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<KotCzarny> hrm, why is dma not used? /sys/devices/platform/sunxi_dmac/dma/*/bytes_transferred all 0
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<plaes> KotCzarny: IIRC ethernet has its own controller
<plaes> DMA controller
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<longsleep> ssvb: Hey, does your pine64 wip tree actually compile for you or does wip mean it does not? I am getting undeclared errors.
<plaes> longsleep: could you paste these errors somewhere?
<longsleep> plaes: sure hold on
<plaes> also.. which project are you talking about?
<plaes> u-boot, linux or sunxi-tool? :)
<longsleep> pine64 u-boot, ssvb has a wip tree
<plaes> and how did you generate config?
<longsleep> make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- pine64_plus_defconfig
<longsleep> actually i also copied a file to actually make it find sun50i.h, mabe i am missing something
* plaes checks
<longsleep> error without the file copied is http://paste.ubuntu.com/14730765/
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<longsleep> ssvb: i am looking to reproduce https://gist.github.com/ssvb/67ebb38e8f8f2b9b5ee6 and i assumed it would be one of the trees you have on github.
<longsleep> plaes: i have no big know how regarding uboot building via a defconfig target, so maybe i need to build some additional target first to make it actually copy and declare some additional things
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<plaes> yeah I can see that it doesn't work like like it's supposed to work :)
<longsleep> plaes: ok good, so id does not seem i did something wrong and the tree is just really wip ?
<plaes> this branch works: ssvb/20160126-wip-a64-experimental
<plaes> you could probably cherry-pick the mmc fix on top of it...
<longsleep> oh great, let me try
<longsleep> well, i want to get it boot first, then care about mmc and whatever else
<longsleep> i want to get ubuntu snappy running on this platform and for this i need to be able to compile u-boot. BSP u-boot does compile but not boot because of all the fex stuff which is either not there or wrong ..
<longsleep> plaes: confirmed, the other branch compiles for me as well - i guess i should have looked at that one closer - thanks!
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<oliv3r> anybody oing to the olimex talk about the A64 board later?
<oliv3r> @fosdem
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<vickycq> Hi. Recently I found that on an A20 device, If I start an Xserver and let DPMS turn off screen, SoC idle temprature could drop by ~2 degrees C. Anyone noticed this?
<vickycq> IIRC the A20 soctemp sensor is embedded in touchscreen controller. Could this be related?
<vickycq> I tested on a total of 4 A20 devices, and I would say this is quite reproducible.
<vickycq> To illustrate the phenomenon I've plotted a Time-Temprature Graph: http://img.vim-cn.com/b1/ae497829524666a959047c2d279fe4aa79fe7b.png
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<vickycq> alternate image address http://i.imgur.com/OG0fHCu.png
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<plaes> vickycq: when you turn off part of a silicon, it certainly does less work and temperature will drop
<plaes> I would say it's thermodynamically plausible ;)
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<ssvb> longsleep: that mmc fix was not a correct one
<ssvb> more specifically, there are two bugs which cancel each other and the problem needs to be solved in a different way
<vickycq> plaes: But my point is after a fresh boot, when Xserver is not running, that part of silicon is in fact wasting power.
<vickycq> ...and I have to start an Xserver to turn it off ;)
<vickycq> The graph made it very clear :-)
<plaes> yeah.. because u-boot initialises it
<ssvb> longsleep: about ubuntu snappy, it is a bit too early for it unless you are a hardcore developer :-)
<ssvb> because we even don't have USB and Ethernet drivers for A64 in the kernel yet
<vickycq> plaes: Now I run all my headless A20 box with an Xserver, just to cool it down a few degrees :-)
<longsleep> ssvb: Yeah, i figured that much. I am researching of ways to make it work even ugly and looking into your work at the moment.
<longsleep> longsleep: I mean i failed getting the BSP u-boot running, but it works pretty good with the binary blobs of the provided android image. I could get snappy working with those, but i would much prefer to be able to build everything from source. Do you have any plans yet how to solve the libdram problem?
