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<neutrondev> yo luca
<neutrondev> luca020400 tell me when you are here, please
<luca020400> :p
<luca020400> cm-12.1-20150523-NIGHTLY-thea.zip 100%[========================================================================================================================>] 252,96M 1,81MB/s in 2m 34s
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<luca020400> hey Shadowghoster
<Shadowghoster> evening ^^
<neutrondev> hi luca
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> you know those errors with includes in kernel not getting picked
<neutrondev> ?
<neutrondev> from yday?
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> well it might come handy one day
<neutrondev> if you include a new header
<neutrondev> that is not from your stock kernel
<neutrondev> you need to go in Kbuild and add it
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> x
<luca020400> D
<neutrondev> header-y += msm_ion.h
<neutrondev> like this it will get picked
<neutrondev> I was like so confused :D
<luca020400> k
<neutrondev> it actually make sense
<neutrondev> but I thought all directory is handeled not header by header :P so I ended up wasting a lot of time
<neutrondev> any idea about ETA for moto g 3 ? Luca020400
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> oh
<neutrondev> think it will be like september
<neutrondev> but if it is under 300 euro here
<neutrondev> or 300
<neutrondev> I buy it the day it launches and I start deving :P
<luca020400> I hope snap 610
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> that snap 610
<luca020400> kand from yureka
<neutrondev> will have problems with a fullhd
<luca020400> *kang
<neutrondev> 1080p is not a good choice
<neutrondev> for that gpu
<neutrondev> ...
<neutrondev> they should lower to 720p
<luca020400> 720p is good
<neutrondev> well it is announced with 1080p
<neutrondev> and the gpu and cpu not powerful enough
<neutrondev> to handle 1080p smoothly
<luca020400> I hope in 720P & 5"
<neutrondev> I hope they push more power or bring a 720p
<neutrondev> yeah same
<neutrondev> battery will also be shit with 1080p
<luca020400> moto g 2014 lte with Snap 610 & 2gb ram
<neutrondev> yeah it's nice
<neutrondev> but they should reduce 1080p
<neutrondev> it just can't handle it at full potential
<neutrondev> 2gb is a good choice
<neutrondev> 2700mah
<neutrondev> battery will also be a good choice
<Shadowghoster> mhm
<neutrondev> hey man :D
<Shadowghoster> hy ^^
<neutrondev> luca
<neutrondev> you can still use custom toolchain for kernel
<neutrondev> in cm12.1 no ?
<luca020400> I don't know
<neutrondev> ../../../../../../kernel/lge/p710/arch/arm/mach-msm/qdsp5/audio_pcm_in.c:223:3: warning: implicit declaration of function 'msm_adsp_dump' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
<neutrondev> error, forbidden warning: audio_pcm_in.c:223
<neutrondev> think this is already defined in compiler
<neutrondev> since kernel doesn't have this treated like an error
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<neutrondev> I am like very consfued
<neutrondev> with this stuff they made
<neutrondev> ...
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