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<catern> I just read in that the Zig general purpose memory allocator doesn't reuse memory/address space, that's really interesting to me - is there some documentation of how the allocator is structured?
<mikdusan> catern: fyi this is the source to that allocator:
<catern> ah I found which has a pretty good description - which is probably close enough to accurate for me
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<andrewrk> anybody want to help out and implement this?
<andrewrk> I can point you to an existing implementation in C
<andrewrk> assume LDBL_MANT_DIG == 113 && LDBL_MAX_EXP == 16384, the zig version should produce a f128
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<shachaf> Hmm, does the parser code mirror the grammar in the language reference by design, or would you be open to using a much more compact style of precedence parser?
<andrewrk> shachaf, I'm fine with it being more compact but I am against passing functions around as parameters
<andrewrk> also would want to see perf changes with any parser refactoring
<shachaf> Sure, not passing functions around (but maybe having a table of operators with precedences).
<andrewrk> yeah that's fine. there is also to keep in mind
<andrewrk> the only other design consideration is that it is intended to be somewhat error tolerant, for use by IDE integration services
<shachaf> It'd just be a different way to structure the same thing, for the most part. Probably more efficient because you don't need to descend the entire precedence chain for every expression, you just go right to the right level.
<andrewrk> makes sense to me
<shachaf> The other unusual thing I see is that "a == b == c" seems to be banned?
<andrewrk> #114 applies here, parens should be required
<shachaf> I mean, in the existing grammar.
<shachaf> But that should be pretty easy to handle, I guess. "a == b and c == d" is still permitted, of course.
<shachaf> Man, I swear, every time I try to build Zig I run into not having the right version of LLVM available. Every time.
<andrewrk> LLVM is one hell of a dependency
<andrewrk> in the near future, for this task, you'll be able to bootstrap without LLVM, and build self-
<shachaf> Does it really need to be a system dependency, rather than something local?
<andrewrk> hosted without llvm enabled, to test the parser
<andrewrk> not sure what you're asking
<andrewrk> you mean copy pasting the codebase to the zig source tree
<andrewrk> ?
<shachaf> Can I just download LLVM and put it in the current directory to build Zig, rather than try to get the right version installed systemwide?
<andrewrk> those two are the same thing
<andrewrk> what OS/arch are you on
<shachaf> Ubuntu.
<shachaf> On amd64.
<shachaf> I've always installed it with apt. Maybe I missed something.
<andrewrk> but because c++ is crazy you'll have to follow the same steps as the CI does to use this tarball, which is building with zig cc.
<andrewrk> or you can build it from source, see,-libclang,-and-liblld-from-source. or you can use
<shachaf> Or upgrade to the latest Ubuntu that just came out, I guess.
<shachaf> Man, this happens every time I want to look at Zig, which is apparently about the same cadence as new LLVM major versions.
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<leon-p> I am writing a generator for shell completion scripts. Any pointers on how to best integrate that with the build system? The idea is that users define the completion tree in build.zig and that the files get generated and installed together with the corresponing executable.
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<koakuma> Hello all, just updated my copy to the latest master and I'm encountering a strange miscompilation issue on SPARCv9 Linux
<koakuma> @atomicRmw operations, when compiled normally without a target flag, results in a call to __atomic_exchange_XX, which then proceeds to do an infinite recursion, but if I explicitly add a "-target sparcv9-linux-gnu" to the flags, it compiles correctly into membar-ed instructions
<koakuma> Anyone knows what's going wrong here?
<TheLemonMan> yes
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<koakuma> Ah, so what's happening? Did I specify the flags wrong or what?
<TheLemonMan> hang on a second, I'm pushing a commit
<TheLemonMan> g-w1, pushed a zig fmt fix, thank you for the reminder
<g-w1> nice
<TheLemonMan> koakuma, the baseline cpu model is so bare bones it has no hw support for atomic ops. LLVM tries to paper over this problem by using libcalls, hence the __atomic_exchange_XX
<koakuma> Ouch. Is that also the reason why __atomic_exchange_XX gets compiled into infinite recursion?
<koakuma> I see that its implementation also does an @atomicRmw inside
<TheLemonMan> that's dependent on largest_atomic_size (and largest_atomic_size)
<TheLemonMan> but v9 is the default cpu for 64bit sparcs, perhaps we're picking the wrong default?
<TheLemonMan> what's the output of `zig build-obj --show-builtin` ?
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<TheLemonMan> I think the problem is that we're using LLVM's host-detection functions and they are defaulting to "generic" as cpu model
<TheLemonMan> too bad that's a 32bit bare-bones model that's almost unusable...