<longsleep> ssvb: I just tried to combine your u-boot without spl, with the boot0 blob then found that they check the u-boot header in there ..
<ssvb> longsleep: pine64 people are discussing it with allwinner now
<ssvb> and if nothing comes out of it, then we just will have to reverse engineer libdram
<longsleep> ssvb: oh my, lets hope the best then
<longsleep> ssvb: do you know any other boards with 64bit arm which are smaller in size than the pine64, i think the board is too large
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<ssvb> :-)
<ssvb> longsleep: A64-OLinuXino will have size 90×62 mm - https://olimex.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/a64-olinuxino-update-2/
<longsleep> ssvb: ok thats better but still a little larger than the Raspberry Pi
<longsleep> ok they have wifi and t
<longsleep> bt
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<lauri> Hi guys, anyone of you at FOSDEM?
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<wigyori> lauri: i think a couple of us :)
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<lauri> wigyori: Going to have ribs this time as well? :D
<lauri> for dinner
<Rambler44> Since I'm really unsure about C-Media and such sound cards I wonder if I should go for an Allwinner board purely to play sound through? Does anyone know how good the sound card is on for example OPi PC hmm
<Rambler44> Creative sells but I just remember drivers being a big wall there so on Linux tsk I don't want to try
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<Rambler44> Most of the boards with audio jacks do not have any good audio though
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<Rambler44> I think the issue was that the USB devices were drawing too much current so the audio would get distorted from the lack of sound or possibly processor overload
<Rambler44> Some boards are better in this regard if the audio has a dedicated low-noise PS
<WarheadsSE> longsleep: odroid-c2 when it is out?
<Rambler44> Most boards just have a HDMI, but my guess there is no HDMI to 3.5mm audio jack converter out there
<Rambler44> ODROID is going to put a big heatsink on it and hope for the best
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<Deskwizard> Rambler44: I remember seeing some hdmi-dvi adapters that had the 3.5mm audio, might be worth looking at those
<Deskwizard> even for just hacking 'em ;)
<Rambler44> I saw some HDMI-VGA devices too but I wonder what audio quality that will give depending on what is onboard?
<wigyori> lauri: sure ;)
<Rambler44> HDFury released some HDMI 2.0 4K cheat by converting down to the lower HDMI protocol and DHCP which was already cracked
<Rambler44> Thus unlocking the "DRM" to conver it VGA, audio etc
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: indeed... next best thing would be an I2S codec, but thats assuming your board has i2s broken out, and idk the i2s support in kernel though
<Rambler44> Technically this is illegal lol
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: yeah I remember those... I also remember the price :P
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<Deskwizard> i have my own complains about audio... like how it "ticks" everytime it starts/stops playing
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<Rambler44> Maybe my internet is unstable.
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: I was just about to say, stay away from creative as much as possible, and i think i have a c-media usb card if you want me to check something
<Rambler44> Exactly what I thought
<Rambler44> Creative driver crap
<Deskwizard> LMAO yep, im still pisses at them for my audigy
<Deskwizard> pissed*
<Rambler44> C-Media you say
<Deskwizard> on a totally other subject, are the A31 SDKs on linux-sunxi clean or they the same shit with their spyware as usual ?
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: could say, as I mentionned, i havent tested it with any sunxi devices yet
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<Rambler44> These new 64-bit 2 GHz Cortex A53 SoCs look interesting
<Rambler44> Allwinner making the H3 successor and the AmLogic going into C2, but support going to be all crap.
<Rambler44> Deskwizard even the OPi PC has a audio jack
<Deskwizard> dont get me started with those god damn m...f.... (amlogic)
<Deskwizard> it was nice having to have to do an inside job to get the fucking kernel sources
<Deskwizard> fuckers.
