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<shava_mng> is possible to install HEVC capable driver for Mainline kernel?
<shava_mng> Maybe from Amlogic vendor kernel.
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<chewitt> shava_mng: HEVC isn't really working at the moment .. it needs updated firmware for GX devices and G12 hasn't had any firmware publicly released yet
<chewitt> changes are "coming soon" from recent conversations I've had
<chewitt> changes in the vdec drivers for compliance (as stateful specs are finally documented) probably means some replumbing in player apps like ffmpeg tho
<chewitt> so you can expect vdec support to break (and then get fixed) in the near future
<chewitt> everyone's at ELC this week though, so probably no new toys to play with until that's over
<wens> will the decoder and encoder have separate /dev/video device entries?
<chewitt> I'm not aware of anyone working on encoder .. @mjourdan- care to comment?
<shava_mng> there should be HEVC support, right? BTW, I am talking about S905X.
<chewitt> ^ the vendor BSP kernel has a large SEP field around it
<shava_mng> chewitt: I'm very to whole kernel thing. Do you think creating Yocto machine layer based on vendor kernel is feasable task for one man?
<chewitt> GXL devices are already well supported in Yocto
<chewitt> but the vdec comments above remain the same (as same kernel, in same "WIP" state)
<chewitt> You probably need to start working now but with only MPEG2 and H264 test media
<chewitt> and by the time you get something working revised HEVC support (codec/firmware) should be available, if only as an out-of-tree patch
<shava_mng> so I if I use vendor kernel, there is no hevc decoding support?
<chewitt> it will have support, but "standards" is a dirty-word in the vendor kernel, so at some point you'll end up fighting the same battle from the opposite side
<chewitt> Amlogic stopped supporting GXL some time ago too, so the latest BSP drops may break support for older boards
<chewitt> each BSP drop is tagged for supporting specific boards, and it's a rolling window focussed on the lastest stuff, support is not cumulative like the upstream kernel
<shava_mng> Thank you for your time. Yes, their latest kernel on their site was from August 2017
<chewitt> HEVC support in mainline was working fine (via out of tree patches) in 5.2 kernel
<chewitt> things now need revising around updated firmware and updated APIs, and then some work is needed in ffmpeg etc.
<shava_mng> Really? do you know where I can get that patch?
<chewitt> I can't speak for mpv and gstreamer, but ffmpeg has someone waiting to do the work once updated code appears
<chewitt> more than one patch
<chewitt> firmware is already upstream in linux-firmware *but* for HEVC has known issues and needs revising
<chewitt> upstream kernel only has MPEG2 support merged, and H264 (newer patches than in that branch) have been submitted to the mailing list
<chewitt> so start your Qt work with MPEG2/H264 .. and by the time you get that working revised HEVC code should be available
<shava_mng> Wow. Thank you for your insight
<chewitt> with Qt also beware that the V4L2 interface may be outdated
<wens> I've been poking around Chromium + V4L2
<chewitt> it was written by a Plex developer about 18m ago, and I don't know if someone else has been maintaining it since, but I know he hasn't due to some life issues
<wens> though it needs GPU support, and GPU support with lima is ... *wink*
<chewitt> I'm a bit mono-theistic .. the one true app is Kodi, and Kodi is a really simple app from a GLES perspective
<chewitt> lima works fine for 99% of Kodi use at the moment
<wens> Chromium is an entirely different beast
<chewitt> I'm sure :)
<wens> lima just crashes atm
<chewitt> the Lakka (libretro) peopoe are starting to poke it and find issues too
<shava_mng> I've tried to install QML app on CoreElec/LibreElec
<shava_mng> There seems to be qt-everywhere in packages but sadly I don't know how to compile my QML app with it
<chewitt> have a look at the "plex embedded" repo
<chewitt> I forget whether the Plex app package is visible (or where that repo is, but Google) .. Plex is a Qt app
<chewitt> and it's a fork from LE
<chewitt> they don't support it on Amlogic hardware, but from a build-system perspective a 32-bit RPi package will (or should be) the same
<chewitt> ^ might be useful
<chewitt> (or not)
<chewitt> looks a bit outdated, but could be a starting point
<shava_mng> Great, I try to to understand how they did
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