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<kentonv> "updated to Meteor 2.0" oh boy...
<xet7> kentonv: Did you have any problems updating to Meteor 2.0 ?
<xet7> I already updated Wekan
<kentonv> I don't know yet. But Meteor updates have a long history of breaking Sandstorm in weird ways and bumping the major version number makes it seem like a big update.
<kentonv> but maybe it's just a regular update and they felt like bumping the major number for marketing reasons?
<xet7> I did not have any problems
<xet7> But Sandstorm most likely is more complex
<xet7> than Wekan
<kentonv> yeah we do some things we shouldn't... :)
<xet7> hehe
<xet7> In newest Wekan I also did "npm update" and did not yet notice did anything break yet
<xet7> It seemed to work fine
<xet7> Although, I really don't know why only on Qubes OS, on Chromium-based webbrowsers (Chrome/Chromium/MS Chromium Edge Linux) Wekan emojis do not show at all. On newest Firefox on Qubes OS, and on other OSes emojis show fine.
<kentonv> missing fonts?
<xet7> Hmmm... does Firefox embed fonts?
<kentonv> I dunno, maybe?
<xet7> That could be
<xet7> I'll add issue to Qubes OS, most likely it's missing font