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<zombu2> i set performance still laggy
<zombu2> current CPU frequency is 1.01 GHz (asserted by call to hardware).
<froese> imho, for an ac-powered system the freq-scaling is completely unnecessary.
<zombu2> ^^^
<froese> zombu2: what's your window manager?
<zombu2> lightdm
<ssvb> froese: say thanks to rm for lobbying this broken default cpufreq configuration :(
<froese> zombu2: lightdm is not a window manager
<zombu2> x11
* zombu2 waits for a facepalm....
<froese> ssvb: do you know if there's a way to completely disable the cpufreq stuff? (just run the whole time on max freq)
<ssvb> froese: keep only the performance governor
<ssvb> froese: and disable all the other governors in the kernel config
<froese> (the cubietruck takes less power when compiling a kernel with -j3 than my tv on standby
<froese> ssvb: ok, that's what i've done.
<zombu2> hmm this is frustrating i m messing with this since 2 weeks
<froese> i checked how long a 170mah lipo would keep the system power - i aborted the test after 20min. (it's definitely long enough to shutdown the system)
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<zombu2> wow
<froese> zombu2: the problem may be, that you're using a window manager that tries to do some fancy stuff (shadows, transparent menu, wobbly window movement, etc) and that gets totally slow when it's not hardware accellerated. (but that's just an rough guess - never used the cubietruck under X11)
<zombu2> lemme check what it s running
<froese> if i were you, i would try the most simple setup and work up.
<zombu2> this does not do anything fancy
<zombu2> no wobble or anything
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<buZz> try lxde, xfce, or fluxbox
<zombu2> i give that a shot real quick
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<zombu2> hmm xfce4 is just as laggy
<froese> .oO(i would start with a simple window manager - not a complete desktop env)
<zombu2> suggestions?
<zombu2> i got openbox on it and it s laggy there too
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<froese> i'm not sure which window-manager doesn't make use of composite-ext nowadays. twm? icewm?
<zombu2> heh never even heared of em
<zombu2> i wonder why it shows cpu usage moving windows
<froese> when i was testing X11, i simply start X from the console. then an xterm (from the console, too, with DISPLAY=:0), next something like twm, and so on.
<froese> debugging problems in the complex desktop environments is imho too difficult.
<zombu2> does fbturbo have to get added to modules?
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<froese> according to your log it's already been loaded...
<zombu2> yeah thats what i thought
<zombu2> i just wonder why it is using the cpu like crazy when moving a window
<zombu2> and should it use framebuffer?
<froese> zombu2: looks like the cpu is doing most of the work. did you check the log that your changed settings are taken?
<zombu2> hmm no lemme look
<froese> aiglx is still active.
<froese> and line 143 shows a problem...
<zombu2> wth
<zombu2> the wait on swapbuffers?
<zombu2> oh the vid mem
<zombu2> ugh don t tell me it runs out of ram
<zombu2> now to figure out how to add more vid ram
<froese> line 144 and 145 tell it
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<froese> btw, on your kernel cmdline you specify 1280x720 and the x-server does 1920x1080? does the x-server really switch to 1920? (just curious)
<zombu2> yep
<froese> hmm... ok, hdmi seems to do edid and the given res is only a fallback. i hope that get's added to vga, too ;-)
<zombu2> would be nice if it would detect whats plugged in too
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<froese> yeah, that too.
<froese> but it seems, someone is working on kms (kernel mode setting) and hopefully that is supported then.
<zombu2> cool
<zombu2> i m trying to figure out how to reserve more video ram for the mali
<froese> why don't you start first with that what the log-file says?
<froese> s/that//
<zombu2> now i gotta find out where the fex file is
<froese> in /boot?
<zombu2> nope
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<froese> it may be called ct-hdmi.bin or so.
<zombu2> nothing by that name there either
<froese> do you see an uEnv.txt?
<froese> how do you boot anyway?
<zombu2> uboot
<zombu2> and yes there is a uEnv
<zombu2> it s a bin file i need bin to fex and fex to bin
<froese> the uEnv should be cleartext - but in there should be a script=... that's the bin of the fex file.
<froese> right, bin2fex and fex2bin
<zombu2> hmm whats the max cpu clock thats not oc for the cubie
<froese> no idea. i'm fine with the 1ghz.
<froese> btw, i saw that you're using a sata drive. ssd or hdd?
