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<shachaf> OK, I submitted it via the thing, and I'll just delete the fork later.
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<andrewrk> thanks
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<mikdusan> andrewrk: feeling pretty good about #8601. it runs what tests it can `-Dskip-debug`, builds build.exe as release; some tests like compile-errors and generating docs are still disabled because they have debug path,
<mikdusan> other "main change" is tests are broken into 3 groups and parallelized in the pipeline. it's a roll of the dice with cavium speed.. very slow, so we need a way to cut wall time
<shachaf> andrewrk: Hmm, it's pretty hard to benchmark these things because of all the variance, but it does look like the program is a bit slower with my change.
<shachaf> Is it possible to make a table indexed by token types, rather than use a big switch like I wrote it?
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<andrewrk> mikdusan, nice work
<andrewrk> shachaf, yes
<shachaf> What would be a standard way to set that up?
<andrewrk> are you switching on any token, or a subset?
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<shachaf> Potentially any token.
<shachaf> The goal is just to get from a token to information about it, like its precedence.
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<andrewrk> std.enums.directEnumArray
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<shachaf> Aha.
<g-w1> andrewrk: im not sure the compact layout of data.js makes sense in my case since I don't de duplicate stuff like stage1 does (multiple things can refer to a single index). im designing a similar format right now that fits my use cases right now
<shachaf> I think I'm confused about how to use directEnumArray. It looks like it doesn't support default values, because init_values: EnumFieldStruct(E, Data, null)?
<shachaf> Oh, I see, there's a second one that supports a default.
<shachaf> And you can't explicitly be calling EnumFieldStruct because each instantiation is a separate type, or something like that?
<andrewrk> if you need default values you probably want a subset
<shachaf> Maybe I misunderstood, what do you have in mind for a subset?
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<g-w1> hopefully i can figure out how do interface it with the js. does this look sane?
<g-w1> where [start, end] is essentially a slice into decls
<shachaf> OK, the real conclusion is that this is way too variable to give any good benchmarks of.
<shachaf> I have a version that uses directEnumArrayDefault. I can push that, it seems plausibly better, I guess. I'm not sure what the switch is being compiled into, actually.
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<andrewrk> try using `-r` with `perf stat`
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<TheLemonMan> koakuma, removing "generic" is not the right solution
<TheLemonMan> I think that overriding detectNativeCpuAndFeatures will solve your problem
<mikdusan> also target/sparc.zig: //! This file is auto-generated by tools/update_cpu_features.zig
<koakuma> Oh sorry, will revert
<koakuma> So I need to special-case it in detectNativeCpuAndFeatures instead?
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<TheLemonMan> yep, the .sparcv9 -> v9 association is all the autodetection you need heh
<TheLemonMan> side note, that will only work for zig and not for zig0
<koakuma> zig0 seems to work more-or-less correctly here so it shouldn't be an issue there (?)
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<mikdusan> zig0 is used with `-mcpu=baseline` which replaces the problematic `-mcpu=generic`
<mikdusan> ie. cmake hardcodes that for zig0
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<wilsonk> WTF are the odds that I start doing taxes today and the VM I am using ends up on an array that craps the bed!??!? Dual enterprise drives with 1 million hours uptime guaranteed and one fails after a year with very little use? WTF!!!!!
<TheLemonMan> the universe it suggesting not to file taxes this year
<earnestly> It is wise
<wilsonk> Lol, yeah I suppose the Universe is saying that...but I am one of those silly Canadians that inexorably files and matter what stupid crap our government does with that money (self employed so I don't get a rebate, I always have to pay this time of year).
<earnestly> You don't exactly have a choice
<wilsonk> Thankfully, I have the VM backed up and continual backups of the important directories inside the VM to a separate file server. Worst case I can rebuild...just didn't want to be doing this tonight!!
<wilsonk> A choice of filing my taxes?
<Raito_Bezarius> is there a way to get my stack address in Zig?
<Raito_Bezarius> start/end preferably
<Raito_Bezarius> I tried a linker script like this one: but Zig do not pick up the variables I declare as extern
<Raito_Bezarius> rather, lld does not pick up, e.g. lld-link: error: undefined symbol: KERNEL_STACK_END
<mikdusan> and there's also @returnAddress
<Raito_Bezarius> thanks!
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<TheLemonMan> on what platform?
