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<rzerres> hey to all. i got my new khadas vim3 yesterday, so i'm new to this channel and try to do my homework.
<rzerres> I aim to run a mainline kernel on the device. I'm on arch-linux, where allwinner (sunxi) was my old soc hardware.
<rzerres> As far as i read the docs correctly, my new hardware is a A311D chip.
<rzerres> To streamline a kernel I'd like to build a a311d_defconfig that will preset the needed kernel-configs.
<rzerres> please can anybody that is familiar with this hardware can point me to a given .config or a working defconfig to start off?
<repk> rzerres: arm64 board all use the same defconfig by default I think
<repk> rzerres: to properly answer your question "arch/arm64/configs/defconfig" should work fine with your board.
<rzerres> @repk thanks for pointing out this basic.
<rzerres> This seems the generic approach. And if i wan't to streamline out the actual available drivers?
<rzerres> i was reading
<rzerres> the spreadsheet is listing the u-boot support matrix.
<rzerres> I'm missing any startingpoint that summarizes the exact hardware used inside the board (e.g. nic, bt, gpu etc.)
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<narmstrong> rzerres: hi, sorry I don't get what to want to achieve
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<rzerres> @narmstrong thanks for ansering
<rzerres> i was digging at Khadas and found following spec sheet
<rzerres> i'd like to streamline the defconfig, so that all device supported drivers are staticly linked into the resulting kernel.
<rzerres> everything else can be compiled as a module. right now, i'd like to minimize compile time while testing not bloating it with unused modules.
<narmstrong> rzerres: what do mean by `streamline` ?
<rzerres> when including "arch/arm64/configs/defconfig" i get lots of symbols not needed/supported for vim3.
<rzerres> when building the kernel i like to just include a defconfig addressing the supported symbols.
<narmstrong> rzerres: you can remove most of the useless stuff yourself, like ACPI, EFI, all other platforms (rockchip, allwinner, tegra, broadcom....)
<rzerres> yes. exactly what i'm doing right now. I just needed to get a hand on what is actually inside the board.
<rzerres> the spec i found will gide me into that direction.
<narmstrong> rzerres: you can look at the board and SoC device tree to get an idea
<rzerres> now i have to find out, if the wifi/gpu/nic/decoder etc. is already supported in 5.4-rc8.
<rzerres> i like the sunxi wiki in terms on how they maintain a feature matrix for the different boards.
<rzerres> maybe it would be beneficial to port something alike to the amlogic site?
<narmstrong> sure
<narmstrong> but amlogic boards doesn't have a lot of on-board devices, so we already track the in-SoC mainline status already
<repk> I'm not sure a specific defconfig for the board will be accepted mainline, but maybe I am wrong
<narmstrong> nop, upstream will reject it
<repk> if this is what you mean by streamline
<narmstrong> the arm64 policy is clear, generic defconfig and optional drivers as module
<stormer> narmstrong: is there an ISP on Amlogic ? Do you have some info about it's architecture ? we are having a meeting about what's needed for newer ISP pipelines, but we realised that we totally forgot to ask you about Amlogic
<rzerres> please don't get me wrong. I'm just defining things for my personal use, not as a general mainline effort.
<repk> rzerres: Then this is perfectly fine :)
<stormer> narmstrong: just opened the vendor kernel, and found SuperPix Micro Technology
<stormer> driver
<stormer> interesting, "high frame speed up to 30fps @ 640 x 480 resolution (VGA)."
<narmstrong> no idea what you're talking about !
<stormer> ISP / Camera Capture Interface
<stormer> narmstrong: with this being the only driver I found,
<stormer> it looks like a cheap, slightly ancient ship
<stormer> oh, sorry, stormer == ndufresne (for the context), and we have a meeting with pinchartl and other folks
<stormer> (this is tempory, I'll fix that next week)
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<narmstrong> stormer: you're looking into a very old tree for only S905X/S912 SoC, these didn't have ISP in-SoC
<narmstrong> but I don't think they have their ISP driver inkernel, it must be a module
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<Darkmatter66> narmstrong, I tracked down the reboot issue I talked about a couple of days ago, It turns out it happens because the ao_cec driver is crashing at boot time
<Darkmatter66> narmstrong, this is preventing the device from shutting down completely on reboot
<Darkmatter66> narmstrong, This is the crash i get
<Darkmatter66> narmstrong, If I disable the module then the board reboots fine.
<Darkmatter66> narmstrong, also the crash happens only when the driver is built as a module, if I compile it built into the kernel then everything is fine.
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<ndufresne> narmstrong: thanks, so similar situation as for Allwinner, we don't have anything public to look at right ?
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<narmstrong> ndufresne: I haven’t searched, maybe in the Android repos
<narmstrong> Darkmatter66: this should have been fixed
<narmstrong> I sent a patch t fix this, i’ll check why it hasn’t been applied yet
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