<zombu2> ssd
<froese> (i'm still looking for a 1TB hdd which runs cool and fits into the ewell case)
<froese> ah ok.
<zombu2> 128 gig ssd
<zombu2> and it seems the cubie has a gsensor
<zombu2> that is disabled
<froese> not that i'm aware of.
<zombu2> gps?
<froese> neither.
<zombu2> there s settings for that in there
<froese> you can connect that to the a20. and android has drivers for those chips.
<zombu2> gps settings have some sort of ports assigned but set to off
<zombu2> ah
<froese> the a20 has 4 analog video-in ports, too.
<froese> it has just everything...
<froese> just wondering, if there's still a cpu in there for the ps2 ports ;-)
<zombu2> hmm and i thought the cubie cpu has 1.4ghz
<froese> i guess you could convince the cpu to run at that speed. but it's a bit more than just changing the clock. you have to adjust the core voltage, possible the i/o timing, etc. why muck with it...
<froese> if you want a _fast_ system, there are enough.
<zombu2> yeah i got a radxa too
<zombu2> that thing flies but also video lag
<zombu2> now where is the kernel cmdline
<froese> radxa? hmmm...
<froese> oh, the guys who don't even tell which cpu they are using...
<zombu2> it s a quad core allwinnder or so
<zombu2> lemme reboot real quick
<buZz> radxa is rockchip afaik
<froese> my driver-router/server is still the openblocks ax3
<froese> s/driver/dream/
<froese> but muuuch to expensive.
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<froese> still using software opengl but the 2d-stuff should be fine now.
<zombu2> windows still laggy as hell no change
<zombu2> even scrolling tears
<froese> well, then turn aiglx off or make 100% sure, that you system is not using it.
<zombu2> yeah now how to do that i set the option in xorg.conf
<zombu2> but aperantly it s getting ignored
<froese> it is.
<froese> ... ignored.
<froese> in section serverflags: option "AIGLX" "off"
<froese> .oO(has it been moved to some other section?!?)
<zombu2> doh my bad i had a # before that
<froese> uh
<zombu2> other section ?
<zombu2> lemme reboot real quick
<froese> reboot?
<froese> just alt-ctrl-backspace
<zombu2> wanna make sure
<zombu2> heh that don t work
<froese> then simply kill the x-server.
<froese> or log-out
<froese> the display-manager should restart it
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<zombu2> well window move still laggy
<zombu2> i move the window the mouse moves and the window slowly follows it
<zombu2> scrolling pages is ungodly slow too and tears
<froese> did you check the log...
<zombu2> just opened it heh
<zombu2> aiglx is still bitching and falling back to software rendering
<zombu2> [ 21.911] setversion 1.4 failed: Permission denied
<zombu2> another error
<froese> i think that one can be ignored...
<Turl> zombu2: your cmdline seems hosed
<Turl> "[ 20.554] Kernel command line: console=tty0 root=/dev/sda1 unxi_fb_mem_reserve >= 64 loglevel=8 console=ttyS0,115200 disp.screen0_output_mode=EDID:1280x720p50 rootwait panic=10 rootfstype=ext4 rootflags=discard"
<zombu2> umm
<zombu2> point me to the hosed part
<Turl> unxi_fb_mem_reserve >= 64
<froese> you really put >= 64 in there????
<froese> oh man...
<zombu2> o.0
<Turl> you're supposed to keep the s
<Turl> and write something like sunxi_fb_mem_reserve=N
<zombu2> that was supposed to be 24
<Turl> where N is a number bigger than 64 or whatever
<zombu2> the log suggested 24
<ikeeki> 'night, does not skip incorrect parts anyway?
<Turl> yeah it does
<Turl> but then you might as well not set anything :)
<zombu2> so i should go higher?
<zombu2> or just set N
<zombu2> if i set nothing it is 16
<froese> omg
<Turl> you should start by fixing it
<zombu2> yeah thats great advice i get right on that
<zombu2> :P
<ikeeki> I'd bet that does is not going to change nothing anyway...
<zombu2> now shoudl i set it to 24 or higher then 64
<ikeeki> sunxi_ve_mem_reserve=0 -- This eliminates the reserved memory for the video acceleration engine, saving 80MB. You can use this if you don't run accelerated video with programs such as VLC or XBMC or libvdpau-sunxi.