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<koakuma> Is there a way to make zig0 be built in release/optimized mode but zig1.o and zig be built in debug mode? Waiting for zig1.o rebuilds gets boring after a while, haha
<xackus__> koakuma: I think you need to edit CMakeLists.txt for that
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<mikdusan> interesting. you basically are asking to build zig0 in release (but do not build zig1.o or zig). then launch another build, skip zig0, use zig0-release to build zig1.o (debug) and link zig
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<koakuma> Yeah
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<koakuma> I don't have fast CPU so optimized zig0 would really help when doing work on the codenbase
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<TheLemonMan> koakuma, do the behavior test pass for you? I tried running them under qemu and got a segfault in "recursive async function"
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<mikdusan> koakuma: with this patch; to build debug zig, I noticed a drop from 75 to 52 seconds to build zig1.o with a release-version of zig0:
<mikdusan> it's a tiny patch except whitespace
<mikdusan> so the process is make a build0 dir, cmake -DZIG0_ONLY and cmake release option and build
<mikdusan> then in build1 dir, cmake -DZIG0_EXECUTABLE=FULL_PATH/build0/zig0 and cmake debug option
<mikdusan> I feel like it's not enough time savings to be worth the trouble
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<ifreund> andrewrk: this seems possibly relevant to stage2 performance, and is a good read regardless:
<companion_cube> It matches how the wasm3 thing works, I think?
<companion_cube> Funny how tailcalls are maybe not an ivory tower thing after all
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<TheLemonMan> mikdusan, the new drone script is not running any of the test-translate-c or test-run-translated-c tests
<mikdusan> right, because they hang on cavium
<TheLemonMan> do they? is that a different problem than #8537 ?
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<g-w1> asked this yesterday, but don't know if you saw it, could the drone test suite be made to only skip debug if the detected host is cavium?
<mikdusan> I started from the full set and disabled stuff that hang at granularity of test-<whatever> . We managed to run a lot of the big test-std, test-behavior with a new -Dskip-debug option,
<mikdusan> but can't generate docs, can run compiler-tests, unless someone wants to make sure we have an equiv -Dskip-debug option that pervasive to all the kinds of test harnesses
<mikdusan> and there is another question too: -OReleaseFast _seems_ to be a workaround. But it's not guaranteed. We might yet see hangs if test-std for example has a bonafide panic as a result of PR changes
<TheLemonMan> it is guaranteed, the problem is showing up with the register allocator used at -O0
<mikdusan> that's good. so yeah to get the rest of the test coverage would require adapting for pervasive skip-debug wherever it is missing
<TheLemonMan> I've re-enabled them in 8616, hopefully the PR won't be tested on the cavium host
<mikdusan> here's an example: test/tests.zig: CompileErrorContext.addCase() hardcodes .Debug
<TheLemonMan> a better solution would be to patch the LLVM copy used by the CI
<mikdusan> indeed
<mikdusan> I view this change to drone testing as temporary until we get LLVM fixed. then it can be restored (but keep the parallel pipeline changes)
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<mikdusan> I haven't looked deep but test/src/translate_c.zig doesn't have any mode/debug stuff so it's all defaulting to debug explaining why it hangs
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<mikdusan> TheLemonMan: you rolled cavium
<TheLemonMan> well, shit
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<mikdusan> the tell is speed: line 241,242 - if it takes ~800s then cavium otherwise usually about 350s Falkor
<mikdusan> build log, zig1.o
<koakuma> mikdusan: That patch reduced zig1 build time from over 25 mins to 17 mins here, pretty significant improvement I'd say
<koakuma> TheLemonMan, I'm getting a lot of error: container '.cimport:4:11' has no member called 'LIGHTGRAY' errors when doing behavior tests but I don't see any segfaults
<mikdusan> re drone: sucky part is (I think) drone lets us have 2 pipelines and when they finish in 30 mins (falkor) or 80 mins (cavium) it's not too bad. but hang = 120 minutes.
<TheLemonMan> koakuma, you need to -I the tests dir
<mikdusan> koakuma: oh that is significant. What kind of host are you building on?
<TheLemonMan> a sparc box!
<mikdusan> oh is this the v9 that is 1995 ? :)
<koakuma> Yeah, a 2008 SPARC T2 to be exact. It's not very good at single-threaded compute
<koakuma> TheLemonMan, how do I do that? AFAIK the command is just `zig build test-behavior`, right?
<TheLemonMan> koakuma, I do `zig test ../test/stage1/behavior.zig -I ../test`, don't really like zig build
<koakuma> Okay, lemme try with that command
<koakuma> Ah, I'm still getting the same cimport error
<TheLemonMan> wait, are you getting 'has no member called' errors but no error about a missing .h file?
<TheLemonMan> mikdusan, it'd be great to split the linux/azure pipeline and paralellize the pieces
<TheLemonMan> running all the qemu tests takes a looong time
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<koakuma> Mhm, I don't see anything about missing .h files. All I see are "container cimport has no member called XXXXXXXX" errors.
<mikdusan> TheLemonMan: big timesaver. if the steps in a pipeline have access to shared folder then it should be doable just like drone
<TheLemonMan> koakuma, uh, can you try running `zig translate-c` over the `translate_c_macros.h` file? I'm afraid clang it's erroring out somehow
<TheLemonMan> mikdusan, no idea about how Azure works :\
<mikdusan> if andrewrk is keen on parallel pipelining azure and srht I'll pursue it :)
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<TheLemonMan> is that all?
