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<MoeIcenowy> MTO: H8 is like my A33
<MoeIcenowy> it have no linux-sunxi kernel support
<MoeIcenowy> you may get the official sdk
<MoeIcenowy> and modify it
<wens> ssvb_: have you started work on PSCI for H3? otherwise I can start working on it
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<MoeIcenowy> wens: what's PSCI?
<MoeIcenowy> and you all have h3, but I have even no suitable screen for a H3 board
<MoeIcenowy> (I have only laptops
<MoeIcenowy> (and arm/x86 tablets
<MoeIcenowy> (no monitors
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<wens> MoeIcenowy: i run my boards headless
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<MoeIcenowy> libv: how can I upload A33's Lichee and Android SDK?
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<MoeIcenowy> jemk: if you have a h3 device, i think you should add the ion memory usage of h3 cedar_dev to http://linux-sunxi.org/Cedrus#Reserve_memory_for_the_VPU
<MoeIcenowy> I added data from my A33 for 720p or 1080p H.264
<MoeIcenowy> but A33 do not support H.265 or 4K
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<BroderTuck> has anyone with a H8 checked what its 0x16xx value is?
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<MoeIcenowy> BroderTuck: cedar?
<MoeIcenowy> 1680
<MoeIcenowy> (by jemk
<BroderTuck> I know h3 is 1680, but what about h8?
<MoeIcenowy> h8?!
<MoeIcenowy> OK, I don't have any
<MoeIcenowy> H8 boards sells for 400 RMB on taobao
<MoeIcenowy> rgwan: hello
<rgwan> Hi
<MoeIcenowy> how is your sunxi ftl
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<rgwan> I haven't hotgun
<rgwan> now I can't remove the EMMC on board
<MoeIcenowy> rgwan: OOOOOrz
<rgwan> There are a A20 core board with raw-nand flash in my home
<rgwan> I will got it later
<rgwan> Now I 'm fixing libopencm3 usb bug
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<integfred> Hello, can anyone tell by looking at this fex https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards/blob/master/sys_config/a13/tzx-q8-713b6.fex whether this tablet has support for a headset (microphone && headphones), or does it have an internal mic only?
<libv> integfred: please help improve that page, not much more is needed
<integfred> plaes: it says 3.5mm headphone plug, so does this mean I can't plug a headset with a mic into it?
<plaes> dunno, I don't have this HW
<plaes> but it should be quite easy to test
<integfred> Yes, maybe I'll do that sometime.
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<plaes> would be helpful to see nicer pics from PCB (and connector side)
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<integfred> Yes, maybe I'll do that too. I don't really intend to open it up again though...
<libv> Q8 is easy to open
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<plaes> easiest way is to check how many traces go into the 3.5mm connector
<integfred> I think it's probably easier to check in software.
<integfred> ;)
<integfred> But I'm lazy. :)
<integfred> Let me see if it's charged.
<integfred> I got arch linux arm working on it about a year ago.
<integfred> Haven't really used it since.
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<integfred> well it's booting into alarm
<integfred> I better take the sdcard out.
<integfred> libv, I don't want to make an account to edit the wiki, but I can tell you some things from here?
<libv> integfred: aw, come on, you have gained tons from that wiki already
<integfred> hmm, androids taking a long time to boot.
<integfred> not booting into android for some reason.
<libv> :(((
<integfred> it has no charge, so maybe that's why it's not booting (whilst plugged into the mains).
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<integfred> Well I'll leave it on charge. I made a note of some of the information on a usb key, I have that somewhere, so if everything fails, I can find that instead.
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<MoeIcenowy> Orz
<MoeIcenowy> I uploaded a 20.6MP photo to linux-sunxi
<MoeIcenowy> and thumbnails failed to create
<MoeIcenowy> then I resized it locally and re-uploaded
<libv> MoeIcenowy: why would you want such a huge photo?
<libv> right
<MoeIcenowy> I tried to shoot the A33 SoC
<MoeIcenowy> and forgot to switch back the resolution for buttons
<MoeIcenowy> (but I still failed to shoot it
<MoeIcenowy> (then my roommate shoot it using his camera
<MoeIcenowy> (it's now the photo on http://linux-sunxi.org/A33
<libv> MoeIcenowy: thanks :)
<libv> MoeIcenowy: in future, try to crop, rotate (a few degrees usually), auto white balance and scale as needed
<MoeIcenowy> I'm bad at GIMP.