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<zombu2> well i d like to run accelerated video
<ikeeki> 128
<zombu2> k
<zombu2> 1 sec
<ikeeki> 128
<ikeeki> and frame buffer number should be 4 (in fex, I don't know how to add to kernel arguments)
<zombu2> damn log said 3
<froese> it said >= 3
<zombu2> well ima change that real quick
<ikeeki> Solved?
<zombu2> dunno hold on
<ikeeki> not for so much 04:36 here ins Spain XD
<froese> ikeeki: you are 10min off :-)
<Turl> ikeeki: 36?
<Turl> froese: that :p
<zombu2> heh gimme 3 mins
<ikeeki> 36 seconds
<froese> *g*
<ikeeki> dammit Im really sleepy
<froese> but i still think something is using the sw-rasterizer...
<froese> ikeeki: do you have any idea, how to disable the hw-scalers?
<ikeeki> When I upgrade aruntu (13.10 lts) to 14.04 the windows move in that way too, even if I have everything kernel related and binary drivers well set up
<froese> i'm not using X on arm - but is regular opengl even supported on these chips?
<froese> i mean hw-accelerated
<Turl> froese: nope, only GL ES
<froese> so i would always turn off aiglx - sw rendering isn't fun so tell the apps that there's no opengl.
<zombu2> damn now the truck don t power up
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<zombu2> no lights exept the red one inside the case
<ikeeki> froese: no I dont know
<zombu2> wtf
<ikeeki> zombu: what is your device?
<zombu2> cubietruck
<froese> zumbi: reset-button?
<zombu2> tried
<zombu2> only makes the red light inside go off and on
<ikeeki> unplug sd
<zombu2> has no sd
<ikeeki> so plug a sd
<zombu2> o.0
<ikeeki> and edit from a distro booting from sdcard
<zombu2> well thatll be tomorrow
<zombu2> i got no sd
<zombu2> heh
<ikeeki> ahhhhh
<zombu2> but i could try to flash the nand then edit the nanda and set it to boot from sda again
<ikeeki> can you flash with phoenix
<ikeeki> yep
<zombu2> lemme do that real fast
<ikeeki> no no no, i have to go to bed, Im not feeling sleepy right now, but very dizzy
<zombu2> kk
<ikeeki> 'night guys.
<froese> n8
<zombu2> maybe setting fb buffer to 4 was a bad idea
<zombu2> n8
<ikeeki> fb0_framebuffer_num = 4
<zombu2> yup
<ikeeki> is recommended
<zombu2> i set that rebooted and poof
<froese> looks more like you kill u-boot somehow...
<ikeeki> yep
<zombu2> we ll see
<zombu2> if i can find my ota cable
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<froese> btw, the power cable they provide with the ct is much too short...
<ssvb> or tried to use more memory for the framebuffer than had been reserved
<froese> not sure, but doesn't u-boot already turns on some leds?
<zombu2> i set 128
<zombu2> how how was that again hit fel and then power
<froese> no idea - i've never used the fel mode
<zombu2> k flashing
<zombu2> fel mode comes in handy
<zombu2> i wonder how i killed uboot
<zombu2> prolly did something wrong moving the script.bin back
<zombu2> uff stuck at 88%
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<froese> well, the nice thing on the allwinner cpus is, that they can always recover from sd-card...
<zombu2> oh cool
<zombu2> well trying it again
<zombu2> if i can t flash it i have to get a sdcard
<zombu2> this time it failed at 18%
<froese> hmm...
<froese> btw, sd-card is faster than nand ;-)
<zombu2> i wonder if the truck took a shit
<zombu2> yeah but i use the ssd
<zombu2> on sata
<froese> ah, yes ok.
<zombu2> i use the nand only for the bootloader etc
<zombu2> woot woot tomorrow is field day
<zombu2> can t wait
<froese> field day?
<zombu2> ham radio
<froese> ah
<Turl> zombu2: flashing takes ~20m
<zombu2> whole world tries to make as many contacts in the least ammount of time
<froese> zombu2: you are from usa?
<Turl> phoenixsuit may seem hanged at times, just leave it
<zombu2> yes but it errord out
<zombu2> yes i am
<zombu2> 75%
<zombu2> 80
<froese> zombu2: lucky you - i wish the ham-license would be as easy to get here
<zombu2> ah it passed 80
<zombu2> where yo from
<froese> germany
<zombu2> ah no shit heh
<zombu2> dann koennen wa ja auch deutsch reden
<zombu2> haha
<froese> hehe
<zombu2> shit crapped out at 88%
<froese> werden die anderen nicht so nett finden.
