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<wingrime> Trul:
<wingrime> pinsg
<wingrime> ping
<wingrime> Trul:ping
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<jlj> is a special type of serial-to-usb converter needed to get a serial console or would any with RX TX and gnd work?
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<jelly-home> jlj: you want to pick one that matches the voltage levels for the serial side. RS232 has levels different from TTL has levels different from LVTTL
<jelly-home> jlj: A10 uses 0V and 3.3V ("LVTTL", I think) so that's the kind of usb-serial adapter you want to use with such a board
<jlj> jelly-home: thanks. do you know if there is a recommended adapter/one known to work?
<hramrach__> any 3.3V one should do. there are some available from olimex and the cubieshop
<oliv3r> I got my first adapter via DX
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<oliv3r> but i bet you could get them cheaper
<oliv3r> but at 4e shipped who can complain
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<pacopad> Hi hramrach
<pacopad> i'm trying to compile the kernel source from the git you tell me yesterday
<pacopad> i got this error : linux-sunxi/arch/arm/mach-sun7i/pm/standby/mem_printk.c:168: undefined reference to `memcpy'
<pacopad> how can i correct it ?
<oliv3r> thatś's a pretty low level error
<oliv3r> i'm thinking something is not setup right
<oliv3r> or you don´t have all of the sources extractright
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<pacopad> oliv3r : something about the kernel setup ?
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<oliv3r> i think so
<oliv3r> memcpy is one of the core functions and resides in linux-sunxi/lib if i'm no tmistaken
<oliv3r> so that's pretty 'basic' if you miss that
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<pacopad> here is the problem source in the code : char digit_string[] = "0123456789ABCDEF";
<pacopad> solved
<pacopad> i changed it by char* digit_strign
<pacopad> seems to be ok
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<jlj> oliv3r: thanks for the link :)
<jlj> oliv3r: oh wait, that's usb-to-usb I meant one for usb to solderpoints on the board
<jlj> hramrach__: I'll check those out thanks
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<hramrach__> the dx one should be ok too and cheaper
<jlj> hramrach__: so do I have to strip the wires on the dx one or would it work through the usb port?
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<hramrach__> yes, you would have to change the connector on the dx one
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<jlj> hramrach__: okay
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<ssvb> hno: afaik oliv3r tried to do more detailed comparison between the boot0 and u-boot dram settings
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<ssvb> hno: don't remember what was the conclusion
<ssvb> hno: some register dumps are available at
<alcides> I could found if someone developed a PWM driver for A10
<alcides> *couldn't
<hramrach__> there is some
<alcides> no link for the source
<alcides> I'll have to copy it
<alcides> XDS
<alcides> thanks techn__, trying it
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<hno> alcides, there is at least two PWM drivers written.
<alcides> hno I found this one:
<hno> alcides, and there is another one in the chineese forumes somewhere..
<alcides> hno I'll search for this one too...
<wingrime> Trul: ping
<hno> alcides, I would start with the first one. It's under review for inclusion and feedback very welcome.
<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<wingrime> hno: do you have uart cable nearly?
<wingrime> hno: current linux sunxi3.0 not boots when AXP drivers turned off
<alcides> hno will it be included soon? what is missing?
<hno> Sort of, but not in a position to play with the boards right now.
<hno> Feedback from others testing it, and some gentle pushes to have it included.
<wingrime> hno: I can't figure out why....
<hno> plus probably one more round of review of the code.
<hno> What board are you using?
<alcides> cubieboard
<hno> also, 3.0 is kind of being deprecated. we are trying to get everyone over to 3.4.
<hno> is there same problem with staging/sunxi-3.4 branch?
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<alcides> [alcides@cubieboard:~]$ uname -a
<alcides> Linux cubieboard 3.4.43.sun4i+ #30 Fri Jun 7 13:48:08 CEST 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
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<wingrime> hno: sory for lag
<hno> wingrime, no problem.
<hno> where does it halt?
<wingrime> hno: simply no respone on screen
<wingrime> hno: it must be in dmesg
<wingrime> hno: i borrowed my uart (also tablet have no normal pins so in that case I need solder it directly)
<wingrime> *uart connector
<wingrime> hno: just try build without AXP in config
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* hno is updating his repo. Will take a couple of minutes on current connection.
<hno> wingrime, which branch are you using?
<wingrime> hno: 3.0 stable
<wingrime> hno: I think problem exists not only there
<hno> wingrime, can you try if same problem is in stage/sunxi-3.0?
<hno> or stage/sunxi-3.4 preferably. There is not much entergy going into 3.0 these days.
<wingrime> hno: it will not much helpfull untill I have no uart cable
<hno> looking at the stage/sunxi-3.0 diff I doubt there is any change there.. no AXP related changes at all.
<wingrime> hno: just try boot with AXP turned off in config
<wingrime> hno: I going make mainline axp version, so I need firstly get kernel boot without linux-sunxi driver
<wingrime> hno: For testing with linux-sunxi I writed small glue that register i2c board (staticly linked) main mfd driver will be tested as module
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<hno> wigyori, so sun5i_defconfig and CONFIG_AW_AXP disabled should be good to test?
<hno> sorry, wingrime^
<hno> crap... missing some stuff on this laptop.
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<hno> wingrime, I think you have worse connection than me today.
<wingrime> hno:indeed
<hno> * wingrime har avslutat (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<hno> or your client is blocking CTCP PING?
<wingrime> hno: using irssi
<hno> wingrime, so sun5i_defconfig and CONFIG_AW_AXP disabled should be good to test?
<wingrime> yes
<wingrime> ctcp - I have used it very long time ago... no idea with irssi, but with mIrc worked fine
<hno> wingrime, your client responds to ping from me at least..
<hno> hmm... I wonder which of my SD cards actually have a bootable Linux system..
<wingrime> hno: witch board are you using
<hno> A13 OLinuxIno at the moment. Only have that and Cubieboard2 with me.
<wingrime> hno: russa mail so crap. that I still not recived anysing
<wingrime> hno: any results?
<hno> wingrime, not so fast... not even power on the board yet.
<hno> and need to rebuild kernel again.. a misguided rm -rf messed things up a bit..
<oliv3r> hi, i just made a fex to get me some boot01 uart love for my tablet using the uSD adapter, but all i get is '333333fffffff33333333fffffff'
<oliv3r> wingrime: pong
<hno> oliv3r, you haven't disabled the MMC controller.
<oliv3r> jlj: just cut off the connector, that's what i did
<oliv3r> ssvb: i did what? i missed hno's quesiton
<hno> oliv3r, what?
<hno> oliv3r, this? <ssvb> hno: afaik oliv3r tried to do more detailed comparison between the boot0 and u-boot dram settings
<oliv3r> ssvb: but if it's about boot0 from a20 dump and what's in hno's repo right now, then yes, my github should be slightyl more complete, but worse tested ;)
<oliv3r> you need my patches if you want performance that is on par
<hno> I asked if the register differences had been mapped out I think.
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<hno> oliv3r, are you stuck in scrollback mode?
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<oliv3r> hno: i did too! but i'll check again
<oliv3r> [mmc0_para]
<oliv3r> sdc_used = 0
<oliv3r> hno: yes i was backreading
<hno> oliv3r, the boot one as well?
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<oliv3r> oh let me double check that
<oliv3r> as for a20; i think i have my last working version here:
<oliv3r> my wip a31 stuff i've mailed you
<oliv3r> was some experimentation with the hpcr register values. they do have meaning and we sorta do know them
<oliv3r> [card_boot0_para]
<oliv3r> card_ctrl = 0
<oliv3r> card_high_speed = 1
<oliv3r> card_line = 4
<oliv3r> sdc_d1 = port:PF00<2><1><default><default>
<oliv3r> i guess that's throwing shit in the water
<hno> maybe.