<TheLemonMan> koakuma, try setting `largest_atomic_size` to 0
<koakuma> Okay, let me change and rebuild
<koakuma> Now the call chain becomes something like @atomicRmw -> __atomic_exchange_4 -> __atomic_exchange_8 -> __atomic_exchange_8 (infinite recursion)
<TheLemonMan> alright, we can't even implement a simple spinlock
<koakuma> Also, should I add a v9 entry here? Seems like it is what causes the generic CPU model to be picked
<TheLemonMan> it's more the use of ZigLLVMGetHostCPUName
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<koakuma> It returns the wrong thing for generic SPARCv9?
<TheLemonMan> there's no autodetection at all, it simply returns "generic"
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<ifreund> leon-p: you probably want to define a custom build step users can import into their build.zig, see zig-wayland's ScanProtocolsStep for an example
<leon-p> I see, thanks.
<koakuma> TheLemonMan, so this is an LLVM issue of sorts? In that it returns "generic" rather than "v9" when compiling for SPARCv9?
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<TheLemonMan> more or less, the idea is to eventually get rid of LLVM's host detection code and do our own thing
<koakuma> Hmmm, okay. So for now I must explicitly specify the target when compiling, that should be enough right
<TheLemonMan> yeah, but I think that every 64bit sparc can safely default to v9
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<aigoo> Are there any plans on implementing http utilities in the standard library?
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<xackus_> Zig SHOWTIME is live!
<companion_cube> what is even going on
<companion_cube> ah. still not sure why it's not on the website instead…
<andrewrk> *shrug* I'm not doing the work of running showtime. he probably has a good reason for it
<companion_cube> not blaming you andrewrk :)
<andrewrk> I'm just saying don't look a gift horse in the mouth
<TheLemonMan> hey, don't kink-shame!
<ifreund> :D
<torque> comprehensive dental understanding is valuable regardless of horse provenance
<andrewrk> lol
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<shachaf> Is the precedence table at accurate? It looks like orelse/catch are at the same level as bitwise operators.
<andrewrk> I think it needs auditing
<mikdusan> andrewrk: on drone pipeline, is the availability for `$HOME/.s3cfg` somehow tied to the script pathname being executed?
<mikdusan> I get this now after reworking things in a pr: `ERROR: /root/.s3cfg: None` yet I can see no action in thes script of copying the file there like azure scripts do
<andrewrk> mikdusan, it's a "secret" so I think it's configured to only be present for master branch
<mikdusan> thanks for the clue. I had some condition logic backwards
<g-w1> mikdusan: would it be too hacky to only disable debug on the THUNDERX hosts?
<g-w1> just thought of this
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<Nypsie> exit
<Nypsie> Woops, you peops didn't see that!
<andrewrk> see what?
<ikskuh> /exit <leaving #zig now>
<ikskuh> :D
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<shachaf> How do I run all the tests, rather than just one file's tests?
<mikdusan> everything? `zig build test`
<mikdusan> or do you mean run all tests for your project of > 1 source file?
<shachaf> I mean for the Zig compiler.
<shachaf> Or, I guess, how do I make sure my change didn't break any tests.
<mikdusan> yeah the first thing I suggested. you might begin first by `zig build test -Dskip-non-native -Dskip-release` locally is a very good way to get sanity
<andrewrk> has some advince on running tests
<shachaf> Aha, I didn't see that file.
<andrewrk> the whole test suite can take a long time; depending on what you're changing there may be much faster options
<andrewrk> if it's the parser, you want: ./zig test ../lib/std/zig/parser_test.zig
<andrewrk> that'll be nice and fast
<shachaf> This is definitely taking longer than 6 minutes, even with -Dskip-release
<shachaf> Yes, I already got the parser tests passing that way.
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<shachaf> andrewrk: What about the parser performance benchmarks you mentioned yesterday?
<andrewrk> are you asking for a tool to measure perf?
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<shachaf> Yes, is there one? Or how do you normally evaluate parser changes?
<andrewrk> I've been using `zig fmt` on the std lib to measure it
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<shachaf> The time to do that varies between 4s and 4.5s with the same executable. :-(
<shachaf> Maybe it's my laptop not being very good for benchmarking anything.
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<andrewrk> shachaf, use `perf stat -e cache-misses -e instructions -e cycles`
<andrewrk> wall clock time will vary but those 3 things will be pretty consistent
<companion_cube> (perf also combines well with flamegraph ♥)
<shachaf> Hmm, cache misses also vary by 15% for runs of the same code.
<andrewrk> maybe try hyperfine?
<shachaf> The number of instructions is pretty stable, at least.
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<shachaf> Is there a way to submit a patch other than a GitHub pull request? I don't like making forks on GitHub.
<g-w1> you can do it on the mailing list
<shachaf> Hmm, looks like it gets a couple of messages a month.
<shachaf> Maybe I can just make a fork and then delete it.
<g-w1> i read the mailing list 🤷