<zombu2> heh ja glaub ich auch
<Turl> english? :)
<zombu2> who?
<zombu2> well i lived in dortmund for 22 years
<froese> Turl: that's what i was just saying ;-)
<zombu2> yeah error at 88%
<zombu2> wth
<froese> zumbi: well, near enough (~35km, menden)
<zombu2> hah
<Turl> froese: :)
<zombu2> i hope the nand is not borked
<zombu2> my license plate was DO - PE 1
* zombu2 snickers
<froese> yeah, a saw a couple of cars with those letters ;-)
<zombu2> i got pulled over here for a license plate that said dafuq
<froese> he?
<zombu2> dafuq = the fuck?
<froese> yeah, but they issued the plate so where's the problem?
<zombu2> thats what i said
<zombu2> but they made me get a new one
<froese> tsts
<zombu2> yeah i know rediculous
<froese> well, i'll probable never get to the usa again (been there two times - before they started to handle every alien like a terrorist)
<zombu2> lol
<zombu2> i think the emmc is fucked
<zombu2> always craps out at 88%
<froese> does it need all 8gig?
<zombu2> looks like it
<zombu2> i m sure it wrote the nanda first
<zombu2> but no signs of life
<froese> do you have a serial cable connected?
<zombu2> no don t have one
<zombu2> heh
<zombu2> i just got the truck a couple days ago
<zombu2> well 2 or 3 weeks
<froese> i got mine 6 weeks ago. work's like a charme.
<zombu2> ima reload the image from the site to be sure
<froese> did you made your ham-license already here in de?
<zombu2> no
<froese> so, how about make an sdr-receiver out of the ct? *g*
<zombu2> that is not a bad idea
<zombu2> i got a flightradar24 reciever
<zombu2> pretty nifty lil box
<zombu2> and i use a realtek tv dongle to recieve 1090mhz and decode flight traffic
<froese> hmm... flight tracker?
<zombu2> yup
<zombu2> my rpi runs the tracker
<zombu2> dump1090
<zombu2> then the flightradar24 reciever is a beaglebone black
<froese> but these tv dongle have terrible receivers only good for complex fm modes...
<zombu2> the realtek one is very good for 1090mhz
<zombu2> it recieves plane telemetry 150 miles
<zombu2> but the professional one is around 300 - 400 miles with a good antenna
<froese> hmm... how many bits does the adc have? 4 or 6? *eg*
<zombu2> i don t have the slightest clue
<zombu2> thats the one i use but i got it for like 13$ on amazon
<froese> i find the sw bands more interesting.
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<zombu2> uh tomorrow when the space station flies over we will talk to them
<zombu2> for some reason they use 2m band and 70cm
<zombu2> 2m for uplink and 70 for downlink
<froese> not that unusual.
<zombu2> uh tomorrow my bluetooth module shows up
<zombu2> bt to serial
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<zombu2> i m building a wireless programmer for my handheld
<froese> hehe
<zombu2> so i can program it outdoors
<zombu2> it will be powered by the radio itself when yo plug it in and then connect and program it with chirp
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<froese> yeah, these bt to usb chips are really nice. cheap, easy to use, low power.
<zombu2> nono
<zombu2> serial ttl
<froese> sorry, bt to rs232
<zombu2> yes
<zombu2> took me days to figure out the programmer cables layout and where power is
<froese> for what handheld? baofeng? *G*
<zombu2> oh hell yes
<zombu2> heh
<zombu2> grabbed it for 28$ on amazon with 2 batteries and the nagoya 771 antenna
<froese> there are schematics... shouldn't be that difficult. but iirc, the power was limited by a resistor.
<zombu2> it s enough power to power the bt
<zombu2> 3v to 16v
<froese> and, is the nagoya any good? heard that there are countless fakes...
<zombu2> yeah the nand is busted new image errors out at 88%
<zombu2> it s better then the stock one
<zombu2> i can hit 10-20 miles out
<froese> zombu2: i can get that with the stock one (menden<->dortmund relay)
<zombu2> yeah but the stock antenna don t heh
<zombu2> i should have ordered another bt to serial for the cubietruck
<zombu2> i just pop on a multi connector heh
<zombu2> should work just fine
<froese> well, wouldn't help for an u-boot console, but the ct has bt buildin.
