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<neutrondev> hiho
<neutrondev> yo, luca
<luca020400> hey
<luca020400> 30 minutes and school finishes
<luca020400> wait :p
<neutrondev> sure man
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<luca020400> sweet home
<luca020400> :)
<luca020400> wow moto g lte receiver android 5.1
<luca020400> *received
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<neutrondev> you know chill guy?
<neutrondev> the one that made sources for LP y300?
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> he comes around here?
<neutrondev> well I managed to make cm12.1
<neutrondev> without any errors
<neutrondev> but it will get stuck on bootloader
<neutrondev> like kernel won't run
<neutrondev> I don't know how I can debug that -_-
<luca020400> I don't what's work
<luca020400> :p
<luca020400> on emmc-fs mount_all
<neutrondev> I suspct bad
<neutrondev> kgsl
<luca020400> on fs mount_all
<neutrondev> well they are mounted
<luca020400> are you sure ?
<neutrondev> I don't use on emmc-fs
<neutrondev> I use on fs
<luca020400> oh
<neutrondev> even if it's
<neutrondev> emmcboot
<neutrondev> it works with on fs
<luca020400> your phone ?
<neutrondev> that's how I run on cm10.2
<neutrondev> it uses emmcboot
<neutrondev> but it works with on fs
<luca020400> try on fs xd
<neutrondev> it's already there
<neutrondev> same ramdisk as cm10.2
<neutrondev> since there are no changes
<luca020400> cat you give me init ?
<neutrondev> between cm10.2 cm11 cm12
<luca020400> *init script
<neutrondev> well you want ramdisk?
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> or init from cm?
<luca020400> boot.img
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> or ramdisk
<neutrondev> the one I compiled for cm12?
<luca020400> yea
<neutrondev> sec let me upload I will give you entire boot.img
<luca020400> what's your phone name ?
<luca020400> lg l* ?
<neutrondev> lg p710
<neutrondev> lg uses vee7
<neutrondev> but I use Nvee7
<neutrondev> made all modification
<neutrondev> and changed name in cmdline to get picked
<neutrondev> it works on cm10.2 perfectly
<neutrondev> this is built from source
<neutrondev> like with cm
<neutrondev> make bootimage
<neutrondev> same on cm10.2
<neutrondev> I think it's either ion either kgsl
<luca020400> can you check if display libs are built ?
<luca020400> I had the same problem
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> you mean the egl?
<neutrondev> it is not that for sure it is kernel related
<neutrondev> it will go past kernel and display a black screen
<luca020400> display-caf libs
<neutrondev> it's not that
<luca020400> -legacy
<neutrondev> well lg shows
<neutrondev> the bootloader image
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> I know
<neutrondev> then switches to kernel chain
<neutrondev> well kernel doesn't load
<neutrondev> I had that problem on cm10.2
<luca020400> are you sure ?
<neutrondev> it went past kernel
<neutrondev> and displaied black screen
<neutrondev> yes
<neutrondev> also logcat should start
<neutrondev> if kernel is loaded fine
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> is there any last_ksmg
<neutrondev> nope
<luca020400> no
<neutrondev> I don't have adb
<neutrondev> can't pull last_kmsg
<neutrondev> tried
<luca020400> reboot to recovery
<luca020400> and pull uit
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> *it
<neutrondev> how can I reboot to recovery?
<neutrondev> just by pulling out battery
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> probably
<neutrondev> and if I do that last_kmsg is gone
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> ah
<neutrondev> tried
<luca020400> anyway cm disabled by default adb
<neutrondev> that's why I wanted to that to chill guy
<neutrondev> I enabled it
<luca020400> k
<neutrondev> :D with persist usb config
<neutrondev> in kernel default.prop
<neutrondev> loading till system should have adb
<neutrondev> I updated kgsl and ion gpu
<luca020400> what adb says ?
<neutrondev> nothing
<neutrondev> waiting for device
<luca020400> k
<neutrondev> kernel is not getting picked
<neutrondev> it is
<neutrondev> but it is getting stuck somewhere
<neutrondev> and I don't know where
<neutrondev> if there is partition problem
<neutrondev> like /data , /system
<neutrondev> it will still load
<neutrondev> like get past lg bootloader screen
<luca020400> selinux ?
<neutrondev> that's how I know it is kernel
<neutrondev> selinux might cause this
<neutrondev> but it is set on permissive
<luca020400> ops yes
<neutrondev> and anyway if selinux is the problem
<neutrondev> it will get past the bootloader screen
<neutrondev> and display white stripes
<neutrondev> all over the screen
<neutrondev> or screen will flash strangely
<luca020400> can you link me your display / media ?
