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<azonenberg> o/ sam210723
<azonenberg> So yeah, the mock scope basically acts just like a real instrument. If you're loading a config from disk you need to "turn" all of the "knobs" so the channel settings are right for what you're loading
<azonenberg> Viewports are all synced to the vertical settings of the channel being displayed
<sam210723> gm!
<sam210723> Ok cool, I can calling SetOffset and SetVoltageRange for each channel after the samples are loaded
<sam210723> I'll double check that bit now
<azonenberg> Also not now but for later on, rigol mso5000 binary waveforms also use the .bin extension
<azonenberg> So at some point we will have to add some code to identify them based on file headers or something
<azonenberg> (There's an open ticket for importing them but no code yet)
<sam210723> I tested a 4 channel MSO-X 4154A bin file earlier
<sam210723> Seemed to work ok
<sam210723> So there's a good chance MSO-X 5000 series will work with this code
<azonenberg> Great
<azonenberg> Have you tried the scope live with glscopeclient yet? we have support for several agilent/keysight mso-x series
<azonenberg> i dont know how similar yours is to them
<azonenberg> but if it doesnt work, it's likely going to be easy to add
<sam210723> I wish I had a MSO on my desk
<azonenberg> what are you using?
<sam210723> I've got a DSO-X 1102G, the MSO sample was sent to me by a wavebin user
<azonenberg> ah, ok
<sam210723> Pretty sure the 1000 series have no remote control/capture support
<azonenberg> not even usb?
<azonenberg> or rs232?
<azonenberg> According to the manual the known working agilent families for glscopeclient are DSO5000, DSO/MSO6000, DSO/MSO7000, MSOX-2000, MSOX-3000
<azonenberg> as well as keysight MSOX-2000, MSOX-3000, MSOX-3000T
<azonenberg> Looking on keysight's website i see labview and matlab drivers
<azonenberg> on the back right of the instrument (as seen looking at the back panel) I see a usb device port
<azonenberg> it's in the little "alcove" by the gray handle
<azonenberg> that is almost certainly USBTMC
<sam210723> Ah yes, looks like BenchVue has support for 1000 series over that USB port
<azonenberg> So yeah, should be possible to add glscopeclient support
<azonenberg> is this the scope you were using for your 100base-fx work?
<sam210723> Yes it's just enough to do 100Mb Eth
<sam210723> 100 MHz 2 Gs/s
<azonenberg> Nice. You should also be able to do usb 1.x on that
<azonenberg> One thing i really want to work on is either writing a new FPGA logic analyzer core or integrating with some of the other open ones like from LiteX. Or both
<azonenberg> i've already done some small scale tests
<azonenberg> but i want to be able to sync an FPGA LA with an external scope to do full system debug
<azonenberg> with trigger cascading via a GPIO on the FPGA
<azonenberg> We have USB 1.x and 2.0 decoding now, however i don't think anyone bothered to write the pcap bridge yet
<azonenberg> it's pretty trivial to stream to a pcap once you have decoded frames though, and there's an open ticket for it
<azonenberg> but being able to stream decoded usb to wireshark would be nice :)
<azonenberg> Anyway, let me know when your importer is debugged and send me a pull request
<azonenberg> if you try the agilent driver and run into problems ping miek or ... gaah i cant remember who the other agilent users in the channel are now
<sam210723> No worries I'll give it a go once this importer is working
<sam210723> Shouldn't take much longer
<sam210723> Yeah this scope is enumerating as 2a8d:1797 /dev/usbtmc0
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<sam210723> azonenberg, bin import is working well now with all the samples I have
<sam210723> the only thing I haven't worked out yet is adjusting the zoom level so the whole capture is visible
<sam210723> x zoom, y zoom is ok
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<azonenberg> sam210723: Right now i dont have any autoscaling of the timebase for other importers either
<azonenberg> it would be nice to have
<azonenberg> but send a PR of the current code and i'll merg eit
<bvernoux> Your importer is very interesting as it seems it use exactly same format as Rigol MSO5000
<bvernoux> to be checked
<azonenberg> Interesting
<azonenberg> if rigol copied keysight's format that will save us time
<miek>; onwards was some previous discussion on this :)
<azonenberg> very interesting
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<sam210723> does anyone have rigol samples i can try?
<sam210723> the importer is checking for the agilent magic at the top of the file ("AG")
<sam210723> i can add "RG" as an option too if they are the exact same format
<azonenberg> bvernoux pepijndevos Degi?
<sam210723> my python app reads them just fine if i change the magic to AG
<sam210723> will update importer now
<bvernoux> yes perfect
<bvernoux> the main difference is for Digital Channels
<bvernoux> they are 16 bits data
<bvernoux> and does not respect buffer_type
<sam210723> both samples ok in scopehal
<sam210723> ah ok, i haven't tested digital channels yet, only float32
<sam210723> the keysight digital channels are uint8 i think?
<bvernoux> I think keysight digital channels work as same as analog
<bvernoux> using buffer_type
<Degi> Neat
<kc8apf> I finally have my Rigol DS1054Z connected to Ethernet again. Going to be a while before i'm pushing on scopehal again but if I can gather data or do quick experiments that help anyone, let me know.
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<sam210723> uint8 digital import now working
<sam210723> should also work with uint16 but i can't test that with my scope
<sam210723> i'll open PRs tonight
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