<zombu2> yeah i know but with that bt to ser i can use it for console
<zombu2> or i could hook up my dumb serial terminal from 1992
<zombu2> bernstein monitor lol
<froese> hah, i got even one with white phosphor *g*
<froese> tatung
<froese> but only 19200
<zombu2> nice
<zombu2> 19200 is enough
<froese> the cubietruck replaced my old router/homeserver. ran 24h/7 non-stop from 1997 on.
<zombu2> nice
<zombu2> ct could not handle my connection
<zombu2> 150mbit
<froese> where's the prob?
<zombu2> i doubt it would do adequate routing
<zombu2> prolly max out and slow down
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<froese> hmm... tested the gmac, 300mbit rx, 400 tx (or vice-versa). and routing is rather fast (completely in kernel)
<zombu2> hmm can you get that speed over a usb nic?
<froese> not usb. the builtin gmac
<froese> on a vlan switch
<zombu2> hmmm
<zombu2> didn t know it had that
<zombu2> shit wth 88%
<froese> hmm... isn't there a "blank device" option or so?
<zombu2> well i used force format
<zombu2> finally
<zombu2> this time it went through
<froese> ok, time for bed.
<zombu2> kk
<zombu2> cya omorrow
<froese> cu and good luck
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<zombu2> hah back on my old install
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<zombu2> well 128 does not work on the cubietruck it makes it not boot
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<Rose28357> have you seen this : A80 Android image with sun9i :
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<Rose28357> -> A80 Android for optimus board
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<gzamboni> good morning hipboi , any news ???
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* mnemoc still wishing A80 has SATA.... but they only talk about tablets, not minipc thingies :(
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* buZz helps you mnemoc
<specing> is an a80 8-core?
<specing> or that fake big.little 8-core?
<buZz> ?
<buZz> its true big.little
<mnemoc> it has be said that the 8 can be run at the same time
<mnemoc> one big WTF is that they only made the OTG USB 3.0, and the host-only controllers been only usb 2.0
<mnemoc> but there is hope if they didn't neglect to add SATA, but only ignore it when talking... because they only talk about tablets
<mnemoc> rk3288 is awesome too, and has <3 mali <3, but not usb 3.0 and not sata :<
<buZz> i really really need sata
<buZz> such need
<buZz> on a many core system, pref. with containers
<buZz> oh hey
<buZz> did you see that 1A 5V UPS adafruit has released :D
<mnemoc> url?
<buZz> sadly just charges at 500mA , but ok
<buZz> i'm getting one for a project at least
<buZz> but doubt that uses >100mA
<mnemoc> to go beyond 0.5A you need proper handshaking, BC 1.2 etc
<buZz> i have some usb sockets outside spec that supply 4A
<buZz> no data connected
<mnemoc> but the device won't take the power anyway unless "agreed"
<buZz> or unless really dumb
<mnemoc> :D
<buZz> :)
<mnemoc> "USB"/DC style should work too
<buZz> yeah
<buZz> i like the concept of the product anyway
<buZz> maybe i should ask her to make one that charges faster than it can discharge ;)
<mnemoc> I remember to have begged Tsvetan for such product at least 2 years ago
<mnemoc> but he solved the issue adding LiPo directly on the boards
<buZz> there is also a kickstarter one iirc
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<buZz> oh
<buZz> several actually
<buZz> :P
<mnemoc> there are also some nice step-down toys with two wires on one side, and usb on the other
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<mnemoc> power banks are cool, but they usually can't be used inline and that sucks
<buZz> i have one that can
<buZz> but
<buZz> it also discharges way faster than it charges
<mnemoc> ow
<buZz> about 4x faster or something :(
<mnemoc> ow^4
<buZz> :)
<buZz> ah well
<mnemoc> mine has 4 18650 batteries inside, charges quickly and discharges slowly. but doesn't work inline :<
<buZz> 18650 <3 my fav battery
<specing> mnemoc: how much will a board with it cost?
<specing> mnemoc: have you seen the latest PC engines APU boards?
<buZz> they said the a80 optimus would be under 100 usd
<mnemoc> specing: I'm a big fan of AMD APUs as well, but here we love ARM and x86 has to die :p
<specing> $150 for dual-core 1 GHz Bobcat APU + coreboot + 3x gigabit ethernet + 4GB RAM + SATA + miniPCI-e + oh the goodies
<specing> mnemoc: ARM so far is not good at killing x86
<mnemoc> url? :p
<specing> oops I mean 150 euro
<specing> but that includes tax, so...
