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<nergzd723> hey all!
<nergzd723> I have a rk3066 device, and I want it running Linux :D
<nergzd723> I have one question, where do I flash kernel?
<nergzd723> there is kernel partition with Linux kernel in it, and boot partition with boot.img in it
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<stikonas> nergzd723: that probably depends on bootloader
<stikonas> if you use upstream u-boot, partitioning is mostly up to you
<nergzd723> I tried flashing some boot.img without ramdisk into boot partition and it booted straight to recovery, so I guess bootloader didn't like something
<nergzd723> I haven't messed with bootloader because I don't want to brick my tab completely :D
<nergzd723> btw I did backup of every partition on NAND like that: rkflashtool r partitionname > partition.bin, is there anything more to backup?
<stikonas> hmm, not sure, I don't used rkflashtool on rk3399...
<stikonas> nergzd723: is this some kind of tablet?
<stikonas> with on board emmc storage?
<nergzd723> Yes, it's a tablet with onboard emmc
<stikonas> you probably won't brick it... My understanding is that you can flash anything with rkflashtool anyway
<stikonas> it's just that you might need to reinstall everything, including bootloader
<stikonas> I think rkflashtool talks to BootROM
<nergzd723> Cool
<nergzd723> I don't really know what should I do, I will try to make bootloader boot my boot.img, and if it won't boot it, I guess I'd need to port uboot
<stikonas> well, you can try to find some online guides about rk3066 / or that particular tab. U-boot documentation in tree might also be useful.
<stikonas> I have some writeup about rk3399 but it's probably slightly different...
<stikonas> and on board emmc makes things even more different
<nergzd723> rk3066 has u-boot fork, so I hope it will be straightforward
<nergzd723> rk3399 is 64bit, isn't it?
<stikonas> yeah...
<stikonas> on my rk3399, I have to put u-boot on a certain sector of detachable eMMC storage (or same sector of onboard SPI flash), then u-boot loads a couple of other u-boot stages (their location is configurable in u-boot and then u-boot is ready to boot linux kernel, which I do simply by relying on u-boot's distroboot feature (it can automatically boot from UEFI ESP partition)
<stikonas> and there is also TF-A trusted firmware that you have to deal with on rk3399 (a bit trickier to build because you need arm32 bit cross-compiler)
<nergzd723> luckily my rk3066 don't seem to run any arm trusted firmware, it's cortex a9 so I guess it's too old for that
<stikonas> well, rk3399 has open source arm trusted firmware, so it's alright
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<dvergatal> stikonas: you also have rk3399?
<stikonas> dvergatal: yes
<stikonas> (rockpro64)
<dvergatal> stikonas: i've got firefly-rk3399
<stikonas> oh, the one with on-board emmc?
<dvergatal> stikonas: do you boot using rockchip u-boot or mainline
<dvergatal> stikonas: yeah
<stikonas> dvergatal: all mainline stuff
<dvergatal> dvergatal: ok with op-tee?
<stikonas> and bobless
<stikonas> without op-tee
<stikonas> s/bobless/blobless/
<dvergatal> :]
<stikonas> I don't have much use for op-tee myself...
<dvergatal> stikonas: but mainline u-boot?
<stikonas> yes
<dvergatal> which kernel?
<dvergatal> also mainline?
<dvergatal> or from rockchip?
<stikonas> also mainline, 5.9.11-gentoo-gnu
<stikonas> (well, if you can call kernel with a few gentoo patches and deblobed mainline)
<dvergatal> ooohhhgentoo:]
<dvergatal> i have used it many years ago :D
<dvergatal> still got one on my lenovo notebook
<stikonas> (this is my setup, although, a littled bit out of date in terms of versions that I run
<stikonas> so I put U-boot onto SPI chip on rockpro64 and rest (device agnostic stuff like grub, kernel and rootfs) is on NVMe drive connected via PCIe
<dvergatal> u are using grub on it?
<stikonas> yes
<stikonas> grub is loaded by u-boot automatically from ESP partition
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<dvergatal> ahhh i see
<dvergatal> nice
<stikonas> yeah, basically whatever is on my NVMe is independent of actual device
<stikonas> all the device tree stuff is inside u-boot on SPI chip
<dvergatal> :]
<dvergatal> you dislike bullshit blob:P
<stikonas> :)
<dvergatal> hehehe
<hanetzer> heyo.
<dvergatal> me 2
<nergzd723> Hey
<hanetzer> so, anything newer than rk3399 come out or is that still the state-of-the-art for rockchip socs?
