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<_whitenotifier-5> [scopehal] sam210723 synchronize pull request #396: Add binary capture file parser -
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<azonenberg> Aaaand my AKL-PT1 sims are *still* going
<azonenberg> this one has been averagign almost 30 minutes per frequency and is 14 freqs into the sweep
<azonenberg> That's 7 hours on a single core
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<sam210723_> azonenberg, thanks for taking a look
<sam210723_> apologies for the terrible code
<sam210723_> i did try casting straight into a struct earlier today and it partially worked
<sam210723_> i'll have to do more reading up on that to get it working
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<azonenberg> sam210723_: yeah you probably didnt pack the struct right
<azonenberg> compilers align struct fields by default and add padding in order to improve performance
<azonenberg> but for serialization you dont want that
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<kc8apf> required reading despite the source: