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<v0idifyy> is there a @fieldParentPtr for union(enum)?
<andrewrk> v0idifyy, planned but not implemented
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<g-w1> is there a way to make this work?
<andrewrk> llvm12 builds are up on the download page
<andrewrk> https link please, otherwise my ISP MITM attacks me:
<g-w1> oof, sorry about that
<g-w1> it seems like the function is called in a comptime context which kinda makes sense
<g-w1> but also doesn't at the same time
<g-w1> i feel like functions that return types shouldn't automatically be comptime
<andrewrk> you're trying to store 0x01 in the address 0x01 at compile time
<g-w1> yes, that is an example to show that it is not runtime
<andrewrk> did you mean to return a struct instance and not the struct type?
<g-w1> basically, make a struct and init it at the same time
<g-w1> nah, this is for embedded stuff
<g-w1> actually that might work
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<v0idifyy> why is there readUntilDelimiterAlloc and readUntilDelimiterOrEof but no readUntilDelimiter?
<g-w1> i was thinking that exact same thing a few days ago!
<hspak> Possible the problem is PEBKAC, but the latest master zig tarball seems to be missing `std.mem.containsAtLeast` somehow? I'm seeing:
<g-w1> what is PEBKAC?
<hspak> > Short for problem exists between keyboard and chair
<hspak> Basically I'm the fool :D
<hspak> Hmm I wonder what I've done wrong here
<g-w1> you probably messed up your lib dir
<hspak> Ah yup, you're right. Problem was definitely me - I probably didn't realize I already had a ~/zig dir and when I extracted the new tarball there, some lingering over files that didn't get overwritten probably messed it up
<hspak> All good now!
<g-w1> imo zig should be better at detecting stuff like this
<g-w1> maybe it should put a file with its version in the lib dir, then check if its version matches it?
<g-w1> ah, this wouldn't solve it anyways
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<yxprogramming> hello, everyone! I recently started a project that requires linking a static library to the final project. Using linkSystemLibrary doesn't work because that appears to look for system libraries rather than relative paths from the project directory. I looked through the LibExeObjStep and didn't notice anything that could accomplish this. Does anyone know a way to do this? Thanks in advance!
<g-w1> exe.addObjectFile iirc
<yxprogramming> okay, thank you, that seems to have done the trick! I saw that function browing through the source earlier, but didn't make the connection
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<wilsonk> anybody else having trouble building llvm-12? I have followed the same procedure as the last 90-ish times I have built it, but now I get this error: "llvm-12.0.0.src/tools/lld-12.0.0.src/MachO/UnwindInfoSection.h:15:10: fatal error: mach-o/compact_unwind_encoding.h' file not found"
<wilsonk> Anybody else?
<wilsonk> I grabbed libunwind and unpacked it in the runtimes dir, since that file seems to be libunwind joy
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<wilsonk> Thankfully I have this 64-core system that only takes 9 mins to build LLVM/clang/lld or I would be even more pissed! Can't imagine waiting 3 hours only to find out LLVM can't get their shit together enough to guarantee a build for a new release!! So anyways...
<mikdusan> known issue with lld
<mikdusan> one sec
<wilsonk> I got it figured out...
<wilsonk> if you copy over the Unwind file from runtimes/libunwind/include/mach-o to the lld include directory (make a mach-o subdir first) then things build fine
<wilsonk> Shouldn't they be able to fix this in a tenth of a second over there instead of pissing off VERY long time users!?!??!?! UGH
<wilsonk> It's not like I am on an exotic system or doing anything even remotely out of the ordinary... rant over!
<wilsonk> mikdusan, did you happen to find an issue for this? Or something in a search? I couldn't find any info on this silliness
<mikdusan> it's labeled against a standalone build of lld. so I'm not sure why people are hitting the bug. I managed to build llvm12 "my way" without issue (llvm-project, and subprojects of choice all at once)
<mikdusan> I know andrew hit it (I think with zig-bootstrap) but that does a lot more things. like disables some LLVM tools during build. might be key that "llvm-config" is not built in one of it's stages and triggers this lld bug? i dunno
<mikdusan> but way to volatile. lld is like an outcast. it's CMakeFiles and targets are really odd compared to the rest of llvm-projects
<wilsonk> Thanks for that. At least I know I am not alone :) Strange that it comes up for me without a standalone build or doing anything exotic
<wilsonk> The only difference from the build instructions on the zig wiki is that I unpack clang/lld in the tools directory of llvm and they get picked up automatically during the llvm build...usually easy-peasy
<semarie> here build of zig-bootstrap was fine (on openbsd)
<wilsonk> brb
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<wilsonk> wow, on a roll...reboot to update win10 and it fails twice! Snake-bitten tonight! I think I will leave off updating my business VM's, just in case...
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<RadekCh> Good morning guys! I was asking this yesterday evening but nobody has responded. What I have problem with is building stage1 compiler. I'm getting the following errors:
<RadekCh> The problems are related to "missing" enums, but the source code of zig does contain them
<RadekCh> the problem is that for example tartet.zig is taken from the zig that is installed on my host
<RadekCh> so zig compilation of stage1 is not using the proper source code, do You know how can I overcome this?
<xackus> hmm, maybe try override-lib-dir
<RadekCh> and how can I do this?
<xackus> --override-lib-dir
<xackus> with zig build it might be different
<RadekCh> so: [radzio@dom zig]$ zig build -Dstage1 --search-prefix ~/experiments/zig/zig-bootstrap/out/native-linux-gnu-baseline/ --override-lib-dir lib/ ?
<RadekCh> but this also fails immediately
<RadekCh> I'm following the instructions in
<RadekCh> Option B: Use a Pre-Built Zig Binary
<xackus> I've never used this option, maybe someone else can help
<RadekCh> ok, no worries, thanks for help anyway
<RadekCh> btw. are most people in Americas', Europe's or Asian time-zone? (so that I would know when to be active here :))
<xackus> mostly eu, na I think
<xackus> you can try discord too
<RadekCh> thx
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<RadekCh> Arghhh, found the cause. I had cached output from previous zig run in ~/.cach/zig <- it was causing zig compiler confustion
<RadekCh> ummm, no, it actually failed in the same place
<dch> I tried bringing up latest zig on FreeBSD for ports, using devel/llvm12 which is 12.0.0.rc4 now
<dch> I was surprised to see zig compiler wants libxml (huh but whatever) and I'm seeing
<dch> ld: error: undefined symbol: lzma_properties_decode >>> referenced by xzlib.o:(xz_make) in archive /usr/local/lib/libxml2.a
<dch> which seems odd
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<TheLemonMan> it's a transitive dependency, I guess it's llvm that needs libxml
<dch> TheLemonMan: I'm not building llvm, does zig need to somehow pull these in as well?
<TheLemonMan> yeah, check out the CMakeLists.txt file
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<RadekCh> ok, I think I get it now, the problem was that I was building zig source code with zig installed on the host and not zig built by zig-bootstrap, now I'm using:
<RadekCh> ../zig-bootstrap/out/zig-native-linux-gnu-baseline/bin/zig build -Dstage1 --search-prefix ../zig-bootstrap/out/native-linux-gnu-baseline/
<RadekCh> This is working up until the following error:
<RadekCh> d.lld: error: undefined symbol: llvm::HelloWorldPass::run(llvm::Function&, llvm::AnalysisManager<llvm::Function>&)
<RadekCh> >>> referenced by PassBuilder.cpp
<RadekCh> >>>               PassBuilder.cpp.o:(llvm::detail::PassModel<llvm::Function, llvm::HelloWorldPass, llvm::PreservedAnalyses, llvm::AnalysisManager<llvm::Function> >::run(llvm::Function&, llvm::AnalysisManager<llvm::Function>&)) in archive ../zig-bootstrap/out/native-linux-gnu-baseline/lib/libLLVMPasses.a
<RadekCh> error: LLDReportedFailure
<RadekCh> zig...The following command exited with error code 1:
<RadekCh> Am I referencing the correct directories from zig-bootstrap? It seems as if this problem was due to llvm in zig-bootstrap/out/native-linux-gnu-baseline/ not being built using zig cc
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<RadekCh> ok, next try: copy current zig source code to zig-bootstrap/zig, compile zig-bootstrap again and then use this output zig to compile stage1 with the corresponding zig source code
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<koakuma> andrewrk: Sorry for the late reply, but I tried to comment the libunwind lines in the file you pointed earlier, but it seems that stage2 build will still try to build it?
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<RadekCh> Can someone please explain to me if zig has two stage1 compilers? It seems that there is one stage1 zig compiler built from c++ and a second one built from zig source code. Is this correct?
<RadekCh> Then maybe a stage0 would be an appropriate name for the c++ version
<RadekCh> it would reduce confusion in my opinion
<RadekCh> (unless this is not the case)
<Nypsie> There's only 1 stage1 compiler. There's zig0 (which contains a very small subset for Zig), which is used to build the final zig compiler.
<Nypsie> The easiest way to get Zig is by downloading the master binaries from the ziglang website. You can also build from source. Lastly, there's zig-bootstrap which will build Zig from the most minimal setup into a final Zig compiler. But you don't really need to do this unless you're into that.
<RadekCh> what is zig-bootstrap building then?
<Nypsie> It first builds a zig compiler from llvm, clang etc. It then uses 'zig cc' to build llvm, clang etc and uses the output of those to build a static zig binary iirc.
<Nypsie> It's a lot easier to use system llvm, ld & clang and use those to build Zig from source
<RadekCh> ok, thanks for the info
<RadekCh> one thing bother me though, in zig-bootstrap there is a patched version of LLVM, will the stock binary version of LLVM also be able to build zig-stage1 from zig repository?
<RadekCh> Oh, and instruction for Option B in are incorrect when using zig-bootstrap:
<RadekCh> 1) It should point that only zig in zig-bootstrap/out/zig-.. should be used to build from zig repository
<RadekCh> 2) In my case zig-bootstrap/zig needed to be a exact copy of zig repository I wanted to built
<RadekCh> 3) It then says to type in 'cmake ..', but we should first do 'mkdir build; cd build' and only then cmake ..
<RadekCh> 4) In case I don't have LLVM 12.x installed on the system how could I specify the LLVM binaries built in zig-bootstrap or other way if I just want to write
<RadekCh> make install, do I really need LLVM for this?
<RadekCh> there should be a way to omit this step I think
<RadekCh> Can someone change this in the wiki?
<Nypsie> llvm12 was only just merged into Zig master so some of the steps are still being fleshed out/corrected
<Nypsie> (Note that the readme of zig-bootstrap does tell you to get the latest zig that you want to build)
<Nypsie> zig-bootstrap also comes with llvm itself
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<Nypsie> Not sure which step needs to be omitted?
<Nypsie> Note that the goal of zig-bootstrap is "The purpose of this project is to start with minimum system dependencies and end with a fully operational Zig compiler for any target."
<Nypsie> So the steps it contains are not optional
<RadekCh> yes, this is correct, it does said that "A previous build of Zig, 0.7.0+a01d55e80 or newer." but to me it sounds like some latest released binary, and not the one I want to built
<RadekCh> I mean that in Option B, do I need to have LLVM 12.x installed in order to type 'make install'?
<RadekCh> looking at CMakeLists.txt it seems that it's always checking for LLVM
<RadekCh> regardless of the build type
<RadekCh> which is probably ok, but would be nice to specify the LLVM from zig-bootstrap
<Nypsie> In case of option B, you need to have LLVM built using Zig
<RadekCh> yes, and how do I install it on the host?
<RadekCh> or use it "in-place" for cmake in zig?
<Nypsie> Those steps are explained in the zig-bootstrap README that is linked at Option B
<Nypsie> Using -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<path> you can specify where the libraries are located
<Nypsie> If you're on posix, the easiest way to build all dependencies is following,-libclang,-and-liblld-from-source#posix
<RadekCh> ah, ok. Than can this be made more transparent in the wiki? And linked in "Option B" section?
<Nypsie> It's in the Option A section
<RadekCh> yes, but Option A / Option B sounds to me as "either or" and not "Option B needs part of Option A". So that the sections are self-contained
<RadekCh> it would be clearer this way
<Nypsie> They are self-contained
<Nypsie> It is either option A, or option B
<RadekCh> I have the feeling we are not understanding each other, but fine. Thank You for help anyway!
<Nypsie> Note that what I linked only works for option A
<Nypsie> Option B requires you to build LLVM using an existing Zig compiler. (Where zig-bootstrap is the easiest way to get this version of LLVM)
<RadekCh> and exactly I want to use Option B, and unfortunately the steps provided there are not working when "copy-and-pasting" them from wiki. Some other work needs to be done that is documented elsewhere. This is my point.
<Nypsie> Yes, but it links you to that documentation
<RadekCh> But I guess only few venture this way so probably no need to update this section
<Nypsie> If it's incorrect, it certainly should be updated. Don't get me wrong.
<RadekCh> it's not mentioning how exactly to use binaries from zig-bootstrap. So that LLVM, LLD and CLANG should not only be built but also installed on the host (even in local directory) and that the zig-stage1 compiler should be used. Instead the command 'zig build' gives an impression that some other binary installed on the system should be used.
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<RadekCh> I need to log out. I'll try to reproduce steps to build everything from scratch over the weekend and hopefully give some concrete steps to be added to the wiki page.
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<RadekCh> Thanks for conversations! Bye!
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<nefix> Hello! I asked the same question yesterday, so if it's not appropiate please tell me! I'm trying to learn Zig and coming from a Go background. I was wondering how can I create interfaces? Or if it's not the correct way of thinking and what should I do instead. Thanks! :)
<marler8997> nefix, if you're into reading, you can take a look at
<Nypsie> They can also be implemented in userspace, like here:
<Nypsie> You can also look at the approaches and std.mem.Allocator have taken (runtime vs static dispatch)
<nefix> marler8997: I haven't understood a thing of what I've just read xD
<Nypsie> In short: There's no language support like the way Go has
<nefix> and are there workarounds? Like defining a function that returns a struct with typechecks or something like that?
<Nypsie> See the link I gave you and the source of & std.mem.Allocator
<Nypsie> I'm not really good at explaining how it works I'm afraid, sorry.
<marler8997> we might be able to help more if you show us some code
<nefix> hmm, so I'm not sure to understand the different approaches between std.mem.Allocator and I've found the @hasDecl function, maybe something like this but type-checking and returning a compile error if not?
<nefix> <- right now I have this, but it seems I can't access to
<nefix> (on line 4)
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<nefix> I've done it! :D
<nefix> If you could review my code i'd be really grateful
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<plumm> nefix may I ask what the point of this is? Could be ying here, (also, a bit off that you use a local variable instead of checking the type using typeinfo
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<nefix> plumm: I'm trying to create a interface, so it has common methods (such as init) but the T struct can also have its own methods
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<nefix> And I'm not understanding the second part
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<plumm> you can get more type information and check it that way using @TypeInfo
<nefix> plumm: could you provide an example on how to use it? I'm not getting it
<plumm> @TypeInfo(@typeOf(
<plumm> that returns a union you can then check the data on iirc
<plumm> could you give me a more real world example of what you intend to use interfaces for? I think the paradigm zig has is a bit different, and while I think you're on the right track, i'm not sure it will be useful down the line (you invert T and the overlay so that overlay appears first, but the T methods aren't available from the returned struct
<nefix> I'm trying to implement a protocol that has different transports
<nefix> There's an interface for transport, and then each transport has its own implementation
<nefix> I'm probably thinking it wrongly though?
<plumm> I don't think zig has a pretty solution for this just yet tho lol
<nefix> That's why I'm doing this "hack" xD
<plumm> I think what you want to follow is the allocator pattern
<plumm> because with readers you can't switch them out or provide different ones at runtime
<nefix> I wasn't able to understand how it works
<plumm> I'mm not even sure if the way it works is what andrew wants, because i think it uses fieldParentPtr
<plumm> nefix the allocator pattern is just replacing the common methods with specialized functions
<plumm> thats why you pass around different specialized instances of allocator, e.g var arena = std.heap.ArenaAllocator.init(inner_allocator); var alocator = &arena.allocator;
<nefix> oh, I kinda understand it now
<nefix> And I guess this is better than what I was trying to do, right?
