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<trogdoro> whitequark: that was fast - ty!
<yorick> trogdoro: I'm not normally on this keyboard, and also not an emacs user
<whitequark> sure
<trogdoro> yorick: here comes an irc logger :)
<whitequark> please note that freenode guidelines require mentioning that the channel is logged in the topic
<trogdoro> whitequark: great - will update it now!
ChanServ changed the topic of #xiki to: foo
<Guest46718> Okay. I just fixed it.
<Guest46718> There were 20 xsh zombies running!
<Guest46718> There needs to be a zombie detector!
ChanServ changed the topic of #xiki to: Trying out the new version of xiki shell! This channel is logged at http://irclog.whitequark.org/xiki/
<trogdoro> whitequark: I just updated the topic - thanks so much!
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<trogdoro> whitequark: fantastic! > http://irclog.whitequark.org/xiki
<whitequark> *nod*
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<yorick> bug report: expanding empty dir does weird stuff.
<trogdoro> yorick: what is it showing?
<yorick> trogdoro: the upper/current dir instead
<yorick> trogdoro: ctrl-enter is also much more intuitive for me because I've used Mathematica in the past
<trogdoro> yorick: hmm, I wonder if the ruby code that lists the dir is doing that on nixos
<yorick> what's the command for removing the line I am on?
<yorick> (key shortcut?)
<yorick> I tried ctrl-k ctrl-k, but that only deletes forwards
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<trogdoro> yorick: ^U ^K ^K
<trogdoro> yorick: or go to the beginning of the line before doing ^K ^K
<trogdoro> yorick: so ^A ^K ^K
<yorick> trogdoro: ruby error
<yorick> "Unable to load color #unspecified
<yorick> "
<yorick> 22:49:37:646 Error: undefined method `keys' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
<yorick> from /home/yorick/xiki-master/lib/xiki/core/keys.rb:152:in `expand'
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<trogdoro> yorick: when are you seeing that error
<trogdoro> yorick: if it’s just in the logs it may be harmless
<yorick> ^A ^K ^K
<yorick> ^U ^K ^K works though
<trogdoro> yorick: hmm, does ^A just jump to the beginning of the line for you?
<yorick> nope
<yorick> ^A opens the as/ keys thing
<trogdoro> yorick: what do you see when you type ^K ^M?
<yorick> keys -> more
<trogdoro> what’s the bottom line you see?
<yorick> 'enable noob mode'
<trogdoro> yorick: did you enable advanced mode?
<trogdoro> I was assuming you hadn’t
<yorick> I don't recall that
<trogdoro> I’m hitting the road now, but will come back and check the logs in a bit
<yorick> ok! :)
<trogdoro> yorick: thanks for helping me work through these bugs
<trogdoro> looking forward to more of it!
<trogdoro> :)
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* yorick has a talent for breaking perfectly fine software
<yorick> trogdoro is the first one who is apparently grateful for it
<yorick> suggestion: use xdg-open on some stuff instead of $EDITOR