<neutrondev> had that issue too
<neutrondev> well it's the one chill uses
<neutrondev> or fonz
<neutrondev> from his git
<neutrondev> but trust me
<neutrondev> it doesn't have anything to do with system
<neutrondev> it's 100% kernel related
<luca020400> your kernel had newer kgsl & ion
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> *has
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> from
<neutrondev> rongokhale
<neutrondev> 2.7 kitkat
<luca020400> nm
<luca020400> *nvm
<luca020400> it's here
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> I have that
<neutrondev> I changed all that were errors
<neutrondev> to msm_ion
<luca020400> missing
<neutrondev> I didn't push all commits
<neutrondev> but that is also fixed
<neutrondev> sec let me push all stuff ok?
<luca020400> missing
<luca020400> k
<neutrondev> bot up to date
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> not
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> since I finished at 1 am
<neutrondev> lat night
<neutrondev> just sec
<neutrondev> now it's up to date
<neutrondev> didn't have the 4th one
<neutrondev> that can cause it
<neutrondev> since it is related to video
<luca020400> seems like you skipped both
<neutrondev> need 2nd one also
<luca020400> kra just pushed to cm gerrit
<luca020400> lel
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> the thing is
<neutrondev> I just modified the msm_ion
<neutrondev> to the ones
<neutrondev> that gave errors on compile
<luca020400> fix all the stuff
<luca020400> includes
<neutrondev> look on git
<neutrondev> I pushed this 2
<neutrondev> anymore?
<luca020400> check chil kernel
<neutrondev> what is this CMA?
<neutrondev> didn't make updates to it
<luca020400> 90 -- 12
<luca020400> *9
<neutrondev> what 9-12?
<luca020400> page
<neutrondev> sorry I am retarded
<neutrondev> where is the page no written?
<luca020400> /lp5.1?page=9
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> oh yeah
<neutrondev> soory
<neutrondev> :(
<luca020400> np
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<luca020400> yo
<fonz93> helo
<neutrondev> hi fonz93
<neutrondev> well luca
<neutrondev> I am done with those commits
<neutrondev> will build again
<luca020400> k
<neutrondev> well CMA
<neutrondev> I didn't commit those shit
<neutrondev> well that can make it fial to boot no?
<neutrondev> like CMA is memory allocation
<luca020400> maybe
<neutrondev> I will see in this build
<neutrondev> I missed those msm video
<neutrondev> commits
<neutrondev> and some msm_ion
<neutrondev> lawl
<neutrondev> cm10.2 builds with 1.7 Java
<neutrondev> just fine
<luca020400> I want python 3.4 support ...
<neutrondev> ../../../../../../kernel/lge/p710/drivers/gpu/msm/kgsl_sync.c:241:2: error: unknown field 'timeline_value_str' specified in initializer
<neutrondev> ../../../../../../kernel/lge/p710/drivers/gpu/msm/kgsl_sync.c:241:2: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]
<neutrondev> error, forbidden warning: kgsl_sync.c:241
<neutrondev> ok?
<neutrondev> :))
<neutrondev> but why now
<neutrondev> and before this dind't say anything
<neutrondev> fonz93
<luca020400> I don't know :p
<neutrondev> well there are some headers missing and stuff
<neutrondev> interesting
<neutrondev> I think with all this bugs and counteless hours of work
<neutrondev> with a Dual-core
<neutrondev> liek some ppl had I would have commited suicide long ago
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<neutrondev> ok luca
<neutrondev> building again solved all errors
<luca020400> :)
<neutrondev> this time video is updated
<neutrondev> and I commited what you gave me
<neutrondev> hoping for the best :D
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<neutrondev> ok it is done now will flash
<neutrondev> bleah
<neutrondev> still stuck
<neutrondev> wtf
<neutrondev> this time
<neutrondev> I can get a last_kmsg
<neutrondev> it is created
<neutrondev> if I force reboot to recovery with buttons
<neutrondev> luca020400
<luca020400> ?
<neutrondev> can you take a look at my last_kmsg
<neutrondev> idk why it doesn't start
<neutrondev> all seems ok
<luca020400> upload it
<neutrondev> ty
<neutrondev> audit is related to selinux
<neutrondev> and selinux is permissive so it will log all shit but it won't deny anything
<luca020400> idk
<neutrondev> and the libs are copied to egl
<luca020400> seems ok
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> yes that is why I am so mad about it
<neutrondev> and it's kernel for sure not system
<neutrondev> that's the wierd thing
<neutrondev> memory allocation would say if there is anything bad
<neutrondev> when memory is mapped
<luca020400> is system mounted ?