<plumm> I can't say for sure tbqh
<plumm> but this is one pattern thats widely used throughout all zig projects and std and "just works"
<plumm> what you wrote may have use for your own project, the only way to find out is to just use it and see
<nefix> I'll try to implement it with this pattern and then compare both approaches
<nefix> I have to go now, many thanks! :)
<plumm> have a good day
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<plumm> does anyone know jakubs irc nick here
<Nypsie> plumm: I believe he's only on Discord, not irc.
<plumm> womp
<ifreund> he's popped up here occasionally with the nick kubkon
<andrewrk> argh this is my least favorite kind of issue:
<Nypsie> Ah, guess I'm not active enough here to have noticed :)
<andrewrk> manifests only on CI, that does not support shelling into
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<cryptocode> Hm, added a C lib, builds fine with zig build. But with -Drelease-safe I'm getting
<cryptocode> error(zld): unexpected file type: expected object '.o' or archive '.a':
<cryptocode> What am I doing wrong?
<cryptocode> addCSourceFile should be sufficient in the build file to have it pick up the resulting object file for linking?
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<cryptocode> tried master too, but it claims "error: MissingMainEntrypoint" with release-safe :)
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<cryptocode> ok, looks like release object files on macos are broken, nm/objdump/etc won't accept them
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<g-w1> uhoh, zld probably has a bug
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<afk> Hey, can someone point me to how to include system libs with zig? Like, if I wanna use xcb for example, how do I go about that?
<andrewrk> afk, -lxcb
<g-w1> pub fn linkSystemLibrary(self: *LibExeObjStep, name: []const u8) void { for build.zig
<afk> andrewrk: And I can just access it with @cInclude("xcb.h")?
<g-w1> yep
<andrewrk> yes, @cImport takes a block so that you can mess with macros and include multiple files and use comptime control flow
<afk> Wow
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<cryptocode> g-w1: yes, seems like a bug, only triggered if I include C source
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<andrewrk> cryptocode, we have a young linker codebase so cases like these are helpful especially if we can get a nice reduction test case :)
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<cryptocode> andrewrk: yep, I'll see if I can make a minimal test case
<afk> Okay I tried this: "const xcb = @cImport({ @cInclude("xcb.h"); });" and I'm getting the following error on Arch Linux with libxcb installed:
<andrewrk> I would recommend putting all your c includes in the same @cImport and name it as `c` because xcb will already have its own prefix in the global c namespace. more details:
<g-w1> afk, also use -lc or exe.linkLibC();
<g-w1> because xcb depends on the c stdlib
<andrewrk> I noticed that people still do not know what to do even after seeing "compilation does not link against libc" - perhaps we need a stronger hint
<g-w1> yes, maybe just say do `-lc or exe.linkLibC()` ?
<afk> Thanks g-w1, that along with changing it to xcb/xcb.h instead of just xcb fixed it.
<g-w1> andrewrk: after a few weeks, I am trying to get back to my rpi0 os, so I have filed this bug with zig not being able to build the boot.S file for it
<marler8997> g-w1, is it on github? link?
<g-w1> the boot.S file is in the issue
<andrewrk> g-w1, if you want to help with the fix, the next steps are (1) determine what command line is being passed to clang (2) determine what flags need to be added/removed/changed to make it correct
<marler8997> oh it's just the boot.S file so far, nothing else?
<marler8997> that blx instruction issue looks very similar, I think I was getting blx instruction errors when compiling for the gameboy advance arm7 chip
<g-w1> the thing is, it doesn't work with clang either because of a nixos bug 🤣
<andrewrk> check my link ^
<g-w1> ok, will do
<noam> Write up for zyg's analysis: I think this design is here to stay, but it might need a bit more work...
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<ifreund> is there no way to pass extra arguments to the linker?
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<andrewrk> ifreund, linking is supposed to be encapsulated. what do you need?
