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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27393] kosaki:r39445 (trunk): * signal.c (sigsegv): suppress unused result warning. Because - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27393
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27394] kosaki:r39446 (trunk): remove duplicated entry. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27394
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<marcandre> mame0: Hi. Were you talking to me?
<zzak> hah
<zzak> marcandre: you're grounded
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<drbrain> LOL @ ruby-core:52746
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27395] nobu:r39447 (trunk): signal.c: fix type - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27395
<zzak> can we put people in timeout?
<zzak> kosaki2_: here?
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<zzak> drbrain: what do you think about backporting docs?
<drbrain> zzak: I don't see the harm in it, I have never had the time, though
<zzak> maybe after release we can do like a bulk diff for some of the obvious fixes and submit one request
<zzak> its a pain to do it per patch
<kosaki2_> zzak: pong
<zzak> kosaki2_: ohayou!
<zzak> kosaki2_: which bostonrb are you attending?
<kosaki2_> ohayou mean "good morning". It is not morning in EST.
<mame0> indeed I admit that the current backport policy is arguable
<zzak> haha
<kosaki2_> I plan to attend at March 12.
<zzak> kosaki2_: that's right you are not jst
<mame0> but in the case, please discuss the rule first
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<mame0> do not force your commit before discussing and changing the rule
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<zzak> ofcourse
<zzak> kosaki2_: ok! i wanted to register before it was sold out
<kosaki2_> Guys, mame-san is rare resource. Release manager is a sing point of failure of us. Please respect him.
<marcandre> mame0: Are you talking to me?
<mame0> you and nobu
<mame0> i warned nobu yesterday
<kosaki2_> s/sing/single/
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<marcandre> mame0: I would appreciate if you avoid using all caps. I find it offensive, and many others on the net do.
<marcandre> Also, it was discussed before. For example, [ruby-core:43301]
<marcandre> Please correct my understanding that the only problem a rdoc backport can create is not increasing the patch version, and that's only in case there is a patch version out there.
<mame0> sorry, i used all caps just to emphasize, not to be offensive
<mame0> it is a matter of my English.
<marcandre> Also, I recommend that unless it is very clear who you are responding to, that you include nick. This also brings attention because I don't always look at irc.
<marcandre> So, is my understanding correct?
<mame0> no, increasing a patch version is not needed before p0
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<mame0> Did you see [ruby-core:52034] ?
<mame0> I said: Please get my "ack" before you commit anything to that branch.
<kosaki2_> [ruby-core:43301] is discussion under 1.9.3. Every release and Every release manager may have a slightly different policy.
<mame0> what I want to say is to obey this rule
<mame0> if you are against this rule, please discuss it first, before forcing your commit
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<kosaki2_> each release manager have a right and responsibility to make their own branches/release's policy.
<mame0> changing rdoc is almost benign, but not alyways, I think
<marcandre> So you are saying that you do not trust other committers to change rdoc and want approval before we do so?
<kosaki2_> because, again, release manager is most busy and spof. their thinking should have high priority.
<mame0> I wanted to apply software review for backport
<zzak> if you want my idea
<zzak> i think a documentation backport manager would be good
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<zzak> maybe supply backport commits to a separate fork
<zzak> and then documentation manager will merge these commits at once to backport
<zzak> only documentation related
<zzak> this way documentation manager can review all backport docs, before release manager can review them in bulk
<zzak> less commit noise == easier to review i think
<kosaki2_> Sound good. however, i believe policy should be discussed on ruby-core. otherwise other committer will get a strong frustrations.
<banister`tyrion> kosaki2_: how do i get ops here
<marcandre> Sorry, I'm trying to collect my thoughts, I'm not sure how to express what I feel.
<kosaki2_> banister`tyrion: I don't know. And I don't know who know.
<zzak> kosaki2_: agree, my idea is rough but it should be well thought out and proposed to redmine
<drbrain> banister`tyrion: it seems like only committers should have ops
<zzak> mame0: when will nagachika take over after p0?
<mame0> yes
<banister`tyrion> drbrain: you're right, i also want it for the wrong reasons
<zzak> you mean the topic?
<mame0> the current policy before p0 is mine, and the next policy after p0 is nagachika's
<mame0> nagachika stated his policy
<mame0> [ruby-core:52534]
<zzak> i just emailed shyouhei re: the channel topic
<marcandre> [ruby-core:52534] makes no mention of rdoc only commits
<mame0> zzak: btw, is there no reference showing the doc improvement?
