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<luca020400-m> Hey Solitary ^^
<Solitary> hey :)
<Solitary> so how's it still going on here?
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<luca020400-m> Only a few devs still working on these devices
<luca020400-m> I bought moto g 2014
<luca020400-m> Few = 2
<Solitary> I guess that much :) sporting that little chinese curse is out of fashion now :)
<Solitary> I bought OnePlus myself
<luca020400-m> Sort of
<luca020400-m> Opo is great
<Solitary> I made an FTP of it... just connected it to USB and let it run
<Solitary> yea, can't complain :)
<luca020400-m> Lol xd
<luca020400-m> I use it as phone ( but switched to moto g 2014 LTE xd )
<luca020400-m> From moto g 2014 to moto g 2014 lte
<luca020400-m> Better battery , LTE & single sim
<luca020400-m> But I care only of single sim lel
<Solitary> mine got into pretty nasty state... I was begining to get angry with it, but I am not really a phone person, dont like spending much... so I started looking into 200-250 USD market...
<luca020400-m> Just to say I bought moto g 2014 and received free moto g 2014 lte
<Solitary> but then I got some nice bonus in work, and OPO for that type of money is a steal
<Solitary> not so much today, but it's still good deal
<Solitary> nice :)
<Solitary> OPO's LTE is kinda limited
<luca020400-m> I don't use lte
<Solitary> me neither :D
<Solitary> home/work - wifi :)
<luca020400-m> ^
<luca020400-m> Home/school
<luca020400-m> Xd
<Solitary> but OPO can't do 800Mhz, which is what is used all around Czech country, only Prague has something else, which would work for me
<Solitary> luckily I live in Prague, but I still don't use it :)
<luca020400-m> I don't know even know if I can use lte
<Solitary> how do you mean?
<luca020400-m> If I my moto supports my provider lte
<luca020400-m> In Italy there are different lte
<Solitary> sure, that's how it is all over europe
<Solitary> but my guess is that Motorola is more aware and supports whole spectrum of frequencies
<Solitary> OPO is still china
<luca020400-m> I have UK version
<luca020400-m> Don't know if LTE works in Italy
<luca020400-m> Maybe
<Solitary> I don't think there would be difference
<Solitary> UK, Italy... it's all EU, it wouldn't make sense to make different models
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* luca020400 Kill Vodafone
<luca020400> How are you ?
<Solitary> lte should work for you :)
<Solitary> just checked what italy uses
<luca020400> Thanks xd
<luca020400> But will never pay 2$ for it
<luca020400> *I
<Solitary> $2 for what exactly? :)ú
<luca020400> Add LTE support
<Solitary> huh? :)
<luca020400> Vodafone provide 3g but if you want LTE you have to pay +2$ at month
<Solitary> just for you to have it?
<Solitary> and not even use it?
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> As I said
* luca020400 kill Vodafone
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> About that I don't know
<luca020400> But probably yes
<luca020400> Vodafone sucks
<Solitary> all operators sucks
<luca020400> Don't let you change dns
<luca020400> ^
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<luca020400-m> Hmm
<Solitary> we were getting fucked too, alot... only until recently we got some better prices. Few years ago, they wanted like $120 for a free plan
<luca020400-m> I missed every comment xd
<luca020400-m> As always fuck Vodafone
<luca020400-m> Xd
<luca020400-m> Reading log
<Solitary> did not write anything between operators sucking and this new one
<luca020400-m> OK xd
<luca020400-m> My plan is good
<Solitary> we even got 3G so far late, that we were like chernobyl zone in the middle of EU
<luca020400-m> But I use 10% of it xd
<Solitary> whole countries covered, and then a shithole without 3G signal
<luca020400-m> Italy is covered from 3g & lte
<luca020400-m> LTE only major cities
<Solitary> this is 3G around 2011
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<luca020400-m> Finally
<luca020400-m> How's your PC ?
<luca020400-m> And image loaded xd
<luca020400-m> As expected Italy has full 3g coverage
<luca020400-m> Except grand saaso xd
<Solitary> what about my PC? :)
<luca020400-m> Ya :)
<luca020400-m> You're tunning fedora ?
<luca020400-m> Xd
<luca020400-m> *running
<luca020400-m> At least seems like
<Solitary> oh :)
<Solitary> yeah, running Fedora 21
<luca020400-m> :)
<luca020400-m> Arch + gnome
<Solitary> been using Fedora distros since 2008 I think
<Solitary> maybe 2007
<luca020400-m> Been using arch since 2015
<luca020400-m> Xd
<luca020400-m> I used Linux mint
<Solitary> Xfce here... I like more simple aproach :) Xfce+Bluetile as a window manager
<Solitary> bluetile is a neat thing
<luca020400-m> I like gnome + paper ui
<Solitary> problem with it is that it sometimes makes a poo
<luca020400-m> Bluetile ?
<Solitary> I take it as a tax for being so productive with it
<Solitary> check the link
<Solitary> and the video there
<luca020400-m> I never tried it
<luca020400-m> With my netbook I tried everything xd
<Solitary> I am not sure I would recommend it, there is a lot of problem with it
<luca020400-m> Hmm ok
<luca020400-m> Will try on vm
<Solitary> but I love it :)
<Solitary> slow computers will probably be shit with it, it can get nasty on slow cpu
<luca020400-m> My PC is fast ;)
<Solitary> ok :) you mentioned netbook...
