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<v0idify> of course there is
<andrewrk> here's a well-scoped, contributor friendly, std lib enhancement, that would help the self-hosted compiler:
<v0idify> hey i can do that!
<v0idify> (i'm setting up a development environment
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<v0idify> damn, llvm compilation speeds
<g-w1> yep its pretty bad. you shouldn't have to compile the compiler every time tho. just update --override-lib-dir to $ZIG_REPO/lib
<v0idify> yes but this is my first time :)
<g-w1> you can just use the master compiler, and override the lib dir. ofc its always fun to build from source :P
<v0idify> how?
<g-w1> --override-lib-dir ?
<v0idify> oh god, thanks
<g-w1> the compiler should be master tho so std.builtin matches up
<v0idify> sorry, probably should be on
<g-w1> ive actually never used it, since i mostly work on the compiler, but it *should* work
<v0idify> andrewrk, (don't have github) the things that don't need a context simply use void right? also it's not entirely clear to me what the example use-case is for
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<xackus> I got zig0 to build with llvm main, but now it crashes in ZigLLVMTargetMachineEmitToFile
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<mikdusan> xackus: what's the context?
<xackus> mikdusan: I am trying out a new clang api for macro expansion: clang::MacroExpansionContext
<mikdusan> which llvm tag/branch ?
<xackus> main
<mikdusan> using something based on zig llvm12 branch?
<xackus> yes
<mikdusan> linux/x86_64 ?
<xackus> yep
<xackus> it segfaults in the destructor of StandardInstrumentations
<mikdusan> hmmm zig0 is limited in options but I wonder if you can get it to emit llvm ir
<xackus> I should probably get some sleep before tackling this further
<mikdusan> here's about the most basic thing for zig0 to do. try this, you may have to adjust zig0 path, and where ./lib is coming from:
<mikdusan> because llvm major has bumped, I'd sanity check target datalayout and triple
<mikdusan> I'll add the .ll output from a linux box from an llvm12 branch build for comparison
<mikdusan> identical .ll ; shrug I guess that rules that out :)
<xackus> still segfaults with this minimal file
<xackus> alright, I need to sleep, bye
<mikdusan> laters
<xackus> thanks for the help
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<v0idify> is there a nicer explanation on atomic memory? i'm trying to understand it and came across but it very much confuses me still
<ifreund> this stuff is super tricky though
<companion_cube> There's a 2 part cppcon video on atomics
<companion_cube> The basic principle is just variables that you can change atomically even between threads
<v0idify> but that's for compiler devs, i want to understand it for using it in my program
<companion_cube> With some specific operations
<companion_cube> Ah well, don't, unless you're writing new concurrency primitives :). Although an atomic bool can be useful to signal stuff between threads
<ifreund> v0idify: I think understanding what the different orderings allow the compiler to do and not do is the same as unterstanding how to use it in your program
<v0idify> okay, i
<v0idify> okay, i'll check it out then. i hate ANSI enter
<ifreund> you may also want to read the relevant part of the C11 or C++11 standard linked there
<v0idify> i'm trying to use an atomic bool for signaling when my loop that accepts connections stops working, but i realize that i probably should use select {} for this, because if i do while (running) { conn = accept(); } then i will have to do one more connection to turn off the server anyway
<ifreund> cppreference is also pretty good:
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<pingiun> is a bit rotate on integers supported anywhere in Zig? i saw that >>> does not work and the documentation seems to only mention shifts
<pingiun> nvm I found it in the math module
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<M_F> Hello, I just hit a bug with `packed struct`s, demonstrated here :
<M_F> I made a struct with 32 bits, but I get @sizeOf(my_struct) = 5 :/
<M_F> I only discovered Zig recently, but I'm willing to fix this bug myself if you point me to the right direction :)
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<M_F> Ok, thanks :)
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<M_F> Oh, and there is another thing that I didn't understand : when using `packed struct`s, it appears that the first fields that are declared end up in the least significant bits of the representation, but the doc says that "fields remain in the order declared", am I interpreting it wrongly ?
<M_F> (i.e. do we normally order bits from least significant to most significant ? I know this would make mathematical sense, but it's a bit surprising to me haha)
<fengb> It's architecture dependent. By convention, little endian orders by LSB first
<M_F> Ok, thanks
<M_F> "Non-ABI-aligned fields are packed into the smallest possible ABI-aligned integers in accordance with the target endianness." (from the doc) Is it what this means ?
<M_F> Otherwise I'd propose to state this behavior more clearly in the docs (unless it is actually obvious and not worth mentioning; I'm not familiar enough with systems progamming to judge that)
<M_F> What bothers me is that endianness is about the order of _bytes_, not _bits_...
<fengb> Bit endian is a thing too
<M_F> Yes, of course
<Raito_Bezarius> would that be possible to declare the struct in C with packing and gets it back in Zig?