<oliv3r> :p
<hno> wingrime, booted for me on second attempt. First crashed on not finding the rootfs but was my fault I think.
<wingrime> gno: realy
<wingrime> hno: realy....
<wingrime> hno: AXP disabled in confing
<hno> [henrik@localhost linux-allwinner]$ grep AXP build/a13-noaxp/.config
<hno> # CONFIG_AW_AXP is not set
<wingrime> hno: give me dmesg
<hno> a moment.. uplink is barely existing here.
<hno> wingrime ^
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<wingrime> <4>WARNING: at /home/henrik/SRC/Allwinner/linux-allwinner/drivers/video/sunxi/disp/OSAL_Pin.c:50 OSAL_GPIO_Request+0x78/0xc0()
<hno> oliv3r, regarding SD UART.. did you reflash with a modified image or only replaced script.bin?
<oliv3r> only replaced script.bin
<oliv3r> i only really need u-boot output from nand. I want to start using 3.4 kernel, but i never got output as to why it iddn't work
<hno> wingrime, I have no idea what disp config this script.bin have. Never connected to a display of any kind.
<wingrime> hno: I have rgb disp, so it possible that interfere
<hno> Well, that is a white lie, I did infact connect the board to VGA once when I first got the board, but still...
<hno> wingrime, what CPU do you have?
<wingrime> a13
<hno> then I can try booting with your script.bin if you like.
<wingrime> hno: wait a sec
<hno> assuming it has AXP209 and MMC0 support enabled.
<hno> well, AXP209 shouldn't matter with this kernel obviously.
<oliv3r> hno: btw ,can you comment on the marsboard a10 merge request
<hno> oliv3r, ok, that should work...
<oliv3r> they want to merge marsboard because of the name (it's 100% identical to cubieboard)
<oliv3r> but 'for their customers, they can't use marsboard for u-boot'
<oliv3r> erm cubieboard-u-boot
<hno> oliv3r, but if in doubt then you can always hack up u-boot a bit to force UART0 out there..
<oliv3r> which brings me back to my original question; what branch do I need for that?
* hno waits...
<oliv3r> for? :p
<oliv3r> well my board decided to not do anything anymore
<hno> wingrime, not too odd my script.bin makes disp choke.. lcd_bl_en = port:power1<1><0><default><1>
<hno> lcd_power = port:power0<1><0><default><1>
<hno> those are AXP pins.
<hno> wingrime, yours have the same.
<hno> and not very odd there is nothing on the LCD is it's neither powered or enabled.
<hno> backlight enabled..
<oliv3r> hno: my tablet has a pin-hole 'reset' button; what is it for? force to fel-mode?
<wingrime> olive3r: do RESET ]
<hno> oliv3r, usually.
<oliv3r> i may have just killed my tablet; and i have no clue how
<oliv3r> all i did was 'reboot' from within android
<oliv3r> i did the 10 second button thing
<oliv3r> but lsusb doesn't even show it
<oliv3r> i get absolutly nothing from the device
<hno> oliv3r, what do the manual say about that hole?
<oliv3r> manual?
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> i'll check the box
<oliv3r> i might still have it
<wingrime> oliv3r: just find situable image for livesuit
<hno> push power button for at least 12 seconds.
<hno> then release it, wait a moment, and push it again for ~2 seconds.
<oliv3r> yeah; tried that a few times :S
<oliv3r> oh i heard a speaker sound pop after 3 seconds
<oliv3r> maybe it's not entirly dead
<oliv3r> battery could be thoug
<oliv3r> yeah the axp reset trick makes the speaker pop
<hno> plug in the charger?
<oliv3r> i have otg plugged
<hno> wingrime, are you really sure your doesn't boot?
<oliv3r> manual says 'when a problem occurs, press soft reset via pinhole'
<wingrime> hno: can't say defenetly untill no uart connected
<wingrime> hno: but I tryed not once
<hno> wingrime, any other methods for sign of life than display? Does it show up on USB?
