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<Sublim3_> hi, I downloaded the git repo of xiki yesturday on a pretty standard ubuntu 12.04 vm. It worked fine yesturday when running for the first time. Now today after a vm reboot it hangs on the emacs -Q --nw --daemon=$random. in the xsh script
<Sublim3_> anyone ever experience this or know what this might be
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: hmm, strange
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: a couple things to try…
<trogdoro> $ xsh -i
<trogdoro> that might give you a better error message
<trogdoro> but, first try this:
<trogdoro> $ xsh -stop
<trogdoro> it kills any lingering xsh process
<Sublim3_> xsh -i doesnt pupulate anything in the scratch buffer
<trogdoro> If that doesn’t work, kill them manually:
<trogdoro> $ pkill -f "xsh forker"
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: the scratch buffer shouldn’t be relevant, really
<Sublim3_> no running process
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: what do you see when you type “xsh -i”?
<Sublim3_> well then -i just drops me in a scratch pad
<Sublim3_> pad ->buffer*
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: ubuntu 12.04… I’ve tested mostly with 14.04 and 14.10
<Sublim3_> ohh I didnt menton I didn't install it I'm just running it from the directory
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: what are you typeing specifically?
<trogdoro> and which dir are you in?
<Sublim3_> I just had a base 12.04 image at hand :p
<Sublim3_> /home/sublime/git/xiki/bin/xsh
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: which dir are you in when running this?
<Sublim3_> i ran through the xsh script line by line and pin pointed the problem to line 266
<Sublim3_> "$emacs -Q --daemon=$unique -nw &>/dev/null"
<Sublim3_> when it reaches that line it just hangs
<Sublim3_> at that point --> $emacs=emacs and $unique=$RANDOM
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: good info, but tell me which dir you’re in just so I know
<Sublim3_> im in /home/sublime/git/xiki and I run -$ bin/xsh
<Sublim3_> and the path variable are set right
<Sublim3_> I aslose cehcked them
<Sublim3_> stop searching!
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: it’s hanging on that line, not the subsequent emacsclient… line?
<Sublim3_> I figured it out and umm well . . . . it needs to be ran as sudo (probably because its not instaled?) but still
<Sublim3_> no I also checkd that
<Sublim3_> still my sudo theorie doesnt make sense because emacs doesnt need root privs
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: yeah, I wouldn’t think that should help
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: are you saying you ran it as sudo and it worked?
<Sublim3_> soo in my environment running: emacs -Q -nv --daemonize=$RANDOM &> /dev/null just hangs
<Sublim3_> -nv --> -nw
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: what happens when specifically run this?
<Sublim3_> nvm not a xiki problem more a emacs problem aparently
<trogdoro> $ emacs -Q --daemon=abcd -nw &>/dev/null
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: also, what happens when you run this?
<trogdoro> $ emacs -Q --daemon=xyz -nw
<Sublim3_> hangs forever
<Sublim3_> thats what I just said :p
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: I wanted to be clear about “$RANDOM”, and try it without “&> /dev/null”
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: which emacs version do you have?
<trogdoro> $ emacs -version
<Sublim3_> yah I had tested echo $RANDOM first
<Sublim3_> GNU Emacs 24.3.1
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: are you saying you ran it as sudo and it worked?
<Sublim3_> if i run $ sudo bin/xiki it works
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: strange
<Sublim3_> maybe I just need root privs to run emacs a as daemon ??
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: I wouldn’t think so
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: at least, with ubuntu 14.04 and emacs 24 this isn’t necessary
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: maybe you were root the first time you ran it?
<Sublim3_> yes I remember I was root the first time for the first part of script uses apt-get
<Sublim3_> hmm
<Sublim3_> still why does xiki need root privs? and also why does it stall on that line ahahha
<Sublim3_> still problem fixed
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: xiki just needs to have that “$emacs -Q --daemon…” line succeed
<Sublim3_> trogdoro,
<Sublim3_> it just hangs as a normal user
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: emacs —daemon must be creating a file somewhere when you ran it as root
<Sublim3_> i can strace it if you want to see ?
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: might not be a bad idea - that could show the last file it tried to access
<Sublim3_> trogdoro, thx for the help
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<trogdoro> Sublim3_: np - good debuging to track it down to that line!
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: re your initial install, that you did as sudo…
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: (the initial xsh setup)
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: did you try it without sudo, and did it not work?
<Sublim3_> trogdoro, hahah there it is
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: maybe doing a trace without sudo would be useful?
<Sublim3_> well the last line gives it away: "sudo: effective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo on a file system with the 'nosuid' option set or an NFS file system without root privileges?"
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: not sure I follow - what is the fix?
<Sublim3_> trogdoro, strace without sudo
<Sublim3_> trogdoro, fix is running as root ?
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: that seems unsecure
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: maybe uninstall emacs and re-install it?
