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<popolon> libv, what do you think about pc-on-a-stick category
<popolon> some was on HTPC category
<libv> some?
<libv> _all_
<popolon> the name is not really clear to
<popolon> some of _existing_
<libv> where does pc on a stick start, and where does it end?
<lukas2511> "PC-on-a-stick is a term describing a PC in a USB stick format, generally using ARM system on a chip."
<lukas2511> so basically all systems in "usb-stick" format
<libv> the original mk802 was clearly that
<popolon> that's a stick shaped thing that is attached to HDMI port
<libv> but recent ones are a lot fatter
<libv> and have female hdmi connectors
<lukas2511> than it's not a stick anymore
<popolon> like a PC in a HDMI dongle/stick
<libv> lukas2511: compare mk802 and mk802-iii
<libv> which one is what?
<libv> and where do you draw the line?
<libv> in the end they are all meant to be connected to a TV
<lukas2511> mh...
<libv> hence a unified htpc category
<popolon> generally that's one hard piece that is attached to HDMI port
<libv> perhaps this category should be further clarified
<libv> anyway, enough of this for now.
<popolon> libv, not I didn't removed from HTPC, it don't make sense
<popolon> this is a notion commonly used in press about arm devices
<lukas2511> yea well, i think as long as you basically stick it directly into the hdmi port of a tv it is a "stick", even if it's quite big. female hdmi ports would require a cable, and therefore wouldn't be a "stick" anymore
<Turl> uh, wall of text, let me read
<libv> popolon: but then you have devices in 2 different classification categories
<libv> anyway, not now
<popolon> is this a problem ?
<popolon> there are devices in A31 devices and tablets at the same time
<libv> Turl: i hope popolon keeps his word, and doesn't muddle things up further until i have time to sort things out, so i will not have to suspend his access
<libv> devices is the super category
<popolon> generally, in wiki, category is not for sticking pure definition with pure ideas
<popolon> but instead to help to find an easier way things
<popolon> libv, if you blocked my acount I can't "muddle" anymore anyway
<libv> popolon: what about listing, collecting, classifying do you not understand?
<popolon> that's the goal yes
<popolon> collecting indormation, classifing and listing them
<libv> most of the work of classification is in finding structure in the data.
<popolon> sure
<libv> and why the fuck am i having to repeat myself again while i should be doing other things?
<lukas2511> i think instead of a lot of (small?) categories and (near-)empty pages something like would be a better thing
<popolon> lukas2511, that's true that allow to have a quick overview
<popolon> It could be possible to write some mediawiki script to extract informations from infobox in pages
<lukas2511> libv: that is nice if you know exactly which device you are looking for. but if you are looking for new devices it's really annoying
<popolon> and write automatically such lists
<libv> popolon: this is not an automatic list.
<libv> on the openwrt site
<libv> someone is having to spend _a_ _lot_ _of_ _time_ on that.
<popolon> but if the pages are deleted because devices aren't owned by writer, sure, there will be less complet
<libv> popolon: and there you go again
<libv> running in circles.
<libv> i thought you had grasped that concept.
<popolon> I spent lot of time searching for informations today yes
<libv> popolon: now leave me and the wiki alone.
<Turl> I don't want to start +q'ing people
<Turl> so let's start by the things we can agree on
<libv> not now.
<Turl> copying a template and leaving it empty == bad, copying a template and filling it in, or at least most of it == good
<Turl> can you both agree on that?
<popolon> yes
<libv> spending 5 minutes on google != filling it in
<popolon> :(
<popolon> I added two pages, search for informations, add links, fill the infobox, that is a good tool to retrive information automaticall after that
<libv> you simply cannot fill in a device page without having the hw in hand
<popolon> only two, not a bunch
<Turl> seeing the deleted page I see it's mostly red
<popolon> I only fill the infobox, yes
<libv> popolon: if you had ever properly worked through the new device howto, you would've known that
<libv> popolon: did you know exactly which wifi chips were in there?
