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<azonenberg> looks like my new probe board will be in tomorrow
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<bvernoux> hello
<tnt> hi
<tnt> did you get that counter btw ?
<bvernoux> it is shipped
<bvernoux> so soon
<bvernoux> and it was also calibrated
<bvernoux> I will check it with GPSDO ;)
<bvernoux> but I do not have the HW to test it up to 20GHz ;)
<bvernoux> 6Ghz at max with one of my SDR or 3GHz with my signal generator (to be received also)
<bvernoux> Do you have one ?
<tnt> nope, the only counter I have is a 53131A and I haven't made the multi-GHz addon for it yet.
<bvernoux> I'm checking also that ANRITSU MS8609A 13.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer
<bvernoux> it seems amazing for the price
<bvernoux> less than 2KUSD
<bvernoux> or
<bvernoux> Anritsu MS2721B Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 7.1GHz with Tracking Generator
<bvernoux> but the MS2721B is quite slowwwww
<bvernoux> In worst case there is the amazing new Siglent SSA3021X ;)
<bvernoux> which can be easily SW upgraded to 3.2GHz
<bvernoux> but Anritsu old SA are better in fact on paper it is just they are very old and "slow" and potentially have issue ;)
<tnt> Yeah it's always a balance ... really depends if you'll do anything above 3.2G or not ...
<bvernoux> fun things will be to by a xaVNA too in order to check what we have for the price (less than 500USD)
<bvernoux> by=>buy
<bvernoux> tnt, I would love to play with ADAS but it requires > 40GHz and it is clearly not in my budget ;)
<bvernoux> so yes for lot of things less than 3GHz is good
<bvernoux> I have bought xaVNA ;)
<bvernoux> for less than 300USD it seems very good for the price
<bvernoux> and it is fully open source I will check if I will customize some things on it like the XTAL ...
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