<libv> gimp is easy for doing such standard things
<MoeIcenowy> I'm more bad at Photoshop, too :_(
<MoeIcenowy> :-(
<libv> rotate is an easy tool
<libv> then make a square selection, and crop the image to that selection
<libv> then under tools there is auto white balance
<libv> use that one with caution
<libv> and then scale
<libv> it's not rocketscience
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<MoeIcenowy> to be honest, some glue is not removed well on the chip
<MoeIcenowy> The device has its chip covered by sticker when I disassembled it
<MoeIcenowy> (Maybe it's why its SoC are said to be many ones)
<vickycq> Sorry to interrupt
<vickycq> ...and Regarding the 'Foxconn Super Pi', so far I've yet to find any software incompatibilities with Banana Pi.
<vickycq> So should I *not* create a new device page for it?
<libv> vickycq: what about hardware differences?
<libv> vickycq: does it look the same?
<libv> MoeIcenowy: that pic is quite ok
<libv> thanks
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<MoeIcenowy> my roommate is a semi-professional camerist
<libv> he did overexpose :p
<MoeIcenowy> oh, the pot of my light
<libv> or used too much flash or something :p
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<MoeIcenowy> In addition
<MoeIcenowy> should I add some infomation about my "linux" build?
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<MoeIcenowy> (As I now still cannot override the uboot
<libv> MoeIcenowy: what do you mean with "linux build"?
<libv> the kernel
<libv> or ?
<MoeIcenowy> (only make a system parallel to Android
<vickycq> libv: The PCB layout and onboard connectors position are different. As described in http://linux-sunxi.org/Banana_Pi#Variants
<MoeIcenowy> A kernel can be built
<MoeIcenowy> and some workarounds are made
<MoeIcenowy> (I made them for only systemd-based systems
<libv> vickycq: then definitely make a separate page
<MoeIcenowy> (in fact, they are especially made for my distro
<libv> also provide separate fex and u-boot definitions
<MoeIcenowy> (My codebase may ought to be cleaned
<libv> MoeIcenowy: i made you "people" on the wiki, so that you can edit your own userpage
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<MoeIcenowy> OK
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<libv> MoeIcenowy: braindump in there, and we can figure out what do with the information there later on
<MoeIcenowy> I will add it as Icenowy/AOSC_A33_Build
<vickycq> libv: Thanks, I'll do that.
<vickycq> libv: ...and since software is compatible, why are separate fex and u-boot definitions needed?
<MoeIcenowy> libv: there's also another problem
<MoeIcenowy> When I used mali binary driver to drive the Mali core in A33
<MoeIcenowy> It seems that I got only a Mali-400 MP
<MoeIcenowy> but not MP2
<libv> vickycq: because often that never is 100% true
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<libv> and we prefer to have as much information as possible
<libv> as such information is usually impossible to recreate or sort out after the fact
<vickycq> libv: so should I 'fork' the Banana Pi fex and u-boot and push them to sunxi_boards?
<libv> vickycq: do you not have a fresh fex file from foxconn or from the board?
<vickycq> libv: I'll try extract some info from the Foxconn provided Android image
<libv> thanks :)
<libv> vickycq: there are tons of companies out there claiming that they are 100% compatible to cubieboard btw
<libv> and they all are lying
<vickycq> ...and RPi
<libv> there the lie is quite more obvious due to the totally different soc used :)
<vickycq> Foxconn had little infomation regarding this board. Even their own product page is broken.
<libv> vickycq: yeah, thanks for throwing the foxconn variant of the banana pi in our wiki
<libv> this makes the worst shit pi story a whole lot clearer :)
<libv> foxconn vs sinovoip vs lemaker...
<vickycq> And lemaker now has their own verison of Banana Pi, sharing similar PCB layout with Banana Pro
<vickycq> Yeah, everyone wants to make quick money.