<neutrondev> i can't see that
<neutrondev> but it is
<neutrondev> look in kernel
<luca020400> oh yes
<neutrondev> [    3.488279] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p14): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: barrier=1[    3.489828] fs_mgr: __mount(source=/dev/block/mmcblk0p14,target=/system,type=ext4)=0[    3.517068] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p20): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: nomblk_io_submit,errors=remount-ro
<neutrondev> it is
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> ls /system/lib/hw ^
<luca020400> ?
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> nope I am sure it is 100% kernel problem
<neutrondev> kgsl or ion but idk what it is
<luca020400> can you post it
<luca020400> pls
<neutrondev> what?
<luca020400> ls /system/lib/hw
<neutrondev> ya but I am telling you
<neutrondev> kernel cheks are not passed
<neutrondev> it doesn't get to rom load
<neutrondev> it gets stuck on kernel
<luca020400> ls /system/lib/hw
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> wait a second
<neutrondev> lawl
<neutrondev> ~ # ls system
<neutrondev> bin
<neutrondev> wtf
<neutrondev> from recovery
<neutrondev> no?
<luca020400> yes
<neutrondev> WTF
<neutrondev> there is smth wrong with the zip then
<neutrondev> lawl
<neutrondev> but i made brunch
<luca020400> output
<luca020400> ls out/target/product/$device/system/lib/hw
<luca020400> from cm12.1 source
<neutrondev> it is there
<luca020400> whut
<neutrondev> I made a new recovery with make clobber
<neutrondev> I just have the package
<luca020400> ah
<neutrondev> the egl files are there
<neutrondev> without egl.cfg
<neutrondev> I checked
<luca020400> can you pastebin it
<luca020400> ls /system/lib/hw
<luca020400> x
<luca020400> d
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> I am in recovery
<neutrondev> and there is no dir
<luca020400> mount system
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> ya
<neutrondev> did that sry
<neutrondev> haha
<neutrondev> /system/lib/egl # ls
<neutrondev> eglsubAndroid.so libGLESv1_CM_adreno200.so libq3dtools_adreno200.so
<neutrondev> libEGL_adreno200.so libGLESv2_adreno200.so
<neutrondev> /system/lib/egl #
<neutrondev> here
<luca020400> ls /system/lib/hw
<luca020400> hwhwhw
<neutrondev> ah
<neutrondev> sry
<neutrondev> /system/lib/hw # ls
<neutrondev> audio.a2dp.default.so copybit.msm7x27a.so local_time.default.so
<neutrondev> audio.primary.default.so gps.default.so memtrack.msm7x27a.so
<neutrondev> audio.primary.msm7x27a.so gralloc.default.so nfc.default.so
<neutrondev> audio.usb.default.so gralloc.msm7x27a.so power.default.so
<neutrondev> audio_policy.default.so hwcomposer.msm7x27a.so sensors.default.so
<neutrondev> bluetooth.default.so keystore.default.so vibrator.default.so
<neutrondev> camera.msm7x27a.so lights.msm7x27a.so
<neutrondev> /system/lib/hw #
<neutrondev> they are getting picked
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> the display stuff
<neutrondev> it's the kernel
<luca020400> adb ?
<luca020400> should work
<neutrondev> nope
<neutrondev> it is not starting
<neutrondev> or working
<neutrondev> it freezez
<neutrondev> on the logo
<neutrondev> trying to load kernel
<neutrondev> but it doesn't for some reasons
<luca020400> last_kmsg
<luca020400> says kernel is loaded
<neutrondev> but what if there is a kgsl problem
<luca020400> # Default.prop overrides to get adb working at boot
<luca020400> ro.secure=0 \
<luca020400> ro.adb.secure=0 \
<neutrondev> and the framebuffer is not created
<neutrondev> that is already there
<luca020400> have you these ?
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> ro.secure=0 \
<neutrondev> ro.adb.secure=0
<neutrondev> kernel is not loaded I am sure
<neutrondev> but why
<neutrondev> it is but not good
<neutrondev> [ 30.460249] type=1701 audit(1432558611.439:131): auid=4294967295 uid=1000 gid=1003 ses=4294967295 subj=u:r:surfaceflinger:s0 pid=501 comm="surfaceflinger" reason="memory violation" sig=11
<neutrondev> [ 30.472993] request_suspend_state: wakeup (0->0) at 30462636669 (2015-05-25 12:56:51.467099998 UTC)
<neutrondev> I am not sure
<neutrondev> but memory violation
<neutrondev> doesn't sound good
<neutrondev> that's why I wanted to talk to chill
<neutrondev> for sure he knows this problem
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> any idea where I can find the guy?
<luca020400> I asked him to join
<neutrondev> thanks
<neutrondev> though I need to go very soon
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<neutrondev> hi luca
<neutrondev> I am back
<luca020400> no chil
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<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> np
<neutrondev> another day
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