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<trogdoro> zuz: Cool, someone put a comment about Xiki on it
<zuz> Yeah that was me, I thought maybe people here could give some tips on how to use it
<zuz> to do those various tasks the OP mentioned.
<trogdoro> zuz: hah, cool :)
<trogdoro> zuz: xiki doesn’t really handle those 5 points, unfortunately :)
<trogdoro> zuz: but it can be used for a lot of the stuff people use org mode for
<trogdoro> general note-taking, etc
<zuz> Emacs in X can display inline images
<zuz> I also hacked a patch to xterm for this purpose at one point
<trogdoro> zuz: there was a blog post about the latest tools that do in-terminal images
<zuz> Cool
<trogdoro> zuz: looks promising, but like it has a long way to go
<zuz> Linking tasks to email: I don't know if this means sending email from inside Xiki
<zuz> or referencing existing inbox emails related to a task
<zuz> The second sounds useful.
<zuz> 3. "select too much text" sounds like a terminal or cut-buffer problem
<zuz> 4. Scheduling - maybe this can be scripted in Elisp
<zuz> 5. Emacs on Android exists, don't know about integrating it.
<trogdoro> zuz: xiki can launch url’s - people could copy and paste gmail url’s into it
<zuz> Maybe they could have a gmail extension that says "Add link to this conversation to Xiki"
<trogdoro> zuz: that could potentially be interesting
<trogdoro> zuz: especially if the email had some runnable code or commands in it
<trogdoro> zuz: xiki could grab the body of the email and make the commands executable (shell commands, etc)
<trogdoro> zuz: I do have xiki sending emails working, via gmail
<trogdoro> you just type an email address, and type the body underneath
<trogdoro> it isn’t committed yet though
<zuz> Cool, I'll try it out when it's up
<trogdoro> and requires gouing through the configuration for setting up an API key for gmail
<trogdoro> it would probably be nicer if it was just smtp
<zuz> Yeah I'm trying to ditch GMail this year
<zuz> I started using MailGun for a project, it's pretty cool for limited volume
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