<buZz> yeah
<buZz> x86 has to die :)
<buZz> +1
<mnemoc> specing: what form-factor is that mini-itx?
<specing> buZz: but there is no viable alternative
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<specing> mnemoc: 152.4 cm ** 2
<mnemoc> why people needs to invent new form factors for every nice board :\
<specing> there are custom cases, I don't think they fit into standard PCs
<buZz> mini-itx fits in normal atx case
<specing> mnemoc: because it would look ugly if fitted into an atx case
<specing> plus this form factor is a legacy from WRAP boards
<buZz> mounting holes are exact same size
<buZz> and position
<specing> WRAP (200MHz) -> ALIX (500MHz) -> APU (1Ghz)
<mnemoc> i see
<Black_Horseman> kalispera
<buZz> i just moved a overheating mini-itx board from some HTPC case to a ATX case
<buZz> crappy x86 sucks at working in 35C environment temperature ;)
* mnemoc hates computers with fans :p
<buZz> same :)
<specing> I doubt the A80 will be fanless
<specing> unless they cap it at 500 MHz
<buZz> the optimus previews they had were fanless
<buZz> but one had fan .. and looked OC heaven :P
<mnemoc> consistently enough I have two usb fans on my desk and a big one 5m away :p ... so I wouldn't be able to hear the fan of the computers anyway :p
<buZz> the previews didnt even had heatsink
<buZz> i have a BTX workstation at home
<buZz> all cooling is a single fan
<buZz> kinda ok
<rm> <specing> I doubt the A80 will be fanless
<rm> u wot
<rm> tablets with fans?
<buZz> yes
<buZz> it all the rage
<rm> guess I'll just water-cool mine
<buZz> no liquid nitrogen?
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<Rose28357> mnemoc: Benn Huang stated that the A80 will have SATA :
<buZz> :O really?
<buZz> not sure if he states it as fact
<buZz> or asks a question
hipboi has joined #linux-sunxi
<Rose28357> its from a discusion about A80 in Cubier group which was created by bann huang.
<rm> yay PM
<Rose28357> SATA Port Multiplier support hopefully. We will see more NAS applications of that A80 cubietruck then.
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<buZz> Rose28357: well nice!
<buZz> you are the first with positive news regarding a80+sata ;)
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<ikeeki> Hi guys, I need some tips to improve a linux distro, if you happen to have some ideas I'd like to know, kind of brainstorming. If the idea is documented or are tutorials for that, still better.
<buZz> ikeeki: i know one, make a distro based around running images in LXC's ;)
<ikeeki> it's cool as a cucumber LOOOOOL
<specing> buZz: isn't there CloudOS
<buZz> for sunxi?
<specing> for c86
<specing> x86
<buZz> yeah
<buZz> this channel is about sunxi :P
<buZz> specing: on x86 (at the hackerspace) we run proxmox for said purpose
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<wens> mripard: if i use your sdcard image directly, u-boot works fine, but if i replace u-boot.bin with one compiled from u-boot-sunxi, it hangs in the mmc driver
<wens> mmc 0, cmd 17(0x80002351), arg 0x00000000
<wens> trans data 512 bytes
<wens> data timeout 0
<wens> cacl timeout 78 msec
<wens> mmc 0, cmd 16(0x80000150), arg 0x00000200
<wens> --
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<wens> hangs after this
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<Wizzup> hiya, experiencing troubles with cb2 stability. found some thread online about dram speed.
<Wizzup> Now I checked my script.bin file ; seems to be set to 432, but I want to verify this.
<Wizzup> Is there some way to see the ram speed when the device is booted to linux?
<Wizzup> (I also afterwards want to change the clock speed to 384, but I want to make sure I know how to verify this first)
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<rm> afaik at 432 RAM is unlikely to be unstable
<Wizzup> yes. but it is
<rm> how do you determine that it's RAM?
<Wizzup> What happens is that IO completely stops working. I tried several SD cards, but it "hangs" on all of them, and then after about 30s the system doesn't respond over ssh or serial either
<Wizzup> (and the io green led stays lit)
<rm> the power supply is an order of magnitude more frequent source of problems
<rm> how do you power your board?