<Rambler44> I just wanted to know if the audio is properly secured with power supply that it doesnt get distorted to hell with more stealth draw going on through CPU use or maybe USB drawing power.
<Rambler44> It has a barrel plug compared to the MicroUSB board
<Rambler44> Deskwizard :)
<Rambler44> Why dont we sell more useless Chinese stuff to you
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<Rambler44> Its amazing that they have managed to sell this much Chinese stuff to us Westerns
<Deskwizard> true
<Rambler44> Their way of marketing and all this crap
<Rambler44> Xiaomi going to be released with SHARP LCDs right?
<Rambler44> Maybe the 30% first and the preview copies
<Rambler44> Oh no the other models going with Chinese LCDs instead and changed all the marketing still allowed by their terms
<Deskwizard> of course
<Rambler44> I mean OPi is an example of the kind of crap we can get
<Deskwizard> i've learned my mistake... only wish it wasnt 150$ too late, AGAIN lol
<Rambler44> It wouldn't even be usable if not for linux-sunxi
<Rambler44> The thing is software support does not sell, so does advertising - low price and numbers.
<Deskwizard> precisely
<Deskwizard> and people buy them, thinking they'll actually get support
<Rambler44> RPi 2 is a nifty little thing
<Deskwizard> and you guys end up being their support for free
<Rambler44> But 900 Mhz thats not tempting me
<Rambler44> Deskwizard People won't be doing everything for free
<Rambler44> Were seeing Linux Foundation full of platinum users and since maintaning kernel is hard they are often affiliated with large corporations
<Rambler44> More like if its going to happen only some selected SoCs to focus effort in would be worth it
<Rambler44> These people are not interested in Linux, Android is what the whole thing was made for.
<Deskwizard> No, what needs to happen is simple, you manufactuer a fkin SoC, you make the fucking code.
<Deskwizard> thats it.
<Rambler44> Allwinner is a member http://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/members
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<Deskwizard> *roll eyes* yeah ... paying for "looking good"
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<Deskwizard> sorry man, you wont make me believe that allwinner (or any chinese SoC manufacturer for that matter) really cares :P
<Rambler44> Why would they care
<Rambler44> Same thing applies for a phone
<Rambler44> Why would they ever updated whatever 3.X kernel they give you, 0days and stuff that come up afterwards?
<Rambler44> My ASUS router runs 2.X kernel due to Broadcom blobs
<Rambler44> Upgrading Allwinners stuff with blobs and all yeah not happening
<Rambler44> Fun fact the 2.x kernel routers are being manufactured this year in 2016 s
<Rambler44> still
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<Rambler44> Deskwizard what has been your most useful SoC then in terms of ARM
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: I honestly haven't ended up with anything worth considering useful in term of ARM, because I dont consider popping an SDcard in a pi an achievement :P
<WarheadsSE> Good.
<Deskwizard> in all honesty, my track record of late has more failures than anything, no matter the architecture lol
<Rambler44> At least Pi runs Kernel 4.x and can play video in Linux.
<Rambler44> The allwinner I have has done its job though, but I do have to complain that it likes to produce heat.
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<Deskwizard> I had lots of fun with my allwinner board as well even thought it didn't end up doing anything, i'll get back to it sooner or later
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<Deskwizard> I honestly just have to put the image I build last night on a card and pop it in but... if I do that, the 10 other things I have to do today goes to hell
<Deskwizard> and if I dont get something done on that damn AVR I'm gonna burn everything with a transistor in it lol
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: I mostly did android stuff before realizing how thick that was :P
<Deskwizard> jk
<Rambler44> Well, I'm using the hardware accelerated h.264 to display some video that's how the weekends go by.
<Rambler44> Thinking about the hotplug governor shipping with the new 2 GHz
<Rambler44> Wondering how that will turn out
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: wow, really? ah newer board I bet...