<popolon> I added wifi chip in one of the two devices
<popolon> searching on the pdf documentation I linked
<libv> because i usually cannot tell that from even a good picture.
<libv> i have to take a magnifying glass to the board.
<popolon> sure
<popolon> but with the documentation of the vendor
<Turl> so here's an idea I just pulled up my sleeve
<libv> no
<popolon> you generally can have it
<Turl> please, there's no point in quarreling
<popolon> I agree
<libv> Turl: please do something to stop this, i get sucked back into this bs all the time, and the last time it was you.
<Turl> what about a wiki page
<libv> i have other shit to do than this nonsense.
<popolon> I agree, me too, every of us too, I suppose
<libv> hence me talking about saturday.
<popolon> I only want to help adding more informations, not to create an editing war
<Turl> titled "Known but not community supported devices", with an explanation that these are sunxi devices that nobody has brought up yet with NDH
<Turl> and then you can list everything you feel like there
<libv> that existed before
<libv> it was pointless.
<Turl> it can bring people in via google
<Turl> and you can link NDH there
<libv> created once by someone who googled 5 minutes and never bothered again
<Turl> libv: not one page per device, but one page for all
<libv> yes
<libv> was there, at one point
<libv> created in 2012
<Turl> I don't recall that ever existing
<popolon> so, do you think make a single list like the openwrt page, could be a better solution, and add page only if there is someone having it ?
<libv> why am i still here?
<Turl> popolon: the problem is that then people see it on the list and assume things
<Turl> I'd like to have real pages for devices people actually have
<popolon> so you can ask for more deep search of informations ?
<lukas2511> add a big red "STATUS: UNKNOWN"? that could work :D
<Turl> popolon: eh?
<Turl> lukas2511: rule #2 is people don't read, so that doesn't help
<popolon> Turl, I means, if someone have it in the community, there is more chance to search informations
<libv> thanks heaps, i now get to read a 4d backlog on saturday as well.
<Turl> popolon: if someone has it, then they should create a wiki page following NDH
<popolon> libv, I said you what I done
<popolon> it will help you don't throw too much time, and see what you don't agree on my changes
<popolon> link articles about images, nand images related to cubieboard2 (as that's the device I add)
<popolon> add warning about ubuntuone that is closed since this month and add information about new version of some released os images on cubieboard
<popolon> (mostly NAND images)
<popolon> add some links on words
<popolon> livesuit => link to livesuit page for example
<popolon> added documentation about livesuit (how to install recent version)
<Turl> popolon: that's fine, just don't change/add categories or create pages for devices you don't own
<popolon> ok, I will know, now
<Turl> until we can decide on how to approach the problem and keep things organized
<Turl> which libv agreed to discuss on the weekend if I didn't misunderstand
<popolon> I finish to list my changes I remember, so libv will not spent too much time
<popolon> I could be that saturday evening
<popolon> else I will get return on what you decided
<popolon> added categories on images/softwares (livesuit, and some other software in software category)
<popolon> added images in software category
<popolon> nand images in images and nand
<popolon> nand related software to nand category too
<popolon> and today links between devices categories
<popolon> and added two devices pages, and pc-on-a-stick category
<popolon> there was several categories by OS on A20-Cubieboard/Nand Images
<popolon> I tried to unify names and typo
<popolon> all changes with big black N are new pages / categories
<popolon> easy to catch for re-reading changes
<maksimlin> hi, has anyone built rhombus's u-bbot for sunxi6 before? it built fine for me uboot.bin but not the SPL - I suspect because SPL_CONFIG was not enabled but I have no idea about u-boots build setup so I could be barkign up the wornong tree?
<maksimlin> CONFIG_SPL I mean - looking at the README it looks like it needs to be set to build the spl loader ?
<Turl> maksimlin: allwinner doesn't use uboot SPL
<Turl> they have their own bootloaders to initialize the hardware, boot0/boot1
<maksimlin> Turl: oh! I think I've gotten mixed up then - I was trying to make a bootable sdcard ...
<maksimlin> per the instructions on
<Turl> maksimlin: u-boot-sunxi doesn't support sun6i yet
<maksimlin> Turl: also I should add its eventually for a A31 tab but for now Im happy to start with an A10
<Turl> A10 is ok, that's sun4i
<maksimlin> Turl: oh so the u-boot from is too diff to use per the instruction on that wiki page?
<maksimlin> Turl: would it help if I explain more what Im trying to achieve?
<maksimlin> well I'll do it anyways in case someone here spots I'm doing something wrong or plain impossible ... :-)
<maksimlin> so I currently have a A10 tab and also will soon get a A31 tab, the A31 is the one Moz is using for their tablet contributor program for FxOS
<popolon> good night
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<Turl> maksimlin: basically sun6i (A31) support on our software is scarce/nonexistent
<Turl> is a copy of the uboot distributed by allwinner on their SDK
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<maksimlin> Turl: ok fair enough and ah ok so thats where it comes from
<Turl> and it's meant to be used with allwinner's own bootloaders, so it doesn't have SPL support
<maksimlin> Turl: ok my goal is to get a A31 booting u-boto from sdcard
<maksimlin> basically to be able to unbrick devices that have had bad OS builds flashed onto internal Nand
<Turl> maksimlin: you may find a copy of boot0/1 for mmc on an allwinner SDK
<Turl> maybe mripard can give you a hint or two for that
<Turl> check the list otherwise, there has been talk about that as well
<maksimlin> my idea was to boot uboot of sdcard by going into FEL mode
<maksimlin> Turl the mail list you mean?
<Turl> yes
<maksimlin> ok thanks - Turl would you know the best way to get in touch with Tom Cubie? via the mail list?
<maksimlin> as it has his name on the a31 boot order diagram in:
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<maksimlin> Turl: also the reason I was trying to use uboot was because allwinners fork has fastboot mode in it, so that would give an easy way for people to easily flash new system/boot imgs into nand of a bricked device
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<maksimlin> because these tabs do not seem to have any hardware key combo wired up for the uboot thats already in the nand to go into fastboot mode!
<maksimlin> Turl: sorry a couple more questions if you have time... 1. should I be able to build lunix-sunxi u-boot for sdcard boot for a random A10 tab or would there be board specific config I would need to find for my tab?
<maksimlin> and 2. I bought a couple of Toms uSDcard uart breakouts hoping to get at uboot on my A10 tab but would you/anyone know what serial config u-boot might use? 115200N8 ?
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<Turl> maksimlin: you can ask your question on the list, no need to ask tom specially
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<Turl> mmarker: as for random devices, if they're supported already, then great, otherwise do
<Turl> sorry mmarker :p
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<ChALkeR> Hi all.
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<ChALkeR> Have anyone tried to run Qt QML apps on top of framebuffer with sunxi-mali userspace drivers?
<ChALkeR> Somewhy, minimalegl is a lot slower than eglfs for me.
<ChALkeR> An eglfs has terrible tearing.
<ChALkeR> I'm using debian jessie packages for Qt.
<ChALkeR> minimalegl gives something about 1fps.
<ChALkeR> eglfs gives better results, but still not 60fps and it has tearing.
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<maksimlin> mripard: ping! a question about a31 and u-boot spl if you have a min?
<ChALkeR> I used an LD_PRELOAD hack to override eglCreateWindowSurface, because Qt tries to create it with window=0, which is incorrect for mali binary drivers.
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<mripard> maksimlin: yes?
<maksimlin> I'm trying to get the u-boot with spl built from the
<maksimlin> but searching through mail list archives maybe this is a fools errand?