<marcandre> I feel that enforcing a code freeze policy for rdoc-only commits is either paranoia or a power-trip. The worst that could happen is that the documentation is worse then before. I seriously doubt this would happen, and if it did noone would be greatly impacted. If a Ruby committer is confident enough about a rdoc change, and willing to spend his free time backporting that change like I did today, I can only see upside.
<marcandre> I don't care to "obey the rules". Rules must have valid reasons to exist, and this one does not. If other maintainers could live without it, so can you.
<mame0> ri ruby: shows just a file list
<zzak> mame0: for doc improvement, i mentioned drbrain's syntax guides in our email
<zzak> mame0: ri ruby: lists all of the guides, like syntax/*
<mame0> marcandre: sorry, now let me focus the immediate release
<zzak> mame0: for example ri ruby:syntax/methods
<mame0> sorry for harm your feelings
<mame0> note that i'll leave your commits in ruby_2_0_0
<mame0> zzak: i want the evidence of "We have added a huge amount of rdoc for modules and methods."
<zzak> hmm
<mame0> drbrain's syntax documents are indeed worh mentioning
<zzak> mame0: do you know about the rdoc coverage report?
<mame0> ah, it sounds good
<zzak> 1.9.3 was about 60% documented
<zzak> 2.0.0 will be around 75%
<mame0> great!
<zzak> 'rdoc -C $srcdir
<drbrain> zzak: 1.9.3 today is 66, 2.0.0 today is 76
<zzak> mame0: ^
<mame0> is the unit a file?
<drbrain> comment, method, class, module or attribute
<mame0> i don't understand what is 76
<zzak> mame0: it is 76% covered by documentation: https://twitter.com/_zzak/status/305234266634219520
<marcandre> undocumented include :nodoc: ?
<mame0> i understand!
<zzak> nodoc is documented
<marcandre> So if we :nodoc: these 2500 methods, say, the coverage goes above 90%?
<zzak> haha
<drbrain> there are 1407 classes, 310 modules, 1600 constants, 1135 attributes and 10783 methods in trunk (15235 total)
<marcandre> That's will all stdlib?
<drbrain> 11672 of those items are documented
<drbrain> marcandre: yes
<mame0> > 2.0.0 will be around 75%...
<drbrain> you can see the list by rm .ext/rdoc; make all
<drbrain> not list, summary
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<drbrain> marcandre: I think ruby_2_0_0 is just at 76%
<drbrain> trunk has a bit more documentation
<drbrain> marcandre: I made the WEBrick documentation 100% by adding :nodoc: to many things
<zzak> or: make clean-rdoc && make rdoc
<zzak> this will regenerate all rdoc in $builddir and last step will output summary
<marcandre> congrats on getting that metric up. Next we need a method to calculate how good and accurate the doc is ;-)
<drbrain> there is rdoc -C (any documentation and) and rdoc -C1 (is each method argument mentioned)
<zzak> you can use -C1 to report undocumented arguments
<zzak> haha
<drbrain> it is hard to quantify "good" with code
<marcandre> drbrain: that's why I ended with ;-)
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<mame0> I will mark it and shyouhei's "recommended"
<marcandre> mame0: thanks, glad you like it
<mame0> Enumerable#lazy and Enumerator::Lazy, for...
<mame0> is "and Enumerator::Lazy" needed?
<banister`tyrion> marcandre: curious, why is it __dir__ rather than __DIR__ ? (__DIR__ seems more symmetrical with __FILE__)
<mame0> Ah, i thought one line was too long a bit, but i was wrong
<marcandre> mame0: not necessary, I guess, but #lazy doesn't have much info itself...
<mame0> it is almost same length as other lines
<mame0> i'll leave it. thanks!
<marcandre> banister`tyrion: There was endless discussion about __dir__ vs __DIR__, let me find the issue...
<marcandre> http://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/3346. Anyways, final explanation is, of course, "Matz determined Kernel#__dir__"
<marcandre> Basically, it's a method.
<banister`tyrion> so it's like __method__
<marcandre> banister`tyrion: yes, while __FILE__ is a keyword. method(:__FILE__) # => NoMethodError.
<zzak> mame0: how long till release?