<stikonas> I think it's still the newest
<dvergatal> i dunno i just use it because only this and px30 have support for op-tee
<dvergatal> open support
<dvergatal> echh i stil got problems whit this shity rockchip kernel
<hanetzer> k, just wondering, hadn't seen any news on that front and everyone else is shitting out new cpus like rabbits so yeh
<hanetzer> hell even ibm is coming out with power10 soonish
<mps> iirc I read somewhere about announce new rk chips but forgot codename
<dvergatal> when i boot using mainline u-boot my kernel is stuck
<dvergatal> maybe you guys may help me with it?
<dvergatal> and i don't get it what's the problem
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<stikonas> hmm, yeah, I don't see any obvious kernel panic or anything like that...
<stikonas> rk_iommu ff650800.iommu: can't get sclk looks a bit suspicious
<dvergatal> stikonas: but i have compaered it with rockchip bootflow
<dvergatal> and it is also in it
<dvergatal> the difference in there is that it uses android images which are not supported in mainline u-boot
<stikonas> ok...
<dvergatal> i can paste the rockchipp boot flow
<dvergatal> as you can see after [ 1.715763] rockchip-system-monitor rockchip-system-monitor: system monitor probe
<dvergatal> is this serial uart
<stikonas> oh, maybe just uart is switched on on mainline and output starts going somewhere else?
<stikonas> this is what I see on mainline rockpro64 (but it's a different board, so there might be some differences)
<stikonas> I don't have rockchip-system-monitor but console [ttyS2] is enabled at that time too
<dvergatal> in u-boot?
<stikonas> no, I don't think I do anything in u-boot
<stikonas> hmm
<dvergatal> stikonas: but this is the same kernel
<dvergatal> the same image file
<stikonas> oh, you mean you only changed u-boot
<stikonas> hmm
<dvergatal> yes
<dvergatal> i only have changed to boot from idbloader.img and u-boot.itb
<dvergatal> instead of rockchip u-boot
<stikonas> and which TF-A are you using?
<stikonas> maybe mainline needs newer
<dvergatal> and boot.img is also made by me because in rockchip bootflow there is android boot image
<dvergatal> TF-A is mainline
<dvergatal> newest one
<stikonas> ok... I'm on latest released I think
<stikonas> (2.3)
<dvergatal> hmmm you think that it maybe the tfa?
<dvergatal> hmmm i can check with old from rockchip
<stikonas> I'm not sure...
<dvergatal> gimme a second :]
<stikonas> I only asked because I think without TF-A kernel also hanged without any clear error message
<stikonas> when I tried that
<stikonas> oh, latest TF-A is now 2.4
<stikonas> so I'm not on the newest one
<dvergatal> ahaaa
<stikonas> ?
<dvergatal> so u have 2.3
<dvergatal> i will try that
<stikonas> yes...
<dvergatal> maybe this will fix somehow
<stikonas> but it's not because 2.4 didn't work for me. I just haven't upgraded yet
<stikonas> and I don't see any commits touching plat/rockchip/rk3399 between these two releases anyway
<dvergatal> did you tried 2.4?
<stikonas> not yet...
<stikonas> I can try...
<dvergatal> i am trying first 2.3 tag
<dvergatal> the same
<dvergatal> maybe my command is wrong i dunno
<stikonas> yeah. 2.4 works here
<dvergatal> i think that something is wrong with mine bootcmd
<dvergatal> in u-boot
<stikonas> that is possible...
<dvergatal> stikonas: did u use dts file and kernel config from rockchip for your gentoo kernel?
<stikonas> at some point I used dts file from kernel, but later dts file in u-boot got good enough
<stikonas> so I'm now just using whatever u-boot provides
<dvergatal> aha you used dts file from u-boot
<stikonas> but both work, kernel and u-boot file for me is almost identical
<stikonas> but it might be different with firefly
<dvergatal> ohh wow this looks completly different
<dvergatal> than this in firefly sdk
<dvergatal> btw. dtb generated by u-boot is u-boot.dtb?
<stikonas> yeah, i think so
<stikonas> but it's embedded inside u-boot.itb
<stikonas> dvergatal: maybe you also need mainline kernel?
<dvergatal> yeah that is also what i thought
<dvergatal> i have used u-boot fdt
<dvergatal> but kernel now do not log anything
<dvergatal> ## Flattened Device Tree blob at 01f00000 Booting using the fdt blob at 0x1f00000 Loading Ramdisk to f56ae000, end f5f22092 ... OK Loading Device Tree to 00000000f569b000, end 00000000f56ad9df ... OK
<dvergatal> Starting kernel ...
<dvergatal> but no more error with fdt blob
<dvergatal> :P
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<dvergatal> stikonas: i will check with mainline kernel see if that will help
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