<Rambler44> Yeah, the new 64-bit quad/octa core 2 GHz A53 chips
<Rambler44> Just a tiny little throttle wont harm
<Deskwizard> 2ghz like a20 is 1.6 ? :P~
<Deskwizard> lol
<Rambler44> A20 is 1.6 GHz?
<Deskwizard> exactly.
<Deskwizard> lol
<Rambler44> Well either way
<Rambler44> A53 2 GHz out of the way
<Rambler44> Allwinner H8 28 nm HPC Cortex-A7 8 core
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<Rambler44> 64-bit
<Rambler44> Sounds cool, will probably be some kind of hell
<Rambler44> Comapred to A64 its not Cortex-A53 still A7
<Rambler44> While I'm not sure the difference between A7 and A53 in terms of performance / power efficiency I wonder if that was a smart choice.
<Deskwizard> I don't recall of the top of my head either, wasnt A53 bigLittle ?
<Rambler44> I think that was some kind of mix between A53 and A7
<Deskwizard> The Cortex-A53 delivers significantly higher performance than the highly successful Cortex-A7, and is capable of deployment as a standalone applications processor or paired with either the Cortex-A72 or Cortex-A57 processor in a big.LITTLE™ configuration for optimum performance, scalability and energy efficiency.
<Deskwizard> yeah, it can be paird to do big.LITTLE
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<Rambler44> IRC when my old 3com didn't run Linux but something else
<Deskwizard> yeah I can't recall the name of that either hehehe
<buZz> what 3com?
<Rambler44> Well, at least there is one benefit
<Rambler44> Not possible to update
<Rambler44> buZz switches
<buZz> huh?
<buZz> you think 3com switches come with allwinner chips now?
<Deskwizard> lmfao buZz, put it out man, you had enough
<Deskwizard> :P~
<buZz> never enough :D
<Deskwizard> lol
<buZz> i love my new little PXA270 toy <3
<buZz> so cute
<Rambler44> Well, I am just the type of guy to join some IRC and fo completely off-topic. My original question was whether you think the Orange Pi PC had a sound card which had a power supply protected from interference from CPU etc load so my audio wont get distorted / good audio circuirty
<Rambler44> Tkaiser probably the guy to respond to this, but he's not here.
<Deskwizard> that number vaguely rings a bell... some (now) marvell 3-400mhz thing ?
<buZz> https://nurdspace.nl/images/5/5f/Zipit-vanity2.jpg , really, all linux machines should have this formfactor
<buZz> Deskwizard: intel xScale
<buZz> 100-400mhz clock
<Deskwizard> buZz: who was bought by? :P~
<buZz> wat?
<buZz> who was what bought by
<Deskwizard> maybe I rembered wrong hehe I vaguely recall intel selling one of those SoC lines to someone then marvell or marvell initially, i dont recall
<buZz> Rambler44: no, probably all singleboard's default audio is shitty beyond believe for anyone calling themselves audiophalic
<Deskwizard> buZz: nice :)
<Rambler44> Exactly
<buZz> Deskwizard: oh dno, pxa300 is last model they made
<Rambler44> I'm no audiophile though
<buZz> Rambler44: for raspi etc, you can get reallyy high quality DAC boards to add to it
<Rambler44> I use ATH-m50x, should speak for the level of audiophile I am.
<Deskwizard> buZz: its a known fack that Pi audio sucks, even compared to other SBCs
<buZz> that headphone is about 10x the price of mine
<buZz> Deskwizard: yeah, thats why adding a DAC makes sense ;)
<Rambler44> Cant beat these cans in terms of quality cables
<buZz> sure you can
<buZz> a) take a hammer
<buZz> b) beat it
<buZz> np
<Deskwizard> buZz: indeed, anyhoo, the consensus on olimex forum was "its hells better than a pi, not really worth the trouble" but I dont remember if anyone did I2S
<Rambler44> It has three cables to break
<Deskwizard> i stopped reading there lol
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: probably where I got the I2S DAC idea though, just so you know
<Rambler44> Well I know the Hi-Fi DAC for RPi exists
<buZz> not just 1
<buZz> but -many-
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: i2s dac is i2s dac...