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<mripard> it doesn't have SPL
<maksimlin> I saw :!searchin/linux-sunxi/a31$20spl/linux-sunxi/MQKxPOxTnpo/jYDDP7-6CNYJ
<mripard> you'll have to use the boot0/boot1 bootloaders from Allwinner
<maksimlin> mripard: thanks for confirming that! ok I'm fine to do that but would you know where to get boot0/boot1 for a31 in wiki I only found link to A20 ones ?
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<mripard> I don't know if its' publicly available
<maksimlin> mripard: oh :-(
<maksimlin> mripard: sorry to bug you, but would you have any ideas on how I could boot a custom uboot build on a a31 tab where I can only get it into FEL ?
<maksimlin> ie. its 'bricked' by flashing bad boot or system.img into its nand
<maksimlin> mripard: for instance I read about the usb booting via FEL in the wiki so I thought I could use that... ?
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<maksimlin> but I'm not sure what it means to hae a "FEL enabled" u-boot as I'm building the uboot from above repo which I'm pretty sure is the one that is working on the device and importantly for us has fastboot impl in it
<mripard> yes, but you need to have a first stage bootloader, and u-boot isn't that.
<mripard> so it won't work
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<mripard> what you can try is this:
<mripard> dd it on your sd card, and try to boot it
<mripard> it might work, it might not.
<maksimlin> mripard: ok thanks! what is in that img?
<mripard> a bootable image, with boot0, boot1 and u-boot
<maksimlin> fantastic thanks!
<mripard> but probably not for your board
<maksimlin> I dont have a tablet myself yet but I can get others to try it
<maksimlin> mripard: probably dumb question - but how does the prop. boot1 knwo where to find u-boot ?
<maksimlin> mripard: I ask because what comes to mind is trying to swap out your u-boot with my custom one, which would go straight into fastboot mode
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<Montjoie> Could someone point me where is hans u-boot repo for having smp on mainline ? I cannot find it on wiki
<maksimlin> mripard: I have to go now, but THANKS for your help, really appreciate it! I'll check in again later on in the channel logs to see if its possible to swap out the uboot
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<mripard> Montjoie: I'm using maz's repo:
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<Montjoie> thanks mripard
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<ChALkeR> Under X11, I also have tearing with qml.
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<alexvf> anyone here currently working on the video engine RE?
<alexvf> i have an h.264 video that is played using libvdpau in the cb2 with artifacts
<alexvf> both with mplayer and with my own player
<alexvf> i wanted to know if it is a known issue and help fixing the issue
<alexvf> i know jemk is the guy but i don't catch him over here much often
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<jelly-home> if it's usb3, it might even have decent bandwidth
<jelly-home> oops, shouldn't not comment on hours old backlog
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<alexvf> rellla: ping
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<lauri> Hi guys, as some of you suggested having modular SoC configuration utility would be nice:
<lauri> Feel free to contribute :)
<lauri> Once I get the goddarn Gbps switch from Amazon I can test it with cubietruck, ZYBO, Raspi simultaneously
<mnemoc> is the VCC of a uart a device to host or host to device flow?
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<rellla> alexvf:pong
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<alexvf> rellla: i have an h.264 video that is played using libvdpau in the cb2 with artifacts
<alexvf> rellla: both with mplayer and with my own player
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<alexvf> rellla: so i am assuming the bug is in libvdpau
<alexvf> rellla: i wanted to know if you have experienced this issue and if you can give me some hint
<alexvf> rellla: i would like to fix the issue
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<alexvf> rellla: i have been playing with some h264 registers, set and unset random bits following
<alexvf> rellla: unfortunately, without any success
<alexvf> rellla: i don't really know where to start
<rellla> alexvf: i haven't noticed such a bug, but i did not try as much videos ;) canyou post some info about the video, e.g. with mediainfo to get some infos about exact codec etc...
<alexvf> rellla: the video stream is reported by ffmpeg as Stream #0.0[0x100]: Video: h264 (High), yuv420p, 1920x1080, 24 fps, 2k tbr, 90k tbn, 48 tbc
<alexvf> rellla: maybe i can upload the video somewhere
<rellla> unfortunately i can't do tests by myself atm.