<fengb> Yes if you can guarantee the C field layout
<Raito_Bezarius> Alright
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<mikdusan> llvm-12.0.0 tagged
<TheLemonMan> let's party ?
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<mikdusan> :)
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<mikdusan> fyi - it is 12.0.0-rc5 retagged
<TheLemonMan> I can't stand the stage1 compiler anymore, the OOM keeps triggering even though there are 12GB of free ram
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<mikdusan> hmm odd. I can get away with 10G vm...
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<TheLemonMan> that's way too much RAM anyway
<mikdusan> oh maybe -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug saves a bit?
<TheLemonMan> I'm always building the compiler in debug mode
<TheLemonMan> I noticed this kind of failure after the switch to the new pass manager, I'm not 100% sure that's the culprit tho
<mikdusan> peculiar. on archlinux, llvm12 branch, time -v gives on fresh build, all caches destroyed, llvm12:
<mikdusan> Maximum resident set size (kbytes): 8128420
<mikdusan> and visually top was showing some 7.5g for zig1.o
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<mikdusan> but this is in vm. no desktop
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<pingiun> is there a way to loop a certain amount of times like for i in 0..5 in rust or for(i = 0; i < 5; i++) in C?
<Nypsie> Good old while loop
<pingiun> ah sad
<Nypsie> var i: usize = 0; while(i<5) : (i+=1){}
<pingiun> oh interesting, i didn't see that syntax yet
<pingiun> i see it's in the documentation, but i just missed it before. thanks!
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<Nypsie> You're welcome :)
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<andrewrk> oh snap it's llvm release day today :-o
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<g-w1> does anyone know the proposal to make functions only callable at comptime?
<g-w1> thanks
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<mikdusan> andrewrk: on bumping master to llvm12, CI pipepline for macos-arm64 will be straightfwd. I can also do macos-x86_64 bump but not with formal zig-bootstrap (never got that to work).
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, it'll take me the better part of the day to get all the CI tarballs ready, planning to merge into master this evening
<mikdusan> 👍
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<andrewrk> wtf there are still 13 release blockers open
<andrewrk> it's also missing the latest release/12.x commit that fixes our aarch64 issue...?
<mikdusan> yes
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<mikdusan> tom sent an email to the report saying it won't make 12.0.0
<andrewrk> the hell is the point of release candidates when they dont fix them before the release
<mikdusan> I _might_ suggest we delay until 12.0.1, but then... who knows how many blockers will make that tag.
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<paulsmith21> hi, there - i am able to trigger what appears to be an infinite loop in the Semantic Analysis step. i have this boiled-down version of my code that's causing it -- basically, it's a tree structure, implementing the type-specific interface for formatting per std.fmt.format comment, with some self-recursion. i suspect it is the self-recursion that's
<paulsmith21> causing the issue, and i'm just wondering a) is this expected, or a bug in Zig's semantic analysis, and/or b) is there a workaround without radically restructuring my code?
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<g-w1> i have a feeling its the @TypeOf(writer).Error part
<g-w1> never mind, anyerror doesn't fix it
<g-w1> its definently a compiler bug
<paulsmith21> could i also be messing something up regarding pointers?
<mikdusan> is the tree cyclic?
<paulsmith21> it *shouldn't* be - that's not the design intent, but it could accidentally be due to my bad coding.
<g-w1> you have a bug, in expr, you have the format take a Node, but it should take an Expr
<mikdusan> oh wait during comptime shouldn't matter
<g-w1> even with that bug fix, it still does not compile
<paulsmith21> aha - i suspect the analysis isn't even reaching Expr yet
<g-w1> yes, you are right
<andrewrk> mikdusan, plan is still to upgrade to 12-
<andrewrk> sorry for exploding a bit there
<paulsmith21> just to keep Expr from confusing things, i simplified the gist and got rid of it, it still triggers the infinite loop.
<g-w1> heres an even more refined version
<mikdusan> g-w1: but yours doesn't include animated gif :P
<g-w1> :(
<paulsmith21> interesting - it also works if you comment out the call to std.fmt.format in the .leaf arm, so it's not just (only?) the recursive call to Node.format
<g-w1> i feel like there is some weird recursion that is not caught by the compiler
<mikdusan> seems to be doing a lot of zig`generic_fn_type_id_eql(a=0x00000001671731c0, b=0x00000001874815a0) at analyze.cpp:5770:5
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<xackus> mikdusan maybe the segfault from yesterday has something to do with the new pass manager
<paulsmith21> i should mention, this is on a checkout of 0.7.1.
<g-w1> its the same for me on master
<g-w1> feel free to file an issue on the compiler
<paulsmith21> will do. thanks!
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<mikdusan> xackus: with `basic.zig` and zig0 command line from my gist, you got IR, but then it still segfaults?
<xackus> yes
<mikdusan> can I see your zig branch?
