2.0.0 release, right?
<zzak> there are too many patches
<zzak> over 20 patches since the freeze
<zzak> and more otw
<kosaki2> backport is no permitted now. mame-san declared at ruby-core several ago.
<marcandre> kosaki2: we're talking about rdoc only.
<kosaki2> If it is outside of ruby repo, no matter. sorry for noise.
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<marcandre> mame can revert my commits if he wants. I can not understand why it would be a problem to commit rdoc only changes to 2.0.0 branch. After release, one needs to be careful to change build number, but that's not even the case now.
<zzak> maybe open backport after release
<zzak> for next patch level
<zzak> but i dont want to make a lot of noise for mame, and there will always be more patches
<zzak> plus i am not that confident in merging with svn
<marcandre> you're not using git-svn?
<zzak> no
<zzak> i have 3 separate right now, trunk, 2_0_0 and git clone
<marcandre> wow
<marcandre> using git with git-svn works really well.
<zzak> it hasnt been a problem until now
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<zzak> plus, i dont really want to manage documentation patches across multiple releases
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<zzak> mostly because you ahve to open a backport request for every one
<zzak> otherwise the maintainers lose sleep at night
<marcandre> _ko1 doesn't appear to sleep, so no problem ;-)
<marcandre> I agree that opening a backport request for doc patches is insane. IMHO, it should be easy for committers to backport those themselves if they want.
<marcandre> zzak: In case you're bored, I welcome feedback on http://blog.marc-andre.ca/2013/02/23/ruby-2-by-example :-)
<zzak> marcandre: looks good!
<zzak> "One we can demonstrate was to make many floats immediates." sounds a little weird to me
<zzak> its hard to tell your link on "Additional details and examples in the doc of to_enum"
<zzak> looks like any other code block
<drbrain> marcandre: pong
<zzak> marcandre: under "The way to avoid the warning was to use _. Now we can use any variable name starting with an underscore:"
<zzak> you might want to mention in the 1.9 example the name "_" is not warned
<drbrain> marcandre: the style of the result in call-seq has never been discussed
<zzak> at first glance i didn't catch that _ != _hello
<zzak> drbrain: hello!
<drbrain> so, I guess we need to make a decision
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<zzak> drbrain: result and object names
<drbrain> yeah
<zzak> we were talking about "ary" vs "array" too
<drbrain> I like full words better
<drbrain> for the result, I'm unsure if the class name is best or not
<drbrain> for example, with String#[]
<drbrain> currently it is str[index] -> new_str or nil
<marcandre> hi :-) One of the idea behind it all is to stress when the object returned is the receiver or not.
<drbrain> … then str[regexp] -> new_str or nil
<drbrain> marcandre: ooh, yes
<marcandre> but that point is a bit moot on the official rdoc site, where the name of the receiver doesn't even show.
<marcandre> but maybe `flatten! -> self or nil` is even better
<drbrain> yes
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<marcandre> My first reaction to "str[index] -> String or nil" was one of horror, but to be honest I can't think of a single case where it would not be clear what is meant, even if it's not strictly consistent
<_ko1> おはよう! good morning!
<marcandre> In any case, there are like a zillion of them right now, in particular for "-> Enumerator"
<zzak> _ko1: ohayou
<marcandre> -ko1: Good morning! Hope you got some sleep at least :-)
<_ko1> many sleep! thanks
<drbrain> for my own personal OCD hell, the mixed use of -> and => for the result
<zzak> i like array.flatten! -> self or nil, and string[index] -> new_string or nil
<drbrain> I made rdoc turn them both into unicode arrows, but it still bugs me
<zzak> not sure beginners fully understand "self" tho
<drbrain> I have some parts of the syntax guides that say, essentially, "these are the definitions for the terms that follow"
<drbrain> we could have the same in the README
<marcandre> drbrain: at least, this way we can have => be strict, like in irb, when -> means something else.
<drbrain> for "string[index] -> new_string or nil", why not "new string" instead
<drbrain> marcandre: hrm, that is a nice proposal
<marcandre> I expect " x.class # => Array" to mean that Array is returned, not an instance of Array
<drbrain> a few weeks ago _ko1 was talking about mixing in automatic tests with rdoc in a natural way
<drbrain> it seems like -> vs => might be a nice hint
<marcandre> And " x.class -> Class" could mean that an instance of Class is returned.
<drbrain> bbiab, I'm going to hang some curtains
<_ko1> > Unused variables can start with _
<_ko1> Ah, I missed this feature
<marcandre> #6693
<zzak> marcandre: add your blog post to the announcement
<_ko1> zzak: ++
<_ko1> > One we can demonstrate was to make many floats immediates
<_ko1> only on 64bit CPU
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<marcandre> _ko1: Right, forgot that. Will add to my blog.
<zzak> is there any doc for Flonum?
<marcandre> I added my post to the wiki
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<zzak> marcandre: btw, i think i forgot to thank you for the feedback on #backtrace_locations :D
<marcandre> don't mention it
<marcandre> zzak: I don't think there is a doc, but I don't think that there should; it's completely implementation dependant
<zzak> oh ok
<drbrain> I suppose we should update https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/projects/ruby/wiki/DocumenterHowTo with guidelines for what goes in call-seq
<zzak> agree
<zzak> i updated some of documenting-ruby.org last night
<zzak> but for style guidelines, it just points to that page
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<marcandre> I'm still not sure about the capitalized return in the signature, btw. "File.new(...) -> File" feels a bit weird, no?
<drbrain> yeah
<marcandre> I see no downsize with using "file" instead. "File.new(...) -> file". Not a huge difference, I know.
<drbrain> this is why I never tried to make them consistent
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<zzak> there's just too damn much
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<hsbt> drbrain: hi, I found net/http bug in ruby-trunk. if i called http#get, i got non-inflate gzip content.
<drbrain> hsbt: do you have a script I can try?
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<drbrain> hsbt: sometimes it is the server's fault so I want to be sure I fix it properly
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<_ko1> hsbt's IRC connection is unstable (he tweeted :)
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<_ko1> drbrain: ticket was filed in Japanese, and now some are translating this ticket
<_ko1> they say that this bug has impact for many people.
<drbrain> the ticket is enough
<_ko1> cool
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27392] nobu:r39444 (trunk): compile.c: no keyword check if kw_rest - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27392
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<drbrain> _ko1: hsbt: ok, I reproduced it
<drbrain> oh, easy fix!
<drbrain> fixed!
<drbrain> now to make a test :D
<_ko1> so cool
<drbrain> hsbt: yes, exactly
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<_ko1> seems unstable :)
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<drbrain> I uploaded the patch and reassigned to nurse for approval
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<drbrain> nurse: ping, bug #7924
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<zzak> :D
<zzak> drbrain just saved all of japan
<zzak> from certain doom
<drbrain> no, all of ruby
<zzak> neigh, the world
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<hsbt> drbrain: thanks for your quick action.
<drbrain> hsbt: you're welcome
<drbrain> sorry I didn't think to check it sooner
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<drbrain> without #7831, mechanize would break, but it also broke tDiary ☹
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<zzak> nice catch
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<nokada_> mingwって一口に言ってもなんかてんでんばらばらでわけわからん
<_ko1> nobu: English, please :)
<nokada_> too many mingw in the world!
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<hsbt> !
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