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<azonenberg> Ok so latest probe data is interesting... been away from the software for a bit but i need to get back to it (and finish the rigol driver i keep putting off...)
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<bvernoux> hello
<tnt> azonenberg: which rigol is it btw ? I'm wondering if the protocol is close enough to the agilent that it might just work oob with it.
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<azonenberg> tnt: i think i'm testing on a ds1054z but ask whitequark to be sure
<azonenberg> i'm using hers via the internet as i have no physical access to it
<azonenberg> read the "MSO1000Z and DS1000Z programming guide" to see
<azonenberg> My experience is that clones are very close but require some virtuals to be overridden
<azonenberg> for example Error_404's siglent sds???/lecroy waveace driver is aaaaalmost compatible with the lecroy driver but required a bit of tweaking