<wingrime> hno: it not boots in cases 1) no axp 2) with axp + glue driver that register i2c board
<oliv3r> what about corrupted nanda partition
<hno> wingrime, display will be completely off on that hardware until you have AXP GPIO driver.
<hno> oliv3r, try booting from an SD card.
<oliv3r> aye, checking my sd card now :)
<oliv3r> but corrupted nanda (e.g. fsck fail) won't force FEL mode
<wingrime> hno: will try agian tomorrow , otherwice get uart cable and check
<hno> oliv3r, in many cases not.
<oliv3r> good
<oliv3r> i had nanda mounted during reboot
<hno> oliv3r, it
<hno> it's a FAT so quite hard to crash that bad..
<oliv3r> true, but i don't know what else :)
<wingrime> hno: if I connect some nand signals together will a10 boot to fex?
<hno> and there is two copies of script.bin in case one gets corrupted..
<hno> wingrime, yes. But easier to use a FEL SD card.
<oliv3r> found my fedora 18 sd card
<hno> only used the "short some otherwise unused NAND signals" to force MMC2 boot on my Cubieboard modified with MMC2.
<oliv3r> mmc boots
<oliv3r> sweet
<oliv3r> while i'm no big fedora fan (not opposed in anyway either); i do love a) the simplicity of his install; and the fact it 'just works'
<oliv3r> thank you hansg
<wingrime> hno: mmc2 ~after~ nand in boot order?
<hno> yes
<oliv3r> no corrupted partitions :(
<hno> oliv3r, SD boot failed?
<wingrime> oliv3r: fex
<oliv3r> sd boot works fine
<oliv3r> but i've booted that fex before fine
<oliv3r> i'll restore original
<oliv3r> ohhhh
<oliv3r> fuck me
<oliv3r> i deleted the fex to replace it with a diff one
<oliv3r> but then wifi failed again, so i rebooted to fix wifi; but no fex :)
<hno> There, corrupted nanda content :)
<oliv3r> lol :)
<oliv3r> wingrime: +10 points; golden tip :)
<hno> but... there is two copies. boot1 should have found the backup...
<oliv3r> i removed both :)
<hno> don't do that again :)
<oliv3r> i have the .orig left
<oliv3r> i made a copy before starting to mess with those :)
<oliv3r> rm; scp script.bin .
<oliv3r> but then wifi wasn't up
<hno> next time leave the backup alone... always.
<hno> just replace script.bin. no need to rm before scp.
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<hno> there is many ways a file update on FAT can screw up, but very unlikely a file you haven't touched will get screwed up as well.
<oliv3r> well wanted to make sure the backup was the same as the normal one
<hno> you do that after booting the normal one.
<hno> if at all.
<oliv3r> i guess; lesson learned :)
<oliv3r> hno: before i forget, you didn't answer before; the pull request for marsboard a10
<oliv3r> the data is identical to cubieboard; but it's a 'name' thing
<hno> haven't seen it
<oliv3r> today or yesterday
<hno> haven't been able to keep up with the email flow at all.
<oliv3r> no problem
<oliv3r> on linux-sunxi i tried to answer/close most issues
<hno> good.
<hno> but my anser is that I do not really care if there is duplicate DRAM parameter files.
<oliv3r> so merge it then
<oliv3r> roger
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<oliv3r> if you haven't done it; i'll do it later/tomorrow
<oliv3r> haven't quite figured out how to nicely merge things via github, not very happy with the double log entries it creates (1 for the patch, 1 empty for the merge)
<hno> please do. takes at least 2 min to open up github here.
<oliv3r> ack
<hno> don't worry too much about the merge commit. it's normal.
<hno> git works that way.
<oliv3r> i find them pollutingly ugly :p
<oliv3r> so i just download it as a .patch (by appending .patch to the url) and submit it that way
<hno> that work too, but records a different hash for the merged commit.