<koakuma> Yeah
<mikdusan> add `--verbose-cimport --verbose-cc` to your `zig test` command-line
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<koakuma> I get this extra line but nothing really changed from the error output.
<koakuma> info(compilation): C import output: ../test/stage1/zig-cache/o/3766966979cc483637f007172db43123/cimport.zig
<koakuma> The insides of the file is the same with the one I posted in the gist.
<TheLemonMan> nuke all the zig-cache folders and retry
<TheLemonMan> you're missing all the default defines _and_ the macro definitions
<mikdusan> try this: zig cc -E -Wp,-dM -xc /dev/null
<mikdusan> slightly simpler: zig cc -E -dM -xc /dev/null
<andrewrk> ifreund, oh yeah I do tail calls all over the place (but without musttail). that's why for example everything calls rvalue at the end instead of having expr() do it
<mikdusan> TheLemonMan: wow how did your PR drone pass? cool.
<mikdusan> TheLemonMan: oh... heh... all the _tests_ passed so no panic. that's why!
<TheLemonMan> hah, that's the trick
<koakuma> Noted. I'll try a run with clean cache folders and look at the output of the commands tomorrow.
<koakuma> It's getting late here and I need some sleep, ahah
<mikdusan> koakuma: related: zig-cache will get created in test/stage1/ too
<andrewrk> mikdusan, the only thing I'm worried about is CI complexity/maintainability, but if you're willing to take it on I support your efforts :)
<mikdusan> I have a few ideas of sharing #!/bin/sh scripts. make a few fundamental functions for the test breakup. I think we might be able to get there without too much extra complexity
<andrewrk> we also have the option of pursuing parallelism in zig build rather than bash
<andrewrk> e.g. doing all the compile error checks at the same time as other stuff
<mikdusan> true. I'll first have to get a handle on the diff CI providers, wrt. virtual cpu per step, per job and need to consider log progress, parallel pipelines is a plus there
<mikdusan> like the idea of zig build being able to do it of course. pipeline or not, that would be useful on local systems
<andrewrk> see that's what I don't like, you're introducing a lot of vendor-specific logic, locking us in
<andrewrk> I want to be able to jump ship
<andrewrk> if we start relying on vendor-specific logic making the CI tests run fast enough to pass, we're really stuck
<andrewrk> the zig build approach does not have this problem
<andrewrk> s/you're/you would be/
<mikdusan> sure, enhance zig build to do it all and only if good reason, spread zig build into smaller executions in pipeline parallel tasks
<andrewrk> ifreund, oh heh I actually considered this approach when looking into #8220. main reason I decided not to is that tail calls are not supported on all architectures
<andrewrk> search for "Other Possible Solution: Tail Calls"
<ifreund> andrewrk: cool, sounds like you're way ahead of me :)
<andrewrk> check that follow-up reading too: section 3.1 "Byte Code Dispatch"
<ifreund> will do, thanks
<andrewrk> "Unfortunately, the latest Dino implementation uses more than 256 byte code instructions." we're right at 256 with ZIR 😎
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<mikdusan> koakuma: fyi the cmake patch can be simplified down to just 1 new cmake variable `ZIG0_EXECUTABLE` as _build0 can already be stopped at the right target by doing `ninja zig0`
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<marler8997> andrewrk, wanted to gauge what direction you see the std lib going with windows bindings
<marler8997> the std lib will always have some of the windows bindings I'm guessing yes?
<marler8997> so what I'm thinking, is the extended/full set of windows bindings, would actually reference whatever is defined in the standard library
<marler8997> for example, instead of defining it's own type for SOCKET's, it would just reference
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<cr1901_modern> I'm trying to port a library so that it compiles on Zig 0.8:
<cr1901_modern> The library compiles, but the tests (zig test src/main.zig) fail with an error I don't understand:
<cr1901_modern> I think the formatter for expectError can't handle arrays? What should I do to use an array as part of expectError?
<xackus_> you need {s} to print a string, this has changed
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<cr1901_modern> What is "{s}"? And how do I give it to an array (or rather the matrix struct)?
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<xackus_> here in your stack trace: try std.fmt.format(out_stream, "{}", .{@typeName(T)});
<xackus_> {s} instead of {}
<cr1901_modern> ooooh, I misread the stack trace.
<cr1901_modern> I didn't even notice that value.format called back into main.zig
<cr1901_modern> Thank you, that fixed it. Now I can focus on my application (hopefully)
<xackus_> np
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<cr1901_modern> How do I add an external package as a dep again? This is what I have in my build.zig:
<cr1901_modern> But "const zig_matrix = @import("zig-matrix");" results in "error: unable to find 'zig-matrix'"
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<andrewrk> marler8997, I was thinking along the same lines
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