<rellla> do that, so others can reproduce this.
<alexvf> rellla: the only special thing i see is that it has sei messages but that should not affect decoding, just optimize decoding
<rellla> and remember, the whole libvdpau is poc and not ready for use ;)
<alexvf> rellla: do you know when can i upload it? is there a server for that purpose or just use some external web service?
<rellla> "sei" messages?
<rellla> easily use some external space
<alexvf> rellla: sei messages is an h264 concept
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<alexvf> rellla: i know libvdpau is poc but i want to improve it, or improve whatever it will turn into when it left the "poc" status
<rellla> ah. ok. you see i'm not a h264 guru. and as you said, jemk would be the one to ask for this mainly - if he is interested in that anymore.
<rellla> improving is very good, but it will probably a road with dead end ...
<alexvf> rellla: why would it be a road with dead end?
<rellla> iirc jemk was working on some kind of cedrus driver or v4l device from scratch.
<alexvf> rellla: yes, i hear something but i don't know if he even started
<rellla> i don't now, too. have to go now. bbl
<alexvf> rellla: my hope is that improvements in libvdpau will translate to that video driver also
<alexvf> rellla: ok, thank you
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<popolon> if someone know if the open-source NAND driver check for badblocks on nand (like livesuit does), and is able to avoid them ?
<popolon> and, will a dd on block device file avoid them in this case ?
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<smotocel69> some news about libvdpau-sunxi?
<smotocel69> jemk?
<smotocel69> jemk ?
<smotocel69> rellla?
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<alexvf> smotocel69: no news as far as i know
<alexvf> smotocel69: what are you looking for exactly?
<smotocel69> vc1 decodign
<smotocel69> decoding
<alexvf> smotocel69: i think jemk has left libvdpau development
<alexvf> smotocel69: he is aimed towards an v4l device driver
<smotocel69> it's sad
<alexvf> smotocel69: which i don't know if is wip or not
<alexvf> smotocel69: you can try vc1 decoding by yourself, but as i am told when i ask about it, libvdpau-sunxi is poc code
<smotocel69> alexvf i know :)
<smotocel69> libvdpau sunxi must be reimplemented
<smotocel69> as openmax
<alexvf> smotocel69: omx woud be great too
<alexvf> smotocel69: in fact, any of them, but i think there is not much people with the knowledge to do it
<alexvf> smotocel69: i find myself trying to fix playback of some h264 files with libvdpau
<smotocel69> alexvf right
<alexvf> smotocel69: just to realize that setting random bits does not work :D
<smotocel69> :))
<smotocel69> i am waiting cubieboard 8 :)
<buZz> so am i :)
<smotocel69> will be fun
<buZz> my fun will require sata though :P
<smotocel69> :)
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<rico1> popolon: nand badblocks are not handled at the nand controller level, but by UBI or JFFS2 or yaffs...
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<Renard> Would a Mele M6 be of use to any dev in here?
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<mmarker> Hmm. Anyone playing with 3.4.90 on a A20? I get a nice kernel panic when doing a lot of write I/O on a USB hard drive. Trying to get a backtrace, but want to see if I'm the only one alone on this.
<mmarker> (Doesn't get logged in syslog - so I need to C&P in minicom when I get local to the board)
<popolon> rico1, so a dd should not manage bad blocks and is not a good method to flash the nand ?
<popolon> livesuit detect the bad blocks and seems to avoid them during flashing process
<rico1> nope, to flash the nand, you should use flash_erase / nandwrite
<popolon> oh, thanks a lot
<popolon> sadly, there is nothing about that on linux-sunxi wiki
<Montjoie> Does some people are trying the eudyptula challenge here ?
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<Renard> MeleM5: "For building u-boot, use the "Mele_M5" target." → seems this target doesn't exist in the uboot git
<popolon> mmmh mtd is the driver, not a tool
<Renard> (only A1000, A1000G and A3700)
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<Renard> also: "The .fex file can be found in sunxi-boards as mele_m5.fex" → 404
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<popolon> I perhaps start to understand
<popolon> Are the mtd-utils compatible with linux-sunxi drivers ?