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<ifreund> I needed --allow-shlib-undefined, which I just found and merged open PR from daurnimator adding support for
<andrewrk> the flags are prefixed with -f like this: -fbar, -fno-bar
<g-w1> how do i figure out what args are being passed to clang with zig cc? --verbose-cc does not work
<ifreund> andrewrk: welp, I guess I'll open a PR fixing that then. Noted for the future
<andrewrk> other than that, seems fine
<andrewrk> g-w1, set ZIG_VERBOSE_CC=1 environment variable
<g-w1> thanks
<g-w1> yeah, the mcpu is not passed: `/home/jacob/.local/zig/0.8.0-dev.1963+2b2920f59/files/zig clang -target arm-unknown-unknown-eabi -ffreestanding -fpic -ffreestanding -c -o /home/jacob/.cache/zig/tmp/ccfd1a8f7c79fc6-boot.o boot.S`
<g-w1> with `❯ ZIG_VERBOSE_CC=1 zig cc -target arm-freestanding-eabi -mcpu=arm1176jzf_s -fpic -ffreestanding -c boot.S -o boot.o -g`
<noam> Redid analysis a bit, *now* I'm pretty sure it's good.
<g-w1> ill take a look at that src loc
<g-w1> marler8997: my os src is not up yet, but it doesn't run on bare metal yet, only qemu
<andrewrk> g-w1, clang as an assembler does not accept the same args as clang as a c compiler
<andrewrk> annoyingly
<g-w1> 🤔 wut
<g-w1> thats soo weird
<ifreund> andrewrk: PR up, sorry bout that
<andrewrk> no worries thanks for taking care of it
<g-w1> wait, but i think clang as an asm has -mcpu?
<g-w1> in this case, could it be the same?
<g-w1> does it not work with zig's embedded clang?
<andrewrk> try it
<andrewrk> ZIG_VERBOSE_CC have you the command to run right?
<g-w1> oh yea, lemme try :)
<andrewrk> change the beginning to "zig clang"
<g-w1> yep :)
<g-w1> zig: error: the clang compiler does not support '-mcpu=-mcpu=arm1176jzf-s'
<andrewrk> how did that prefix get doubled?
<g-w1> oh, not sure, it was on the cli tho :P
<g-w1> ok, ❯ /home/jacob/.local/zig/0.8.0-dev.1963+2b2920f59/files/zig clang -target arm-unknown-unknown-eabi -ffreestanding -fpic -ffreestanding -c -o /home/jacob/.cache/zig/tmp/db4d532bcd4a108e-boot.o boot.S -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s works!!
<g-w1> ill try updating that part of the Compilation.zig :)
<andrewrk> look up in that function for target.cpu.model.llvm_name. I suggest to copy paste that block into the asm switch prong and modify it to emit an -mcpu arg
<g-w1> ok
<g-w1> yo if this works, zig will be a better cross-assembler than system clang on nixos!
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<g-w1> yooo it worked!
<g-w1> does this diff look right ?
<andrewrk> yes
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<g-w1> k, making a pr
<g-w1> thanks for the help!
<andrewrk> np, thanks for testing it
<g-w1> that new astgen cmd looks awesome
<g-w1> for 8516 is the language change part the fact that all decls will be astgened, not just parsed? so if there is some missing identifier in a function that is not used, it is still analyzed up to astgen?
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<andrewrk> that's correct
<g-w1> that is nice
<andrewrk> it also lets us have errors for unused functions
<andrewrk> this will be controversial but I will strong arm it through
<g-w1> why controversial?
<andrewrk> people want to be sloppy
<g-w1> oh yeah, 😳
<g-w1> could a binary be emitted even if there are compile errors? I think this is very doable in stage2
<g-w1> this might confuse people more though
<g-w1> ok, i made a pr
<noam> Oh nice
<noam> andrewrk: glad to hear it :)
<noam> lazy analysis is dead! Woot!
<noam> Just in time for me to incorporate it into my design lol
<andrewrk> there is still a lot of lazy analysis in Sema
<andrewrk> for example type coercion errors
<noam> Sure, but *semantically*, invalid decls now have meaning
<noam> (even when unused)
<noam> ...unless I"m misunderstanding this, which is possible
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<g-w1> they are only invalid in some ways, not others
<noam> Do we have a good writeup of which are which yet?
<noam> 'cause this might let me make another big simplification...
<g-w1> comptime stuff doesn't get caught, other stuff does
<g-w1> S.x doesn't i think, but x does
<andrewrk> there's a complete list on 8516
<noam> andrewrk: thanks
<noam> does this mean sloppy mode is rejected?
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<andrewrk> not until I press the close button
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<plumm> your sloppy time is up
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