<libv> sadly that quick money is mostly based on the people of the linux community
<libv> and ends up giving us more work and more dissatisfied users
<libv> if it weren't for that, this would just be a case of getting out the popcorn
<libv> but it does stick to us as well
<vickycq> The PINE64 might be the next example
<libv> yup
<libv> they went and contacted us and offered us some alms
<libv> and then totally ignored our statements about "why don't you support us properly"
<KotCzarny> flag the worst offenders as #WONTFIX_UNSUPPORTIVE_MAKER ?
<libv> but at least quite a few people will end up getting those pine64 boards in a while
<libv> KotCzarny: $shit_pi
<libv> i should finish writing up that blog entry
<libv> and i should finish up so many other things that just get interrupted
<vickycq> Most of these companies have little idea about how to interact with open source community
<libv> but first i need to make my accountant less whiny, as i need to collect november and december
<KotCzarny> seriously, flagging them clearly should lower the sales of the worst ones, so more people would be turned to better ones
<libv> KotCzarny: i and some others have been quite active in that respect
<libv> but that has not made us many friends, even within this community
<libv> even though it did provoke quite a few changes in some parties
<KotCzarny> chinese makers are driven by sales i guess in similar way it happens in western economy
<libv> yes, but products are much more shortlived and customer support does not seem very important
<libv> companies are very shortlived too and do not care about building up a proper reputation
<MoeIcenowy> I've been in the famous Chinese "Shanzhai" market, Huaqiang Road North, in Shenzhen
<MoeIcenowy> In a mall
<KotCzarny> that's unfortunate, but still, if more people buy good devices, there will be less work and more happiness overall
<MoeIcenowy> there're all tablet sellers
<MoeIcenowy> (In fact, allwinner is now decreasing in the mall
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<MoeIcenowy> (1 in 10 sellers sells Allwinner devices
<MoeIcenowy> (9 in 10 sells MediaTek
<KotCzarny> MoeIcenowy: that's what they get for dropping sata! hah
<MoeIcenowy> (as MediaTek devices come with 3G/4G basebands
<NiteHawk> no rockchip?
<MoeIcenowy> more less than aw
<MoeIcenowy> I never find one sells rk
<NiteHawk> i see
<libv> KotCzarny: people seem very shortsighted and seem to only care about low cost
<NiteHawk> thought they were doing on a similar level (compared to AW)
<libv> and then after the damage has been done, they come here
<KotCzarny> libv: i looked at the best feature set in the good price (its my first arm pc replacement though, not counting nokia n900)
<libv> have you ever heard of anyone wanting their money back with the banana pi?
<vickycq> MoeIcenowy: Rockchip is not suitable for dirt cheap tablets(?)
<MoeIcenowy> vickycq: maybe
<KotCzarny> libv: next one will be olimex for sure
<MoeIcenowy> (To be honest, my current development device cost me only RMB 199
<libv> people also learn that its their own fault not being more informed and clueful
<vickycq> An RK3288 SoC itself is more expensive than the Orange Pi PC
<MoeIcenowy> (But I got a quad-core processor
<libv> which is trye
<libv> true
<MoeIcenowy> (and a 7-inch touchscreen
<libv> but makes it even less like to hurt companies like lemaker
<libv> likely
<libv> or their resellers
<vickycq> MoeIcenowy: wow! quad-core, that must be twice as better as dual-core.
<vickycq> what a lovely deal
<libv> the amount of money paid is low enough that the devices just hit a shelf, together with all the other useless cheap toys
<libv> and for tablets and such, that's quite ok
<libv> but things like banana pi are often sold with "open source" all over it
<KotCzarny> libv: im quite happy with the bpi-r1, its stable, no udma crc errors creeeping, switch didnt hang up yet and does my crazy config well, audio works too
<libv> KotCzarny: how happy are you with the support that the vendor provided you?
<KotCzarny> libv: none, thanks to you guys (and igorpec)
<libv> so the answer is "what support?"
<libv> KotCzarny: so we here are the support department for most banana pi devices
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<MoeIcenowy> Do you know whether mali binary driver work on H3 official images?
<libv> nice business model
<MoeIcenowy> business model...
<KotCzarny> libv, are those chinese makers bound with ndas or just lazy?