<rico1> mtd-utils are for mtd devices (/dev/mtdx), linux-sunxi driver are far from being mtd device, (they simulate a block device AFAIK), so it's completely different.
<popolon> ok, thanks
<rico1> main visible difference : you can use ext4 (for example) on linux-sunxi driver, whereas with mtd, you can use UBI/UBIFS or jffs2, yaffs
<rico1> (and you can't use ext4 with mtd)
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<popolon> as far I understand you first need to mad a UBI/JFFS/YAFFS partition at low layer and you can add ext4 (for example) at higher level
<popolon> (in case of the use of mtd)
<rico1> yes, you could have ext4 on top of UBI, but only with the recent ubiblock patch (and read-only)
<rico1> but I would not recommend that
<rico1> AFAIK, the best solution on mtd is to use UBI + UBIFS.
<popolon> but anyway that's not for sunxi devices today.
<popolon> perhaps this incompatibility should be added somewhere in wiki, so user don't destroy or lost time with mtd utils on sunxi ?
<rz2k> using ext above ubi is useless
<rz2k> ubi needs a mtd aware fs above it
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<rz2k> popolon: bbrezillon developed MTD drivers and tested them on cubietruck board
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<rz2k> mainline ofcourse
<rz2k> you can find discussion around mailing list
<rz2k> ssvb: libv: need your word here perhaps we need to ultimatively close that issue
<rz2k> also r4p0 from hardkernel needs drm-gem
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<popolon> thanks a lot for all of these informations, I keep it to dig a little more.
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<Renard> Added device:
<arete74> i have an problem with 3.15 and cubieboard1
<arete74> same kernel work fine on cubie2
<arete74> for boot on cubie1 i use same kernel but different dtb
<mripard> you didn't set fdt_high
<arete74> mripard: yes the uEnv.txt is same, modify only dtb
<wens> i'm guessing we'll have -rc1 this weekend?
<mripard> arete74: no, you didn't, otherwise, the DTB wouldn't be relocated
<mripard> and it is relocated.
<lukas2511> "fdt_high=ffffffff;" is that a valid command?
Andy-D has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
<lukas2511> arete74: i think as command it should be something like "env set fdt_high ffffffff"
<mmarker> mripard: I had the same issue with my 3.15 build last night, but I thought I did set fdt_high. Basically if I see that "relocation" line as in that error, I've screwed up somewhere?
<mripard> I don't know if it's what's causing your issue, but it surely doesn't help
<mripard> the reason we have to set this, is that if you look at the last line of the u-boot output, it relocates the DTB to 40ff8000
<mripard> which is quite close to the kernel itself
<mripard> and if the kernel is big, whenever it decompresses itself, it will overwrite the device tree.
<mmarker> And things get clobbered. Been there, done that before.
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<arete74> mripard: how you see what dtb is relocated?
<mmarker> Arete74: last line from uboot in your error.
<lukas2511> arete74: " Loading Device Tree to 40ff8000, end 40fff78d ... OK"
<arete74> ok thanks
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<arete74> is possible what uboot version is old?
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<mripard> newer u-boot version don't need the fdt_high thing
<mripard> but you can set it on all the versions we had
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<patapovich> Renard: i removed that picture from mele m6 wiki on purpose
<arete74> mripard: ok re-check the uEnv.txt
<Renard> patapovich, oh - what did I do wrong?
<Renard> "Picture is not released under the Creative Commons Attribution"
<patapovich> Renard: all material in wiki has to be your Intellectual property
<Renard> YEs, I repalced it with one of my (crappy) shots
<patapovich> ok
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<jemk> alexvf: your artifacts are because of wrong reference picture lists, I simpliefied that part when writing libvdpau bacause it was good enough for my videos
<jemk> alexvf: I started fixing this for interlaced h264, because there it leads to real problems, but never had time to continue
<alexvf> jemk: ok, is there any field in the h264 headers to let me know what files are problematic?