<buZz> i think i saw 6 different boards doing that in last month
<Rambler44> But I dont want any pin DAC
<Deskwizard> I'm out
<buZz> ?
<buZz> you want pinless? :D
<buZz> do you have solderfear?
<Rambler44> Its probably specifically designed for RPi too
<Rambler44> Haha yeah BuZz
<Rambler44> I saw this one brb finding it
<buZz> solderfear is horrible
<buZz> but they have treatments for that nowadays
<buZz> its called 'just go do it'
<Rambler44> look at this BuZz
<Rambler44> How horrible
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<buZz> why on earth does this exist
<Rambler44> Because solder solder
<buZz> no
<buZz> i mean wtf is the point of the product
<buZz> when its done
<buZz> ah, overpriced headphone amp
<buZz> maybe you should rejudge your 'i am no audiophile'
<Deskwizard> *giggles*
<Rambler44> ATH-M50X which I am using is far from something audophiles would look at as good cans
<Rambler44> Maybe Beyerdynamic T70, and maybe some high ohm (up to 500 ohm) tube DAC like Aune T1 to drive it.
<Rambler44> In the end 192kHz is just selling numbers
<Rambler44> My hearding at 22kHz vanished long ago
<Rambler44> hearing*
<Rambler44> I was thinking in the range of this
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<longsleep> WarheadsSE: no idea, i do not work for Hardkernel
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<WarheadsSE> Not "when does it come out", 'when it does come out'
<Rambler44> buZz my music encoded in VBR V0 MP3 and Opus so audiophiles wont approve.
<WarheadsSE> I know hardkernel, won't be long
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<Rambler44> Shipping from Korea a shame though
<buZz> Rambler44: reencode to 64kbps mp3
<Rambler44> 25% toll fee if the price goes over 40 dollars.
<Rambler44> BuZz I was considering re-encoding my older music with LAME 3.99.5 64bit because it has 22.1 lowpass instead of 19.5 which was with the older version.
<Rambler44> It defaults to 250Kbps average bitrate
<buZz> lower it man
<buZz> fuck quality
<buZz> add a distortion filter over anything
<buZz> pierce eardrums with q-tips
<buZz> best stuff
<Rambler44> ...
<Rambler44> Reminds me
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<Rambler44> My settings was 250Kbps average, but since I input some screamo music the algorithm ended up with 300 in average due to all the sounds.
<Rambler44> :)
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<Rambler44> A tip from me, don't plug in your USB 3.0 device too slowly
<Rambler44> Looks like it somehow recognized as USB 2.0
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<tchiwam> I may need a bit of a pointer here, I'm trying to compile the BPI-M3-bsp kernel natively, and some gen_check_code is pre compile in x86_64, possible to get pass that trouble ?
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<tchiwam> Is there a way to simply use mkimage for this ?
<longsleep> anyone knows what the license is for the stuff found in the lichee tarballs, especially below brandy/tools ?
<longsleep> s/tools/pack_tools
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<tkaiser> tchiwam: IIRC someone posted a fix for your gen_check_code problem. But this was related to H3 so probably you'll find this in the Orange Pi forums (BSP for H3 and A83T/H8/R58 being pretty similar). It's possible to build this stuff in a 32 bit environment
<tchiwam> tkaiser: I just foudn u-boot has a mksunxiboot tool, I am trying to get it working, sorting out missing headers
<tchiwam> Unless I am wrong this is doing what I want ?
<tkaiser> No idea, I just remembered that there exists a fix for this so you're able to cross-compile on a 32 bit system
<tchiwam> Thanks, I am simply trying to compile it natively, I don't have a x86 box at the moment
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<Rambler44> I just want to ask a little in case anyone know. I've worked with quite different types of PCBs. Cheap looking light-green, dark green, blue and dark PCB. Is there any notable difference?