<libv> lazy and cheap
<MoeIcenowy> For my first pad ( a no-brand tablet bought in Huaqiang North
<MoeIcenowy> I can say that I am the OEM
<MoeIcenowy> as I bought it directly from the device factory
<MoeIcenowy> (If I want
<KotCzarny> libv: then all it takes i guess is just setting email bot
<libv> KotCzarny: ?
<MoeIcenowy> (I can go to create some tablets with AOSC installed and make my name on it
<KotCzarny> libv: asking for specs/data till they respond?
<libv> KotCzarny: we have enough information to make it work
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<KotCzarny> MoeIcenowy: if you can get super secret stuff that would help linux drivers, then by all means please do ;)
<buZz> AOSC?
<buZz> that doesnt reflect anything to me
<buZz> maybe you ment AOSP?
<buZz> android open source project
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<MoeIcenowy> buZz: No
<buZz> then what?
<MoeIcenowy> AOSC means Anthon Open Source Community
<MoeIcenowy> go https://aosc.io to learn more
<buZz> anthon?
<MoeIcenowy> KotCzarny: Nothing
<MoeIcenowy> but I can read Chinese well
<MoeIcenowy> it's an advantage for sunxi devel
<MoeIcenowy> buZz: just a name
<buZz> i dont see any point to it
<buZz> its just some linux distro?
<buZz> i'd recommend just going for debian then
<buZz> so at least users can know wtf it is ;)
<MoeIcenowy> a distro
<MoeIcenowy> but i really used the toolchain in aosc
<buZz> thats not their toolchain
<buZz> gcc + glibc is just GNU
<MoeIcenowy> buZz: you can say "your toolchain"
<buZz> i can say 'my pants'
<MoeIcenowy> I'm a core member of aosc
<MoeIcenowy> but it should work
<MoeIcenowy> if /opt/abcross/armel exists a gcc for armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi
<MoeIcenowy> I'm sorry for not sharing code so good
<KotCzarny> how is it different from normal gcc compiled natively?
<buZz> it isnt
<buZz> KotCzarny: some ppl just dont realize all these gcc versions are just binary compiles of someone else ;)
<KotCzarny> buzz, i know that codesourcery/linaro makes pretty good crosscompilers, but for native compilation mainline gcc is good?
<buZz> yes
<buZz> i dont see any advantage to using some weird precompiles for it
<MoeIcenowy> OK
<MoeIcenowy> I'm working on make the compiler choosable
<MoeIcenowy> To be honest, I am a lazy gut
<MoeIcenowy> guy
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<MoeIcenowy> buZz: it seems that the kernel tree is all sane to use any armhf toolchain to cross-compile
<MoeIcenowy> only use CROSS_COMPILE=
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<NiteHawk> (plus probably ARM=arm)
<NiteHawk> err... ARCH=arm
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<MoeIcenowy> but the default of ARCH is arm in this tree
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<MoeIcenowy> jemk, ssvb: on A33 the video window (of mpv) will get bad content if resize it when playing
<MoeIcenowy> do this happen on other platforms?
<MoeIcenowy> (I think maybe the surface isn't dealed well
<buZz> MoeIcenowy: compile natively, like real men ;)
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<KotCzarny> yeah, we start getting armoctacores for something
<KotCzarny> (and i've compiled my kernel on a20 ;)
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<MoeIcenowy> buzz: haha
<jemk> MoeIcenowy: what is bad content? i don't see it on a20/h3
<MoeIcenowy> let me upload a pic
<MoeIcenowy> Oh it only occurs when some part of the window is outside the screen
<jemk> that is known
<MoeIcenowy> jemk: can't we fix it?
<jemk> ok, other side, that might be a different problem
<MoeIcenowy> I didn't got y to <0
<MoeIcenowy> but I got y+height > 0
<MoeIcenowy> >480
<MoeIcenowy> (my screen is 800x480
<jemk> that isn't a problem on a20, but maybe it is on a33?
<MoeIcenowy> I think it may be
<MoeIcenowy> as the result seems to be that the image is wrapped
<buZz> KotCzarny: i've compiled a kernel on a 80486 tablet once :P
<buZz> imho its just the best to compile natively :P #feelsgood
<KotCzarny> buzz, how long did it take?