<alexvf> jemk: i can continue the work you started
<jemk> alexvf: no, but you shouldn't need it. I'm currently trying to seperate that part from the interleaced experiments and hopefully push a working version
<alexvf> jemk: that would be great
<alexvf> jemk: but please, let me know if you need/want help
<alexvf> jemk: i'm no expert in sunxi internals, but have read enough h264 pdf's to implement some of the algorithms and i'm willing to help
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<jemk> alexvf: help is always welcome, but my h264 code is really hacky, it started small and got extended a lot without cleaning up
<jemk> alexvf: i hoped to clean this while adding interlaced decoding, but the time..
<alexvf> jemk: i could try to fix the reference pic list in the current version
<alexvf> jemk: without you trying to separate that part from the other experiments
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<alexvf> jemk: just if you can give some indication of which is the point that should be fixed ...
<alexvf> jemk: is the RefPicList0 and RefPicList1 generation from input reference_frames?
<jemk> alexvf: yes, that part is responsible for your problem i guess, but it should be fixed now, see git
<alexvf> jemk: one part of me wants to understand the changes but the other one can't wait to test it with my problematic file! :D
<alexvf> jemk: it works well!
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<jemk> alexvf: whew, at least a small step
<alexvf> jemk: thank you very much
<alexvf> jemk: i had implemented a couple of reorder functions in my player
<alexvf> jemk: but never integrated them because i though libvdpau took care of it
<jemk> alexvf: if you want to fight with h264 algorithms, you could try to add the missing parts of ref_pic_list_modification(), i guess that will be the next thing leading to similar problems as soon as someone finds a video that makes use of it
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<jemk> yes, vdpau should take care of this, but I sometimes silently ignored this
<alexvf> jemk: do you mean the mmco part?
<alexvf> i never found a file with these
<jemk> alexvf: that part is done by vlc/mplayer/whatever
<alexvf> jemk: mmm, then i should do it too
<jemk> alexvf: or to be correct, its done by ffmpeg/libav
<alexvf> jemk: yes, i don't use ffmpeg/libav to decode so i should be doing it, which i don't
<jemk> alexvf: oh, ok, have fun :D
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<alexvf> jemk: then, the missing parts you are talking about are long_term_refs?
<jemk> alexvf: I guess this commit should also fix, do you agree there?
<alexvf> jemk: i have to check it, i saw a previous commit by you that may have fixed it
<alexvf> jemk: but i have not pulled yet because i have a dirty copy
<alexvf> jemk: but i will check it and close the pull request if so
<jemk> alexvf: well, long term refs are missing too, everything i didn't found a video using it is missing
<alexvf> jemk: yeah, h264 is so complex that its hard to find videos having all that
<alexvf> jemk: There are h264 conformance streams here with their characteristics
<alexvf> jemk: but have not tested it
<Turl> Renard: yay, a new device page, thanks
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<alexvf> jemk: it continues to need the extra check on the surface being not null
<Turl> Renard: judging by the picture, it has tSD inside
<Renard> Turl: you're welcome? what's tSD?
<Renard> s/?/!
