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<_whitenotifier-4> [scopehal] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±2]
<_whitenotifier-4> [scopehal] azonenberg 8f5a8e4 - FlowGraphNode: free dangling refs during shutdown in base class, not just in Filter class. Prevents triggers from holding onto refs to their inputs.
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<azonenberg> Tested a few more AKL-PT2s. Yield now stands at 3 of 6 good or 50%
<azonenberg> The "bad" ones all failed due to -3 dB BW being too low,. There's also a rogue's gallery of small defects and inconsistencies i want to work on
<azonenberg> as well as A68-001 which failed due to the recycled SMA apparently being damaged
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<azonenberg> Found time to do a few more probes while waiting for a meeting for work. Eight tested, five passed and three failed
<azonenberg> The passing probes are pretty consistent for the most part
<azonenberg> there's maybe a +/- 0.35 dB spread in the most variable parts (about 3.5 GHz)
<azonenberg> and quite a bit tighter for the rest of the range
<azonenberg> 62% yield still isn't *great* but i can tolerate it i think
<azonenberg> bigger question is what's causing the variation
<azonenberg> s21 flatness of the five satisfactory units i've tested so far
<azonenberg> A69-005 is quite different from the rest (note the lack of a 4 GHz dip)
<azonenberg> i want to know why
<azonenberg> also most of them have a dip around 3.3 GHz and that's bigger than i'd like too
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<monochroma> azonenberg: huuuuh
<azonenberg> I think i may have an answer
<monochroma> demons? in my copper?
<azonenberg> It's more likely than you think
<azonenberg> so a68-001 is the recycled SMA, note the solder flowing into the center cavity and what appears to be chipping or melting of the ptfe dielectric
<azonenberg> more interesting is
<azonenberg> that little burr actually seems to have improved the response a bit
<azonenberg> which makes me wonder if maybe my launch is a touch too inductive and that extra C helped
<miek> i would set up one of the bad ones on a live vna sweep and just.. poke at it, see what happens :p
<monochroma> yeahhh
<azonenberg> First step is to finish binning them
<azonenberg> Then investigate the bad ones in more depth
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