<Wizzup> It's 1A 5V
<rm> did you try a different one
<Wizzup> yes. about four
<Wizzup> And there is no hdmi connected, only ethernet and serial
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<Wizzup> I can't imagine that it would take that much power
<Wizzup> I am not *certain* that dram is the issue, but it is what I currently want to tweak to see if it makes a difference
<Wizzup> (and I read that 432 was supposed to be stable)
<Wizzup> suggestions are very welcome
* froese still doesn't know how this is handled. dram is supposed to be inited by u-boot, but the fex is for the kernel...
<Wizzup> That is also confusing me. Is editing script.bin the way to go? Or do I need to recompile u-boot? In which case: is u-boot perhaps still at 480?
<Wizzup> the .c file in the u-boot repo seems to state 480 as clock speed.
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<froese> hmm... there's linux-sunxi/arch/arm/mach-sun7i/pm/standby/dram_init.c
<froese> makes sense to reinit it after a standby/suspend...
<froese> wtf - arch/arm/mach-sun7i/pm/standby/standby.c int main(...)?!?
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<ssvb> Wizzup: you can find dram speed by using
<ssvb> Wizzup: script.bin is useless for this purpose
<ssvb> Wizzup: most likely your dram is clocked at 480MHz, and stability problems are likely caused by low dcdc3 voltage (it's a very common problem)
<Wizzup> thank you, will try after dinner
<Wizzup> ssvb: if I find out that it is clocked at 480Mhz, do I rebuild u-boot with some changes?
<ssvb> Wizzup: you fix the voltages in your fex file and rebuild script.bin -
<ssvb> Wizzup: since nobody has acked this patch so far, it has not been pushed...
<ssvb> Wizzup: but people are happily using it without bothering to provide any feedback -,2590.msg17827.html#msg17827
<Wizzup> heh
<Wizzup> I will definitely let you know if it helped
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<afaerber> ssvb, you can add my Tested-by: Andreas Färber <> if it helps, I am not subscribed to that list and thus don't have the mail to reply myself
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<Wizzup> ah, it needs /dev/mem
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<Wizzup> ssvb: It seems to be at 480 currently. Going to try your patch now
<ssvb> Wizzup: you may also check to confirm that these voltage changes really help
<ssvb> Wizzup: (or to easily confirm that your current setup is broken)
<Wizzup> It seems to work. I had a case where it always failede
<Wizzup> And it seems to work now.
<Wizzup> I will try the mali tester later
<ssvb> ok, that's good
<Wizzup> (I don't have mali compiled in)
<Wizzup> (and I didn't ship any modules - so it's a bit of an effort)
<Wizzup> if it fails again I will surely do those tests ;-)
<ssvb> hmm, what kind of kernel config are you using?
<Wizzup> I fear I'm currently on the least effort scheduler
<Wizzup> Uh, some sunxi defconfig with modifications
<Wizzup> If you want I can paste it
<ssvb> no, thanks :) I just wonder what is the rationale for disabling mali and modules?
<ssvb> madules are quite simple to compile and installs
<ssvb> *modules
<Wizzup> We're using cubieboards at a startup where I work, and security is a big thing, so I left mali as module, and just didn't ship modules
<Wizzup> So I tried to minimise features in the kernel
<Wizzup> And since we don't use the graphics part, at all, I didn't see the need to enable mali
<ssvb> ok, makes sense
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<Wizzup> We went for sunxi devices because of the relatively awesome community (work)
<Wizzup> :)
<ssvb> since you don't need graphics, maybe it's just better to switch to the mainline kernel already?
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<ssvb> or are there some features that you are missing?
<ssvb> security is going to be much better with the mainline kernel for sure
<Wizzup> yes, that is the next step
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<Wizzup> I was also considering grsec, but I don't like the development model too much (depending on a single person, not publishing git history, etc)
<Wizzup> but definitely mainline soon
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<ikeeki_> Hi guys
<ikeeki_> I'm trying to dpkg -i a mpv version with udp sync
<ikeeki_> the program itself works "well"
<ikeeki_> but when packaging and the trying to reinstall it it loses the capability of finding vdpau (cedrus)
<ikeeki_> it is like export VDPAU_DRIVER=sunxi wasn't be appliable
<ikeeki_> sorry for my English, I'd brush up it a little
<ikeeki_> the mpv version goes slow and when startx -e as root user (the bunny film) it goes slow
<ikeeki_> the same distro I use it as a base with the standard mpv from jessie repo does use correctly the vdpau capabilities...
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<rz2k> arokux: are you around?
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