<Rambler44> Yeah even red
<Rambler44> Cheap single or double sided FR-2
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<KotCzarny> i think colour is just aesthetics
<KotCzarny> (hdmi to line out)
<KotCzarny> but its just an example, there are plenty of models
<KotCzarny> but many amplifiers accept hdmi input now
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<Rambler44> KotCzarny yeah but I wonder what quality that audio will be
<Rambler44> What DAC/amp that stuff got inside? Some cheap Texas Instruments?
<Rambler44> Will never know
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<KotCzarny> Rambler44: then amplifier with integrated hdmi-in is your best bet
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<KotCzarny> btw. which pi did you get?
<KotCzarny> also, in regard of audio compression, only flac
<KotCzarny> (if you encode to highest q lossless codecs, then the size difference is not that much, yet, you dont lose ANYTHING)
<KotCzarny> and storage is cheap nowadays
<KotCzarny> tchiwam: i've sidestepped mine by commenting that line out in makefile (or compile on pc and copy resulting piece of blob)
<KotCzarny> qemu might work too
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<tchiwam> KotCzarny: thanks, no PC right now, pretty much all I ahve right now is arm based ...
<tchiwam> even u-boot-sunxi is hardcoded to CROSSCOMPILE
<KotCzarny> tchiwam: i was having similar gripes with my opipc (h3)
<KotCzarny> luckily good guys from linux-sunxi already mainlined uboot for it for local sd boot
<tchiwam> Bpi-M3 here, the interest comes in because they seem to have sorted a neat driver for X11
<tchiwam> I am rather new to this context, I don't really know who is who and doing what
<KotCzarny> uboot is done by some folks, and linux-sunxi work on sunxi related parts for it
<Rambler44> FLAC is the best lossless codec
<Rambler44> Most of my music is in V0 MP3 VBR due to legacy reasons
<Rambler44> Encoded with the previous LAME a lot of it
<KotCzarny> Rambler44: redownload, problem solved
<Rambler44> No redownload
<KotCzarny> i did for some of my albums, but mostly for the genres that require musical detail
<Rambler44> I have my whole connection of ripped CDs on a NAS
<Rambler44> V0 VBR MP3 is hard to notice difference on.
<KotCzarny> Rambler44: i know you cant spot the difference, but i've noticed that lossless audio has particular depth missing in mp3
<Rambler44> :)
<Rambler44> I'll give you a test
<KotCzarny> as for the pi audio quality, i've noticed that when connecting sata drive, there is hearable noise on high volumes
<Rambler44> Probably need a Hi-Fi tripple protected SATA cable for $100
<KotCzarny> :)
<KotCzarny> nah, probably lots of emi noise
<Rambler44> Sorry I couldn't be asked to hook up my sound played, I had this album on the computer.
<tchiwam> Well I got it to compile, now the linker is missing some section .rel.plt ... More later, time for a rest
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<Rambler44> Tell me exactly where you hear a difference
<KotCzarny> Rambler44: atm im at gf's place with only cheap speakers
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<Rambler44> And I only have a 24-bits 48kHz ALC3232
<KotCzarny> hehe
<KotCzarny> and i'm not an a-file
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<Rambler44> I can fit 3500 songs VS 500 by compressing
<Rambler44> :|
<KotCzarny> fit where?
<Rambler44> On my audio player
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<KotCzarny> mobile or stationary?