<hno> so history tracking gets a little lost.
<oliv3r> ohh
<hno> doesn't matter on leaf merges like this.
<oliv3r> well what i did for a diff branch (probably does the same hash mess then) is merge, pull locally, remove the 'merge' commit; and push -force
<oliv3r> ok i'll leave it in as it is
<hno> How did you remove the merge commit? If you do that then you are back where you started.
<oliv3r> well i pulled 2 commits; the patch and an empty 'merge' commit
<oliv3r> so i just did a reset to the one before; and push -force it
<oliv3r> maybe i shouldn't do crazy shit when I don't know what i'm doing :)
<hno> Yes, but the parent of the merge commit is the previous version before merge, and the merged commit.
<oliv3r> maybe they did it wrong?
<oliv3r> a 'pull request' always results in 2 commits (or more) does it not?
<hno> sounds so.
<hno> depends on if the merge can be fast-forwarded or not.
<hno> a merge that can be fast-forwarded can result in just one commit.
<hno> (the original one) with no sign of who merged it.
<oliv3r> hmm, maybe they did it wrong, people on github tend to know even less then I do
<hno> or you can opt to always use a merge commit, to keep a record of when the merge happened and by who.
<oliv3r> how are you enjoying your vacation so far btw?
<oliv3r> then again
<oliv3r> if your internet is slow
<oliv3r> better not check it out :)
<oliv3r> looks 'fine' to me :)
<oliv3r> but my real question would be this:
<oliv3r> this is my script.bin i think
<oliv3r> but still get 'ffff333333fffff33333fff333
<hno> The vacation is very good thanks, but the cough is back for the last days, very annoying, Need to go and see a doctor about that when I get back I think.
<hno> dtv scan trables?
<hno> wrong link?
<oliv3r> the dtv-scan-tables is the commit i pulled, removed the merge commit, and pushed -force again :)
<hno> aha.. sorry impossible to say anything based on that. What is important is if you accidently lost some other commits or not...
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<hno> oliv3r, view the merge commit as a branch point. From that to the common ancestor there is two independent branches. If you reset to a hash on one then the commits on the other is lost.
<hno> if the common ancestor was the previous HEAD then all is fine.
<oliv3r> it was, but yeah
<hno> and the merge could have been fast-forwarded without the merge commit instead of merged.
<oliv3r> these dtv patches are all simple patches anyway, all based off of the same root
<oliv3r> so nothing major really
<oliv3r> sorry to take more of your (ill) time, but do you spot anything strange here?
<oliv3r> 'card burn para' is still pf0*
<oliv3r> i'll change that too
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<oliv3r> same, 333ffff3333ffff33333 :S
<oliv3r> i just changed the pf* to pc* (copied the numbers from sd2 i think) but no usd debug :(
<hno> oliv3r, no idea. looks fine to me, but I never really do this myself. From what I have understood you normally flash a debug image to enable SD UART + JTAG.
<oliv3r> ah ok
<hno> which gives a boot0 which sets up the uart + jtag very early.
<techn__> oliv3r: for me it worked well
<oliv3r> well turl did say you would know which branch i had to use for 'lichee u-boot'
<oliv3r> uart u-boot is 'fine' for me
<hno> techn__, replacing script.bin, or a full flash?
<techn__> hno: you need to create livesuit image with that new script.bin
<hno> oliv3r ^
<oliv3r> seriosuly?
<oliv3r> i'll do the 'special u-boot that forces uart' trick
<techn__> oliv3r: you need to have boot0 and boot1 mmc disabled too :/
<oliv3r> yeah i did disable mmc
<oliv3r> in my
<hno> not really.. those will just give some garbage before...