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, I'm making the call here that master branch zig is going to depend on release/12.x (not the tag). so the CI tarballs will include the extra commit
<mikdusan> aaaaah . ctrl-c ctrl-c ctrl-c :)
<andrewrk> sorry
<andrewrk> which one(s) are you doing?
<andrewrk> I'm about to kick off aarch64-macos, x86_64-linux, and x86_64-windows
<mikdusan> i was just redoing my plethora of macos deps. arm64, x86_64 11.0, 10.15 and 10.9 and linux. but these aren't zig-bootstrap anyways
<andrewrk> ok cool
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<mikdusan> andrewrk: clarification. 12.x is a branch, not a tag. is zig master going to peg at fa0971b87fb2c9d14d1bba2551e61f02f18f329b ?
<andrewrk> yes pegging tarballs at that commit
<mikdusan> 👍
<mikdusan> xackus: can you provide llvm main commit you are building against?
<xackus> 64c24f493e5f4637ee193f10f469cdd2695b4ba6
<xackus> guess I need a debug build for this
<mikdusan> xackus: I'll try to reproduce segfault on macos; won't have results for a few hours
<xackus> thanks!
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<pingiun> i just made my first thing in Zig! I was implementing the sha2 algorithms in Rust and found that i needed some code duplication because const generics and such aren't that advanced yet. I knew that Zig allows for all the compile time trickery that I needed so I wanted to see how easy it would be. Here's what I came up with:
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<pingiun> I would love to know if there are any things that can be more idiomatic in Zig, because this is just what I came up with while porting from rust
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<g-w1> looks pretty nice!
<g-w1> did you find it easier to write than the rust?
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<pingiun> not really, but that's mainly because i was already more familiar with rust and I tried to make it more difficult for myself by implementing the two algorithm versions at once
<pingiun> also in this case you don't really get a lot of annoyance from the borrow checker, because you're working with a lot of static buffers
<pingiun> but one thing that stood out to me was +% which is really nice syntax
<pingiun> in Rust this is 123.wrapping_add(321) which is kinda ugly
<pingiun> and it was somewhat harder to find the right functions (such as math.rotr) to use because searching in the stdlib doesn't work very well yet
<pingiun> but it was really fun!
<g-w1> cool!
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<pingiun> oh right I wanted to ask, are struct fields private? is it possible to make them public/private?
<g-w1> no, it is not
<v0idify> how can I wait for all async functions to finish running when ran with runDetached?
<g-w1> pingiun: all struct fields are public
<pingiun> g-w1: is there a convention of adding a _ prefix to fields you shouldn't touch?
<g-w1> no, there is not
<v0idify> not really
<ifreund> pingiun: I recommend doc comments on fields that *really* shouldn't be touched stating as much
<pingiun> ifreund: makes sense
<andrewrk> v0idify, if you want to wait for them then you need to allocate the frame, use async, and then when you want to wait, use await
<andrewrk> runDetached is a red herring
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<v0idify> :|
<v0idify> makes sense though
<v0idify> i don't get some things runDetached do though
<v0idify> the beginOneEvent and yield stuff don't make sense to me,
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, I'm thinking of using -mcpu=x86_64_v2 for our CI builds of zig. thoughts?
<g-w1> pc2? 👀 i think this bug is caused by the wrong instruction set for old hardware
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<mikdusan> andrewrk: just looking up when those instructions first appeared
<mikdusan> oh wow I didn't even know _v[2..4] was a cross-vendor definition:
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<andrewrk> I think even v2 is supported by pretty old hardware
<mikdusan> it looks very old. So far I've found nothing to say it would be a problem
<andrewrk> nice. doin it
<g-w1> so this will give the ci better speeds and also the downloaded tarballs?
<andrewrk> potentially. depends on how much these CPU features end up getting utilized and how much they matter to perf
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<g-w1> yep, makes sense
<mikdusan> I have a datapoint for mac side of things. old macpro (10.6 days) is penryn. that's between x86_64 v1 and v2 and that's a 13 year old system
<g-w1> i mean, it wont affect llvm speed
<mikdusan> g-w1: with zig-bootstrap it does because it rebuilds llvm with `zig cc` :)
<g-w1> ci uses zig-bootstrap?
<mikdusan> for linux yes
<g-w1> oh nice
<mikdusan> maybe more than linux, I haven't examined the date of dep tarballs used by ci for freebsd or win
<andrewrk> we use zig-bootstrap for all the CI now I believe
<mikdusan> minus macos aarch64
<g-w1> turns out compiling llvm from nixos only took like 40 minutes
<andrewrk> alright. llvm12 branch merged into master and pushed. now it's a race to fix the broken CI
<andrewrk> mikdusan, can you do the honors for aarch64-macos please? :)
<andrewrk> I'm working on zig-bootstrap builds for everything that can be cross compiled
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<andrewrk> thanks!
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<mikdusan> andrewrk: no problemo
<xackus> how much ram do I need to build llvm with -j4?
<xackus> debug