<GeneralStupid> i compiled userland and kernel (netbsd) on an AMD Geode (300Mhz)
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<buZz> KotCzarny: over 12 hours
<KotCzarny> all-niter
<GeneralStupid> after some errors i decided to switch to debian
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<MoeIcenowy> ok you are all brave
<MoeIcenowy> I cannot imagine
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<MoeIcenowy> In addition, do you know how to build a full-GLESv2 gnome-shell?
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<GeneralStupid> can anybody help me with OSD and Allwinner H3?
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<rellla> GeneralStupid: ask your question
<GeneralStupid> rellla: it does not work :)
<rellla> sure. it's not implemented.
<robogoat> I am trying to boot a zImage (or any image for that matter) via fel.
<rellla> on a10/20 there is G2D/ Mixer Processor which is needed for the current osd implementation.
<robogoat> On a pcduino3-nano-lite
<GeneralStupid> but why isnt there something like a software implementation? Software Fallback or smthg?
<rellla> GeneralStupid: H3 is missing G2D. You can write a software fallback. It just has to be done.
<robogoat> It's an A20, so I think it should be supported,
<rellla> And why isn't? Because YOU haven't done it :)
<GeneralStupid> rellla: i need more time
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<rellla> take it.
<GeneralStupid> rellla: i dont have it right know. iam in the last months of my studies...
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<robogoat> But I don't seem to be getting anything after "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel."
<rellla> GeneralStupid: No problem, but then please don't ask, why there is no solution. Though you may ask, IF there is a solution
<GeneralStupid> rellla: i will and i already said it a few times linux-sunxi did really a great job - without you that device wouldnt working on linux (android maybe)
<atsampson> robogoat: I usually find that's because I've got the console output directed to the wrong place (e.g. console=tty1 when I'm actually looking at the serial port, or vice versa)
<NiteHawk> robogoat: there's no inherent reason why that shouldn't work over FEL. you might also want to check https://linux-sunxi.org/Mainline_U-Boot#Troubleshooting
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<robogoat> Is there a known-good set of binaries to boot over fel with i.e. miniroot?
<robogoat> (for the a20, for example)
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<robogoat> I was working with uboot last night, and I was able to start uboot after loading via u-boot spl with an exe command.
<robogoat> But I can't find that address again,
<robogoat> does anybody know where a reference on that is?
<KotCzarny> windows?
<robogoat> KotCzarny: not sure what you are asking.
<robogoat> All on linux.
<KotCzarny> u-boot spl with an exe command.
<KotCzarny> this part
<KotCzarny> maybe this one is what you seek
<KotCzarny> see also bottom of that page
<NiteHawk> robogoat: FEL-booting u-boot shouldn't be much of a problem. i'd recommend you upgrade to a recent version of sunxi-tools, which should offer you a "./sunxi-fel uboot u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin" command for starting up u-boot. there's no need to manually pass an "exe" command (or the related address)
<robogoat> Ok, I will try that.
<robogoat> Found it! The address I was looking for was 0x4a000000
<robogoat> Still not as good as the uboot command,
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<robogoat> but nifty if early access via a serial console is useful.
<robogoat> One thing I don't really understand is the whole boot.cmd/boot.scr thing.
<robogoat> Seems like "compiling" the script doesn't really add that much.
<NiteHawk> it doesn't. it actually just wraps the script file with a suitable "image" header
<robogoat> (could just be my naivete, though.
<vagrantc> the image header provides checksums to verify that the data pulled off the media is not corrupt
<vagrantc> whch, for some unreliable media, matters more
<robogoat> Yeah, makes sense.
<vagrantc> anyone have suggestions on getting a cubieboard4 working with a u-boot capable of loading a mainline kernel with device-tree and all that?
<vagrantc> the linux-sunxi.org wiki page for cubieboard4 is a bit sparse
<vagrantc> also have some orange pi plus2 boards i'd like to get running, though i know mainline support for that is weak so far
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<robogoat> Woohoo, got custom 4.3 booting!
<robogoat> Now, question is, how do I just boot into initramfs without trying to mount root.
<KotCzarny> init=/bin/bash ?
<robogoat> pfft.