<mame0> still preparing
<mame0> mainly, waiting for awake of naruse and nobu :-)
<mame0> 11:42 AM JST...
<zzak> theres a few doc patches i'd like to backport
<zzak> before release, if possible
<mame0> please open a ticket
<zzak> ok
<mame0> i think i can give you ack soon
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<banister`tyrion> did anyone address these? https://gist.github.com/brixen/5010028
<banister`tyrion> sry if it's been mentioned before, i just got a link a few mins ago
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<drbrain> banister`tyrion: I don't see such a ticket in my ruby-core mail
<drbrain> banister`tyrion: so probably not
<zzak> theres a tracker on github.com/rubyspec/rubyspec
<drbrain> it seems odd to tweet about bugs but not file a ticket
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27396] nobu:r39448 (trunk): * .gdbinit (rp): fix argument order. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27396
<marcandre> lol at #24, caused by flonum :)
<drbrain> heh
<drbrain> bad test then
<marcandre> Yes, in a way... a bit like a spec change too
<zzak> mame0: where is backport 2.0 tracker?
<drbrain> it seems the Array#sample spec changed
<marcandre> #15 seems like a definite bug.
<drbrain> some of these Array#sample specs look like they should fail on 1.9.3 too
<drbrain> it doesn't call Kernel#rand by default
<marcandre> I'm confused, I thought we were running rubyspecs?
<drbrain> the other night _ko1 saw a bunch of these in the ci system
<drbrain> but it was many, many commits that appeared suddenly
<drbrain> so maybe it's a CI bug
<zzak> mame0: sent
<mame0> many! :-)
<marcandre> coz these are clearly old failure. For example the fact that remove_instance_variable is no longer private
<zzak> those are the major recent doc patches i'd like in 2.0
<ryanf> I think brixen might have said he undisabled some specs for mri that were previously disabled
<ryanf> the tweet that linked that gist was "The MSpec ruby_bug guard is disabled on master and gone in 2.0.0. These are possible unaddressed bugs in MRI 2.0"
<drbrain> ryanf: so he didn't check if they were valid first?
<ryanf> I have absolutely no idea
<drbrain> because Proc#inspect has never returned file and line numbers in 1.9+
<ryanf> that just seemed like relevant information
<ryanf> huh, interesting
<drbrain> ryanf: well, for that spec in particular
<zzak> mame0: if you want i can add link to patch in description
<zzak> maybe that should go in p0?
<mame0> some sentences looks deleted, but actually they are just moved?
<zzak> moved and reformatted
<mame0> okay i trust you
<zzak> for pty, i moved the small example to show ::open with block
<zzak> oh, for pty i also deleted getpty from call-seq
<zzak> it's listed as an alias so i thought that was enough
<zzak> i didnt like having so many duplicate call-seq's
<zzak> that is for ::spawn
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<zzak> mame0: please give me some time to commit these
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<marcandre> I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. For the Rubyspecs: #15 can be fixed but is really not important. I started checking the Random stuff and got caught up in a bug.
<marcandre> What's the difference between 2.1.0, next minor and next major as targets on redmine??
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<zzak> mame0: ^
<zzak> good question
<zzak> wondering that myself, and i missed the implementers meeting
<mame0> pong
<mame0> i think there is no agreed criterion for them
<marcandre> Ok, let me rephrase this, since I really want to go to bed. Which one is for sure the next release?
<mame0> sorry i don't know
<marcandre> Ok, next minor it's going to be
<mame0> ko1 created the target "2.1.0"
<mame0> he will know
<mame0> good night
<marcandre> I just opened https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/7935
<marcandre> Unless I'm too tired, it means the custom random generator will have to be broken again. Since there's already a note about incompatibility in the NEWS, we probably should note that it's also buggy.
* marcandre rumbles about committers writing clearly incomplete and imprecise tests and resisting to their death writing RubySpec style with complete test of inputs and outputs
<marcandre> actually, there are tests for this.
<marcandre> I can't see clearly. Can't even find where this feature change was discussed.
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27397] zzak:r39449 (trunk): * object.c: Document methods receiving string and convert to symbol - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27397
<zzak> mame0: ping, i'd like to backport that
<mame0> I'm reluctant for this
<mame0> I know I'm pedantic, but it virtuall extends the spec
<mame0> accepting a string may be implementation detail
<mame0> it should be discussed in redmine
<mame0> this is because i don't admit backporting all rdoc commits
<mame0> oops, correct: this is why ...
