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<azonenberg> So i heard from Shahriar yesterday, sounded like he was actively filming the AKL-PT1 video while we talked
<azonenberg> had a bunch of questions about the different versions and such
<monochroma> :O
<azonenberg> and was talking about collecting data
<azonenberg> So hopefully we'll be seeing it go live in the not too distant future
<monochroma> yay
<Bird|otherbox> woohoo \o/
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<azonenberg> LeoBodnar: Heads up about a potential quality control issue on your SMA pulse generators
<azonenberg> I got one a week or two ago and gaged the SMA and the center female contact was sticking out 0.0015" past the reference plane
<azonenberg> I suspect it was overtightened during assembly
<LeoBodnar> ooh, cheers, I will keep an eye on this
<LeoBodnar> is it OK now?
<azonenberg> Or maybe there was too much solder on the contact
<LeoBodnar> i.e. can you deal with it?
<azonenberg> The connector i think is damaged beyond repair. I believe it's Amphenol SV Microwave SF2921-61356 or a very similar connector
<LeoBodnar> it should be a dry contact but I have found that some connectors don't make good contact
<azonenberg> I ordered a replacement
<LeoBodnar> yep it's SV
<azonenberg> (Which cost me $16.21 at digikey plus tax and shipping)
<LeoBodnar> I can refund you or send a replacement
<azonenberg> So i'm going to gage that connector new out of the box, then install it, very carefully and paying attention to contact position as i tighten it
<azonenberg> The cost isnt that big a deal but i wanted you to know in case this was a production issue affecting a whole batch
<azonenberg> Since having the contact stick out too far risks damaging the male contact of hardware it's mated to
<LeoBodnar> got you, thanks for the heads up
<azonenberg> I'm in the process of acquiring a 16 GHz scope and don't want to be messing up any of the rather pricey cables and fittings I'm using it with so I'm starting to gage all of my cables and connectors
<azonenberg> And this is one of the many that failed
<LeoBodnar> I suggest wicking all the solder from the pad then
<LeoBodnar> the worst that can happen then is intermittent contact
<azonenberg> Yeah I'll probably do that
<azonenberg> Maybe your manufacturing shop put too much solder on the
<azonenberg> pad
<LeoBodnar> I thought you wanted to remove the connector altogether for direct testing of your probes?
<LeoBodnar> I'll keep an eye on this
<azonenberg> No, I actually have a fixture now that mates with the SMA and has a signal and ground point
<azonenberg> with characterized electrical length etc
<azonenberg> i use the same thing for VNA testing
<LeoBodnar> ah
<azonenberg> is what it looked like with connector unscrewed
<azonenberg> I suspect the thickness of the solder was enough that when tightened it pushed the pin forward
<azonenberg> i attempted to measure the thickness with my micrometer but the back side SMA got in the way
<azonenberg> And I don't think my caliper has the resolution to see this
<LeoBodnar> yeah, good catch, I'll try to not use solder altogether and just hope it makes enough contact
<LeoBodnar> and redesign the pad on the next version
<LeoBodnar> will probably need few prototypes
<azonenberg> If you don't have a SMA gage set you can send some prototypes to me and I can measure them for you to make sure the pins are in tolerance
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> Shoulda bought the parts when I ordered the PCBs... the STM32s for the probe are out of stock now
<azonenberg> Oops
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> F103 for the host are still available so I can still do everything with the host board
<azonenberg> yeah i always order components, boards, and stencils at the same time
<azonenberg> i assume you've tried other distributors already?
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> Not yet I just checked digikey last night
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> But the probe board is basically just the host with a few things stripped out anyways
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> and mouser is backordered as well
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