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<Xeo|mynicktaken|> Hellow everyone
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> Luca
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> can you help me ...? my nikc is taken how ...?
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> I can logon as "XEO" it has been taken... :(
<luca020400> so
<luca020400> next time xeo is "free" register nickname
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> how i register nick
<luca020400> google it
<luca020400> xd
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> ;(
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> plz just hint
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> i am searching this
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> i check Xeo... its Idle for 67:57
<luca020400> /msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com
<luca020400> ofc when you are using xeo
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> ofc???
<luca020400> of course
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> oh
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> :( or who ever he would be registered that nick then what..?
<luca020400> it says nick already registered ?
<luca020400> if so change nick
<luca020400> xd
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> i dont know?
<luca020400> when you connecy
<luca020400> what it says
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> i never checked
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> but there were no password thing
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> well the proceedure to register nick is through irc....... it would be comlicated for me....
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> yes i am using it
<luca020400> you can login with pass
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> yea... but kiwi irc never asked for password.... for "Xeo"
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> thats mean it is not registered
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> yet
<luca020400> so wait
<luca020400> xd
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> wait .... how long...? it have been 2 to 3 days.. icant access Xeo :(
<luca020400> until he change nick
<luca020400> xd
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> oh man ....!
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> well
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> how are you Xeo
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> oh sorry
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> how are you Luca020400
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> ....
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> ok
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> I am using CM12.1 now it getting laggy... day by day...!
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> its showing less ram hidden ram shared with GPU
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> can Lollipop run without sharing ram...?
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> of less ram
<Xeo|mynicktaken|> or less ram
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<neutrondev> yo
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> how are you, luca
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