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: how did it get installed, exactly?
<trogdoro> during the xsh setup, or was it already there?
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: btw, I’m downloading an ubuntu 12.04 vm to try it out
<Sublim3_> trogdoro, are you working on the project?
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: yep
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: did you check for existing emacs daemon processes?
<Sublim3_> dpkg -l emacs : ii emacs 45.0ubuntu1 all GNU Emacs editor (metapackage)
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: $ ps aux | grep "emacs -Q --daemon"
<Sublim3_> yah I just did a : sudo killall emacs
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: just now?
<Sublim3_> but before that maybe one or two from som tests
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: if so, maybe try doing xsh again now, without sudo
<Sublim3_> and now with not active emacs running issue is the same
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: when you did “killall emacs”, did you verify that all the processes went away?
<Sublim3_> yes of course :p
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: might be a good trouble-shooting step to reboot
<Sublim3_> alright ill brb in 2 minutes
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: in case there’s some strange file open or process running that we’re not seeing
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: cool
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<Sublim3> damn sry network issues
<Sublim3> but the problem with emacs/xiki persists
<trogdoro> Sublim3_: was emacs already installed before you did the xsh install?
<Sublim3> good question I don't remember what packaged it needed
<Sublim3> I knew I didn't have perl so I just let it go ahed
<Sublim3> i mean ruby
<Sublim3> are you close to having a vm up. Because I was thinking when I made my base 12.04 image I might have compiled my own emacs :S
<trogdoro> Sublim3: ah, maybe something went wrong with the permissions when you compiled it
<trogdoro> Sublim3: like you said, it does sound like an emacs issue at this point
<Sublim3> still unsure of that fact
<Sublim3> ill go check the repos to see which version ubuntu packages
<trogdoro> Sublim3: not being able to run emacs —daemon should be pretty independant of emacs
<trogdoro> Sublim3: is your irc username a reference to Sublime Text?
<Sublim3> no I wanted sublime but it was taken :(
<Sublim3> but I do like sublime text
<trogdoro> Sublim3: The vm completed > running the xsh “one-line installer” now…
<trogdoro> in ubuntu 12.04
<Sublim3> ohhh thats not what I used
<Sublim3> as I said I just ran it from a git clone
<trogdoro> Sublim3: k, I’ll try it via a git clone next
<trogdoro> Sublim3: I’m getting a “blank screen”
<trogdoro> ….when it opens emacs
<trogdoro> probably an emacs 23 issue
<Sublim3> what version does it install ?
<trogdoro> Sublim3: if the xsh installer doesn’t find emacs, it just does “apt-get install emacs”
<trogdoro> Sublim3: so it gets the current one according to the package manager
<Sublim3> so what is $ emacs --version in your vm
<trogdoro> Sublim3: emacs 23
<trogdoro> GNU Emacs 23.3.1
<Sublim3> this confirms the fact hat i compiled GNU Emacs 24.3.1
<Sublim3> and that the issue persists in that version of emacs :(
<Sublim3> Thanks alot for your time and effort. And also for the great tool you created I look forward to experiencing alot with it
<trogdoro> Sublim3: no prob, thanks for helping trouble-shoot!
<trogdoro> Sublim3: if it’s convenient for you to use an Ubuntu 14.04 image...
<trogdoro> Sublim3: you’ll probably have much better luck with that
<Sublim3> yah don't worry this is a non-real issue for me I just noticed it
<Sublim3> thought I'd see if it was xiki related
<trogdoro> Sublim3: cool
<trogdoro> Sublim3: I’ll have to figure out what to do re 12.04 users
<trogdoro> Sublim3: there’s an emacs24 package for 12.10, but not 12.04
<Sublim3> hmm
<Sublim3> well see you around
<trogdoro> Sublim3: btw, looks like it’s a ruby version error
<trogdoro> Sublim3: or at least that’s one of the problems
<trogdoro> ruby 1.8.7
<trogdoro> I’ll need to recognize that and make them upgrade to 1.9 at least
<Sublim3> ohhhh, I didn't get that
<trogdoro> Sublim3: yeah, possibly different than your issue
<Sublim3> also for line 27 in xsh you could check if /usr/local/bin is in path before appending. Not that it changes something :P
<trogdoro> Sublim3: curious what’s your ruby version?
<Sublim3> ruby 1.9.3p484. Guess some other modification to my base image made that
<trogdoro> Sublim3: cool
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<redmeat> Hello, running xiki on Ubuntu with my default shell as Z-shell (zsh). Typing Ctrl-R is not showing any history. Instead I'm taken into xiki and presented with "See the key shortcuts at the bottom file."
<redmeat> $HISTFILE is set to .zsh_history
<redmeat> What could cause no history to be shown?
<redmeat> Command history works in bash as normal.
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<trogdoro> I just did a push, that should fix some of the install bugs
<trogdoro> Try again if you haven’t had success