<mame0> haste makes waste
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27398] zzak:r39450 (ruby_2_0_0): * thread.c: Improved rdoc for ::handle_interrupt, ::pending_interrupt? - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27398
<zzak> understood
<zzak> i opened a ticket for this backport request on r39449
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27399] nobu:r39451 (trunk): vm_insnhelper.c: compare with me in method top cfp - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27399
<zzak> spec actually says they are converted to string
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27400] zzak:r39452 (ruby_2_0_0): * vm.c: Typo in ObjectSpace::WeakMap overview [Backport #7933] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27400
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<mame0> rubyspec shows just MRI's behavior
<mame0> it is sometimes irrelevant to MRI's spec
<mame0> btw, i heard JRuby community forked rubyspec
<zzak> mame0: how do you want me to handle r39449?
<zzak> there is backport ticket open, should i open ticket on trunk for discussion?
<mame0> i left it up to nagachika
<zzak> ah, yes i just saw your reply
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27401] zzak:r39454 (ruby_2_0_0): * object.c: rdoc formatting for Kernel#Array() [Backport #7931] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27401
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27402] zzak:r39453 (ruby_2_0_0): * thread.c: Documentation for Thread#backtrace_locations - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27402
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27403] zzak:r39455 (ruby_2_0_0): * lib/mutex_m.rb: Add rdoc for Mutex_m module [Backport #7930] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27403
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27404] zzak:r39456 (ruby_2_0_0): * object.c: Document Data class by Matthew Mongeau [Backport #7929] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27404
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27405] zzak:r39457 (ruby_2_0_0): * ext/pty/pty.c: Documentation for the PTY module [Backport #7928] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27405
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27406] zzak:r39458 (ruby_2_0_0): * lib/abbrev.rb: Add words parameter to Abbrev::abbrev - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27406
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27407] zzak:r39459 (ruby_2_0_0): * enum.c (Enumerable#chunk: Improved examples, grammar, and formatting - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27407
<mame0> zzak: have you committed all?
<zzak> almost
<zzak> theres 2 more commits
<mame0> i see
<_ko1> zzak: great job
<mame0> i'd like to close backport expect four: your two, #7924, and #7921.
<mame0> naruse does not awake... (14:22 JST)
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27408] zzak:r39460 (trunk): * thread.c: Grammar for #backtrace_locations and ::handle_interrupt - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27408
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27409] zzak:r39461 (trunk): * thread.c: Document ThreadGroup::Default - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27409
<zzak> i would like to backport those 2
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<zzak> just realized Thead class doesn't have a class overview
<zzak> but it's too late to write that for release
<zzak> mame0: ping! may i backport r39460 and r39461?
<mame0> zzak: pong
<mame0> well...
<mame0> haste is not good, may I postpone them to patch level release?
<zzak> r39460 is grammar from backport 39453
<zzak> i forgot to commit it before i backport that one
<zzak> i understand r39461, since it's new
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<mame0> okay, go ahead
<zzak> want me to open a ticket for r39461 and postpone?
<mame0> i think so
<zzak> ok
<zzak> let me commit the other one first
<mame0> yes please
<zzak> need to add backport 200 to "popular projects" list
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<zzak> committed and opened backport request for the other
<mame0> thanks!
<zzak> mame0: no thank you!
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27410] zzak:r39462 (ruby_2_0_0): backport r39460, ack'd by mame-san - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27410
<zzak> excellent job managing release of 2.0.0 :)
<mame0> drbrain: ping?
<mame0> Seattle is round midnight...
<zzak> mame0: its 21:52 pacific time
<mame0> not so midnight
<zzak> 21:57 <corundum> drbrain was last seen 2 hours, 48 minutes and 12 seconds ago, saying ryanf: well, for that spec in particular
<zzak> maybe he's done for the night
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<mame0> hmm, thank you
<zzak> try him on twitter maybe?
<drbrain> I will commit
<zzak> :D
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<mame0> yes please!
<zzak> thank you everyone, i'm going to bed
<zzak> mame0: good luck with the release tonight!
<mame0> thank you, good night
<drbrain> r39463 on trunk
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27411] drbrain:r39463 (trunk): * lib/net/http.rb: Removed duplicate Accept-Encoding in Net::HTTP#get. - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27411
<drbrain> oh right, commit bot
<hsbt> yay
<drbrain> done
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27412] drbrain:r39464 (ruby_2_0_0): Merge trunk revision: 39463 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27412
<mame0> awesome
<mame0> thank you!