<KotCzarny> seriously, rave music is happily crunchable
<KotCzarny> i was talking about king crimson type of stuff, classical, tangerine dream etc
<Rambler44> Truth is
<Rambler44> I passed the audio fidelity test
<Rambler44> On everything except daft punk
<Rambler44> first try even
<Rambler44> Daft Punk was too hard
<Rambler44> But when the differences are minimal there is nothing to lose
<KotCzarny> psychoacoustics is tricky
<KotCzarny> i remember the article about birds singing, where extremely high pitched wave was the essential for song propagation
<KotCzarny> even if not hearable
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<Rambler44> Yeah
<Rambler44> 192kHz 2 Megabyte/s bitrate
<KotCzarny> as long source material is 192 too
<Rambler44> Dolby TrueHD lossless
<Rambler44> Because we know your ears are godly and can hear it ™
<Rambler44> KotCzarny I am fine with V0 MP3 encodes
<Rambler44> As long as they come from lossless
<KotCzarny> how much do you save?
<KotCzarny> and if you store them on stationary nas,seriously, go lossless
<Rambler44> 48.6 MB track VS 13.9 MB
<Rambler44> Bitrate goes up to 1 megabyte/s ish
<Rambler44> Nah not really
<Rambler44> Mbps I mean...
<Rambler44> KotCzarny normally my portable audio played only 30 GB
<KotCzarny> nice things about using bpi-m1 as audio player is: 1/ low power (~1.5W), 2/ network connectivit (nfs/sshfs mounted libraries), 3/ own playing software
<Rambler44> I can update to 64/128 at one point.
<Rambler44> It will be able to fit the same as now but lossless
<KotCzarny> for portable i use my nokia n900
<Rambler44> bpi-m1 I heard its shit quality, the audio that is.
<KotCzarny> probably, but still good enough for me
<KotCzarny> ad.3. own software == all possible audio formats player, +ad.2. network radios
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<Rambler44> Radio, like http://www.revivalkult.de/ ? :P
<Rambler44> You might think its weird that the radio, despite using 90% vinyl, broadcast in 192 kbit/s? Because its considered the audio transparency layer.
<Rambler44> Most people hear no difference on this quality.
<Rambler44> Many people are fine with Youtube VBR
<Rambler44> And indeed there is lots of bandwidth and space to save
<Rambler44> Just make sure the source is lossy else its not going to be nice
<KotCzarny> rambler: yeah, playlist loads fine, music plays
<Rambler44> Also, me and my friends use Opus for voice communication
<KotCzarny> as for the bw, i play my flacs over internet via sshfs
<Rambler44> It's been going so good I considered encoding my lossless library to opus
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<KotCzarny> also, effects
<KotCzarny> flanger, earwax, overdrive
<Rambler44> I once got the dependency error in a script
<Rambler44> Missing finger file
<Rambler44> I scratched my head a little over that, but then finger and file was actual dependencies.
<Rambler44> Also, due to going way too much off-topic I would like to take my leave. Sorry for polluting this IRC.
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<expresspotato> I've been trying for a few days now to get u-boot loaded onto NAND and actually booting here on my Olinuxino A13 which is an Allwinner CPU so the sunxi side of things. I've had no such luck using the 2016-01 RC2 nor the CHIP u-Boot branch, which is based off the the R8. My understanding is SPL replaces boot0 / boot1 for Allwinner/sunxi boards.
<expresspotato> The board uses 8K page sizes with 640 B OOB. ECC Strength is reported online as 1024/40 and I've changed the dts to match as there are a few floating around online for the A13. There are 3 ways I've tried to get u-boot with SPL loading from NAND and none of them have been successful.
<expresspotato> Any advice?
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<KotCzarny> The current U-Boot release (v2015.10) fully supports major functions (except NAND) on all the older Allwinner SoCs (A10/A10s/A13/A20/A23/A31/A31s)
<KotCzarny> might be old news
<expresspotato> hi, so that post makes reference to linux-sunxi which is just the linux kernel and flashing nand using mtdwrite. I've flashed it using mtdwrite and read it back using mtd_debug and a nand dump from u-boot, they're all the same with respsect to the SPL loaded into the first 3 blocks of NAND.
<expresspotato> *nandwrite*
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<KotCzarny> hrm, interactive governor is ugly
<KotCzarny> ~1% cpu usage in idle top and after switching to ondemand ~50mA less power used
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