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<dvergatal> stikonas: with mainline it doesn't even print any log just Starting kernel ...
<dvergatal> and hangs on it
<stikonas> hmm, strange...
<stikonas> maybe somebody with firefly should give you some feedback...
<stikonas> but it's definitely possible
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<wens> robmur01_: IIRC you mentioned you were waiting for your nanopi-r2s? did you get it? does it have the i2c eeprom on it?
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<nergzd723> I tried to boot mainline, but I failed :( if I flash things to boot partition, it just flashes screen and reboots to recovery. what do I need to do to make it accept my boot.img?
<nergzd723> I tried repacking stock kernel and ramdisk with mkbootimg, and it didn't boot as well :(
<nergzd723> so I'm clearly doing something wrong, but I don't know what exactly do I need to do to make it boot my boot.img
<nergzd723> any ideas?
<nergzd723> I think someone ported bq Curie 2 tablet with same SoC, and I believe we may have similar bootloaders
<nergzd723> If I were to port u-boot, I still would need a way to **boot** u-boot binary, and I can't do it
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<dvergatal> stikonas: yeah the u-boot command was wrond :D
<dvergatal> stikonas: i had it changed today and now i can see even Linux version 5.4.77 is booting :D
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<stikonas> dvergatal: good :)
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<robmur01> wens: yeah, no EEPROM on mine either :(
<robmur01> hanetzer: there are SoCs newer than RK3399, just not at the high end - e.g. PX30, RV1126
<robmur01> RK3588 is the next flagship, but just announced to be delayed by a while (was originally supposed to be out around now)
<robmur01> new mid-range RK3566/3568 is definitely happening judging by BSP activity, though
<hanetzer> nifty
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<dvergatal> stikonas: hi:]
<dvergatal> stikonas: my mistake was in this append line
<dvergatal> i have used the one for armv7 dunno why:P
<dvergatal> stikonas: btw. i wnated to give a try to your configuration but it is unavailable
<dvergatal> stikonas: could you please check what's wrong?
<dvergatal> aahh ok found it
<dvergatal> stikonas: which kernel version did you used?
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<dvergatal> no i have a new problem
<dvergatal> [ 0.002409] printk: console [tty0] enabled
<dvergatal> [ 0.002817] printk: bootconsole [uart8250] disabled
<stikonas> dvergatal: I used quite a few kernels over the time, but all mainline
<dvergatal> ok so this is how my log ends
<dvergatal> enabling tty0 disabling uart and nothing else
<stikonas> so it probably starts printing somewhere else...
<stikonas> hmm
<dvergatal> i suppose
<stikonas> anything on the kernel command line?
<dvergatal> ?
<stikonas> regarding serials?
<dvergatal> i can paste it
<dvergatal> one sec
<stikonas> hmm, actually mine doesn't have anything
<dvergatal> Kernel command line: earlycon=uart8250,mmio32,0xff1a0000 root=UUID=cae75d80-9691-466f-a275-d09db0fddd0b rootwait rootfstype=ext4 init=/sbin/init
<stikonas> I don't even have earlycon
<dvergatal> but i boot from u-boot to grub
<dvergatal> you*
<stikonas> yeah, that's true
<dvergatal> i'am booting from u-boot
<dvergatal> the kernel
<stikonas> well, I was checking cmdline from dmesg
<dvergatal> and?
<stikonas> well I have BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.9.11-gentoo-gnu root=UUID=... ro init=/lib/systemd/systemd systemd.crash_reboot=1 panic=15 coherent_pool=1M rootwait rootfstype=btrfs iommu=on
<stikonas> so I don't really specify anything
<dvergatal> this is from grub
<stikonas> yes...
<dvergatal> i think that grub doesn' need this stuff
<stikonas> oh, this is from kernel log...
<dvergatal> maybe i should also install grub on that sd card
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<dvergatal> yeah but kernel is being booted still from grub
<stikonas> yeah...
<dvergatal> and grub is bigger than u-boot
<stikonas> so I have kernel with EFI stub
<dvergatal> in u-boot i think that all shit has to be givven i command line
<dvergatal> i think i have to ask about that mmind
<stikonas> hmm, I thought grub doesn't append anything itself...
<dvergatal> or give a try with booting grub from u-boot
<stikonas> well, you can try booting grub from u-boot
<dvergatal> stikonas: grub can have ithardcoded
<dvergatal> it hardcoded
<stikonas> well, I put most of these options in /etc/default/grub and they get picked up
<stikonas> by grub-mkconfig
<stikonas> anyway, you can try grub too...
<stikonas> but then you need kernel with EFI stub
<dvergatal> yeah
<dvergatal> echhh an cross compiling grub and everything
<stikonas> "CONFIG_EFI_STUB=y"
<dvergatal> and*
<dvergatal> sorry for my spelling i think my keyboard is hungry;p
<stikonas> btw, do you have screen?
<stikonas> maybe you can see some output there...
<dvergatal> yes i have and i have pluged in it but there were no display
<dvergatal> at all
<dvergatal> plugged*
<stikonas> possibly a bit later in boot sequence...
<dvergatal> maybe i will try one more thing
<stikonas> oh, and I think only 1080p display worked for me, not 4K
<dvergatal> this is lower vide output
<dvergatal> 1440x900
<dvergatal> aha i was right:)
<dvergatal> now it goes further
<dvergatal> but again it is stucked in the exactly the same position
<dvergatal> 1.111254] dma-pl330 ff6e0000.dma-controller: DBUFF-128x8bytes Num_Chans-8 Num_Peri-20 Num_Events-1
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