<Turl> Renard: it's like a nand chip, but not really, it has its own wear levelling and it's exposed as if it were mmc to the outside world
<jemk> alexvf: ok, i'll try to check that again, but i think i never managed to reproduce that
<alexvf> jemk: i only have to play a file with the slave interface and call switch ratio command
<Renard> also, I complained to the vendor than the thing doesn't run XBMC as expected (didn't know about vdpau support on Allwinner beforehand); he's offering me to get another M6 for €15 shipped, which I could probably donate (right now, I'm awaiting an answer to see if he'd ship me a board not based on an Allwinner CPU first)
<alexvf> jemk: i don't know if it depends on the file but i think it does not
<Renard> Turl: at least there's an (internal) /sdcard mounted in Android by default, haven't explored much though
<alexvf> jemk: but for sure, the file i uploaded also exhibits that behaviour
<Renard> the actual external sd card mounts on /mnt/something
<alexvf> VDPAU_OSD=1 DISPLAY=:0.0 mplayer -osdlevel 0 -msglevel all=-1:global=4:identify=5 -fs -slave --input=nodefault-bindings:conf=/dev/null -noconfig all -vo vdpau -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau,ffodivxvdpau,-ffwmv3vdpau,-ffvc1vdpau, ElephantsDream-DivXPlusHD.mkv
<alexvf> jemk: that is my command line
<jemk> alexvf: with the commit from 19th apr too?
<alexvf> jemk: yep
<alexvf> jemk: once started just write
<alexvf> switch_ratio 1.3
<alexvf> or any other aspect ratio
<alexvf> and it crashes
<alexvf> jemk: the problem is that when changing aspect ratio reference frames are released, but the decoding code does not take that into account
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<alexvf> jemk: iirc
<jemk> alexvf: why the hell thry change anything at the decoder, aspect ratio is only relevant for output...
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<alexvf> jemk: well i didn't go that far, it is just a thought
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<alexvf> jemk: but what is true is that reference frames get released (or corrupted)
<alexvf> jemk: i checked with the debugger
<alexvf> jemk: but i didn't check why that happen
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<jemk> alexvf: we must have different mplayers, mine doesn't crash with exact same commandline and file...
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<alexvf> jemk: ii mplayer2 2.0-554-gf63dbad-1+b1 armhf next generation movie player for Unix-like systems
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<jemk> alexvf: mplayer2... isn't it dead? it had lots of bugs last time i tried, in the meantime it got even removed from the repository
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<alexvf> which one do you use?
<alexvf> mplayer doesn't work with vdpau afaik
<jemk> mpv for normal usage, original mplayer to test osd
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<alexvf> jemk: i cannot easily install mpv in the board i using
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<alexvf> jemk: we can assume then that it is a bug in mplayer2
<alexvf> jemk: anyway i guess the check is harmless, the decision on whether to pull the change is yours, feel free to close the pull request if you don't want to apply the workaround
<jemk> alexvf: i guess so, the only path i can find (but i could miss something) that would introduce a invalid surface to a non-NULL RefPicList entry is getting an invalid handle from the player, but i thougt it would crash earlier then
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<alexvf> jemk: i guess the handle is ok, but not the pointer to the surface
<alexvf> jemk: for whatever reason mplayer2 has
<alexvf> jemk: btw when are mplayer guys stopping nonsense branching? :)
<jemk> alexvf: the reason i didn't pull it is that we should never get a non-NULL RefPicList entry without valid surface, if we get this there must be a bug somewhere else in libvdpau
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<jemk> alexvf: and i didn't want to work around my own bugs that way
<alexvf> jemk: i get your point
<alexvf> alexvf: i will keep the workaround in my copy as i need it while i cannot test mpv
<alexvf> lol i'm speaking to myself
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<alexvf> jemk: if i find a legitimate situation where an invalid surface may get to libvdpau i will let you know but let's assume there isn't
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<jemk> alexvf: well, a buggy player is a legitimate situation, we should handle this, but at the correct place. but libvdpau-sunxi is full of places where a buggy/different player could crash it all
<jemk> alexvf: fixing all these bugs would need a lot of work, remember libvdpau was only a test framework for me, i never paid much attention on this sort of bugs, my player didn't trigger them
<alexvf> jemk: i understand focusing on making work that will be useful for a final implementation
<alexvf> jemk: this kind of minor bugs doesn't provide nothing meaningful
<alexvf> jemk: and will have to be handled in another way in v4l device driver or whatever it gets done
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<alexvf> jemk: implementing h264 functionality does provide something meaningful and reusable (or at least the knowledge needed to implement them)
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