<luca020400-m> I can build android & Win 10 VM & google chrome without even lag
<luca020400-m> Xd
<Solitary> bluetile is a tiling manager, but the great thing about it is that you can use and control it almost as normal floating manager
<luca020400-m> Yes netbook --> test pc
<Solitary> ok
<luca020400-m> But there's a BC problem with it
<Solitary> downside is that it sometimes doesnot play with others, like Java apps, Steam is kinda wonky with it too
<luca020400-m> 3.7 kernel and above
<luca020400-m> *big
<luca020400-m> WiFi doesn't work :/
<luca020400-m> I must use win shit on it
<Solitary> then use some older, more conservative distro :)
<luca020400-m> Yea
<Solitary> CentOS, Debian...
<luca020400-m> Centos
<luca020400-m> Netbook
<luca020400-m> Build tjme
<luca020400-m> *time
<Solitary> I am thinking about it for my old laptop... it sits beside my bed to entertain me before I fell asleep :)
<Solitary> runs unsupported Fedora now, because I am lazy to upgrade it
<luca020400-m> I tried it on vm
<luca020400-m> But I prefer arvh
<luca020400-m> *arch
<Solitary> CentOS 7 would fix that problem for many years to come
<luca020400-m> Yes it should ...
<luca020400-m> But my mother will never learn new de
<luca020400-m> Xd
<luca020400-m> So win
<luca020400-m> Xd
<Solitary> you could always create Xfce looking like Windows
<luca020400-m> Yes
<Solitary> or LXDE/LXQt
<luca020400-m> I used lxde on my netbook
<luca020400-m> But after an upgrade WiFi stopped to work
<luca020400-m> Build android 4.2.2 on it took 12 hours
<Solitary> :)
<luca020400-m> New PC 40/50 mins
<Solitary> what cpu does the PC have?
<luca020400-m> Takes more to upload lrl
<luca020400-m> *lel
<luca020400-m> I5 4460
<luca020400-m> :3
<luca020400-m> So 4 CPUs
<luca020400-m> My PC is sapped by hdd
<luca020400-m> *capped
<luca020400-m> I'd like to have a ssd
<Solitary> there a quite cheap now
<luca020400-m> Yep
<Solitary> 120GB is like 40€
<luca020400-m> I'm waiting for a few more donations then hope to buy it xd
<luca020400-m> *-more
<luca020400-m> I was looking for Kingston 240GB for 80$
<luca020400-m> What about your PC ?
<luca020400-m> And connection
<Solitary> I have i5 2500k, 12GB ram and 60GB ssd :)
<luca020400-m> Overclocked ?
<Solitary> nope
<Solitary> I would even bought K version if I knew those idiots are cutting down features on them
<Solitary> wouldnt
<luca020400-m> I5 4460 & 8GB Ram & 2TB 7200Rpm
<Solitary> just bought GTX960 yesterday
<luca020400-m> ....
<luca020400-m> R7 250
<luca020400-m> But I don't play with pc
<luca020400-m> Just free2play
<Solitary> I had hd6950 before, but I was getting sick of the drivers... Catalysts for linux are bullshit, so I used opensource ones, but it will be atleast a year till opengl 4+ support and the 3D performance is still lacking behind
<Solitary> so the nvidia choice was pretty easy one
<Solitary> I got the HD6950 for free, so it was ok :)
<Solitary> I am spending money on Steam like crazy
<Solitary> :)
<luca020400-m> I bought it because it had VGA xd
<Solitary> lol :)
<luca020400-m> But I can switch to hdmi
<luca020400-m> Just the HDMI monitor is worse then VGA onr
<luca020400-m> *one
<Solitary> I have two displays, one hooked up on HDMI and second one DVI... both were DVI on the Radeon
<Solitary> Radeon had 2 DVIs and 4 miniDPs :) crazy...
<luca020400-m> I don't remember mine
<luca020400-m> HDMI & Vga
<luca020400-m> Don't know about dvi
<Solitary> I remember, because with eyefinity I could actually hook up 6 displays :)
<luca020400-m> 6 O.o
<Solitary> but I am really giddy about SteamVR :)
<luca020400-m> Hmm
<luca020400-m> 3ds
<luca020400-m> Xd
<Solitary> I can only imagine what games will do when these toys get around :)
<luca020400-m> :)
<luca020400-m> Just ask dazz how many 3ds he own lel
<Solitary> 3ds?
<luca020400-m> Yeo
<luca020400-m> *yep
<Solitary> what do you mean 3ds
<luca020400-m> Nintendo 3ds
<luca020400-m> Why ?
<Solitary> umm... what? :) Why are you talking about Nintendo 3DS?
<luca020400-m> I said I play only at 3ds cd
<luca020400-m> *xd
<Solitary> nope, you did not :)) you mentioned 3ds, but that was it
<Solitary> you mentioned you play free2play games :)
<Solitary> nah, nintendo... what a lousy company it become
<luca020400-m> Probably
<luca020400-m> But 3ds is one of the best portable console
<Solitary> might be...
<Solitary> some games are probably good, but I won't bother :) maybe in a future, with some kind of emulator I will try something that I missed
<Solitary> I probably already played some with the emulator
<Solitary> I think some of the Castlevanias
<Solitary> probably finished them too
<Solitary> so... nothing more interests me about those consoles
<luca020400-m> Gotta go bye ;)
<Solitary> gotta go play GTA :D
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