<vagrantc> depends on your initramfs
<KotCzarny> edit initramfs /etc/rcS
<KotCzarny> depending on bootline
<NiteHawk> shouldn't initramfs automatically become your 'primary' root, until you actually switch_root from there? (that's of course assuming that it has init)
<KotCzarny> nitehawk, i think he wants to stop the initramfs scripts before
<ssvb> or he wants initramfs, but does not have it yet
<robogoat> I want initramfs, but I don't think I have it yet.
<robogoat> I am trying to use a miniroot initramfs.
<robogoat> Are there kernel messages to say the initramfs is properly loaded?
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<KotCzarny> minimal initramfs consists of statically built busybox (with init applet, properly named or symlinked)
<robogoat> Yes, this is what miniroot is.
<robogoat> I have an initramfs cpio,
<robogoat> I think I have found the problem.
<robogoat> For some reason I think I was missing CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM
<robogoat> Thank you all for help.
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<robogoat> Yeah, still not getting into initramfs.
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<vagrantc> looks like u-boot for orange pi plus is mainlined... now just need kernel
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<ssvb> wens: no, I have not started with PSCI for H3 yet but just verified that bringing up secondary cores is the same as on A31
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<robogoat> Yarrr, still having issues here.
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<robogoat> With mainline u-boot and a 4.3 kernel, should I be passing the initrd=0x<someaddress> to the kernel?
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<yann|work> vagrantc: got an Orange Pi Plus to work quite easily : just don't use the official images (I had strange graphics issues), but the ones advertized from http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=342
<vagrantc> yann|work: i don't use images
<yann|work> the Debian one works quite good, but has no hw-specific stuff, and you have to find them by yourself
<vagrantc> what kernel version?
<vagrantc> also mostly going for headless, so not worried about graphics so much
<yann|work> 3.4.39 + something not yet determined
* vagrantc seeks something much closer to mainline
<yann|work> also note, those images need to be configured by hand, by copying the correct uImage.* and script.bin.*
<yann|work> ah, I can't help yet on this point :)
<vagrantc> mainline u-boot seems to work, so that's easy :)
<vagrantc> there's talk of targeting H3 support in mainline linux 4.5... i'll try and find some preliminary trees relevent for that
<yann|work> I was also under the impression that http://linux-sunxi.org/H3 was not really uptodate with the level of support of this processor
<ssvb> vagrantc: afaik people are currently cherry picking the h3 patches
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<ssvb> vagrantc: from the arm linux mailing list
<vagrantc> the H3 wiki page seems to have a link to a git branch
<yann|work> btw, while we're talking about the H3 - the wiki page says there's no PMU in this SoC, can this just be true ? Or is it that "noone found it yet" and it is the reason behind heating to 77°C when mostly idle ?
<ssvb> vagrantc: yes, you can try it
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<ssvb> vagrantc: I also have my own branch with the minimal set of patches that are relevant to me - https://github.com/ssvb/linux-sunxi/commits/20151223-h3-mainline-smp-hack
<yann|work> vagrantc: links to those were added 1 month ago, apparently at the time mainline uboot did not have the patches
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<ssvb> yann|work: it's not just h3 support, but a pile of patches of varying quality
<ssvb> yann|work: that's why I prefer to just select the patches that I need, without pulling all the extra baggage
<yann|work> ssvb: shouldn't the page be clarified then ?
<vagrantc> ssvb: no .dts files for h3 boards in your branch?
<ssvb> yann|work: it's a wiki, feel free to update it
<ssvb> vagrantc: there are dts files, but only for Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi Plus
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<yann|work> ssvb: i'll happily do it when I'll have precise information, but I'm still discovering :)
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<yann|work> ssvb: otoh, it sounds like you have first-hand experience with those branches :)
<bpi-user> @montjoie: Is there a reason your patch ("crypto: sun4i-ss: add missing statesize") wasn't applied yet? I mean this one https://lkml.org/lkml/2015/11/16/46
<ssvb> yann|work: updated http://linux-sunxi.org/H3#Mainline_status :)
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<bpi-user> @montjoie: I gotta go now. But I will check the irc logs later in case you post a reply. Thanks.
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<vagrantc> thanks for all the suggestions regarding H3!
* vagrantc waves
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<yann|work> ssvb: great, thanks! :)
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