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<azonenberg> "The only really compelling reason for #pragma pack is if you have to exactly match your C data layout to some kind of bit-level hardware or protocol requirement, like a memory-mapped hardware port, and violating normal alignment is required for that to work"
<azonenberg> Exactly the scenario here
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<sam210723_> the string constructor in ReadFile was missing the size arg
<sam210723_> so it was terminating the string at the first null byte
<sam210723_> which was half way through the file header
<azonenberg> ooh good catch, fix that
<azonenberg> I guess we've never used it to read files with non-printable characters in them :p
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<azonenberg> "Time remaining: 1 day 16 hours"
* azonenberg continues waiting for AKL-PT1 sims
<azonenberg> The PT2 production boards finally cleared customs in LA yesterday so fingers crossed they come monday or tuesday
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