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<azonenberg> ok this is nice, pushing an update shortly
<azonenberg> vastly improves performance on high-latency connections or slow scopes
<azonenberg> full closed-loop feedback system that tries to poll 2-3 times between triggers
<azonenberg> before, on faster connections you'd be hammering the scope with 50+ polls between triggers and it would mess things up
<azonenberg> in particular, it would dominate the scope's processing power / connection bandwidth and you'd have less time for things like querying settings
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<_whitenotifier-3> [scopehal-apps] azonenberg 9e9b3a4 - Major refactoring of poll management in ScopeThread
<azonenberg> interestingly it seems to have the opposite effect on fast-triggering scopes with high-latency connections
<azonenberg> the delay drops to rock bottom because one round trip time is less than the trigger delay
<azonenberg> so by the time you get your request to check trigger status out to the scope, it's already triggered
<azonenberg> I have two good polar opposite platforms to test on, a relatively slow wavesurfer on a low-latency lan link
<azonenberg> and your rigol over a WAN link
<azonenberg> limited by cpu and network respectively
<whitequark> azonenberg: still using the scope?
<azonenberg> I did a test about 2 minutes ago but if you need it, i'm not actively on it right now
<azonenberg> i wanted to do some work on the write side still
<azonenberg> this last test was focusing on general performance on high latency connections
<whitequark> nope, i don't need it, just wondering if it needs to stay on
<azonenberg> I'd appreciate it if possible
<whitequark> ok
<whitequark> i wonder if it will stay alive if i put something through the fan blades
<azonenberg> is it too noisy for you?
<azonenberg> if you're trying to sleep or something, i can go do something else
<azonenberg> it's not super urgent
<azonenberg> i did the test i really wanted to do
<whitequark> it's not very noisy but i don't like this kind of noise specifically
<whitequark> and no i just woke up
<whitequark> anyway, keep using it for now
<whitequark> it's more of a long term thing
<azonenberg> Yeah understood - i mean, once i get the driver written i wont need access to it anymore :)
<azonenberg> That said, it is a good testbed (specifically your scope in russia with me outside seattle) for seeing how scopehal/glscopeclient handles really slow links
<whitequark> honestly i might just stuff it somewhere i don't have to hear it and leave it on
<whitequark> i don't plan to use a scope in short term fuutre
<_whitenotifier-3> [scopehal] azonenberg opened issue #67: Figure out how to handle scopes without 50 ohm input better -
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<whitequark> azonenberg: i looked through the list of issues
<whitequark> what do you plan to use as DUT e.g. for 25C flash?
<whitequark> i can give you a shell with a flash, a glasgow, and a saleae logic
<azonenberg> or i could hook it up to my ac701 or any of a dozen other targets - that's not the problem
<azonenberg> it's time to write decoders :)
<azonenberg> Working two jobs and building a house while occasionally running off to rescue people doesnt leave a lot of spare time
<azonenberg> the only reason i'm here doing this right now is that i'm bottlenecked waiting for a sim for $sidegigclient and it's too late at night to run power tools
<whitequark> ahh
<azonenberg> The rigol is seriously helpful, because there's high demand for it and i dont have a ds1104z
<azonenberg> But i have a saleae at work, plus a bunch of other random fpga boards etc
<azonenberg> custom sniffer boards for usb and ethernet
<whitequark> ack
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<azonenberg> anyway the issue i was debugging most recently is that when i try to change a channel from dc to ac coupling nothing happens
<azonenberg> probably some subtle error in command formatting
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<bvernoux> hello
<azonenberg> o/
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