<drbrain> you're welcome!
<drbrain> sorry to delay the release, I was playing video games
<mame0> hahaha
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<drbrain> I'm going away from IRC, if anyone needs me they can call or text message +1 206 701 4969
<mame0> i see thanks!
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27413] mame:r39465: add tag v2_0_0_0 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27413
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27414] nobu:r39466 (trunk): random.c: increase limit for generic rand - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27414
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27415] mame:r39467: delete v2_0_0_0 because RUBY_PATCHLEVEL is not updated yet - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27415
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27416] mame:r39468 (ruby_2_0_0): bump version - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27416
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27417] mame:r39469: add tag v2_0_0_0 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27417
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27418] nobu:r39470 (trunk): test_array.rb: fix test for r39466 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27418
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27419] mame:r39471: delete v2_0_0_0 because ruby -v is not updated completely - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27419
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27420] nobu:r39472 (ruby_2_0_0): * ext/io/console/io-console.gemspec: bump. [Backport #7891] - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27420
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27421] mame:r39473 (ruby_2_0_0): * version.h: changed version string like - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27421
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27422] mame:r39474: add tag v2_0_0_0 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27422
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<mame0> released 2.0.0-p0 at last
<mame0> it was the long day!
<_ko1> mame0: ++
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<charliesome> congratulations on ruby 2.0.0 everyone!
<_ko1> yay
<charliesome> i think the topic is slightly out of date too ;)
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<_ko1> :)
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27423] tadf:r39475 (trunk): * ext/date/date_core.c: - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27423
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<_ko1> https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/projects/ruby-trunk/issues?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=%3D&v[status_id][]=1&v[status_id][]=2&f[]=fixed_version_id&op[fixed_version_id]=%3D&v[fixed_version_id][]=6&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&group_by=
<_ko1> 2.0.0 tickets are empty !!
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<charliesome> _ko1: did they all get moved to 2.1? ;)
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27424] naruse:r39476 (trunk): Use require_relative to require local library - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27424
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<_ko1> charliesome: yes!
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<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27425] svn:r39478 (trunk): * 2013-02-25 - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27425
<znz_v> biff: [ruby-changes:27426] akr:r39477 (trunk): * ext/socket: define and use union_sockaddr instead of struct - http://mla.n-z.jp/?ruby-changes=27426
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<drbrain> the experimental debug API was missed in NEWS, it seems
<_ko1> because it is experimental...
<_ko1> i had needed to make sample one. but i couldn't...
<_ko1> BTW
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<_ko1> I can't understand the ticket -> https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/7944
<_ko1> why luis want to use 2.0 docs (RDoc) with 1.9's rdoc?
<drbrain> _ko1: rdoc_chm only works with rdoc 3.x
<drbrain> but rdoc 3.x does not understand %i[...]
<_ko1> ah
<drbrain> so I will make a special release for Luis
<_ko1> 2.0's rdoc doesn't support chm?
<drbrain> it is a plug-in to RDoc
<_ko1> i see
<drbrain> it probably needs an update
<drbrain> it is probably easier for me to fix RDoc for Luis than for Luis to fix rdoc_chm
<_ko1> ah.
<_ko1> i got it
<zzak> mame0: congrats!
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<_ko1> The 2nd figure is Matz and mame.
<_ko1> this one.
<banisterfiend> _ko1: who's the pretty girl here? http://itpro.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/NEWS/20130224/458401/Ayaka.jpg
<_ko1> She is Japanese idol using Ruby
<banisterfiend> _ko1: kawaii desu ne
<_ko1> :)
<_ko1> I can't speak with her :)
<_ko1> ah, :(
<zzak> is the drawing on her t-shirt one of _why's?
<_ko1> no
<_ko1> maybe this character
<zzak> yeh
<_ko1> Yoshida-kun.
<_ko1> > Eagle Talon (秘密結社 鷹の爪 Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume?, lit. Secret Society Eagle Talon) is a Japanese Flash animation created by Shimane Prefecture resident Ryo Ono (FROGMAN) and produced by DLE.[1]
<_ko1> in Shimane Matz's living.
<_ko1> and Shimane goverment want to promote Shimane itself with Ruby and Yoshida-kun.