<oliv3r> my goal is to debug the booting (or failure to do so) of the kernel
<oliv3r> so u-boot + kernel early printk is plenty for me
<techn__> oliv3r: there is another script.bin stored in nand .. it's raw somewhere
<techn__> hmm
<oliv3r> i'm starting to have my doubts wether boot1 can parse script.bin at all :p
<oliv3r> boot0 won't, livesuit takes script.bin and modifies boot0
<oliv3r> boot1 i'm thinking the same
<hno> boot1 reads script.bin.
<hno> at least the boot1 versions I have seen.
<hno> and is also why it crashed for you...
<hno> nothing else reads script.bin in the boot process any more.
<hno> earlier boot1 read script.bin a second time when selecting the image to boot (u-boot) and then u-boot loaded script.bin yet again.. but now it's just loaded once.
<oliv3r> boot.axf?
<techn__> oliv3r: you can check livesuit contents with ithamars awutils .. there is one "partition" for second scrpt.bin
<oliv3r> yeah, that's true
<oliv3r> i extracted (and uploaded to sunxi-bin) those details ages ago
<oliv3r> i think i put info about that on the wiki too
<techn__> oliv3r: you can try to modify just that .fex file and use "make livesuit" .. ;)
<oliv3r> and how do i use livesuit image?
<oliv3r> don't I need windows for that?
<hno> I think that's for livesuit usage. It needs script.bin to seed boot0 & boot1 boot header parameters.
<hno> and to configure the board for flashing,
<techn__> oliv3r: oh.. and you need to modify that lichee-dev u-boot to be sduart capable
<oliv3r> i think i'll only do that bit techn__ :)
<techn__> oliv3r: I think fastest way would be to use sduart is fel-boot
<techn__> skip whole livesuit sh*t
<oliv3r> what?
<hno> fel booting is nice, but not so android friendly.
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<techn__> hno: I booted android with fel boot :)
<hno> yes, possible, but different..
<oliv3r> the android that resides on flash? :)
<techn__> oliv3r: yes
<oliv3r> oh nice
<oliv3r> what u-boot did you use?
<hno> fel booting can boot anything.
<oliv3r> techn__: could you do a howto for the wiki?
<oliv3r> i'll try to follow it
<techn__> oliv3r: I was planning to push BSP changes.. but have been busy (and ill)
<oliv3r> :(
<hno> oliv3r, has the basics.
<hno> but you need an SD SPL FEL (see boards.cfg) and upload script.bin and original u-boot.
<oliv3r> SD? I would think NAND SPL FEL
<hno> The SPL FEL is storage neurtal. You need one that sets UART0 of PF (SD)
<techn__> oliv3r: you can boot nand android with non nand capable u-boot.. just push kernel at sametime
<oliv3r> ah, I can't do that
<oliv3r> i need to test the kernelt hats in flash
<hno> that too.
<oliv3r> a modified nand-u-boot for nanda is probably quickest way
<techn__> oliv3r: you cant push same kernel which is on flash?
<oliv3r> well i want to know what goes wrong where
<hno> oliv3r, pick whatever suits you.
<oliv3r> well i think uart enabled u-boot is probably best
<hno> fel boot will work, and you have full control. But you won't have the benefit of any magics done by boot0/boot1.
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<oliv3r> which i kinda need I suppose
<oliv3r> in case they do something special
<oliv3r> so reocmpiling u-boot gives me something that should be close
<hno> our lichee-dev-nand branch is not quite up to date. Stopped updating that when they pulled the NAND driver private.
<oliv3r> well my u-boot is probably more then a year old ;)
<hno> well, probably never updated it really.
<oliv3r> is the serial force just some config var?
<hno> oliv3r, then grap lichee-dev branch, "make ... sun4i_sd" and drop it in nanda.
<oliv3r> perfect
<hno> the _sd is for SD UART. not MMC.
<hno> this version of u-boot do not use script.bin I think
<oliv3r> bah, to late
<oliv3r> bed time first :(
<hno> ?
<hno> yes indeed.
<hno> good luck tomorrow then :)
<hno> night
<oliv3r> thanks hno :)
<oliv3r> and do try to enjoy the rest of your vacation!
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