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<marshallh> peak japanese NIH
<marshallh> yes, two SH-4
<marshallh> also using my PT1 a lot lately with the boat anchor lecroy
<monochroma> hlzr: what is it? :O
<monochroma> er
<monochroma> hlzr: sorry, typo
<monochroma> marshallh: what are the boards? :o
<marshallh> hdmi protocol analyzer
<azonenberg> marshallh: nice that's off the kickstarter edition AKL-PT1?
<marshallh> yeah
<azonenberg> What's the BW of your scope
<marshallh> 1gh
<azonenberg> ah ok. So you won't see benefits in performance with the v1.3/1.4 PT1
<azonenberg> You might still want to pick one up for reduced loading though
<azonenberg> (idk if you saw the TSP video)
<marshallh> yeah i did it
<marshallh> i did*
<azonenberg> So yeah massive improvement in loading :)
<marshallh> nice
<azonenberg> Then the production AKL-PT2 boards were originally ETA today
<azonenberg> probably delayed by weather
<azonenberg> Or chinese customs being slow because of the holiday
<azonenberg> actually they left hong kong this morning
<azonenberg> so probably not too far out
<azonenberg> marshallh: also did you see my tweets about the 4 GHz active diff probe i'm working on?
<azonenberg> might be of interest for hdmi among others
<marshallh> ah nope?
<marshallh> Nice
<azonenberg> right now my big problem is that the solder-in probe tip turns out to be a very good 2.4 GHz antenna
<azonenberg> it's very close to an ideal full wave dipole lol
<azonenberg> While the probe is differential, the CMRR of the amp isnt enough to completely overcome a strong wifi signal coming from an AP nearby
<azonenberg> So i'm working on solutions
<azonenberg> First step is to try a ferrite core which is coming tuesday
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<_whitenotifier-5> [scopehal] azonenberg 1bafc5c - DeEmbedFilter: fixed potential resource leak
<_whitenotifier-5> [scopehal] azonenberg d6f3331 - EyeMask: Fixed incorrect loading of masks with absolute timebase in ps. Added support for fs as timebase unit in eye masks.
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<_whitenotifier-5> [scopehal] azonenberg ec1701a - EyeMask: when loading a null file or failing to load, clear previous state