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<neutrondev> luca
<neutrondev> thanks for all the help you are credited now ^.^
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> xda mentioned :p
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> you have FM on cm10.2?
<neutrondev> also followed you on git:D
<luca020400> hmmmmmm
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> it got fixed in cm12.1
<luca020400> *cm11.
<neutrondev> ah ok
<neutrondev> I am very lazy with FM to fix it
<neutrondev> and most people don't use it
<neutrondev> I borrowed the page for rom thing from you
<neutrondev> didn't think about it
<neutrondev> it is very easy to manage things ^.^
<neutrondev> if you don't mind
<luca020400> I don't mind :p
<neutrondev> thanks
<neutrondev> well now I need to get rid
<neutrondev> of wi-fi bug
<neutrondev> it's a wi-fi or bluetooth bug
<neutrondev> ^.^
<neutrondev> mmc2 detect is wi-fi card
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<neutrondev> trying to do shit even if it's off
<neutrondev> and that is hanging mmc1 also
<neutrondev> because I kicked sd out at night
<neutrondev> still has the same no of wakelocks as mmc2
<neutrondev> -_- lame
<neutrondev> might be framework
<neutrondev> but after that it's fully stable
<neutrondev> maybe fonz93
<neutrondev> or you have any ideas?
<luca020400> I LIKE new tapatalk ui
<luca020400> never happened before
<neutrondev> I don't use tapatalk :(
<neutrondev> what wi-fi driver you use
<neutrondev> qcom?
<neutrondev> or broadcom?
<neutrondev> ah we use different stuff then
<neutrondev> we are using libra
<neutrondev> that is for sure the problem it gets hang
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> this cause a lot of problems
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> you know about libra?
<luca020400> nopeù
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> well control iface dir
<neutrondev> should be where the chip lays?
<neutrondev> think wifi.c
<neutrondev> is repsonsible for this
<neutrondev> somehow
<luca020400> are you sure ?
<luca020400> anyway we never looked into this wifi.c
<luca020400> *I
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<neutrondev> I just think I am not really sure
<neutrondev> well on stock
<neutrondev> we have 3 scripts I deleted
<neutrondev> and ftm_ptt
<neutrondev> a patch for qcom wi-fi
<neutrondev> but on stock we are using cfg80211 built as module
<neutrondev> while I am building it in kernel for this stuff to work
<luca020400> Anyway my arch installation dead ... Going to reinstall
<luca020400> I can help put only by phone xd
<neutrondev> well you using archlinux?
<luca020400> Ya
<neutrondev> use linux mint
<neutrondev> most beautiful
<neutrondev> and stable linux I ever used
<neutrondev> the cinnamon desktop
<neutrondev> very similar to windows
<luca020400> I used it
<neutrondev> full features
<neutrondev> you didn't like it?
<luca020400> I liked it
<luca020400> But I switched to arch
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> Better for em
<luca020400> *me
<neutrondev> well I tried all ubuntu's
<neutrondev> and stuff
<luca020400> Me too xd
<neutrondev> but I love this the most so far
<neutrondev> they are shit
<neutrondev> and they crash a lot
<neutrondev> not important crashes
<neutrondev> but annoying
<neutrondev> to see shit crash for nothing
<luca020400> Maybe Linux mint has crash report disabled xd
<luca020400> I'm pretty sure xd
<neutrondev> idk
<neutrondev> but I am not pissed anymore
<neutrondev> when I open it
<neutrondev> I like it more thank windows
<neutrondev> it seems our libhardware_legacy
<neutrondev> does shit very different
<luca020400> I removed win from my hdd
<luca020400> I use vm
<neutrondev> I have enough hhd space
<neutrondev> to hold 2 os ^.^
<luca020400> Me tii
<luca020400> *too
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> are you using cfg80211?
<neutrondev> with y flag
<neutrondev> or m flag?
<luca020400> N
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> We cannot load them as module
<luca020400> Nor included in kernel
<luca020400> *huawei*
<neutrondev> lg is even worse
<neutrondev> with their framework
<neutrondev> and shit patches
<neutrondev> because you can hardly reproduce it
<neutrondev> I have to IDA the shit out of this hardware legacy now
<neutrondev> and modify the cm accordingly
<neutrondev> to load their shit
<neutrondev> do you know the scrpting language?
<luca020400> Scripting = ??
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> Anyway yes except python
<neutrondev> = .sh
<luca020400> Yes
<luca020400> So bash & sh
<neutrondev> yeah I know C and a little java myself
<neutrondev> but I can understand
<luca020400> ^
<neutrondev> sh can't kind of write it
<neutrondev> can you tell me
<luca020400> What you want to do
<neutrondev> setprop ctl.stop wpa_supplicant
<neutrondev> rmmod wlan
<neutrondev> rmmod librasdioif.ko
<neutrondev> /system/etc/init.qcom.sdio.sh 1
<neutrondev> rmmod cfg80211.ko
<neutrondev> insmod /system/lib/modules/cfg80211.ko
<neutrondev> insmod /system/lib/modules/librasdioif.ko
<neutrondev> insmod /system/lib/modules/wlan.ko driver_mode=1
<neutrondev> /system/etc/init.qcom.sdio.sh 0
<neutrondev> so this shit
<neutrondev> sets pro ctl.stop
<neutrondev> to wpa_supplicant
<neutrondev> removes that stuff from kernel
<neutrondev> and starts init.qcom.sdio.sh?
<neutrondev> like 0 and 1
<neutrondev> means start stop?
<luca020400> When I will finish arch setup
<luca020400> Xd
<neutrondev> ah ok ty
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> drive mode I suppose loads that module as driver
<neutrondev> well the thing is
<neutrondev> some shit hangs while closing on kernel
<neutrondev> level
<neutrondev> So I am just gonna dissambly this and see what's going on
<luca020400> Anyway 0 1 doesn't mean something
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> You may start it and then kill it
<neutrondev> well what I am asking is
<neutrondev> that 1 means start it
<luca020400> $script &
<neutrondev> and that 0 kill it
<luca020400> Get pid
<luca020400> Kill $pid
<neutrondev> ah
<luca020400> I will make a few test
<neutrondev> hmm well that init.qcom.sdio.sh
<neutrondev> has the role to turn
<neutrondev> polling on
<neutrondev> and off
<luca020400> Can you pastebin it ?
<neutrondev> our sdio card for wlan needs polling detection
<neutrondev> on to detect card
<neutrondev> ya I can
<neutrondev> sec
<luca020400> Init.qcom.sdio.sh
<neutrondev> that is just turning polling on
<neutrondev> sec
<neutrondev> here
<luca020400> Then you can add this code into your script
<luca020400> Just an echo !)
<luca020400> *;)
<neutrondev> well idk what to do
<fonz93> neutrondev: just "accidentally" looked at my dmesg and i can see this: "active wake lock mmc2_detect"
<fonz93> but i haven't any deep sleep problem
<neutrondev> well check
<neutrondev> wakelock detector
<neutrondev> that shit is abnormal
<neutrondev> mmc2 detect is wlan card
<neutrondev> for our devices
<neutrondev> when wi-fi is off
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<neutrondev> mmc2 detect should be off
<neutrondev> lg handles shit like this they have ftm_ppt
<neutrondev> ptt
<fonz93> 438 wakelocks total 1 m 2 s
<neutrondev> with wi-fi off?
<fonz93> no
<fonz93> on
<neutrondev> ah with wi-fi on
<neutrondev> it is normal
<fonz93> i have the wi-fi always on
<neutrondev> but I get that with wi-fi off
<neutrondev> well if wi-fi is off
<neutrondev> and you get that
<neutrondev> it will hugely drain battery
<neutrondev> 50% in 9 hours
<neutrondev> on offline mode
<fonz93> i have to leave in 10 minutes so my wi-fi will be off
<neutrondev> just check that
<fonz93> i'll see its wakelock then
<neutrondev> :D
<fonz93> ok
<neutrondev> well yeah lg has ftm_ppt
<neutrondev> and 2 script
<neutrondev> 1 that rmmods cfg80211 wlan and libra
<neutrondev> all built as mpodules
<neutrondev> and 1 to load it
<neutrondev> and sdio polling
<neutrondev> when wlan is loading it should be on to detect card
<neutrondev> the thign is
<neutrondev> they implemented this in hardware_legacy
<neutrondev> if I try to on propriety:wlan.state = loading
<neutrondev> that stuff
<neutrondev> well libra is already loading
<neutrondev> hardware_legacy
<neutrondev> not libra
<neutrondev> well it will try to load
<neutrondev> but modules need to be inserted before trying to load
<neutrondev> or it will fail
<neutrondev> to solve this
<neutrondev> I compiled cfg80211
<neutrondev> in kernel
<neutrondev> and it's always there
<neutrondev> and that seems to keep it wakelocked
<neutrondev> I need to modify this stuff somehow to insert my modules in kernel
<neutrondev> before wi-fi tries to connect
<neutrondev> or maybe
<neutrondev> I can write a module in c to load this?
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<neutrondev> luca
<neutrondev> luca020400 if I want to create symlink from ramdisk I use symlink [from] [to] ?
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> thanks:D
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<neutrondev> is it better if I use cp
<neutrondev> no symlink?
<neutrondev> or should I just symlink 2 files?
<neutrondev> if the link gets modified the original gets modified no?
<luca020400> symlink
<luca020400> you can edit both files
<luca020400> mirror
<luca020400> ;=
<luca020400> ;)
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> I know it's a noob question
<neutrondev> jsut wanted to make sure
<luca020400> ..[luca@luca020400-arch] - [~] - [lun 04 mag, 03:07]
<luca020400> ..[$] <()> touch l
<luca020400> ..[luca@luca020400-arch] - [~] - [lun 04 mag, 03:07]
<luca020400> ..[$] <()> echo "Hello" > l
<luca020400> ..[luca@luca020400-arch] - [~] - [lun 04 mag, 03:07]
<luca020400> ..[$] <()> ln -s l l2
<luca020400> ..[luca@luca020400-arch] - [~] - [lun 04 mag, 03:07]
<luca020400> ..[$] <()> cat l2
<luca020400> Hello
<luca020400> ..[luca@luca020400-arch] - [~] - [lun 04 mag, 03:07]
<luca020400> ..[$] <()> echo "Hello 2" > l2
<luca020400> ..[luca@luca020400-arch] - [~] - [lun 04 mag, 03:07]
<luca020400> ..[$] <()> cat l
<luca020400> Hello 2
<luca020400> ln -s = symlink
<neutrondev> yeah ^.^
<neutrondev> but on ramdisk
<neutrondev> I use symlink
<neutrondev> or ln -s ?
<luca020400> init scirpt symlink
<luca020400> sh/bash ln -s
<luca020400> *script
<neutrondev> ok thank you :D
<neutrondev> symlink /system/etc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_cfg.ini /data/misc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_cfg.ini
<neutrondev> symlink /system/etc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_wlan_nv.bin /data/misc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_wlan_nv.bin
<neutrondev> like this no?
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> ofc you need to add this after partiton mount
<luca020400> on fs
<luca020400> mount_all lg.fstab
<luca020400> symlink /system/etc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_cfg.ini /data/misc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_cfg.ini
<luca020400> missed spaces
<luca020400> but something like that
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> I did it on boot
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> so data is mounted
<fonz93> neutrodev: i got 30 seconds of mmc2 wakelock in 3 hours
<fonz93> with wifi disabled
<fonz93> *neutrondev
<neutrondev> ah
<neutrondev> in 3 hours
<neutrondev> I get 20 minutes
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> lel
<neutrondev> in 9 hours
<neutrondev> almost 1 hour
<neutrondev> and mmc1 at the same time
<neutrondev> might be because of that files
<neutrondev> I read that qcom_cfg
<neutrondev> can overwrite default values
<neutrondev> of wlan.ko
<neutrondev> hmm still that shit cfg80211
<neutrondev> need to make it work outside the kernel
<neutrondev> poor kernel
<fonz93> yes i have mmc1 too, same time of mmc2
<neutrondev> that is not good
<neutrondev> doesn't happen on stock
<neutrondev> I think it is smth realted to wlan.ko
<neutrondev> or cfg80211
<neutrondev> but it is not normal
<neutrondev> it's good that is not libra
<neutrondev> if you have that too
<neutrondev> cfg80211 most likely
<neutrondev> or wlan.ko
<neutrondev> are you using the files I wrote fonz93?
<neutrondev> (04:12:17 PM) neutrondev: symlink /system/etc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_cfg.ini /data/misc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_cfg.ini
<neutrondev> (04:12:17 PM) neutrondev: symlink /system/etc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_wlan_nv.bin /data/misc/wifi/WCN1314_qcom_wlan_nv.bin
<neutrondev> this 2?
<fonz93> no
<neutrondev> hmm they control wlan.ko
<neutrondev> might be important
<neutrondev> I will report back :D
<neutrondev> need to go now
<neutrondev> have a nice day
<fonz93> ty you too
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<nicromax> Hi ^^
<luca020400> yo
<nicromax> Hi luca
<XRevan86> nicromax: saluton
<nicromax> some help with this ?
<nicromax> make: *** No rule to build the object «packages/apps/ROMControl/../../../external/jbirdvegas/mGerrit/libs/volley.jar», necessary for«/home/eric/aokp_jb/out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/volley_lib_intermediates/classes.jar». Stop.
<luca020400> rm -rf packages/apps/ROMControl
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> anyway I don't know
<luca020400> paste a few more lines
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<luca020400> do external/jbirdvegas
<luca020400> exist
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<nicromax> god d
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<nicromax> can anybody help me?
<nicromax> no idea what is causing this error
<fonz93> which frameworks_native repository are you using?
<Dazzozo> >aokp
<Dazzozo> good luck
<nicromax> Thanks dazzozo xddd
<rymate1234> xD
<fonz93> try to use aokp one
<fonz93> and apply the patches there
<nicromax> I think dazzozo take off my tempers xdd
<nicromax> well.. i'll try
<fonz93> are you using frameworks_av from Kra1o5 too?
<nicromax> Yes
<fonz93> ok
<fonz93> for now use frameworks_native from aokp and _av from Kra1o5
<fonz93> but if you get any bug or error
<fonz93> you should switch to AOKP frameworks_av too
<nicromax> Oh god..
<fonz93> of course if the bug/error is related to it
<luca020400> Dazzozo what's wrong with aokp ? I never built/used it XD
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<nicromax> im not sure.. but maybe use legacy framework av help
<Dazzozo> its pretty dead now
<luca020400> now before ?
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<nicromax> fixed
<nicromax> forgive it
<nicromax> ( i think... it was fixed)
<fonz93> how?
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<neutrondev> luca
<neutrondev> or fonz93
<nicromax> Well.. i see configuration.h from native aokp was diferent that cm one's
<neutrondev> any idea what hwmac is for?
<nicromax> so i make some changes
<nicromax> i add all inverted config..
<luca020400> oh
<luca020400> trds
<luca020400> you must use aokp framework native
<luca020400> xd
<nicromax> maybe not xd
<luca020400> + kra changes
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> you'll get build errors
<nicromax> maybe
<luca020400> 100%
<nicromax> yes i know .. but let me have some hope
<nicromax> XD
<luca020400> will do it .. again
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> luca020400 do you know what hwmac is?
<neutrondev> or if it is really needed?
<luca020400> mac adress
<neutrondev> well if I don't use that I won't have problems no?
<neutrondev> I get mac when I open wi-fi and bt
<luca020400> hmm
<luca020400> don't know
<luca020400> ask to dazz
<luca020400> d
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> can that be the cause of my drain idk
<neutrondev> is dazzozo here?
<neutrondev> I am tkinking maybe this had to do smth with client static void start_rpc_client(bool enable){if (enable) {oncrpc_init();oncrpc_task_start();} else {oncrpc_task_stop();oncrpc_deinit();}}
<luca020400> clone
<luca020400> will delete in 3 mins
<luca020400> xd
<nicromax> fork xd
<luca020400> deleted
<nicromax> Oh
<nicromax> i see..
<nicromax> anyway at the moment no one error xdd
<nicromax> i'll wait it
<nicromax> make: *** [/home/eric/aokp_jb/out/target/product/u8833/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/hwcomposer.msm7x27a_intermediates/hwc_video.o] Error 1
<nicromax> xd
<luca020400> have you added display-legacy ?
<nicromax> <project name="Kra1o5/android_hardware_qcom_display-legacy" path="hardware/qcom/display-legacy" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" />>
<luca020400> />>
<luca020400> remove one >
<luca020400> xd
<nicromax> Yes
<nicromax> i see
<nicromax> awesome "error"
<nicromax> still use kratos nativexd
<luca020400> use mine native
<nicromax> Yes
<nicromax> now
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<nicromax> ???
<nicromax> i'll check
<fonz93> if yes, you need to check something in frameworks_native
<fonz93> they are may missing some other patches
<fonz93> i am leaving if you don't fix it tomorrow i'll look into it
<fonz93> bye
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<nicromax> patch now applyed ^^
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<nicromax> luca020400 : can you help me ?
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<luca020400> sudo apt-get install lzop
<nicromax> Oh
<nicromax> Im sure that i already install it
<luca020400> No you didn't xd
<nicromax> :'(
<nicromax> xD
<nicromax> thanks xd
<luca020400> Np
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<nicromax> device/huawei/u8833/overlay/frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/arrays.xml:23: error: Resource does not already exist in overlay at 'shutdown_reboot_options'; use <add-resource> to add. device/huawei/u8833/overlay/frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/arrays.xml:24: error: Resource at shutdown_reboot_options appears in overlay but not in the base package; use <add-resource> to add. device/huawei/u8833/overlay/frameworks/base/co
<luca020400> Check overlays ;)
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<nicromax> copy the arrays.xml from device to framework/base/core/res/res/values fix it ?
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