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<azonenberg> AKL-AD1 v0.2 boards shipped, ETA Monday
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<azonenberg> LeoBodnar: New SMA came in, wicked away extra solder, and installed it. Getting good output with no evidence of intermittent contact and the connector is in spec on the gage
<azonenberg> So I'm going to call it fixed
<LeoBodnar> cheers, I'll probably avoid solder from now on.
<azonenberg> Excited to see what the pulses look like on my 16 GHz scope when it comes in
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<azonenberg> AKL-AD1 boards arrived ahead of schedule yay
<azonenberg> Assembling tonight
<Bird|otherbox> azonenberg, LeoBodnar: that is *wild* just how fine a spec that is
<azonenberg> what, the pin depth?
<azonenberg> It's actually not. The tolerance band extends pretty far in the negative direction
<azonenberg> depending on which standard you use anywhere from 2 to 10 mils of gap are acceptable
<azonenberg> But any interference fit is illegal as it risks the contacts colliding
<azonenberg> The problem is that an out-of-spec female contact sticking out by +1.5 mils, when mating with a male contact that's recessed by 1 mil (in spec) leads to 0.5 mils of interference fit
<azonenberg> Which will likely damage one or both contacts
<azonenberg> So the spec has a hard stop at +0/-N where allowable N depends on the specific grade of connector
<azonenberg> I'm generally pretty lax about rejecting connectors with too far of a gap, I gage connectors I use for critical measurements and pick ones that are tighter tolerance. But if I see anything sticking out too far I throw it out for fear of damaging the other end of the connection