<_ko1> s/goverment/prefecture/
<marcandre> Can we bump the version in trunk, now that 2.0.0 is out?
<marcandre> ^Can^Shouldn't
<_ko1> We asked matz to update version.h
<_ko1> but he ignore now...
<_ko1> last saturday, we discussed about next version
<_ko1> (1) basically, we will release 2.1.0
<_ko1> (2) if some big changes including spec should be change, we will release 2.0.1
<_ko1> (3) if some security fix, then release 2.0.0pXXX
<_ko1> (1) and (2) is ambiguous.
<_ko1> but we will make schedule for (1).
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<_ko1> one idea is relese 2.1.0 at X'mas 2013 (not 2014)
<_ko1> this is why we don't need 2.0.1
<_ko1> (only shoter than one year)
<_ko1> but we need more discussion about it.
<_ko1> make sense?
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<_ko1> maybe mame-san propose this idea.
<marcandre> Sure. I don't have opinion on 2.0.1 or 2.1.0, but 2.0.0 seems confusing, since there's a branch for this!
<marcandre> Can we change to 2.0.1 and this can later be changed to 2.1.0 if desired? Just so version != 2.0.0
<_ko1> i agree it is confusing
<marcandre> We agree that if security release 2.0.0pXXX, it will be from 2.0.0 branch, right?
<_ko1> marcandre: what is your twitter id?
<marcandre> or bug fix release :-)
<marcandre> @malafortune
<_ko1> I can't guess it :)
<_ko1> i mention to matz
<marcandre> I know :-(
<marcandre> Mention what to Matz?
<_ko1> modify version.h is festival. so it should be matz's task
<_ko1> i beleve
<_ko1> believe
<marcandre> Ah, I understand. There's like a zillion +1 on github.
<marcandre> Can I move the NEWS file over, at least?
<_ko1> ask mame-san :)
<_ko1> or should we move NEWS file to Wiki?
<marcandre> I like to be able to do `git log -p NEWS`
<_ko1> ah.
<marcandre> Much nicer than wiki history...
<_ko1> i don't have any idea about it :)
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<lopex> rb_obj_id doc/info doesnt take into account Flonum mask
<lopex> in gc.c
<lopex> it should be updated right ?
<zzak> _ko1: ping
<_ko1> pong
<zzak> any idea on lopex question?
<zzak> rb_obj_id says it returns a Fixnum
<lopex> I mean the scheme
<_ko1> rb_obj_id returns Integer now
<_ko1> (maybe...)
<lopex> the new bits scheme thats' described in include/ruby/ruby.h
<lopex> wrt USE_FLONUM
<zzak> you mean 32-bit VALUE space and object_id space
<zzak> i'm not sure, koichi-san can you comment?
<lopex> I mean the scheme described in ruby.h doesnt match the one described in gc.c
<lopex> now
<_ko1> lopex: I see.
<lopex> someone might get confused
<_ko1> You mean only comments
<_ko1> not a rdoc
<lopex> yep
<_ko1> it is old.
<lopex> yeah
<_ko1> lopex: i agree it should be fixed
<_ko1> ah,
<lopex> _ko1: I know it's a trivial thing to bother with
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<lopex> but I'm used to be a heavy ruby source reader
<zzak> lopex: its a good catch!
<zzak> people do read the source
<zzak> did you know there are also doxygen comments on some of mri?
<lopex> zzak: I mostly used to read the function bodies when implementing things in jruby
<_ko1> maybe 32bit CPU, it is not old.
<_ko1> only 64bit, it is old.
<lopex> oh you mean the /*! ?
<lopex> _ko1: yeah, the flonum is never used on 32 bit right ?
<_ko1> yes
<_ko1> double (64bit) can't insert 32bit VALUE
<lopex> _ko1: you check the mantissa whether it fits right ?
<lopex> otherwise rb_float_new_in_heap ?
<_ko1> no
<_ko1> check exponential
<lopex> oh
<lopex> ok
<_ko1> if min < exp < max, then use flonum
<lopex> yeah, makes more sense, huh
<_ko1> (i forget exact number of min, max)
<_ko1> higher bits of exp: min-> 10, max -> 01
<_ko1> mm, i need to check it :)
<_ko1> ah, we need two bits from exp
<_ko1> maybe min:011 max:100
<lopex> thx
<_ko1> np
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